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  1. they can't ! new player will not buy the game again
  2. "And YES, here we go again this year. I think this will be the last one to create a perfect game. The ability to create new, or edit existing stadiums." (in the game ) ! Sorry but we didnt ask to replicate stadiums (irl) in this topic
  3. licensing issues ? even to change colors, or reduce the number of tunnels? or to make the stadium more realistic in the lower division " They still have to create and render the stands from real life " we didnt asked for that : What they have to do is create assets, we don't have to ask to do the stadiums like in reality What they have to do is create assets, we don't have to ask to make the stadiums like in reality / we don't want to have the same stadium editor like FIFA because Interactive Sport will not have the rights, what we want is to have one similar to the one in the ga
  4. this is one of biggest stadium in the game , i call this stadium " tunnel stadium " beacause look the number of these tunnels look their placement ( completly irrealistic)
  5. destmez


    guys why you talk about licensing 😂 ? these stadium are all generic do you think dls think about it ?
  6. t's not something the manager would get involved - editing database , changing leagues rules etcc... with the editor . in 2013 FIFA manager managed to have one why not football manager
  7. this is really interesting, it would be great for players who use two or more screens 👍
  8. I have the impression that the match engine is totally detached from the game and that it is not mod-able it would be interesting if it became so
  9. Why not get closer to a system like in Dream Léague soccer
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