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  1. it happens with alot of teams not just lazio ie Rangers at start of game have a sponsor for 10m over 3 years fast forward when the deals up gets renewed for 150k
  2. stranraers gameplan was to be compact 10 men behind ball damage limitation to keep scoreline down. got a good payday to keep club running for next 2-3 years just shows you stats are misleading. having watched it didnt seem like it.
  3. look around other fm sites for transfer updates
  4. just checked if i run the big 5 big leagues plus scotland and holland i get 4 stars
  5. more than likely ,mine was 6-7 years and my graphics card was basically done with the matches lagging big time. always was saying one star but i tend to load 30+ divisions and about 15 leagues. my new laptop is now saying 2-3 stars depending how many leagues i load up.
  6. it turns out the registration came out on the friday ,one day after game one
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