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  1. He probably has second citizenship. Most likely Italian, or maybe Portuguese.
  2. Maybe they just don't like goalscoring goalkeepers.
  3. 16 goals for Jimmy, but only 9 of those in the league it seems. So close to a trophy with FA Cup final. I don't know whether to be happy or not with such season.
  4. Add (Calabria) prefix to every Calabrian city in the editor, it's 432 edits which you only have to do once.
  5. Name: Jimmy Bracers Date of birth (will be 17 at game start): 31st May Nationality & place of birth: English - London Starting Club (19-20 EPL only): Bournemouth 2 high technical attributes: First Touch, Technique 2 high mental attributes: Determination, Composure 2 high physical attributes: Agility, Natural Fitness Up to 1 PPM: Tries first time shots Favoured club: none DIsliked club: none Favoured personnel (and why): none DIsliked personnel: none Name: Date of birth (will be 17 at game start): Nationality & place of birth: Starting Club (19-20 EPL only): 2 high technical attributes: 2 high mental attributes: 2 high physical attributes: Up to 1 PPM: Favoured club: DIsliked club: Favoured personnel (and why): DIsliked personnel:
  6. Pretty sure this is something you can easily edit back in though.
  7. Pretty sure Regionalliga is the lowest league existing (albeit unplayable) in Football Manager. Can't be placed lower if lower doesn't exist.
  8. There's no such team, I can't comprehend football tribalism while political supporters are, thankfully, not depicted in Football Manager, so at worst I can pretend that hiring me as a manager is a part of greater strategy that led the club to fight with hooliganism in their support.
  9. Never. How do you imagine licensing for such a thing? You can't even buy old FMs after a year.
  10. They took your comment about FM as a comment about real life.
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