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  1. I cant insert my translation aswell, any mod to comment about this?
  2. Represent better the pitch wear during the matches in order to show the consequences of bad weather abrasion and usage wear
  3. hey there, thanks for notice the mistake, I fixed it!
  4. I tried improve the pitches a lil bit: https://www.mediafire.com/file/c6thzaihe8l974w/Thiago+Pitches+Textures+v1.rar/file
  5. We could have a new place to see the name of the player with ball possession, maybe the opposite player closer as well (at bottom), so we would see pitch more clean
  6. Im having a issue trying to raise a post-survay, some mod please help me. When I push the "create topic" button, I get an error, it drags me to normal thread option (Im trying to raise a survay) and says I need to fill the fields for normal thread
  7. When I push "create topic" button, it returns a error saying one of the fields is empty, but in "content tab" and it doenst let me create a survay topic. My survay has no issues:
  8. Of course not, SI isnt a charity, it is business, if they can deliver in small pieces, why they would do it different ? It is not optimal, but it is amazing for the company and it is not that bad for users. I just wish we could have more per year
  9. Yea, I play since 97/98 and this the best ME, but, Nah, I stick with lack of competition is an issue, one of the reasons the game improves slower than it should be. I will always want competition, there is no field that competition didnt make things better for customers.
  10. But charged for the new game price. Nope, it is a new game every year, but the evolution is really slow, maybe because the lack of competition. It stills a great game tho.
  11. I like yellow for good and orange for excellent, winning eleven heritage, lol
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