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  1. Or of course not do it at all, at least not yet
  2. I have no problem with FM adding female officals, coaches etc. but this thread was about adding female football teams to FM and if you read Cougar's and Barside's replies it would mean more than just an added feature
  3. I entirely agree, there is far too many issues with the main game to be addressed at the moment, before going down this road
  4. How could they sneak past anything in those bright replica shirts
  5. graphics

    Fair enough I would have to disagree but I totally respect your opinion and FM just like real football is all about opinions
  6. graphics

    I think we would all still be playing 2D if there was no 3D, what you have never had you never miss and all that, but the point I am trying to make is we have had, just looking at the texturing alone try looking at a screenshot from a match in FM12 and one in FM18 and tell me which one looks closer to a real football match
  7. I agree with you on the two year cycle thing, financially not viable, although less new features and more 'polishing' might help in some areas, but everyone is entitled to express their opinions even if you don't agree with them, thats what a forum is for after all. you also don't have to have a detailed knowledge about something to have an opinion, you don't have to know all the ingredients of a dish to know you don't like it
  8. graphics

    You have explained your opinion on this many times XaW, and I respect your right to hold that opinion, but if SI held the same opinion then they would never have bothered with the 3D, which yourself and others that hold the same opinion would be quite happy about. Obviously SI want to make the graphical detail more important in the game, but just aren't doing it very well at the moment. I am not talking about the ME or AI or anything else in this instance, just the texture of the graphics. When you compare it to other games it looks very dated and very arcade like. Alex fergusons player manager had nearly as good texturing and that was back in the late 90's
  9. graphics

    In my opinion the texturing of the match graphics have got worse since FM14, yes there lots of extras like photographers, stewards, flags and banners and managers on the touchline, but it looks less like a football match than ever, and the players movements and runs look less convincing than earlier versions.
  10. A very good reply from you as usual Neil,however having tried the demo of both FM17 and FM18 I decided not to buy. Last night I did a bit of an experiment I had FM12 on my laptop, FM16 on my desktop and a live match on the TV, looking at the screens in unison the players movements runs etc and the way the match played looked closer to the live game on FM12 than FM16, so I believe while there has been progress in some areas, other areas appear to have gone the other way and I would have to agree with Rdbaylly that the crowds and stadiums in FM18 are a retrograde step.
  11. Coaching Badges

    I may be wrong but I think you can only make one request a season
  12. I think you are probably right Barside, but as Ginger Bomber says you can have an accurate type of stadium and still be generic
  13. If you read the other posts on this thread, the only person to go off topic is yourself. The fact that the OP didn't refer to the stadiums directly is irrelavent really as why would you post in a thread about the stadiums if you were meaning something else. There are other threads about the ME and animations as you are well aware as you have posted on them. By bringing other aspects of the 3D into this discussion only distracts from the point that the stadiums in FM18 are of a poor design
  14. As I said this whole thread is about the stadiums, the clue is in the title, with that in mind why wouldn't the original post be about the stadiums
  15. This thread is about the stadiums in FM18 and I believe the original post refered to, was about the LOOK of the 3D there was no mention of the ME or animations