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  1. I would fully agree with this, But I may well buy it now. The ME still sucks, but I feel like giving some money to SI to fight that which cannot be discussed
  2. Read the second sentence of Toms post, it's not about using real life stadiums, it's about using realistic looking stadiums
  3. More people don't live in London because it is more attractive to live there, it's because there are more jobs there and it is the business and financial centre of England
  4. In my opinion it was beter than FM18,19 or 20, but not quite as good as FM16 or 17
  5. Whilst I might agree with your direct graphical comparison between FM09 and the FM20 ME, in my opinion if the did the same for FM16 and FM20 then I believe that FM20 would be inferior.
  6. I am playing FM16 IMO the ME is far better than anything after FM17 and I also believe the graphics look more realistic
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