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  1. Why does SI underestimate sound ?

    In one of the total club manager versions, I can't remember which one there was PA announcements when a goal was scored or a substitution made etc there was no detail as such, it was pretty muffuled but the echo as in a real stadium made it sound pretty realistic, that would be a nice touch
  2. As usual, I will play the demo and then make a decision. It wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't but FM18, I am still enjoying my FM16 save at the moment
  3. The decision on what cup competitions to enter are not the managers decision, however if the board deem the competition not important, you can always give your squad players game time
  4. Should I just...quit FM?

    Hi Grade No I did not feel insulted by your opinions. I have empathy with you that you cannot enjoy the game, and I would agree that you have to put more time into the game than in the past. I guess I was lucky that my retirement came at the same time that FM became more complex. For me that was a good thing because the game did somewhat take the place of my job. It is my main hobby and takes up the majority of my down time. If I was still working full time I certainly would not have the time to play the game in the way that I do, I would have to play one of the older versions or maybe have a look at FM touch, altthough to be honest I fired up FM12 the other day and found it more difficult to win matches on that than I do in FM16, but maybe that'sjust me. I take your point about older versions not running on windows 10, I have a dedicated games machine running windows 7 (I have a laptop for other things and play FM offline) When I upgrade my computers I usually keep the old one, I still have one that runs windows 98, on which I play some older games. I really hope yopu can overcome the problems you are having, and start to enjoy playong again
  5. Should I just...quit FM?

    OK thanks
  6. Should I just...quit FM?

    I thought that was what I was saying
  7. Should I just...quit FM?

    There is always room for improvements of that there is no doubt. I am still playing FM16 because FM17 did not improve enough for me to want to buy it. I don't know if I will buy FM18, I will play the demo and see what I think of it, but I don't agree that the game has become too complex. I am no tactical genius, but I have never asked for help with tactics on thse forums, I have never downloaded any tactics and have only visited the tactics forums a few times. I have never cheated by playing a game I have lost again etc and I have never tried to exploit the ME. I just play the game as though I am managing a real team. Maybe it's about expectation, I don't expect to take a team from non league to the champions league, I know some people play the game with that expectation, and thats fine, you can play the game however you like. For me the challenge is to do better with my team than thay are doing in real life, I beleive that's being realistic. As i've mentioned in other threads I do put the hours in and do study the game, on this basis I don't believe the game has become too difficult, If I felt that I would play a different game, there are Football management games out there that are a lot more simple than FM and there are games that are a little more simple, but I return to my point of why play a game that is causing you stress, why torture yourself, life's too short
  8. Should I just...quit FM?

    Total club manager was fun, Ultimate Soccer Manager was fun, Treble Manager on the Spectrum was fun, FM like life has moved on. As I have said many times on these forums if the game is too complex for you there are many more simple football manager games out there. If you are looking for a fantasy football game try Lords of Football. I appreciate that everyone has an opinion but what I don't understand is why play a game if you are not enjoying it, go and play one that you will. All the older FM's that you mentioned are probably available second hand on ebay.
  9. How do you rate FM17?

    I still say that FM should be seen as a simulation more than a game very similar to Flight Simulator, which if you can master gives you a fair experience of flying a real aircraft. Is that not what FM is trying to create, the feeling of being a real manager. If it is just and hour or two of fun you are after, there are a lot of simpler football manager games out there that can give you that experience, but only FM can give you the former.
  10. Should I just...quit FM?

    How long is quite some time, it could well be that at some point you will be found out and your fortunes could change, however it also depends on who you are managing and what players you have, a team of world class players should always be more succesful than a team of donkeys no matter what tactics you employ.
  11. How do you rate FM17?

    I personally prefer FM16 but I would agree FM12 runs it a close second, it had an ME at it's peak before the tweak for FM13 but as I say overall I Think FM16 the best.
  12. Match Day

    I always study the scouts team reports and tweak my tactics, TI's and PI's accordingly
  13. Buying an older version

    Try Amazon
  14. Why does SI underestimate sound ?

    I certainly don't want commentary. I do play with the sound on as I think it does add a little to the atmosphere of a match, but it is an area that could do with some improvement
  15. How to prevent being sacked

    Do what managers have to do IRL, win football matches