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  1. yes they do every year,the top 5 leagues pretty much stay the same, took scottish co-officient to 6th from 20+
  2. I am asking for anyone to try to do an Atlantic League system . I know it will be hard,no harm in requesting.
  3. i think in spain there are 2 tv deals,one individual and one collectively. in current save started with Villareal and at end of first season won the league and in the finance and corporate report said a new tv deal had signed(individual) 135m over i think 4or5 years cant remember.......but fast forward to near start of season i got 80m+ plus 40m approx right away
  4. get a cooling pad ,worked for me when i had same issue and have issue since.
  5. ok try something out the box,do an update of windows or clear steam cache and wait.....be patient it might take time to imploment a few hours maybe. lets see tried loading about 7pm tried twice and failed so turned off laptop and windows updated tried again still failed. then this morning tried again and it worked. no garantee but remember some updates dont kick in till very late 3am etc.(when your not on) thats all i got and what i did
  6. only thing i did was load fm17 and play out final season. wednesday night loaded game to start screen 4 or 5 times all with same issue up and to the left. as above left game alone played 17 instead. thursday morning day off tried again no problem shut down laptop and bed ,later on loaded again and no issue(apart from match) there was a windows update but said issues happened before and after.
  7. this is happening to me now always up and to the left. i have a trackpad ACER Soon as i reach loading screen it happens! after about 10m trying to hit load game i got it but after loading same thing happens. tried re-boot computer still the same
  8. as title tactics still awkward, familiarity should be gelled by now.
  9. you mean it has 4g of RAM (random access memory) yes it will,but i would go for something a bit more powerful but heh thats me. fyi my current laptop has 4g of ram and FM works fine
  10. i dont know if you forgot or it was too awkward too sort but Inverness teams were seperate Caledonian and Thistle plus Livingston were Feranti Thistle until 1974 before changing to Meadowbank Thistle.
  11. so i vent a tad and moderater(obliviously) stoned or drunk closes my thread why ,i simply vented a usual comment from the game. you could be east stirling playing good against barca then bang game over ban me for life if you wish welshy ,cant the game take any critiscm bye haha:applause:
  12. my team plays well against far better opposition but isnt clinical enough ok,the richoet in the box Everytime in opposite box always lose ,then Bang lucky bounce or easy cross defenders fall asleep Goal:) i love this game:mad:
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