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  1. There is no 12:00 AM it is either 12 Noon or 12 Midnight
  2. Tony Wright 747

    Stadium architecture

    I believe SI uses an outside studio for their artwork and it looks like they start from scratch every year. In my opinion the most realistic was probably FM16,at least in the medium to large stadiums, they appear less realistic since then and FM18 looks the least realistic since 3D was introduced (massive stair wells, picnic tables etc). We know they can't use real stadiums because of licensing issues, but at least let them resemble a real football stadium
  3. Not at all, but exactly the same quote every time FM12 is mentioned just becomes a bore
  4. We are all very well aware that there was no collision detection in FM12 as well as other limitations, without you feeling the need to remind us whenever FM12 is mentioned
  5. I would have thought after all these years forameuss, you would have changed the record by now
  6. Absolutely agree with you here, I tweak my tactics for every opponent, this is the part of the game I personally find most enjoyable, e.g. If a team I am playing against has two or three key players missing, I doubt I would use the same tactics as I would if they were available. Surely this is what real life managers do.
  7. Tony Wright 747

    Your most enjoyable 3D Match Engine?

    What are we talking about the 3D or the ME
  8. in my opinion, if they are going to stay in the game the press questions need to be expanded and both they and player interaction needs to have a greater influence on the game
  9. I think we have had this conversation before and whilst I am not sure that marketing experts would agree that competition does not drive innovation, the point I was trying to make was that FM is in a pretty unique situation where there is no credible competition.
  10. Excellent post Neil, whilst FM17 and FM18 were not for me I am really enjoying playing FM16, and FM12 when I have less time. The problem is that as FM has improved and become "closer" to reality, expectations become raised, if you could turn the clock back 15 years or so and introduce recent versions to that market, you would have blown everyone away and I doubt if there would have been many complaints if any.
  11. This is very true, and I have said before I am not sure if that fact benefits the game. Is there any other game where there is not any competition to push it to inovate.
  12. Ditto your last paragraph