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  1. Football Manager TV: Matchday

    Yes SI seem to heading in the right direction and hopefully this will be developed further in the next two or three realeases. Some of the stadiums look more realistic than others, from a personal point of view as I mentioned in a previous post the stairwells look out of scale, (or is it just me) and on a couple, the floodlights didn't look realistic at all, and looked like they had been drawn on bring your child to work day, but as i say "right direction". not sure if I will give up my FM16 save for FM18 though, I will reserve judgement until I have seen the demo.
  2. Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    I hope you are wrong and the 3D anamations are really improved, Most things I have seen in the videos so far are already in the game, although I agree they are much cleaner and easier to find. If the matchday is not somethiong really special I will forget FM18 and quite happily carry on with my FM16 save until it is.
  3. Flares

    All fluff really, all I want is a decent ME, realistic Stadiums and enough graphical animations to show what is going on under the hood.
  4. When did Forfar transfer to the juliper league
  5. Flares

    In real life there is no place for them at a football match, they are highly dangerous and and should not be used in the confines of a football crowd that's not what they were designed for. Thankfully there is tighter security at British stadiums and very few get through. As forameuss said they are an irrelevance in the game and If I see one in any of my saves I just think "another idiot has let off a flare"
  6. Not sure they have the man power for that, but hey you may be right
  7. A massive revamp of the ME may happen at some point, but I doubt if they will code a new engine from scratch. The initial code for the ME was laid down over 30 years ago, This is one of the reasons FM has no real competitors, It would take them too long to catch up.
  8. Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    I've just watched the features video again and that is the one thing that Miles didn't mention at all.
  9. In 3D i have seen loads , but usually in the higher leagues.
  10. Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    I think that is the one everyone is waiting for
  11. We have only had a 10 second snippet of the match sim, where have you seen this information
  12. Put far better than I could Barside
  13. I believe that the two main problems that SI have is: 1. As soon as SI departed from a line of commentary, where players used their imagination to identify what was happening on the pitch to 2D and then 3D, the flaws in the ME was more easily seen and at the moment there are not enough animations etc. to clearly show what is happening under the hood. 2. As other posters have commented FM has no real competition and competition drives inovation. I know that SI will claim that they are commited to make the best game possible, and I believe they are genuine in that claim, but companies perform better under the pressure of competition. The code in FM has been developed over thirty or so years and any competition would start at a distinct disadvantage and if they would have the financial ability to survive is questionable.
  14. I think "awful" is a little harsh, however there is a a lot of room for an improved ME. The graphics were progressing up until FM16, but I think have taken a step back in FM17 and the screenshot that Miles put out of the Data Analyst camera looks more like the graphics from Ultimate Soccer Manager of 20 years ago.
  15. Flares

    I think it depends on which league you are in. I saw it a lot in a danish save and once or twice in the MLS, but i have never seen it in a British save.