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  1. These are headline features? This was bad and disappointing, i have to admit. Deadline day and staff meetings. things already there that most of people avoid. Especially staff meetings and useless advice they offer. Hopefully they saved the best for the end
  2. What i see now is massive improvement with inside forward type of players compared to FM19. Usually we would mostly get newgen wingers. But in 2030 now, i cant find a single ball winning mid. It seems all players are created or developed as playmakers. Too many, too good. No sweeper keepers either. Didnt make any test personally but it is what i see. Also its just one long term save so far, so it can mean nothing
  3. Didnt have time to play the game properly, but i see lots of positive reviews about ME. My question for you guys is, would you be fine if they leave ME exactly as it is until fm 22?
  4. Yes. I think i also saw other posters reporting that issue.
  5. Last year started my beta save with leverkusen. And it didnt work for me. Even though i made lots of progress i lost sponsorship money over time. If i remember well, i earned 50 mil. per year, and after few years it was 25. Or something like that. Wouldnt start a long term save, but i see people saying they had no issues, so who knows
  6. It might be true, but when i say movement, wasnt thinking about animations.
  7. I agree with you, its just that when i was watching these few games, i honestly didnt notice that much difference in players movement, passes. except for nice one on one goal. But yeah, outside of match engine, it looks so much better
  8. Absolutely everything outside of match engine looks better. And more logical. Every change that i noticed so far makes more sense.
  9. Impressed with everything except for match engine. Its like i am watching fm 20 all over again. Same passes, same moves. It feels totally the same
  10. Well, either you know who Cro Cop is, or you think i am a cop. I hope its not the second thing because that would be wrong
  11. I didnt expect to get an answer with pictures also. Thanks for taking time to answer
  12. "Future fee after competition achievement". I can see this being useful with teams fighting for promotion
  13. Okay, that i understand hahaha. Again, thanks a lot
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