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  1. Clearing folders worked. I can't find the option to control friendly matches
  2. I can not see any of my staff responsibities?
  3. I have just played Palace with this. In the first half I played well had lots of possession, I went in 1-0 up. In the 2nd half I wanted more going forward, I changed my CM support to attack, Palace then got a man sent off. I noticed that they left there right side without a winger, they were playing a 4-4-2, I decided to overload that right side. I changed my FB to a WB-Attack, I changed my AP to a Winger Attack (To stretch them) I then exploited the right side. I won 3-0. Are my ideas on the right track?
  4. POSSESSION VARIANT GK- Defend WB-A CD-D CD-D FB-S BBM-S CM-S IF-S AP-S ADF-A The IF is asked to sit narrow. Team Instructions: Pass it short Play out of defence Work ball into box
  5. @herne79 Sorry, I'm not trying to single people out or stop people from giving advice. In the first few games I've played they seem to pick up the ball well, yes the width is something I've kept on eye on, in one of my games I knocked it off as I need to try and stretch the play a bit more. I have not used my possession variant yet, I am just about to play my first game with that.
  6. @Cleon @Rashidi Would be great to get your advice about the above points.
  7. I'll work backwards, This was a counter system, for stronger teams/away games. My possession tactic will have the same formation but different instructions and starting on a Control strategy. Your second point: This is something I got from rashidi that a 4-3-3 was a good counter formation and the Clear ball to flank would mean the forwards would pick up the ball? The play narrow bit was something I read from cleon, basically if you have a narrow shape why wouldn't try and use that? Maybe I've not understood correctly? Any other advice would be great.
  8. @herne79 @Rashidi 4-3-3 Counter Structured GK- Defend WB-A DC- D DC- D WB- A DM- D BBM-S CM-S DLF- S ADF- A DLF- S TI'S- Get stuck in, play narrower, more direct passing, clear ball to flanks and close down less
  9. Thank you. I keep flipping between formations this year. I should really settle on one.
  10. Ok thank you. I'm currently trying to create a 4-3-3. (Liverpool fan) GK- Defend WB-Attack DC- Defend DC- Defend WB- Attack DM- Defend BBM CM- Support I am struggling to decide on my front 3? as both MC's are on support, I feel the middle SC should be on an attack duty. I'm struggling with the other two. Also do you feel this shape could be used as a possession tactic?
  11. Thank you. And yes still using the same system. I will remember this for next time. When trying to judge if a team is very defensive, what am I look for? Obviously the sitting deep I can get from average positions. Are there any other stats I could look at to help with this?
  12. Something I have been think about for a while is having different video clips illustrating different things: Things like what a deep/high D-line would look like. What it would look like if you asked your team to play narrow ect.. Almost like a training ground, this would really help me personally.
  13. @Rashidi I've been reading your guides on your site, something I should've done a long time ago. I have a few questions: 1. When would you look to bypass the midfield? 2. A players duty has it's own mentality, does it alter the players creative freedom? I.E. Would an Attack minded duty have more freedom than a Support duty? I am just interested because we can alter the teams framework by shape but I just wondered what if we just to give more freedom to one player? (sorry if that is an obvious question).
  14. @llama3 @Rashidi When using roam from position as a TI, what actually happens? which players are asked to roam more?
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