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  1. If you can see, I've highlighted the location where I want to save the file, but it wont give an option to open- the save option doesn't change. When I click save the file doesn't go anywhere.
  2. I can't seem to save tactics in a local folder, the drop down menu doesn't show any folder but my hard drive. When I select my hard drive, there is no option to open.
  3. I have been in the EPL with Swindon for 2 seasons we have an U23 squad but we are not in any U23 league, the board don't seem to offer it?
  4. Could you explain how tv money works? Newly promoted to the EPL. We got 91m at the start of the season but we only received 1.8m for tv rev and our finances dropped from 33m to 3m.
  5. Does it come under improving training facilities though?
  6. I have got Swindon from L2 to Championship. We only have an U18 squad, how do we get an U23 squad?
  7. @THOG I'm looking to play an obstructive style, I am thinking either Standard/Counter to get the medium block? With Close down much less? Am I on the right lines?
  8. The other thing I'm question is my CM set-up, I have and Anchor Man, a head of him I have a BBM and A/P/attack with CF/Support? Any advice?
  9. Sorry I thought I read somewhere that Wingers don't tend to track back much? Are you questioning having a Winger on an Attack duty on a Counter mentality? It was to give the side balance and movement. Do you feel it would be better on another role?
  10. I decided to pull them back, I've got a W/P support on the left and a Winger-Attack on the right, it's the winger I'm questioning as I know he wont track back much?
  11. OK thank you. I've tried a 4-3-3 wide, do you think I should pull them back to a flat 4-5-1?
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