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  1. You appear to have a remarkable insight into the workings at SI
  2. In my limited experience with FM20 (demo) It seems easier to raise morale in older versions
  3. Where have you seen Vids on YT for the 3D engine for FM21 apart from a few seconds on the features vid I don't think there has been any others has there?
  4. Also Miles said in an interview in November 2015 that "in five years time if viewed from a similar camera angle you would not be able to tell the difference between a real match and the game". That has nowhere near been achieved
  5. As you say that is the aim, and as it is supposed to be a simulation perhaps ypu would like to explain why an approximation is not a bad thing
  6. Yes, Iv'e always accepted that, but this is a small developer who is putting the game out for free, surely they wouldn't be able to afford the licences necessary
  7. The other thing I noticed was that all the team names and logos are correct across the leagues. SI always claim that they can't do this because of licence issues, so how come that this game can do it.
  8. The stadium (only one type as far as I can see) looks more realistic than those in FM, the sounds are certainly better and it's free
  9. I would agree with everything here except number 3, no interest in it
  10. It is just indictment of how much greed has crept into football, such a shame really and is the reason that I actually bought FM20 even though I don't really intend to play it (for reasons that I have already discussed) but to support SI in their fight against that greedy team across the border in Trafford.
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