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  1. Say what?! I just googled "business seats" and got the following results: https://business.feyenoord.nl/zakelijke-mogelijkheden/uw-plek-in-de-kuip/business-seats https://www.rsca.be/en/business/seats https://www.clubbrugge.be/en/node/34653 https://business.standard.be/nl/de-business-seats https://www.fctwente.nl/business/business-seats-1/business-seats# https://fc.de/en/fc-info/partners/hospitality-offers/business-seats/ And I can keep going. It definitely exists in real life football...
  2. Unfortunately, the type of affiliate you prefer can't be chosen anymore, at least not at the start of your career at the club. You can just ask for an affiliated club, but the board determines the type (a club for sending players on loan, a club to sign more foreign youngsters, a club to increase scouting knowledge or club for marketing reasons are the types I can remember from earlier editions). I know you used to get the option to choose the club yourself once you are long enough at the club. At least that was the case in earlier editions, didn't get to that point yet.
  3. You can sign a high reputation player which would boost shirt sales and increase your revenue like that. One other objective at Man Utd is to sign high reputation players, so that would go hand-in-hand.
  4. No, that's a tedious workaround for a bug which shouldn't be in the game in the first place.
  5. I try to keep my first choice players fit throughout the season by rotating based on match load. You get a rough indication about the match load of a player from the past 14 days in 4 levels: light, medium, heavy and very heavy. You get some more info about this if you hoover above that heart icon which indicates the overall condition of the player. This info is: number of minutes played, number of matches played and average distance covered, all in the last 14 days. Now, how does this match load get determined? For example: I have Brandon Williams with match load "medium", with 101 out o
  6. See attached game: 85:00, my team are on the counter attack and my striker is on a 1-on-1 with the keeper. He misses, but gets to the rebound first. In a 50-50 decision, instead of shooting at the empty net, he passes back to my winger who is outside of the box. Sheff Utd v Man Utd.pkm
  7. My team got a corner at the 28:31 mark. I have 1 player on the box, who is marked by one of their players and 2 defenders staying back, covering 1 of their attackers. The corner gets cleared, their player reacts much faster than my player, despite my player being closer to the ball. Their player runs directly to my goal with the ball. He just runs past one of my defenders who does nothing at all. Before the 2nd defender can react, their player has already scored. 1) my player on the box should've been to that ball first 2) my defender should've reacted to their player running a
  8. This has been like this for years in FM. I think this works like this: when loading a game, one or some random seed(s) is/are being generated which influences all other calculations. This is done to be sure the game is not deterministic, i.e. if you put in the same inputs, the outputs should be (slightly) different.
  9. No, that's not what I want to say in my post earlier. My point is that a ME update midway through a season could really take the enjoyment out of your current game. I don't feel like starting yet another save game just to cater for a new ME. I really hope the current ME is an improvement, but after watching several matches on full details, I'm afraid it's more of a sideways step than a step forward. Completely agree with @Mr U Rosler about the newgen bug by the way.
  10. I do not understand people defending the game after the patch. They didn't manage to fix most of the problems from before the patch. I also love the fact that the game is too easy now. As for the Beta, now the game is much worse than the Beta. Bad job SI! (see what I did there?)
  11. After a few days with the new patch and a some weeks with FM21 in general, this is my experience: After last year's disappointment, I wanted to give it a new shot. I buy it through Steam, thinking: if the beta isn't fun/too many bugs/other annoying things, I'll return it. I start the game, before I'm into the first match, I've already spent 2h -> gone is the option to ask for a refund. But hey, the ME is fun, maybe a bit too easy, some bugs, but it's a beta, so they might be patched out. Full game gets released, suddenly the match experience feels different. I try to adapt, and g
  12. Well, I'm parking this game until the next patch. I don't want to completely alter my tactics again after first struggling in the previous ME, finally getting them to play like I want, to now having to start all over again after apparently my tactics are useless now. Especially now being in the final stretch of the season, changing tactics ruins tactical familiarty completely, so you have no chance against an AI who looks like they have full TF from the get go. edit: to have an idea: I gave that game a try with several tactical setups. Mané (1m75, jumping reach 11) has beaten Maguire (1m9
  13. Completely agree @bcereus I'll put this one again in the freezer :-)
  14. I hate it when you're in the final stages of your season and a big update is released. The human manager has to completely rethink the tactical side while the AI hits the ground running... My striker who was scoring at about 1 goal a game on average couldn't hit a barn door now, in 6 games.
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