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  1. So strange that I focused on concentration and entirely missed flair . Thanks for pointing that out. A second set of eyes can be a wondrous thing. You're right, mentoring is a must but I'm happy with that, my mentoring game is strong. I have Henderson and Milner.
  2. Many thanks Here he is And here's the tactic, with my first choice XI. Created with much inspiration from @CleonCleon and @Rashidi, so many thanks chaps. Don't pay too much attention to the mentality or extreme pressing as they do change related to the context of each match. I tweak a fair few of the roles and duties too, in relation to where the space is, or where I want it to be, in each game. Sometimes I use 2 IFs, sometimes I need a DM, sometimes I reign the WBs in, sometimes I need a more creative centre forward etc. But the segundo volante has been a constant. Loving that role.
  3. Couple of quick questions. Both relate to Liverpool in Feb 2021. Currently well on the way to retaining the Premier League Title and progressing nicely in the Champions League. Club finances looking really healthy. Firstly, I've been at 13 First Team Coaches and 25 Scouts for ages. The board just keep rejecting request after request for more. I've tried all of the question/response options, although I have steered clear of the big ultimatums. Do they ever loosen up? Or am I banging my head against something hard-coded? Secondly, how low is too low for an attribute? For example, I've found a really promising 16 yr old Segundo Volante prospect - Fairly Ambitious, good determination, no glaring lack of professionalism. Several quality scouts rate him in the upper 80s so he should have plenty of postential. All his relevant numbers look good apart from Concentration, which is 5. If I set a minimum bar for development at 12, is that possible? Lower? Higher? I would like to develop him into a future world class key player. I understand that nothing is guaranteed with youth development and that it relies upon numerous factors. I just want to know what is possible and what should be considered a lost cause from the beginning? Cheers folks.
  4. Have a look at this - It is from here Excellent work by @optimusprimal82 Full of insight, especially related to game management utilising your team mentality. Following the flow chart through a few games taught me SO much. It's a bit like the process Klopp went through when he moved Liverpool on from Heavy Metal Football madness to a more sophisticated team who understood when to fly forward and when to sit back. In short, the mentality of our opponents is not static, it fluctuates through matches in response to the changing circumstances, and so should ours.
  5. It is an indication that you have created a note for that player. You can find the notes on your homepage under 'notebook'
  6. Agreed. It shouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility to be able to say to your U18 manager - 'play so and so as an an AP in the AMC position no matter what I'm doing with the senior squad' - without having to actually be the U18 manager yourself.
  7. Yep, that seems to be the case. It's making me wonder about the managers of the other squads and whether they have their own version of creative freedom. I might try just setting a generic formation for a while - 4123 wide - and select the players I want in the correct positions, Then leave the rest to the managers.
  8. Thanks Seb, that's what I have been doing. Good to know I'm not missing something. Interesting. I do have my tactics saved and the U18s and U23s have been using them all season (7-8 games so far) but the option is still greyed-out. I wonder if it has to hit a minimum number of uses to qualify as 'previously used'? Thanks. I'll keep an eye on it.
  9. Can you instruct your U23 and U18 managers to play players in specific positions? I have some younger players learning new positions and want them to be played in those positions in every match. I think I've seen other posters alluding to doing this but I can't find any details on it for the life of me. Also, I have my U23 and U18 squads playing with first team tactics. However, when I alternate bewteen my 3 first team tactics it also changes the tactics for the U23s and U18s which may not be suitable for their upcoming matches. Can the U23 and U18 managers be set to choose between the 3 main tactics? I don't think so, but I might have missed something. How do others mange this?
  10. It's hard for me to judge because my graphics capability is lower than a zoetrope. Do people see things like step-overs, cutting across the ball with the outside of the foot, the occasional rabona etc.?
  11. You're spot on, Salah is even better. At the moment I have a good young prospect who can cover Mane's IF role on the left and Salah is really dangerous in his IF role on the right with attack duty.
  12. Great stuff. Really well thought out and articulated. Very similar to the journey I am currently on with Mane (ss) and Firmino (f9). The really interesting part is identifying a couple of hot prospects and moulding them into a similar pair to be backups, then rotations and ultimately, replacements.
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