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  1. Edit Luxembourg so it doesn't allow dual nationality or set it for something impossible like 50 years?
  2. You have an imposter. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/46935128
  3. Is your manager from San Marino? Because it's the only reason I can think off why would Italy want you as their national manager.
  4. It probably comes to that thing, that nodding "yes" means "no" in Bulgaria and shaking "no" means "yes". You just need to learn Bulgarian and you will change club in no time.
  5. So, that guy has come to team playing in 3rd tier and promised to make the club big force in continental football. Told the manager he can spend loads of money on transfers, then after manager did just that, decided to withdrawn financial backing from the club, not even paying for promised transfers, which lead club into massive debt. Meanwhile all of this he also built a new stadium, that's not even big enough for 1st tier rules and named it after himself. Then, after less than 4 years, he decided to leave altogether. I'm not even mad ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, we have new chairman. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And he starts with a lie. No, Mr. Klein, we haven't strengthened our financial position, we're still losing money every month and the only change you brought is new face on chairman's seat.
  6. Are you sure reserves can play in National? Maybe they changed it this season, along that league names changing, but previously reserves could only play in 4th tier at best in France.
  7. Ahh, reserves in proper leagues, my "favourite".
  8. I don't really pay that much attention to it, but I can tell you about goalkeepers and their handballs outside the box, as it is pretty big event, so it's memorable too. I saw it 2 times in about ~700 hours of gameplay.
  9. I have just literally conceded a penalty to handball whilst reading this thread. I do agree they're rare though. And goalkeepers are only getting yellow cards for them outside the box
  10. Overlapping centre backs!? I need a video proof of such tactical masterpiece! BTW I have ridiculous idea, what about setting them up as wing backs playing in front of regular full backs and telling them to man-mark opposition forwards? I mean, it has zero chance of being viable, but...
  11. I am (or was) doing a very similar challenge and what I did was adding a (Breizh) prefix to every Breton city in pre-game editor. So all I need to do is searching for (Breizh) in Place of Birth.
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