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  1. This is my biggest issue with FM. AS someone who likes to play long term saves, it really makes it almost impossible to use some tactics you built over time because at some point you just cant find players that fit the way you want to play. In terms of newgens, we are back in times of full backs, wingers, old fashion goalkeepers And i agree that some things can be sorted with training, but i dont think thats a solution. You cant turn a classic winger into goalscoring inside forward. Sure, you can make him play on the other side of field, and maybe find the tactics that will make him score good number of goals. But he will still have low attributes for finishing, passing, composure and so on. We are not in times of wingers, full backs etc. anymore. Football moved away from that long time ago. But the game still produces them. And lots of them. How does AI sort that out? They cant. They are using them. And IMO thats wrong. Real football is not represented well after few years. And i would also mention high physical attributes of newgens And whats discouraging is how little this issue has been talked about in FM community. It seems that people dont have any problem with it, and of course, if you dont point at the issue, developers wont give it a priority. I understand that people are talking more about match engine, or AI squad building, it is priority for a lot of people, as it should be. But still, i think people dont talk enough about newgens
  2. I wonder if we will see better balanced regen attributes. Too many issues with regens, in my opinion. Like crazy physical attributes, a lot of them are on C.Ronaldo level, lack of inside forwards, attacking full backs and so on. So my question would be if there are news mentioning any improvment with that issues? It seems there are few sources we are getting feature news from, so maybe i missed something.
  3. I already said somewhere this is probably the best FM so far. But there is one thing i am really disappointed with. Newgens. - barely any inside forwards. All players are wingers that can only play on the side of their stronger foot - their physical attributes are overpowered. 17-18 year old kids have attributes of best athletes in the world. There are no players with great technical but average or poor physical like Iniesta, Xavi, D. Silva - full backs are mostly defensive type of players. Its really hard to find players who can do a proper job at both attack and defence. And those players are norm today. - defenders with poor bravery and agression attributes. And also poor techinque - i still didnt find sweeper keeper. Of course it can happen, but knowing there were the same issues in previous versions, i dont think they actually exist What is even more disappointing is that few people made these complaints before, but in the end i got the impression that nobody who can make changes to fix these issues are taking this problem seriously. Or maybe they dont think there are any problems. My apologies if i sound like one of those people who are here only to complain, insult or similar. Thats not my intention. But i was hoping, for years now, that someone will take a look at these, in my opinion, big issues, that personally make me lose interest in the game after just 5-6 seasons.
  4. Started as Liverpool manager until full game release. Klopp got hired in november by Spurs and immediately signed two of my (his) assistants from Liverpool. I love all these little things you can find on the way. Put aside new training and tactics system (probably the biggest improvements in years) these small details are what makes this version the best in years. My problems so far are transfers. Varane for 60 mil to Man Utd, or Lucas Vazquez for 12 mil to PSG are just few of the examples of bad transfer AI. Didnt see that part of the game being any better than in previous versions. Also, if someone knows if regens are still physically overpowered compared to RL players. As i like playing long term saves, regens and transfer AI are the biggest issues for me. No inside forwards, small amount of attacking full backs, no sweeper keepers and as i mentioned them being physically overpowered are just some of the issues i believe are still not solved. Also generally speaking attributes are not well balanced. But to get back to FM19, I am positive this will be the best FM game so far. Well done, guys!
  5. https://www.instar-informatika.hr/notebook-asus-vivobook-x505bp-ej081-156-fhd-amd-dual-core-a9-9420-up-to-36ghz-8gb-ddr4-1tb-hdd-128gb-ssd-amd-radeon-r5-m420-2gb-no-odd-linux-2-god-/ASU-0354/product/ Sorry for this kind of link, i am not sure how to post it properly. Thats the site i bought it from. The cost is around 450£ Thanks for help, Smurf/Barside
  6. Guys, i would appreciate if someone can help me. Few, weeks ago i got myself new laptop, Asus Vivobook X505BP-EJ081 - AMD Dual Core A9-9420 - 8GB DDR4 - 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD - AMD R5 M420 2GB I am now playing FM18, but i need to put settings to low to actually make it work properly, talking about watching matches in 3D mostly. I am sure with this laptop i should be able to play on higher settings, or am i wrong?
  7. Thanks a lot, Welshace. I must say i am surprised with numbers if they are accurate. Didnt expect this fallout in the last few years. Wonder if people are disappointed with direction where the game is going, or if there is some context. Sorry for being a bit off topic
  8. Guys, i am really interested what were the best selling games in FM franchise so far. Can anyone give me a link where i can check that or answer? Thanks
  9. First of all, i would like to say i wouldnt mind if developers spend all their time and power on improving AI in general, especially AI squad building and nothing more..because, for me its not to challenging to play this game more than few seasons if you pick decent team to manage...but as i know that wont happen, i will give my opinion on what is important to improve - Thing that really bugs me is we are not able to pick different players for direct and indirect freekicks, i was hoping few years ago it will be an option in the game, but still nothing, and i dont understand why - option to choose penalty taker during the match..if my defender scores two before penalty, he will automatically take that penalty, its really anoying, especially when that penalty is important one - coaching national team is boring, i dont have any particular ideas, but new features would be welcomed - training is basic part of every sport, thats why i think it should be more detailed. There are some really good examples in previous posts here - ability to spend money we earned as managers. I am not talking about playing sims, but it would be interesting to give money to charities and in that way increase your reputation with media and fans. You could somehow made a connection with Movember that you started to support last year. Just an idea. Or help to imporove your favourite team, if its poor, with some money for youth facilites. - this is not important for most of the people here, but it is to me. When you win the league, or cup, or any trophy there should be more celebration, more animation, to make you feel you won something. Right now, it feels like any other match, only difference is that some things are falling from the sky for a second. And thats it. More animation and details would give us real feeling of winning, especially for people who dont win a lot of trophies. You could do this instead of making burger van like its important feature last year... - Academies around the world. - there are to many players with low bravery and agression, especially defenders, hope you fix that - more controversis. I played with Balotelli for few seasons and he did nothing unpredictible except scoring huge amount of goals. Example, player gets a little fat, so he should be put on different type of training - when a player get that yellow injury during match, i would like to have a report on what kind of injury is that, not detailed like after medical exam, just basic. So i could know should i bring him out or keep him without making more damage. I am surprised this wasnt put in game before.... - when we search player history we should be able to all games that he played for club, not just league games. People ask for this for many years. - when players moan about not being played enough, they only count league matches, not cup, or even CL games. Please fix it. - not too important, but it would be nice if you improve UI. This one looks cheap and boring, but as i said, not too important for me - players dont follow my instructions, example, short corner option, i never saw players follow short corner instruction. so i stopped asking for it, maybe you fix it in the latest patch. - another thing that bugs me is full backs. Full backs evolve over the years into players with imporoved attacking abilitly, but not in this game. There are still huge amount of regens in that position that are weak when going forward..
  10. 39 year old Gerrard. I kept him to break a record for most league apps.....and failed
  11. Most important part of every sport is TRAINING. So it should be possible to have bigger and more detailed control over training, especially now when you can chose what type of manager you want to be...I don't have any specifically idea, but something should be done.... For every FM player the most exciting thing are regens...so it would be good for clubs to be able to open academies in another countries, like in real life
  12. IMO that is big problem in this game...it' shouldn't be lottery. It is not luck that clubs like Barca, Dinamo Zagreb, Southampton etc. produce great players. They get everything to highest level, facilities, coaches, scouts.... I also think that clubs like arsenal should not produce players with passing 1...he would be long gone from academy if he can't pass the ball....but, i don't see that a major problem in this game....
  13. I know, but i was just saying that it's not just real and barca, the whole game needs to improve in this part
  14. My last save....Brendan Rodgers wins everything with liverpool, 2 CL, 2 PL, world club champ, FA cups, he became legend of the club.....but then he got an offer from newcastle, club that in previous seasons didn't win anything and they are usually around 10th place in league, and sign for MUCH lower wage... Mourinho is now manager of PSV, didn't win anything in 3 seasons Guardiola, manager of West Ham, 2 seasons so far, he didn't even improve their spot from previous seasons.... And i never heard of managers that are now in charge of big clubs, Liverpool, Man Utd, City, PSG etc.....their atributes are low even for english championship
  15. Guys, you can talk whatever you want, but this game is to easy...i lost motivation for every save after wining my first big trophy. We all know that every season our team will be better and, because of very poor AI squad building, opponents will be weaker....so i took over barnet in vanarama, and still i need only 6 seasons to premier league, and I'm just average player....that's just my opinion.
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