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  1. I know I wasn't exactly too meticulous with the rules, but Roda JC Kerkrade doesn't qualify because their predecessor Rapid JC won Dutch title in 1955-56. Basically the rule here is that club to be eligible must have finished runners-up in their league when it was "proper" one group league (so in Netherlands case it's 1956–57 and later) and never have won the title no matter the system of the competition. Thirty is already a huge number of titles to be won and I had to draw the line somewhere. Probably the most obvious team that otherwise would be eligible is Schalke 04, who have 7 German titles, but all of them before Bundesliga's creation. So sorry to disappoint you, but I won't be managing Roda in this save. @Janiculus Thanks for the good luck! @ManUtd1
  2. Career just like the one @ManUtd1 is doing. Except it's not. We're going to aim for national glory and winning the league instead of going for continental titles. Teams eligible for the challenge will be those, that have finished as runners-up in the past. To limit amount of teams available I will follow some simple rules. Firstly, only teams from the countries that have played in European Cup final more than twice are available. Those are: Spain, Italy, England, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal and France. Secondly, only teams who achieved second place finish in proper league system are available. This rule actually proves to be very clever as this way we're getting rid of many unplayable teams. This leaves us with 30 available teams, some of them still unplayable from the start. Racing Santander - 1930-31 Primera División Runners-Up UD Las Palmas - 1968-69 Primera División Runners-Up Real Zaragoza - 1974-75 Primera División Runners-Up Sporting Gijón - 1978-79 Primera División Runners-Up Villarreal CF - 2007-08 Primera División Runners-Up AS Livorno - 1942-43 Serie A Runners-Up Udinese Calcio - 1954-55 Serie A Runners-Up Vicenza Calcio - 1977-78 Serie A Runners-Up AC Perugia - 1978-79 Serie A Runners-Up Parma FC - 1996-97 Serie A Runners-Up Bristol City - 1906-07 Premier League Runners-Up Oldham Athletic - 1914-15 Premier League Runners-Up Cardiff City - 1923-24 Premier League Runners-Up Leicester City - 1928-29 Premier League Runners-Up (Yep, they're still available ) Charlton Athletic - 1936-37 Premier League Runners-Up Blackpool FC - 1955-56 Premier League Runners-Up Queens Park Rangers - 1975-76 Premier League Runners-Up Watford FC - 1982-83 Premier League Runners-Up Southampton FC - 1983-84 Premier League Runners-Up MSV Duisburg - 1963-64 Bundesliga Runners-Up Alemannia Aachen - 1968-69 Bundesliga Runners-Up (They're unplayable at the start ) Bayer Leverkusen - 1996-97, 1998-99, 1999-00, 2001-02, 2010-11 Bundesliga Runners-Up Fortuna Sittard - 1956-57 Eredivisie Runners-Up SC Heerenveen - 1999-00 Eredivisie Runners-Up Académica Coimbra - 1966-67 Primeira Liga Runners-Up Vitória Setúbal - 1971-72 Primeira Liga Runners-Up Sporting Braga - 2009-10 Primeira Liga Runners-Up Toulouse FC - 1954-55 Ligue 1 Runners-Up (This is actually different club from the currently existing one, but it nicely rounds up the number of clubs available and the city deserves the chance to shine ) Nîmes Olympique - 1957-58, 1958-59, 1959-60, 1971-72 Ligue 1 Runners-Up FC Metz - 1997-98 Ligue 1 Runners-Up Last, but not least. I will be playing as not one, not two, not three... but as four different managers at the same time. Those will be dropouts from infamous football academy. Bernd Schneider Antonio Guayre Antonio Di Natale Stan Collymore Curiously enough they all seems to share the names with some famous players of the past. That is a pure coincidence. Even bigger coincidence is that those players finished their careers trophyless. Schneider will start at MSV Duisburg, Guayre at Racing Santander, Di Natale at Vicenza Calcio and Collymore at Oldham Athletic.
  3. DDT file like this https://www.fmscout.com/a-ddt-files-load-the-best-talents-in-fm19.html but edited for Heinze instead of players? Or you could just tick the option to have all players from Argentinian league with certain reputation? Managers should count for this too.
  4. I'm saying that they're traditionally a top tier team.
  5. Not recent. They've spent 66 seasons in top tier in France. Only Marseille has more with current season being their 69th one.
  6. I recognize Gegousse (was only a backup for short time in my save) and Illien (he was either too reputable to sign for my team or not good enough later). But beating Carquefou!? And 5-0 at that?
  7. Fourth Breton only save in the last few months? If anyone's interested. Number one, two and three. PS. If you want to do Breton only save and not started playing already, then I suggest adding prefix to every Breton city in pre-game editor.
  8. You were worse in regular league before final phase. I can't only guess that because you didn't even post the table.
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