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  1. Thanks! That's what I thought. Yes, changes in textures (png) works even without restart, while changes in facegen_settings don't apply for saved games (I believe they are used for face creation, and once created the face is stored somewhere). Anyway I'll try your files a bit later. You are doing a great job trying to make these faces more natural and human. UPD Yes, it works for the saved games as well, indeed. The game should be re-launched to change the regen faces. But I have to state the results are a bit ambiguous. While the haircuts are more detailed now, the faces became worse. Here is an example: I browsed your "facegen_settings.json" file and found that amongst other you changed the following: "caricature": [ 0, 1.5 ], while it was previously: "caricature": [ 0, 0.8 ], Maybe this parameter should be decreased instead to get more realistic faces?
  2. Could you please tell me what face config files are? I'm trying some experiments with textures either, but have to do something with these caricature faces as well... I found only "configs/facegen_settings.json" file, but it seems all the changes here will apply to newly generated newgens only. All the faces which are already generated won't be changed.
  3. Amazing skin! I've been using it for quite a while, but sometimes I'm experiencing a very annoying problem. I set all the panels in player profile screen like the following: After browsing through menus it sometimes resets to the following: When it happens several times in a session it becomes very annoying because every time I have to set all the panels up again and again. Does anybody know what can be done to prevent it? Maybe set all these panels as default in "player overview panel.xml"? Or is there another xml file which is responsible for this?
  4. Cold weather increases probability of such sicknesses as cold, flu, etc. So, if you play in the country where there is more cold days - you'll have your players getting these sicknesses more often. This is something I noticed either.
  5. What was the result when you re-played that match?
  6. I think the file from the OP should work for FM 2018 as well, but can't check it at the moment. If debug free camera was present in FM 2018 - it will work, no need to modify the jsb file. If it wasn't - there is nothing we can do.
  7. 2D camera ID is "cm2c". If you want to set a free camera to any other - just put "cmfr" instead of ID of any other camera which has "user_" prefix in their name.
  8. Yeah, it's great but still missing something. it contains list of attributes which should be good, but some traits can be learned if player has some bad attributes as well. For example, "Tries First Time Shots" requires player to have poor dribbling (or at least so says a coach if you ask his opinion).
  9. Most likely he shoots from positions where it's difficult to hit the target or most of his shots are blocked. I bet most of the shots are outside the area, or the opposition parks the bus and all of the shots are blocked. Do you watch full matches or highlights only? Where do his shots usually come from?
  10. Thanks! Yes, it's pretty logical. By the way, I checked my relationships and noticed thath among lots of players and a couple of journalists I have close relations with an agent. I don't know how it happened (I'm in very low league currently and only a few players have agents here). And browsing through players of this agent I found several free agents. I invited all of them for trial and found among them a couple of very strong 14-year regens who I signed afterwards. So I believe this is a benefit of having friends among footbal agents and one more legal way of finding players in LLM (I believe it doesn't break LLM rules unlike player search). Still I don't understand how this relation can be build. It seems, if you are close with a player and he has an agent - you become close with an agent as well.
  11. What exactly you need to do to buid good relationship? Or are they build automatically? How much time does it take? Never noticed any coaching staff in my Relations tab - only players, journalists and other managers...
  12. Does anybody know how you can build relationship with your coaching (and other) staff? With players it's pretty simple - you can praise or criticise them, thus building relationship with them. With other managers you can interact through press-conferences. But you can very rarely interact with your backroom staff and those interactions doesn't have any impact on your relations. IRL it's pretty common when managers have their favourite personel and they can bring them in when taking charge of a new team. I'd like to do something similar in FM - for example, when I find an excellent assistant, who's attributes and tactical approach suits me, I'd like to have good relations with him and take him with me when I take charge of another team.
  13. Use Resource Archiever to extract it from simatchviewer.fmf. Good luck!
  14. As I said, it has nothing to do with adjusting the cameras. The file only enables a debug camera which already exists in the game (but was hidden). It can't add anything that is not in the game or change the existing cameras. Camera setup which you are looking for is most likely defined in "simatchviewe/configs/cameras_match.jsb" file. If you can find a way to open and edit it - please let me know. This is a text file but it seems to be encrypted, so you can't just open it with notepad.
  15. OK, I agree with all of you - he has some decent attributes and a bit of luck. But there is no such thing as "pure" luck if we are talking about the game which is totally based on thousands of calculations. It's not a real life, it's all calculated and scripted in some way. I mean, what makes this particular player so lucky every game when he scores? He's not the best in terms of ability or attributes but he consistently got lucky to find himself in a position to score. So, I believe there should be some kind of script which makes player to perform well in several games in a row, which we can interpret as "luck". By the way, after I posted this thread his luck ended - 4 more games and he didn't score. It's funny, but I have a similar situation in my team as well. My 1.5 star striker has a great form in recent matches: And he totally outperforms my 5 star striker, who is supposed to be a main star and goalscorer: The 5 star one had a couple of bad games (missing 2 penalties in a single match), I fined him for poor performance and removed from first team. In the next match I gave a chance to the backup 1.5 star player in the starting lineup. He scored in the first game and became my first team player. Now he keeps scoring in every game. Of course I know, it won't last forever. It seems the key here is that he is pretty consistent performer, while the 5 star striker on the contrary is very inconsistent. I don't know how realistic it is in terms of their attributes, but the situation itself (backup player is given a chance and he fought to secure his place in the first team) is pretty realistic and it happens quite often IRL.
  16. OK, let's take a look at his attributes: As you see, nothing extraordinary to explain such top performance. Yes, he has really good teamwork, aggression and work rate, but I got a couple players in my team with such good attributes as well, but they don't perform that good. He also has pretty good professionalism, but yet again, he's not the only one with such good attribute in the league. So, I still don't get what makes him to over-perform so greatly. I checked all 10 goals he scored so far: 4 goals - similar to the one he scored to me - long ball from own half and one-on-one with the keeper (strange, considering his 9 and 8 acceleration and pace - my DC with 11 and 9 acceleration/pace couldn't catch him up); 3 goals - from crosses (he has 13 jumping reach, so this is realistic); 2 goals - terrible GK mistakes, saving a shot and punching the ball straight to him (questionable, considering his low anticipation and off the ball); 1 goal - direct free kick. So, yet again, it seems attributes (acceleration and pace particularly) don't mean a lot. Is it possible that the game is scripted in such way that it chooses a random player in a season and makes him over-perform no matter what his ability or attributes are?
  17. I'm playing in the Ukraininan 5th division (with a custom DB, of course). Since there are too few researched real players at this level, the game created a lot of newgens, so there are enough players in all teams. After half of the games in the league has been played, there is this guy with incredible stats (he scores 1 goal per match which is pretty high): Of course I scouted him (maybe the game generated a wonderkind and I need to purchase him before any team from higher leagues spotted him). While he was scouted we had a match against his team. I tried to make everything possible to cut supply to him, but he scored anyway. I used my best DC to mark him specifically, and he still scored (it was a long ball from theirs defender and he ran past my defender to one-on-one with the keeper). And then I got his scout report: Just one star in current ability! I couldn't believe it. I thought my scouts were wrong (there are no good scouts in this division, all of them have poor judging abilities), so I used in-game editor to check his CA/PA. CA is 10, PA is 13. This is way too low even for such a low division (good CA is 50-70 at this level). How a guy witch such poor ability can perform so good??? It wasn't just one or two games, it wasn't a coincedence. He has been performing incredibly good for a half of the season (and maybe he will through the whole season). I don't get it. What's wrong with this game? Do attributes mean anything at all?
  18. @herne79 Am I correct - if you don't set any TI and PI, and player role don't have neither PI (as CM, for example), player tends to do only what his personal traits tell him?
  19. What a great guide indeed! Sadly, I could't find it with a search. It definitely should be sticked to the top of the section once it's complete! Great guide as well! If I may make a small suggestion - it would be even better if you added a few schemes of how a player with a chosen role tends to move across the pitch in the attacking/defensive phases. Still a great job, I liked especially historical part - that's very interesting to learn.
  20. Well, maybe 1 from 1000... Randomly Even though I don't consider myself a beginner, I still don't understand completely all the roles combinations in this tactic, so I wouldn't have chosen it. I just realize how much I still have to learn about this game to make such simple (from first look) but yet effective and balanced tactic.
  21. Even though I personally think shouts may have a great effect in certain situations, the experiment is incomplete to make such a statement. You need to compare 2 cases - the same tactic, the same players, in the first save you use touchline shouts, in the second you don't. And then go through a full season in both saves - only then we can compare an effect of these shouts. Current experiment shows only that you are skilled enough to make a balanced tactic and roles combination to be successfull even without TI and PI (which is a great result). I believe even without touchline shouts you'd have achieved a similar result. On the contrary, if less experienced player made less balanced tactic and inapropriate roles/duties combination, even touchline shouts wouldn't helped him to succeed.
  22. There are different ways to view matches in FM - some of us prefer watching full matches and it takes a lot of time, some prefer watching highlights only, or even commentary only. I prefer watching full matches, but I don't want to miss any details, so I watch them with slightly faster speed (2 ticks from centre). Of course it takes a lot of time to play a single match, so when the game is not as important and I don't want to spend too much time on it, I can sometimes switch to the highlights mode. The problem is that I still want to see how my team performs even between highlights. So, the suggestion - allow us to watch match with different speed between highlights and in highlights. Between highlights I can choose either to watch the match with a specific speed or don't watch at all (as we can do now), and I choose which highlights I want to see. For example, I choose to watch the match with the highest possible speed, and I choose extended highlights which I watch with normal speed (real time). Thus, I watch the match with the highest speed, but during the extended highlights the time is slowed down to normal speed.
  23. You see the camera in the list but it doesn't work? What happens when you switch to it? The file sets the list of cameras available to choose - their IDs and names. I'm surprised that you see all of them in FM 2017 because in FM 2019 I can choose only from those available by default (that's why I replaced 2D camera with Free and not just added it as another one). You can find original file in the Menus.fmf archive. Moving the mouse rotates the camera, scrolling the wheel moves it forward/backward.
  24. Definitely that's it! Thanks, I didn't even know the forum changed the name of the attachment. I re-attached it, now as an archive, so the name of the file inside should be correct now. It seems FM 2017 doesn't support the free camera if you can't get it to work. All the file does - allows to play with a debug camera which is already in the game. If it's not in the game (FM 2017 for instance) - it can't add it unfortunately. Yes, you chose the 2D Classic camera and switch to the [D] Free camera. Now you can place it anywhere you want. I personally like to watch the matches of my team from the technical area where my manager is located. Whenever I attend matches of other teams I place it somewhere on the stands, to watch the game like if I were at the stadium.
  25. What skins are you using? Maybe the skin has this file inside it, so the game doesn't read the one you downloaded. Try to put it to "[your skin folder]/menus/". Or maybe "Documents/Sport Interactive/Football Manager 2019" is not your user data location? You can also disable skin cache in Preferences. I can't imaging why else it's not working for you...
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