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  1. We can't offer less then 100 pounds/week for any player using a Brazilian club. Our minimum wage is 36,97 pounds/week at moment. Also no player accepts sign non-contract terms, even on lowest leagues (what is common here).
  2. 48:52 (2nd half) Poor decision by GK Areola, he could get with their hands, instead kick out the ball conceiding a throw-in: Fulham v Man City.pkm
  3. After do team talk and go to tactics, when you back and hit the continue button (tunnel/kick-off) it says no teamtalk was given
  4. The manager can choose not make him players know, that is his strategy, not mandatory. You can have a LOT of option in the bench to make you and then you make your players know ANY statistic in or outside the pitch, from any place on the world. About expert giving SI advices, yeah, this is great. But is kind of silly you have in-game a club paying a non contract player 10 pounds a week having the same tech of Liverpool avaliable to analyze the match. That is way far from reality.
  5. What? But, why? Of course they do mate. 1) I think 90% of the clubs in the worlds dont even have an analyst or tecnology to do that analyzes. That being said, I think that should be a separeted thing that if your club doesnt have it, you could ask board to acquire it (analyst + analyzes tech) 2) If your club has the tecnology and an analyst, you CAN see the analyzes in real-time. why not o.O ? That is not realistic, restrict it only for half/full-time? A manager wants to see the heat map and the analyst says "sorry the program cant be access until 45min of game" ? Nope, the "table
  6. Ppl with good GPUs, playing games with way more graphic complexity smooth wont change their setting to poor graphics in order to run FM, it makes no sense. A 5 start gpu should run FM with all settings higher smoothly.
  7. Yeah, at least all games Ive being watching, players dont waste plays like that 7 in 10 times
  8. Read it again, is not low or high, is LOW or OFF. It is a really big difference with or without it
  9. Yeah, I already could do that seeing the screen of shots and ccc/hc. xG didnt add nothing to how I analyze the creation of my team. Since it is only an analyzes of just the last second of the shot, it doesnt working for me, I like to analyze the whole play, not the kind of shot my player choose to finish it. I got an 1v1 with less than 9m from bar, the game return a 0.31 xG, absolutely no way players would lose 7 from 10 attempt in that chance. The problem was the game only takes in consideration the shot, but the player could make a dribble for left, for right, dip, shot with Power
  10. Recording a screen spend more resources from your pc, there is no way you can get minimize stuttering problem removing even more resources avaliable. I was just showing the staff what could be the problem, not recommending play withou crowd.
  11. But the problem there was the good defense ? It seems you create a lot of chances
  12. Even better, you see this quite often, Virgil, Piqué and others turn into forwards in last minutes in order to do some miracle, thats is a really nice add from SI
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