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  1. Tony Wright 747

    Interested in Potentially Purchasing

    I personally don't think it is as balanced as FM16, but that is just my opinion and a lot of people are loving it. As others have suggested just try the demo and make up your own mind.
  2. Didn't buy 17 or 18, but am still enjoying my FM16 save, when I watch a live game and count the number of crosses and then do the same with FM16 and the number in the game is only slightly higher, certainly not game breaking and I believe the ME in FM16 is far more balanced than either 18 or 19. There are also other issues with 19 which may or may not be addressed in further updates, but I do have my doubts. Possibly the ME has reached the complex stage of not being able to be balanced without too many knock on affects.
  3. it is very noticable how much better the stadiums looked back then
  4. Tony Wright 747

    3d pitch grass colour is very colourlessness and unrealistic

    the thing is that as a manager we are supposed to be in the stadium not watching a video, the pitches in FM19 do not look like grass, there is no difference between real and artifical surfaces which was always clear pre FM18 and weather effects do not show as they did in earlier releases.
  5. Tony Wright 747

    3d pitch grass colour is very colourlessness and unrealistic

    I for one certainly agree with them the colour of the pitch is not the colour of real grass.
  6. I would love to be able to do this until they improve
  7. This has been an issue for some time
  8. Still as bad as ever, totally ignored along with all the replica shirts by SI
  9. Tony Wright 747

    CROWDS....to fix

    As it use to be back on FM12
  10. And a herd of elephants down the stairways, oh no I forgot they wouldn't get through the cinema doors. I think I need a drink at one of the picnic tables
  11. I hadn't to be fair I'll have a look next time, if the bright colour palatte doesn't blind me, lol
  12. and the ability to change what colour the crowd wear, isn't that right Westy
  13. So long as it enables you to get rid of those replica shirts, eh Westy
  14. Gosh thats two recent quotes I have agreed with Dave, must be getting soft in my old age