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  1. the final note or 🌟 of the recruiter should take into account the current performance of the player like IRL, sometimes a young player is very strong in young one can predict that he has a big potential but sometimes the youngster has good characteristics but he lacks the intelligence of the game or a lack of physical development does not allow to play at 100% of his level pu then his development is not finished so it is difficult to see the potential by which they have not finished its development it does not perform among young people whose recruiters ignore it if one day you wa
  2. https://community.sigames.com/forum/353-football-manager-pcmac/ 👆
  3. For example: in a first step you could boost AI only for Manager with >165CA so that at least at a certain level we could have a real challenge without have to demand much more from processor. "Smell of burning pc 😂"
  4. The i3 should be the minimal process requierement for complexe game like FM but it will be the case that from 2035, we must accept that Sports Interactive is launched in a marketing policy unusual in our world we must accept it, if we can not hope for graphics at a level of PES 10 -12 (or a rapid progression) we can now hope that the animations are better from year to year (and they always work on animations ! )
  5. Who talk about " leaving a third of your audience behind " ?
  6. If he can't buy a New one why he don't play on FM Touch ?Because you don't need a Spaceship to run FM this not Star-Citizen or Cyberpunk
  7. Trophy = Licenses I thinks its a small mistake to présent célébration like a major features ( i suggest a change on this features in the past and i am happy to see change )
  8. You don't need to buy a New machine Football Manager Touch is there !
  9. This is the model system uses by Konami they know they can't use licences but they give freedom to customize your game as you want
  10. Minimum processor is a 2003 AMD athlon , what we except with this ?
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