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  1. You need to fine him heavily for that
  2. Who are you managing, and what is your win percentage
  3. As i have already posted it also effects my FM12,FM14 as well as FM16, but not any other games from My steam library.
  4. In my case I have a dedicated games computer that has not been connected to the internet since the last time I played FM, so I don't think it is hacking to blame
  5. It is not just FM16 but all older Fm's, all other games from my steam library are ok including Eastside hocky manager, it's just affecting FM
  6. The fact that you advertised for testers on may 12th, I think it is a fairly safe bet that there is going to be an FM18
  7. I too have been playing this game for about 20 years, and before I retired and time was at a premium I too did very little tactical tweaks, whilst now I have the time, micro manage everthing, am I more successful probably not, but I am getting much more enjoyment out of the game being able to do that.
  8. With the direction the game is going in the player is required to watch the matches in evermore detail. Lots of players love that this is the case. If you are not i think you have to ask yourself if this is the game for you anymore. There are lots of football management games out there that are less demanding
  9. I would agree with this, I beleive comprehensive is the absolute minimum if you want to get a clear picture of how a match is panning out.
  10. Excellent advice as usual Cougar, but I feel it will fall on deaf ears
  11. Is it perhaps a case of what expectations are. I play FM16 and am managing Toulouse in Ligue 1, I took over half way through the season wit the club in the bottom 3, with a brief of staying up. I managed that and actually finished one place below where they finished IRL. I don't have the budget to buy top players or pay the wages they would require. I know I am not going to qualify for Europe any time soon, and to do that I am going to have to improve my rep and move to a biggar club. I feel I am in a similar position to the real manager of Toulouse. I don't want to exploit the game to win everything in sight, I just play the game as realisticlly as possible
  12. Your last paragraph was pretty much spot on Cougar, thats how i approach the game. I set my tactics, formations and player roles more or less in the same way as i would if it was a real match and not a simulation and I don't seem to be having the same problems some other people are
  13. You can't have a one tactic fits all any more, you have to micro- manage your tactics and react to changes within the game
  14. I don't know why this has happened, but as you have not actually got a job as yet, what is the problem with starting over as you haven't, really started at all apart from set the game up.
  15. In my opinion I would stick to FM13 at this moment in time, I am playing FM16 but to be honest not a huge improvement, if I were you I would wait to see what FM18 brings that should be out in early November