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  1. Not necessary. The idea here is to show the character of various aspects of the game based on combination of the related attributes - this is something very difficult to understand by the attributes now. Maybe only the most experienced gamers can see these tendencies by judging the attributes, but this is the opposite to the real life. In real life it's extremly difficult, if not impossible, to assess pure technical attribute without mental attributes, because you can judge only by outcome and the outcome depends on the psychology. And it's much easier to assess where and how player plays the ball. So, in our example, let's say a player has 11 passing, but better vision and decisions, so he is more expansive in passing but not very precise. You may prefer picking him for lineup rather than more precise but very restricted in passing player.
  2. There are 36 visible attributes in the player profile screen which are gathered into Technical, Mental, Physical groups. Even for an experienced players it's difficult to orient in this wall of texts and digits. For new players it might be even more frustrating. Not to mention, this huge attributes list is completely unrealistic in the way how real life managers assess players abilities and skills. The latest FM iterations introduce more and more stats which are used in real life - and that's good! We need even more real-life stats, so the game goes in the right direction here. But what's also needed - a full revamp of how the attributes are shown. If you look at the real life scout reports which can be found in the internet, you'll see that they don't contain a list of players abilities. This data can't be gathered precisely in real life and actually it's not that important. What is more important - what player actually does in various stages of the attack and defense, his typical patterns of play and preferred moves, his key stats. For example % of completed passes into the box or number of completed key passes in 90 minutes tell much more about the player than just some "Passing" skill which can be interpreted in different ways by different coaches and scouts (and even in the game we don't know exactly what it defines - probability of the successful pass, pass technique or something else). So, we need more user-fireandly, more readable and more close to real life attributes representation (which means that under the hood they should work as they work now, but how they are shown to a player - that's what needs to be changed). With permission of @Geoff Newman I'd like to use his idea for this suggestion: So, the idea is that based on the different combination of particular technical, mental and physical attributes - different assessment of various aspects of the game are performed (as strong and week sides). I'd like to improve this proposition even further - the attributes can be assessed in such stages of play: Final third (attack) Transition Defense And in addition to the attributes, preferred moves related to these game phases can be shown as well to complete the picture of playing pattern. As a result by having a look at these it will be clear what player does in defense, in transition in the final stage of the attack, what you can expect of him and how you can use him in your tactics. And it will be readable much more clear than currently, when you look at those attributes list, and more realistic as well.
  3. That's exactly what I suggested: And I've been doing such mods since FM 2009 or FM 2010. I hope that someday they'll add it, as an option at least, so everybody will play as he wants. I guess, this is something that's very easy to add to the game.
  4. I don't think it has something to do with the regens 3D faces because all players (and managers) on the pitch have the same default face. At least that's how it was in FM 2019. In fact, you'll never notice it because there is no ingame camera which allows you to see such details so close. I noticed it only using a free camera in my mod for FM 2019.
  5. Nice comparison, but check another post with screenshots somewhere here - it all happened in FM 2018. They removed a layer with a worn out texture and a layer with some other grass details texture and now we have such ugly pitches. The same happened when they replaced newgen faces with 3d renders - they have gone ugly as well.
  6. What about FM 2018, 2019, 2020 - are they still in alpha stage as well? Nobody says that FM 2021 alpha graphics are bad - the problem is that they are bad in the three latest released iterations. An they are not just "bad", they are worse than in the 10-year old FM 2011. I agree that we should wait for the release and see the final build. But what would you say if nothing changes there? Several latest iterations of FM show that SI don't pay much attention to this problem. What makes you think that something will be different this year?
  7. Harsh but fair. You just nailed it! Couldn't said better myself! I think you just explained why I stopped playing every FM iteration - I agree with every single word you have written. Stagnation is a natural process for any such long game series as FM, I'm afraid. And it's aggravated by the lack of competition in this market.
  8. There are a lot of pitch texture packs but they can't solve this problem entirely. As I said - it seems that some texture layers are now missing and packs have nothing to do with it.
  9. Great work! Thanks! So, it started in FM 2018 - they just removed a couple of texture layers from the pitch. It was made to optimize the game performance obviously, but aren't 3 years enough to find another solution and get old cool pitches back?
  10. For those who are advocating new FM graphics I made new comparison with FM 2011 using the same screenshots you've provided here. Do you really see no difference? Pitch was worn out more badly (near the goal and in local areas of the pitch) the grass had much more details, the lightning and the shadows was much better. P.S. Frankly speaking, don't look at the text labels. Just look at the graphics and tell - what game looks like a new one and what is an old one - the left or the right one?
  11. This is called different graphics settings. Most of the games use it and there is nothing bad in it. I don't understand why they can't make "blank pitch" setting for low-end PCs and full detail settings for high-end PC.
  12. Yeah, they make features presentations on a lower quality graphics settings intentionally. That makes perfect sense... in a parallel universe. I play in 3D either, with maximum quality. And I remember that in 18 and 19 the pitch quality was much worse than before. I don't play FM every year, so I can't tell when exactly it started. And I'm not the only one who has noticed it. Check skinning threads - there are a lot of threads replacing original pitch textures with modified, but they are still nowhere near the quality of FM 2011. At some point SI has simiplified pitch texturing algorithms and that quality is now unachievable (the field can't be worn out so badly anymore and there are a lot of smaller details that are missing). I understand that it was made at some point to optimize the game performance on weaker PC, but, come on, it's almost 2021 now!
  13. Feeling disappointed... It seems, I'll skip this one like I skipped FM 2020. I hope the day will come when they announce a massively improved ME as a major headline feature, not these minor things nobody cares about. Every year I see a lot of cool ideas in feature suggestion threads and it seems that they choose the least interesting and important ones. PS Can someone explain me, how does it happen that even in FM 2021 the pitch looks worse than in a 10-year old (!) FM 2011? Is this something so difficult to fix?
  14. Definitely! That's why we need to talk about masking attributes which are not relevant for the chosen position AND role. In your case (if we talk about ball-playing defender dor example) some offensive and technique attributes (along with the defensive ones) should be relevant for his role and shouldn't be masked.
  15. I think the main reason why they implemented it this way is because there are a lot of player roles with hardcoded behavior (some playing patterns in attack, defense, positioning on the field) and some PI would interfere with this behavior. The way to solve this problem as I see it can be some sort of custom roles editor which will allow us to create our own custom player roles with a custom set of players' instructions.
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