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  1. I'm happy to be corrected, but I think it is the player's age on the day they actually join the club that counts. For these purposes the English League season does indeed start with the summer transfer window - 9th June. 21 year olds do not count as part of the 6. Loan players do though - I got caught out on that one.
  2. I don't want to say anything, I want to know if you have complained about the announcement of every new addition that meets the criteria under which you justified your dislike of the addition of women's football. If you have, and have the posts to back it up, then fair enough. If you haven't, then I'll be interested in why not.
  3. When you're complaining about being stereotyped it might be an idea to avoid stereotyping.
  4. They are all reactions to the in-game experience, not the announcement of the feature. I should have been clearer. Have you actively disliked the announcement of any other feature?
  5. Seeing as you have stated that there are problems that go back years and have never been resolved, have you consistently complained over those years about every new feature that potentially distracted from improving the 'main' game?
  6. Excellent points there. The only element of that that is already in the game may be the adaptability stat. I think that relates to settling in and getting up to speed.
  7. How to a tweak a title winning tactic to cope with other teams now viewing you as a major threat. How to move them around, draw them out and create space once they are sitting in against you. I suppose that falls under maintaining a tactic.
  8. Pretty simple one really. When we get scout reports on our affiliate teams, especially the ones we have youth development links with, then the scouts should scout the youth U18/19/B etc. squads as well. Thanks
  9. Ooops, apologies for tagging you, I assumed the mods had a direct line to the development team for stuff like this. Thanks for your best guess, I think your probably right.
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