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  1. If you dont know what he talking about it, you probably didnt test tactics enough on full mode view. Cause if you did, you will know that is common (the bad shape of pressure). In that case, you can reproduce making you 2 CM keep open instruction and your wingers/inside forwards on support duty.
  2. Hello there, can we save the training like weekly or monthly, so we dont need set session per session every week?
  3. All of them Suarez was my striker and he should be at far post jogo draft.pkm
  4. Thanks Jemal, and do you mean multiple pkm, videos or timestamps? Cause this issue occour pretty much in all offensive throw-ins, but I can quote 5 or so if you want for that pkm, do you?
  5. I guess your sponsor already are giving you "enougn" money for the campaign that you are doing, maybe if win more titles you attract new ones
  6. Did you even watched the matches on full mode to see what happened on the pitch? This is the only way to know how he beat you.
  7. Hun? What does one thing have to do with another? Hard drive, graphic cards? Lol. Beside, other people above had some same problems. 1) Your scouts are good? Did you loaded a large database? 2) Are you giving reason to get new sponsor or bigger ones? I mean, winning titles? Sign popular players? Etc... 3) On your report says the GK wants to move to your team?
  8. I hope some day SI put some full stadium pre-editor on the game and please never put us, the managers, evolved with expansion and stadium stuffs, football managers dont do that kind of thing.
  9. I think you can see what the league the players suitable in relation with the rating, maybe he is a 5 star potencial for a lower league
  10. Football happens inside pitch, doesnt matter if you buy good players, change training, etc, if yiu dont manage to win the match, you will be sacked, and for win you need pay attention A LOT on tactics. For you to be a manager you need to learn tactics and all about strategy, otherwise you can handle the other aspects and sign a good assistent manager to do the job that you dont want.
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