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  1. I suggest you search Barsides posts, I am pretty sure it was him who said that SI er on the side of caution and generate stadiums at random so as not to infringe stadium image rights. If you read snorks post it expands on the possibe reasons
  2. so tell me how many stadiums have you seen seen which has picnic tables alongside the pitch, massive stairwells and exit tunnels, grass that has the colour of no grass that i have ever seen, where 95% of the crowd are wearing replica shirts, snow that never settles on the pitch, heavy rain that has no effect on the pitch. I could go on but if you check these forums it's all been said before
  3. I think that there were licensing issues before FM16, but in my opinion FM16 had the most realistic looking stadiums than before or since. there were more realistic looking stairwells and gangways, rust on the roofs of older stadiums, more realistic looking crowds, better colouring especially of the pitch, weather effects on the pitch etc. even puddles on the surrounding track when it rained. it might be my imagination but the stadiums seemed closer to the real thing in leagues where SI didn't have a license than in leagues where they did, e.g the Bundesliga which wasn't licensed in FM16, just a thought. Snorks makes some good points where things might be improved.
  4. There are licence issues in stadiums looking like the real thing, but IMO none of the stadiums look realistic in FM19 and have not done so since FM16
  5. I work on the basis that anything under 6 is a poor performance and usually issue a warning
  6. FIFA manager could have been a contender, but EA did not want to put the investment in, prefering to sink their resources into the FIFA game. As forameuss said there is not a lot of profit in football management games and it is a niche market. The average football fan would rather sit with a game pad and play FIFA than deal with the complex gameplay of the FM series
  7. it's not improved since FM16 and FM19 is probably the worst since FM10
  8. But it's good that there is room for compassion in our busy lives
  9. Don't hold your breath on that one, IMO this part of the game has gone backwards since FM16
  10. Hello! not everyone in the crowd at a football game wears replica shirts. Doh!
  11. forameuss, probably one of the best posts ever from you
  12. The point was that XaW asked why Cadoni didn't post his issues in the bug section for FM19 rather than returning to FM17, as I said this would not have solved Cadoni's issues with FM19
  13. None of which would make FM19 any better because they are not not going to fix anything on this version now
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