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  1. The point was that XaW asked why Cadoni didn't post his issues in the bug section for FM19 rather than returning to FM17, as I said this would not have solved Cadoni's issues with FM19
  2. None of which would make FM19 any better because they are not not going to fix anything on this version now
  3. I fully support combating piracy. I am questioning Denuvo's ability to do so.
  4. Exactly, this is one of the reasons I am still playing FM16, the last version not to have Denuvo. Once a game is activated I take my rig to a remote location without broadband (a study/den in the garden) and play entirely offline. I believe that both FM18 and FM19 were cracked within a week, so I cannot understand why SI persevere with Denuvo which is pretty much defunct as an anti piracy method and why it is not removed once the game is cracked. Denuvo is not cheap so wouldn't the funds be better spent on the development of the game. Perhaps Neil or someone else from SI could explain?
  5. Never use anything else but full match
  6. I believe the Ass man's tactical knowledge has a bearing does it not
  7. Me too, but I guess there are more impoprtant ME problems to solve at the moment, thats why I am still playing FM16
  8. We haven't "seen" weather effects or pitch deteriation since FM16. They were actually advertised as a feature in a past release (Cant remember which one)
  9. I take your point but it is not just the "vocal minority" on these forums who are unhappy with the ME in this game, I am in contact with a considerable amount of people on other mediums who have either stopped playing FM19 and are waiting to see what FM20 brings or have returned to playing an earlier version
  10. A lot of the ME issues are perfectly clear from watching AI v AI so "your tactics" are not involved at all
  11. Pre arranged transfers are a long standing problem I have had problems with these in FM16
  12. I was tempted to try FM17 but that was the first version to use Denuvo and I didn't think 17 was that much of an improvement on 16 to have to have that on my machine.
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