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  1. Definitely! That's why we need to talk about masking attributes which are not relevant for the chosen position AND role. In your case (if we talk about ball-playing defender dor example) some offensive and technique attributes (along with the defensive ones) should be relevant for his role and shouldn't be masked.
  2. I think the main reason why they implemented it this way is because there are a lot of player roles with hardcoded behavior (some playing patterns in attack, defense, positioning on the field) and some PI would interfere with this behavior. The way to solve this problem as I see it can be some sort of custom roles editor which will allow us to create our own custom player roles with a custom set of players' instructions.
  3. It's been said a lot of times that having real stadiums in the game is impossible due to legal issues. But we even don't need it, frankly speaking. All we need is just a way to bring them to the game ourselves - a stadium editor. The same way we bring to the game a lot of club icons, kits, players' photo - all the stuff which is not in the game initially due to the same legal issues.
  4. Yeah, that's the idea! IRL coaches don't have such clarity as we have in the game (they have more clarity, on the other hand, by watching over the players' training performance). By having tons of these numerical attributes we have an advantage over IRL coaches. Current "attributes masking" option tries to lower this advantage, but I'd like to have a one more option - "partial attributes masking" or something like this.
  5. Every new FM iteration I play usually I make some small tweaks which gives me more "realistic" feeling by the game. I think I've already suggested some of theese years ago, so doing it again, hoping that some day it will become an option in new FM: First person view camera. I did such mod for FM 19 and it's not working in FM 20 unfortunately but the idea is pretty clear - allow us to view the match with the eyes of our virtual alter ego (maybe even supporting the VR some day...). I tried that in several saves in FM 19 and the immersion was way higher than with any other camera angles. The graphics are still way off from PES or FIFA but they are already good enough to watch the game from such angle and feel that you are really present at that virtual stadium and watch the game with your own eyes. There are much more details and small animations which can be noticed from this angle and which you usually don't notice with some other cameras. Of course it works best if you are a hardcore player and watch every match in full details with a normal or a bit higher speed. Well, even if you don't want to add the camera in the game - just let my mod be working again and I'll do the rest... Logical attributes sorting. There are a lot of player attributes in the game and all of them are sorted alphabetically (which means they are in different positions in different languages) and sometimes it can be difficult to read them with a blink of an eye. What I made with a custom localization is trying to sort them by the areas of the game they relate to - attack, defense, technique, etc. I think we can have an option in Preferences which allows such sorting by default. Non-digital attributes values and not key attributes masking. One more "realistic" thing you can notice in the picture above. The idea here is that IRL coaches definitely use some performance tracking systems which show various player stats, but I doubt they use attributes system similar to FM. Of course every coach knows how good his (and maybe other familiar) players are in some game aspects - heading, passing, shooting for example - but I don't think they rate players on 1-20 basis. It's something not realistic. I think they rather rate their players like, this one is excellent in passing, is good in heading and has decent technique, but bad in tackling - or something like that. So the idea here is to translate 1-20 attributes to something like 1-5 and make it non-digital (stars, bars, etc.), which I achieved by using custom font. Yes, there is an option to show attributes as bars already in the game, but they are too precise - I mean you still can differ 17 attribute from 16 attribute, even when they are shown as bars. So, my idea is to decrease that scale. And one more addition which can be only partly achieved now (by using custom attributes color) is to mask attributes which are not relevant to player's position. It's doubtful that any coach rates his attackers defensive attributes, or his defenders attacking attributes - because they are not relevant for those players. So, we can mask them except if there are some outstanding rates (for example a defender which has very good finishing - IRL coach would definitely notice and remember such details).
  6. Since I haven't purchased FM 2020 yet, I can't check it. Can anybody try it with the full version? I tried the mode with the demo, but it wasn't working, the camera didn't appear in the game. If that's what happening in the full version - bad news, guys. There is nothing we can do - SI decided to remove this option then.
  7. I haven't tried, but I think by modifying those files you can change the octagon categories, or maybe even adding more edges with new attributes. When I have time, I'll experiment with it.
  8. You can check this in Panels/player attribute analyser outfield.xml and Panels/player attribute analyser goalkeeper.xml (for GKs). For outfield players these are: Defending: Tackling, Marking, Positioning Physical: Strength, Agility, Balance, Stamina Speed: Pace, Acceleration Vision: Passing, Creativity, Flair Attacking: Off the ball, Finishing, Composure Technical: Technique, First Touch, Dribbling Aerial: Jumping, Heading Mental: Decisions, Teamwork, Anticipation, Bravery, Determination, Concentration. For GKs these are: Shot Stopping: One on ones, Reflexes Physical: Strength, Agility, Balance, Stamina Speed: Pace, Acceleration Mental: Decisions, Teamwork, Anticipation, Bravery, Determination, Concentration Communication: Command of area, Communication Eccentricity: Eccentricity Aerial: Aerial reach, Handling Distribution: Kicking, Throwing
  9. This part should be developed further in the game. I remember how I was a manager of B team and when they sacked manager of the first team, I applied for the job. And then the board was disappointed with me for that, they were also disappointed in the interview and asked me why I was applying for other jobs while managing a team... So, the game currently doesn't recognize that it is actually the same club and you are not applying for other jobs, you are just seeking a promotion.
  10. If they have a special edition, which is more expensive than the standard one, does it mean they'll make editing club logos and kits more difficult? Otherwise I see no reason to overpay for a single club logo, kits and facepack when you can get all these (and not just for one club) for free.
  11. Looks like a bad luck - it happens from time to time - both IRL and in the game. If this happens to you every second game - than it's a real problem. But if it's just one game out of ten - it's just nothing more than a bad day. I know it can be very frustrating, expecially if you prepare to the match, study your opponent, analyze his tactic and then everything goes wrong... But this kind of matches happens in real life, not too often but it does. If you can't stand it - just reload the game and see if there is another result.
  12. It does nothing with passing length. It adjusts defenders movement and positioning so that they are more often open for pass. I'm going to show it in my next tactical experiment here and I already have some interesting results.
  13. The same story with me. I got promoted to the first division and have at least a couple of suitable stadiums in my city (one of them is not used by any team) but the board moves me to another city to share the stadium with another team. I don't know what algorythms choose a stadium but they are completely broken.
  14. Here you are. Yet again I used 4-2-3-1 control possession preset for both teams with default TI. U21 team has Work ball in box by default. U19 team has Shoot on sight instruction. I also set Be more disciplined instructions for both teams to make sure they follow the tactical instructions. I played only 5 games because there are no surprises here. The team with Shoot on sight instruction usually had more shots but many of them were outside the box, while the team with Work ball into the box instruction had less shots but most of them were inside the box. This is pretty obvious and expected. There was one game where U19 team had less shots, and there was a game where U21team had most of their shots outside the box despite their respective instructions. I didn't watch the games (I was watching Napoli-Barcelona friendly at the moment) but I can assume what happened there - things went wrong for the teams in that particular games and they struggled to get to positions to shoot. U19 team had produced some shots due to their Shoot on sight instruction (maybe they would have had much less shots without it), but most of them were outside the box. U21 team was forced to shoot outside the box even though they had work ball in box instruction, but without this instruction they would have had even more shots, still outside the box because they failed to get into better positions. So, Shoot on sight instruction will increase the number of shots. Many of them will be outside the box. If you struggle to produce the shots, you may start producing some (outside the box mostly). But that instruction alone doesn't mean that all your shots will be outside the box. If your players succeed to get to positions to shoot inside the area - they will shoot from there. They just may have some more shots outside the box as well.
  15. I played a bit more games (10 overall), so here are updated results: What can I say? Indeed, a team on a lower tempo has a bit more possession (in 5 games they had +8% possession, in rest of the games possession was equal or nearly equal). An even when they don't have considerably more possession, they still make more passes (players find more time to move into position to receive pass?) - in 7 games from 10 the team with lower tempo made 10-15% passes more (I mean number of passes, but not accuracy percent). So, tempo alone may have some influence on possession but it doesn't reflects on any other stats. Lower tempo = more passes + a bit more possession. Could you please suggest a more suitable tactic to test tempo influence? I mean not only influence on possession, but any other stats? Yes, in friendly matches players don't try as hard, but, as I explained, I tried to exclude home/away advantage/disadvantage, which I believe may have much more influence. And there is no other way to control both teams and play on neutral ground other than to play a friendly between my junior teams. Now I've set all attributes to 12, with CA 120 and PA 150. As I said, the editor I'm using makes it automatically - you only need to choose player level you'd like to achieve - from very poor to superstar. The reason why I'm doing it is because I'd like to exclude the difference in players attributes from equation.
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