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  1. After playing the game for a while again, after taking a break waiting for the patch, i can say that i regret paying for the game this year. The most boring ME in a long time, sponsorships are bugged, regens are still unbalanced (positions and attributes), some other bugs that, i saw, are reported long time ago are still present. And especially when i see the graphics of some older versions (regen faces, stadiums, pitch texture etc), it all feels a bit disappointing because it looked better before. But, as i once said, the most disappointing thing for me is that the game is full of good features that could make this game incredible, but because of the things i mention i just can enjoy anything about it.
  2. Guys, does anyone else have a problem with home page panels? It switches back to default whenever i leave the page. Not sure if its connected to new update. Any solution to this?
  3. Where is this from? It looks amazing
  4. I noticed the sponsorship income issue too. I was playing with Bayer L. Got the job there in 2022 i think, and in the next 5 years i was there sponsorship money went from 50 mil per year to 25 mil per year. Something like that, dont remember correct numbers. And i was regular in CL and also won 2 german cups. I thought the issue was because i started the save before official release of the game, in beta, but i saw later people are complaining about it, so it seems that issue is still there. One of the reasons i stopped playing FM
  5. I stopped playing for a while now hoping for an update to fix number of 1 on 1 chances. So when i saw there is a new update, i couldnt wait to start again. Played a season, new save, and what i saw is not much better. So many goals from set pieces and long shots. I am doing too well. Got into Europa League winning against teams i shouldnt beat at all. Made some simple tactics, skipped friendlies using instant game button and went directly to competitive games. It feels to me that i have absolutely no control over the game. Because i am not creating chances that my team is set up to create. and opponents are not taking advantage over my weaknesses. And it goes the other way around. It feels like all my midfielders have long shots at 20, or that i am set piece genius. It doesnt feel right. When beta came out i was so impressed thinking with few issues sorted, this will be the best fm ever. But when it comes to match engine, i think, as someone said already, you created the beast that you cant control at all anymore. My opinion is that its time for completely new match engine, if thats possible. Because you hit the wall and there is no going forward. Outside of the match engine, its an amazing game. Not perfect, there are still some bugs, nothing game breaking. But amazing. You really went far. But then i start the match, and i am not interested whats going on, because it feels like i am out of control, as i said. And i am begging you to invest some resources and your time into newgens for the fm21. Inside forwards, attacking full wing backs, sweeper keepers, ball playing defenders, they barely exist after 15 years in game. The game says 2035, but it feels like we are back in 80s. Also, all the newgens are so physically overpowered, its insane. Thanks for proving updates and trying to fix all the issues as fast as possible, it really shows you are working hard and you listen to people here. Keep up and lets hope for something better!
  6. I will have to stop playing this game for a while. In my opinion, its not in good state currently which is such a shame because during beta i thought that with few issues sorted out this will be amazing game. It still can be. But these long balls over defence is just too much. No matter how i play, no matter how good my players are. Or how good opposition is. Defenders just stop running after long balls until its too late. The only way i could stop this was to play with low defensive line, which is the way i dont want to play. I also tried different styles and most chances were created by long balls over the top. So it goes both ways, AI and my tactics. Of course, i admit i am not the best at setting up tactics, i dont have the best understanding of the game,but i think this is a bit too much. And reading this forum, the only solution is to play with low defensive line. At least in my experience. But again, thats not how i want my team to play And also my biggest issue for years now, newgens. Why are there so many wingers, defensive full backs, why are they so physically good (just examples)? This year again, nothing seems to be done about it. And i am surprised that such a small number of people dont see an issue with this. What makes me frustrated the most is the thing that you went so far with this game over the years, it became so good and detailed, you can play it as you like. You can choose what you want to do, what you want your staff to do. So many positive things, little details that makes this game great. And yet i cant get myself to continue, even though i really want to, because of these issues above. The thing i like the most about FM20 is the club vision. Everything makes more sense with it. It feels right. It feels like you actually have a boss, someone in charge of you who will give you tasks you need to accomplish. Also development centre makes the game more clean and your youth players are much easier to follow. So well done for that Lets hope new patch, whenever it comes out, will sort these few issues.
  7. Its owned by the club. The only reason i can think of is that i havent been really successful. I didnt win bundesliga at all in 5 years at the club, didnt go far in champions league, first knockout stage is as far as i could go, and only thing i won is german cup, 2 times. Whats weird is that i went from around 50 mil per year in sponshorship income to 25.5, even though i am CL team. Maybe there is something in it. Anyway, thanks for the reply
  8. That might be it. Still, i hope i will get the option to build new stadium soon. Thanks a lot for the answer.
  9. Not sure where would be the right place to ask so i am going to leave it here. Got a job in Germany at Bayer L. in 2021. Its 2026 now, we are now CL team, value of the club is 1.5B, stadium capacity is 30.210, average attendance for the last season was 30.011, season before 29.114. So finances are great, fans are there, but i dont have an option to ask for new stadium. Current stadium was built in 1958. Is there something about Bayer L. or maybe Germany as a country that doesnt allow me to ask for a new stadium?? Thanks.
  10. How do you change squad status of your players? I have a goalkeeper who i think should be backup instead of first team goalkeeper. The only way i can change it is if its suggested to me by staff
  11. This is my biggest issue with FM. AS someone who likes to play long term saves, it really makes it almost impossible to use some tactics you built over time because at some point you just cant find players that fit the way you want to play. In terms of newgens, we are back in times of full backs, wingers, old fashion goalkeepers And i agree that some things can be sorted with training, but i dont think thats a solution. You cant turn a classic winger into goalscoring inside forward. Sure, you can make him play on the other side of field, and maybe find the tactics that will make him score good number of goals. But he will still have low attributes for finishing, passing, composure and so on. We are not in times of wingers, full backs etc. anymore. Football moved away from that long time ago. But the game still produces them. And lots of them. How does AI sort that out? They cant. They are using them. And IMO thats wrong. Real football is not represented well after few years. And i would also mention high physical attributes of newgens And whats discouraging is how little this issue has been talked about in FM community. It seems that people dont have any problem with it, and of course, if you dont point at the issue, developers wont give it a priority. I understand that people are talking more about match engine, or AI squad building, it is priority for a lot of people, as it should be. But still, i think people dont talk enough about newgens
  12. I wonder if we will see better balanced regen attributes. Too many issues with regens, in my opinion. Like crazy physical attributes, a lot of them are on C.Ronaldo level, lack of inside forwards, attacking full backs and so on. So my question would be if there are news mentioning any improvment with that issues? It seems there are few sources we are getting feature news from, so maybe i missed something.
  13. I already said somewhere this is probably the best FM so far. But there is one thing i am really disappointed with. Newgens. - barely any inside forwards. All players are wingers that can only play on the side of their stronger foot - their physical attributes are overpowered. 17-18 year old kids have attributes of best athletes in the world. There are no players with great technical but average or poor physical like Iniesta, Xavi, D. Silva - full backs are mostly defensive type of players. Its really hard to find players who can do a proper job at both attack and defence. And those players are norm today. - defenders with poor bravery and agression attributes. And also poor techinque - i still didnt find sweeper keeper. Of course it can happen, but knowing there were the same issues in previous versions, i dont think they actually exist What is even more disappointing is that few people made these complaints before, but in the end i got the impression that nobody who can make changes to fix these issues are taking this problem seriously. Or maybe they dont think there are any problems. My apologies if i sound like one of those people who are here only to complain, insult or similar. Thats not my intention. But i was hoping, for years now, that someone will take a look at these, in my opinion, big issues, that personally make me lose interest in the game after just 5-6 seasons.
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