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  1. Last year perhaps but there was match footage for FM18 in September and further back in FM11 the release date was 5th November and there was match footage on 11th August
  2. Totally agree with that, which is how Akasha should have put it
  3. The point I was trying to make was that until the game is released, we won't know it is better or not
  4. Until the game is released you can't be sure about that
  5. As someone said on one of the other threads something just doesn't feel right this year
  6. I would like it to mean more improvements to the ME but I doubt it, unless there are some flaws at the moment
  7. The problem with this argument is that if you watch AI v AI you see the same things
  8. This is part of the problem I remember when there was three or four football management games out at the same time. It can be argued that SI has seen off the opposition because of its quality and there is some truth in this however there is also the reason that because the profit margin in football management games is relatively small other developers have dropped out to work on other games that will make them more money but SI had less choice as FM was their main product.
  9. Much improved ME so that there is some relation to real football. Much improved match day graphics such as stadiums, lighting, crowd etc
  10. Since FM17 FM has used Denuvo so it is possible they may not be playable for as long as you think
  11. I think I trump you age wise Pat I have been retired 8 years. I also play every game in full and play offline. If I buy and it is a big if at the moment I won't be using stadia.
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