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  1. Usually two, one on FM12 the other on FM16, for me this maintains interest in both
  2. Tony Wright 747

    Accepting new contract from the board

    It could also be said to be cheating as other teams in your league will be paying realistic wages and to lower yours gives you a financial advantage
  3. Tony Wright 747

    The Ask-SI-Anything Thread

    Thank you for the answer Neil
  4. Tony Wright 747

    The Ask-SI-Anything Thread

    Neil as you appear to be active on the forums at the moment, perhaps you could answer a question that i and others have raised in the past but have not really had an offical answer, and that is the number of replica shirts in the crowd in FM18, was this a deliberate decision by SI or was it something that just slipped through. Whilst not a game breaker it does look totally unrealistic.
  5. Tony Wright 747

    Club songs In football manger

    Thanks for the info Neil
  6. Tony Wright 747

    Club songs In football manger

    You'll never walk alone i believe was written in 1963 so it it's 70 years still could not be used, however if copyright does run out after 70 years there are some that in theory could be used
  7. Tony Wright 747

    Club songs In football manger

    As I have already said the copyright of most chants would be with the composer. Whenever a tune is used whether it is rerecorded or played on the radio etc, the composer is paid a royalty ( as Noddy Holder said Slades Merry Christmas is his pension with royalties rolling in every year) This would be extremely difficult and very expensive to implement in FM
  8. Tony Wright 747

    Club songs In football manger

    For some this might be a nice touch, but you are right the costs involved in the licenses involved would be extremely prohibitive
  9. Tony Wright 747

    Club songs In football manger

    most football songs are based on well known tunes with the copyright being with the composer who would be entitled to royalities
  10. Tony Wright 747

    Club songs In football manger

    SI don't have the licences for the tunes
  11. Excellent post, pretty much spot on with everything you say. For me there has to be a huge improvement in FM19 if I am to buy it.
  12. I still play FM16 and have only played the demo of 18, IMO the players movements are smoother than 16, but they do or the 3D makes them look as if they are doing some crazy things like shooting at the corner flag rather than the goal. Some of the stadiums look more unrealistic than in 16 with things like picnic tables in the stadium and other nonsense and the whole crowd wear replica shirts. If you try the free demo it should give you a fair idea of the ME and graphics although some issues are not apparent in the six months game. For me it is all about "is it worth the money" and I would say not until the price drops more, once FM19 is released I don't believe it will hold it's price as well as 17 has done, this is only about seven months away and it may be worth waiting to see what FM9 is like
  13. That's the normal advice, however there is a flaw in that advice and that is some of the issues in the game do not appear until the second or third season and do not appear in the demo which only lasts six months.
  14. If the game is broken or not is not the point. You are entitled to express an opinion, as we all are, but you need to follow the house rules if you want to stay part of the community
  15. considering that you only joined yesterday, you have managed to upset a lot of people in a very short space of time, carry on like that and you will find your forum career very short lived