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  1. This has been raised numerous times Preveza, but it never gets answered
  2. Good luck with this one Kazza, to my knowledge SI have made no comment about this or the poor stadiums in this version.
  3. regardless of tactics employed, SI should care, if a significant number of players are returning to earlier versions, it would suggest that the game is going in the wrong direction.
  4. Favorite FM Series

    FM12 is my favourite and I was in my mid 60's when I started playing it
  5. Favorite FM Series

    Hi Svenc Yes sorry most difficult at the top, easiest at the bottom
  6. Favorite FM Series

    A difficulty poll is an interesting idea, for me of the versions I have played for any great length it would be in order of difficulty FM09 FM16 FM07 FM10 FM12 FM11 FM05
  7. Favorite FM Series

    I would go along with your theory in the first paragraph Svenc
  8. Favorite FM Series

    No I was refering to the one I posted at yesterday at 18.50
  9. Favorite FM Series

    Have a look at my post again Dave and see what my interpretation of realistic is.
  10. Favorite FM Series

    I am quite happy to have a debate on it and am interested in others opinions. I for one don't play FM12 because it is easier but for other reasons which I have mentioned in posts on this thread and others. I dont try and exploit the ME, that would be like cheating at patience what would be the point. I do agree that the AI is less reactive to what you do than in later versions, so I would agree it is slightly easier than FM6 for example, but I don't think it is masively easier.
  11. Favorite FM Series

    In a thread like this forameuss it will always be about opinions, if I say I think FM12 is the best and FM18 is the worst it is obviously my opinion and not fact, my name is at the top and the key words are "I think", someone else will take exactly the opposite view and I don't have a problem with that at all. I do have a slight problem with the popularity of FM12 being that it was the easiest, thats an assumption that has not really been proven, and my opinion is that if that was the main reason people would now be bored with it after six years and that doesn't seem to be the case. Everone plays this game differently and want different things from it, (that is part of it's appeal) and I believe that has a bearing on how people would vote in polls of this type. As you say if you are enjoying playing the game it does't really matter what version you are playing
  12. Favorite FM Series

    As you say FM12 is a more polished version of FM11 and the difficulty is more or less the same. People say a lot of the good things in FM12 are in FM13 but not as easy, I have not played FM13 so I can't comment from experience, I may pick one up cheap and give it a go one day. I think the FM I found the hardest was probably FM09, at least I had more sackings in that game.
  13. Favorite FM Series

    My post was really to agree with prot651, whilst disagreeing with tacticsdude. I am not saying take away collision detection etc. but obviously FM12 is still a very popular version of the game. The reason normally given is that it is easier, but I don't believe that to be the only reason because if it was no challenge I don't believe people would still be playing the game in such large numbers six years after release. As I said I play both FM12 and FM16 and I only find FM12 a little easier and this I put down to as you say lack of AI thinking rather than the ME in general. What I mean by realistic is when I play FM12 I see more of the things that I see when I go to a live game than I see in FM16. I just think SI could look back atFM12 and even FM11 and FM13 and say how can we include the variety of goals, the variety of attacking movements, the variety of shots, the more realistic stadiums and crowds etc., into the next version of FM. Maybe they will do that maybe they won't either way I am not all that bothered because I am happy to play the versions I do for ever if need be, but at the same time I think that if this was acheiveable this could be an awsome game. As I have posted before up until FM12/13 the progress was really good I just feel that has not really been maintained, but I understand that there will be others that take a diferrent view.
  14. Favorite FM Series

    I play both FM12 and FM16 and to me the player movements look far more natural in FM12 than in FM16. You obviously have your opinion on this but I and others would beg to differ
  15. Favorite FM Series

    you are absolutely right this discussion has gone on for years, but there has to be a reason why FM12 is still so popular and I don't believe it is because it is easier, it is certainly not in my case. Where I believe the ME is more realistic and could be looked is the players movements and postioning especially defensive positions, also the variety of goals scored and curved shots, stepovers etc. In later versions attacks are nearly all the same, ball out to the wings cross comes in , Goal!. Then you have the lighting and textures, the stadiums have become evermore arcade/cartoon like in later years. FM18 looks like it should be Trumpton Town V Toytown Rovers. FM13 was the last version that the crowd behaved realisticly, standing up when something exciting was happening on the pitch, and then sitting down again, the crowds now behave like whirling dervishes on speed with no relation to what is happening on the pitch.