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  1. I missed that, sorry I think SI doesnt need to do the edition (replica), FM could be sold just like the players/clubs/staffs without license are
  2. The Devs, while they are coding, do you think they only see letters all the time? The base is 2D. That Engine created on 2008 for 2D never changed, only upgraded. For 2D it is PERFECT, all physics: turns, walks, jogs, run, sprints, kicks, passes, it fits perfectly, cause it is the base for coding. Watch the video I posted, see how you do code. Of course it is, but it could happen the same with them on 2D, dont?I mean the ball moving without being touched? You would see the disc running, the ball moving but not touching, the player shooting, the ball going, but the action happ
  3. Not talking about the pass, the move when he receive the ball, he does turn like 25° and then more 2° to left. The ball move alone on 3D, the feet doesnt touch the ball to make it move. On 2D the disc is touching and moving the ball Yes there is, since FM 13, and the players also can avoid the collision through AI, and you even can change the delay after a player avoid the collision through "physical_contraints.json" on that line "min_delay_for_player_stop_to_avoid_collision": 750, // 0.5s - 2 slices You can see the discs colliding on 2D when they dont touch themselves on 3D.
  4. When I say the game engine is make for 2D is that when you are coding (writing the scripts) you do that with 2D bases. You can see always a perfect move by 2D, but many moments you will see the ghosting on 3D, the player colliding without touching on another, the player moving the ball without touching it, the player are not touching on 3D, why the ball is moving? Because on 2D the disc touches the ball, because on 2D the disc are colliding, here is an sample: On 3D the ball is moved by Cancelo without the player physicly do it Here the same, but the flat disc physicly
  5. For what I saw, I really doubt is even close to better than FMs ME
  6. Would be great, but it would take a long time to make, to code ME for 3D isnt an easy thing. SI would probably needs a second Dev team to work on background exclusively on that
  7. No, you are completely wrong. The Match Engime is TOTALLY made for 2D. Not for 1d, 3d, 4d, 5d... It is specifically for 2D. Collisions, control, pass, turn face, turn body, shooting, ALL for 2D, not a skin, is coded for 2D, All the AI is for 2D. Movements, decisions, support, ALL, then, just AFTER finish coding, you can put whatever skin you want for it, but the engine is coded for 2D, Im not saying "I think it is", Im saying I know it is. Any coder would know after play FM that it is coded for 2D, physics and AI.
  8. Not really, the ME is really made for flat discs on a flat table. You can see on 3D the ball moving without the player touch it, but you wont see that on 2D, cause it is perfectly made for 2D. Also collisions and etc, all perfect for 2D.
  9. The ME is completely made for 2D, so 3D is just a skin they put before, and a non-pretty one
  10. Until this moment, sad. Most (99%?) are revamps and/or overhauls for full new game price. Disappointed.
  11. But it is like that already, it is real time and the actions determines the reaults, but it is made for flat discs on a flat table But whats wrong if someone wants to see 70% of his screen covered by widgets? I think it is way more efficient than you have to click all the time to open/close a lot of them But a stadium editor is for community editing, not SI, so they dont need to spend nothing from their time working on stadium creation, and yeah I agreed that should put their efforts on animations and ME much more than everything
  12. No, the ME is only for 2D. The 3D graphics are just a skin that they inserted after if you want, thats why you see many times the ball moving without the player touch it. What you mean? You want own the screen of another person? Im mean if someone wants to do whatever they want with their screen, they shouldnt cause you think is uggly? Thats tricky, what is the difference between stadium editor and players/staff/leagues, clubs editor? I hope they give us that soon, because we can do a great job editing, but it is a lot of work and you have to edit the c
  13. I just posted there cause someone said I couldnt post here and locked the thread. That wasnt a request for anything. I want to talk with users, not mods/staff.
  14. Im sorry, but what the actually heck is that? When I posted questions here, you said that you will lock because it is not the right place. When I posted in the "right place", someone said "review so locked". I dont want you to answer that, I'm asking forum users if they have some light on that, cause mods/staff doesnt. Stop locking my posts.
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