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  1. registration for CL big issue in december ie you register your max 25 man squad then asks you to do again which i did but confirm button is blacked out testing only cant go further
  2. dont get me wrong they have all won a few leagues between them and european trophies but for them to stay and not seek other challenges is unlikely. in my second save juventus paid 18m compensation for me and ive won the league every year since(i know not hard) but they hadnt won a top trophy in the game till 2024 because Inter were too dominant
  3. klopp is still at liverpool,lampard still at chelsea and pep still at man city and koeman at Barca and quite others in the 2029-30 are still the job they started at start of game.
  4. 1st save now in 29-30 season 3 seasons at Rangers 3 titles multiple cups and europa league resigned after barny with chairman and get approached by Porto and just finished my 6th season(started7th) 5 titles over a dozen cups and 2 champions league wins and been offered Zero. 2nd save Quite similar. Most of the big clubs havent changed managers in 10 seasons on both saves with the odd exception. At the end of the euro year 2028 Dortmund and PSG became available(Porto save) who got PSG job was baffling the manager who finished runner up in ligue 2 and Dormund hired M
  5. 2028-29 season klopp pep ogs lampard flick tuchel koeman conte simeone and others. most have won big titles(yes) some not but still in a job. mourinho retired 2024 and arteta won 2 cups in 6 years and only left for spain job. Real madrid manager diaz has been the manager 6 years and only won spanish super cup. Also some of the trophies they have won have counted double in the biograprhies
  6. why do managers at some big clubs not move on? 2027 klopp pep ogs lampard flick tuchel koeman conte simeone and others. most have won big titles(yes) some not but still in a job. the managirial merrygoround been stoppped?
  7. so just started my 3rd season and got thinking i have not been linked to any job or been approached for an interview. if i had been doing bad i would understand, i have won 2 leagues ,2 league cups and the europa league title.(rangers) not looking for a move yet but would good to see who you are linked with
  8. as topic instead of a heart shape and another symbol for sharpness, how do you change it to show if a player is 99% fit and sharpness?
  9. it happens with alot of teams not just lazio ie Rangers at start of game have a sponsor for 10m over 3 years fast forward when the deals up gets renewed for 150k
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