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  1. @rristola Simple question, has "natural limitations" like amount of people in the area or possible sponsor sizes been implemented in the game? So, could the board construct a stadium with 200 000 seats into a town with 50 000 citizens, and get it 'sold-out'? Could I get a sponsor to give me a million, if normal sponsors in our town could give max 20-50 000? Why these questions? I like starting in a small town team. I have wondered, if I could get promoted on and on. Would the board just agree with building new facilities aso.? (Not every year, but...team gets more money,
  2. Ranking of goal assist apparence of league , and continental competition should be intresting
  3. football manager can not even make a nice introduction to the match I do not think that with the current engine it is possible to achieve this
  4. they are from a new game named We are football and at the moment that have a better potential than Football Manager / they dont have a match engine in 3D yet its the only problem
  5. It's been more than two years that I ask to change the way in which the stadiums are generated, if Sport Interactive cannot I simply ask to make them editable with the editor.
  6. before graphics we need to talk about player mouvements this is far more important , and with the actual engine i think we reached a wall
  7. SI should look into Artstation maybe you could find great talent there https://www.artstation.com/ I am know SI recruits so I allow myself to advise you I hope that it can be useful to you
  8. what i want is more something like Dream Soccer League than FIFA
  9. FM22 Enhancements - Football Manager Feature Requests (PC/Mac) - Sports Interactive Community (sigames.com)
  10. Football Manager in a nutshell #2 - YouTube 🤣
  11. I know that with the current limitations this is not possible but this to serve as inspiration
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