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  1. I have never used player search in 18 years of playing, I too agree it is far less realistic
  2. Very interesting idea, but you can already play like that if prefered. Personally I wouldn't like to see them removed permanently as they have always been the bedrock of the game
  3. I have just checked on Amazon now and there are new CD's available for FM16 onwards but nothing earlier. They were available a few weeks ago, so maybe the supply of earlier games has now been exhausted, There are used ones available, but as others have said the code could not be activated through steam. There are ways around it, but not something that can be discussed on these forums
  4. I still play FM12 along with FM16. IMO from FM18 onwards the ME has become too complex which has caused numerous issues
  5. I take more notice of any advice if the assistant has attributes of over 15 in tactical knowledge and player ability, it depends on what kind of game I want to play. For example if I am playing a direct counter attacking game then I would ignore such advice as play shorter passing or retain possession. I have just poached an assistant from a rival team with tactical knowledge of 17 so I guess I will be taking more notice of his advice than my last one who had tactical Knowledge of 10
  6. Yes I am afraid that seems to be the way of the world right now. Sadly I can see the day when there will be no real players and no real teams in FM and it will revert to how football management games were when they were card and dice games, when you had teams like Sandgate Rovers v Frottington Town or Abbortford Albion v Middle Ham United (any resemblance to real places is purely unintentional)
  7. I am retired so I can play every game in full and it takes me a season to play a season if you see what I mean
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