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  1. Oh no, this case is too dirty for me, thanks. Btw, what about Amber cheating on her husband with Elon Musk - has it been investigated as well? Johny Depp is one of the most talented modern actors, but he's digging his own grave with this case. If he really has abused her - he should tell the truth and admit it. But playing a victim and saying that she has abused him... I don't know, something is not right with it. Either he has hit her first, or it was a self-defense, but anyway he shouldn't be playing a victim - he's just humiliating himself by that. Still, I don't think that hi
  2. I din't say that. I said that I see no legit reason to think that his second wife has been abused for all these 45 years. Of course I'm not denying that such probability exist, I just think that's unlikely. And you, on the contrary, are talking about it as if it was a proven fact.
  3. Okay, two interviews - one to Playboy in 1965 and the second - that video in 1987. And that's all in 90 years. Is it enough to call him a bad guy? Yes, I read her interview. And I think you've already read what he replied: So, what do we have - one words against the others. I mean, yes, it seems possible in light of his interviews, but, come on, he was a big strong man (6’ 2”, 190 pounds) and she was a small woman - if he punched her repeatedly to the face with his fist so she collapsed uncoscious - her face should be totally smashed (and the quote you provided mentions it). An
  4. Well, that's not true. Listen to his interview once again. He described different situation - you let her have the last word, but that's not enough for her and she doesn't stop and "gets into a really provocative situation". How do you understand it? I understand "provocative situation" as that she hits you first or tries to hit you. I don't think that Sean Connery needs my defense. I just don't get it why people call him a bad person just for a single interview. Has he ever been officially accused of any illegal action, of abusing or raping any woman? (Yes, I know that his first wife
  5. Wow, surprised that my post has triggered so much aggression. I don't think that this thread is an appropriate place to open any discussion and I don't think that any discussion is needed at all. Sir Sean has never said that it's good to hit a woman. In fact, he said that it's not good, but there may be some circumstances under which it can be justified. And the same refers to men. It's not good to hit any person (regardless of their gender), but there may be circumstances under which it can be justified. But you missed the main point of my message. The point was that Sean Connery wa
  6. Well, I think back in his days it wasn't something as terrible as in modern world. Remember, even Bond slapped women in several old movies. So this single thing doesn't make him a bad person for me. Don't forget - he has been married to his second wife since 1975 an till his death and they seemed a happy couple. I don't think that his wife would have been married to him all these 45 years if he was that bad. At least he had courage to express his opinion sincerely, not like modern stars these days, who would say today one thing and tomorrow quite the opposite just to satisfy their Instagr
  7. It's very sad... A true legend of the golden age of cinematography has gone. Of course it was expected due to his age and his illness, but still it's very sad. Of course I knew that there will be no more new movies with him and that we even won't see him at any public events, but still knowing that the best Bond was still alive made this mad world a bit safer (at least gave that feeling)... But the 2020 keeps doing its terrible job... But like his Ramirez from Highlander sir Sean has become immortal - he keeps living in the dozens of our favourite movies and in our hearts. Rest in peac
  8. That's exactly what I suggested: And I've been doing such mods since FM 2009 or FM 2010. I hope that someday they'll add it, as an option at least, so everybody will play as he wants. I guess, this is something that's very easy to add to the game.
  9. I don't think it has something to do with the regens 3D faces because all players (and managers) on the pitch have the same default face. At least that's how it was in FM 2019. In fact, you'll never notice it because there is no ingame camera which allows you to see such details so close. I noticed it only using a free camera in my mod for FM 2019.
  10. Nice comparison, but check another post with screenshots somewhere here - it all happened in FM 2018. They removed a layer with a worn out texture and a layer with some other grass details texture and now we have such ugly pitches. The same happened when they replaced newgen faces with 3d renders - they have gone ugly as well.
  11. What about FM 2018, 2019, 2020 - are they still in alpha stage as well? Nobody says that FM 2021 alpha graphics are bad - the problem is that they are bad in the three latest released iterations. An they are not just "bad", they are worse than in the 10-year old FM 2011. I agree that we should wait for the release and see the final build. But what would you say if nothing changes there? Several latest iterations of FM show that SI don't pay much attention to this problem. What makes you think that something will be different this year?
  12. Harsh but fair. You just nailed it! Couldn't said better myself! I think you just explained why I stopped playing every FM iteration - I agree with every single word you have written. Stagnation is a natural process for any such long game series as FM, I'm afraid. And it's aggravated by the lack of competition in this market.
  13. There are a lot of pitch texture packs but they can't solve this problem entirely. As I said - it seems that some texture layers are now missing and packs have nothing to do with it.
  14. Great work! Thanks! So, it started in FM 2018 - they just removed a couple of texture layers from the pitch. It was made to optimize the game performance obviously, but aren't 3 years enough to find another solution and get old cool pitches back?
  15. For those who are advocating new FM graphics I made new comparison with FM 2011 using the same screenshots you've provided here. Do you really see no difference? Pitch was worn out more badly (near the goal and in local areas of the pitch) the grass had much more details, the lightning and the shadows was much better. P.S. Frankly speaking, don't look at the text labels. Just look at the graphics and tell - what game looks like a new one and what is an old one - the left or the right one?
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