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  1. Maybe, but do you think that the opinions of people on the forums so different from those that don't visit the forums
  2. I 100% agree with this post. From FM11 to FM17 the things you mentioned were on the right lines compared to what we have today. Other parts of the game have moved forwards, IMO these have not.
  3. Thank you for the reply, although I am still a little confused. The fact remains that since FM18 the things I described have become worse, and no one, either the developers or mods have really explained why
  4. Whilst animations have improved, things like lighting, colours and the look of stadiums have gone backwards. If this is not the graphics engine, perhaps you could explain what it is.
  5. My partner loves football and very knowledgeable too, but she has no interest in watching the womens game
  6. You are right the majority of tickets are not given away free and I wouldn't agree that interest is artificial, but it is driven by low cost. You can take a whole family to a WSL game for less than a single ticket to a premier league game
  7. I have never used player search in 18 years of playing, I too agree it is far less realistic
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