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  1. And Charlie George cut one of his toes off mowing the lawn
  2. Your last sentence is quite true so there is no real way of knowing just how many players are not happy with the ME and who have either given up this version completely or gone back to an earlier version
  3. My comment was not especially aimed at your post, but the common "its your tactics" whenever the ME is called into question.
  4. Agreed, if you are watching AI V AI and the flaws are clearly visable how can it "your tactics"
  5. As I have posted elsewhere I am happy to wait because then there is more chance of more things being tweaked or fixed.
  6. But then surely the job would not come up as available would it? I would have thought it would say under review or something similar
  7. The longer they leave it the better IMO as it gives them longer for more things to be fixed
  8. you are going to get a variety of answers on this because it is subjective. FM12 is good, but in my opinion it would be either FM16 or 17
  9. This has been an issue since the game went 2D, and I would agree it can be annoying, but in my opinion there are much more annoying things in the game at the moment.
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