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  1. I have never had a problem playing FM12 or FM16, but then again neither has Denuvo
  2. You can play offline once the game is installed
  3. IMO if the criteria is just the ME, then neither, go back to FM15, 16, or 17
  4. 70 and playing football management games since before people had computers in their homes
  5. There are good stadium sounds to download from the internet
  6. Loki is given the game to play and is one of the developers prefered volgers, so he is never going to be ultra critical of SI. It would be like turkeys voting for Christmas. He makes his living by making videos of the latest release. I have no problem with Dagenham Dave, or anybody else having a different opinion to me, but he was suggesting I couldn't have an opinion because I didn't buy the game, I followed the general advice and did what I have always done, played the demo and have decided that in it's present state this version is not for me.
  7. With respect Dave, you obviously didn't read my reply to your previous post on this. I played the demo enough to form a valid opinion, and have watched loads of videos from Loki Doki etc. For what it's worth, I think that outside of matchday this is the best release. Graphics are probably better than the last two, with room for improvements, but and it's a big but in my opinion the ME is very poor
  8. Better than the last few years, but would agree that more neutral colours required
  9. I have just googled it now Tom and it looks like they only go down as far as League 2
  10. I don't have a box copy of FM20 , but I am sure you are correct. When I looked at the list on the SI website the other day I remember noticing that the national leagues were missing, and I know they were in last year.
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