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  1. Was DETAILED_FUTURE_REGEN removed from ddt files in recent FM's?
  2. And this one's even better! http://www.rsssf.com/miscellaneous/crossborder.html
  3. This is a global FIFA rule and as such it was present in every FM ever. I would imagine it is hardcoded into the game. European Union has a special agreement with FIFA though so transfers of 16 year old players between EU countries are allowed. Previous sentence is also true for European Economic Area. EEA = EU + Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein. Only other exceptions are players living no more than 50 kilometers from the border.
  4. No FM19 on Linux At least natively, maybe it could work with Proton https://www.protondb.com/app/872790
  5. I have tried to install FM07 few weeks ago actually, but I couldn't. Installer tried to set up some Java Virtual Machine and it just stayed at 0% progress.
  6. I'm pretty sure that FM demographics are not pre-puberty children.
  7. You only get league points if you have played continental football in the past 5 seasons. You got no points, because why would they rank a team that have never played any continental football before?
  8. Players on real life lists end up nobodies more often than not. Wonderkids searched by their PA in pre-game editor always have high PA. Also the lists you provided are laughable. They have 20-something year old global stars on them including the world 2nd and 3rd most expensive players ever... they are not a wonderkids, they've stopped being them about 5 years ago.
  9. Season 2014/15 Review First season was very successful for our managerial quartet. Stan Collymore's Oldham Athletic finished 2nd in League One, thus gaining promotion to the Championship. Antonio Di Natale's Vicenza Calcio won Serie B with massive points total and will be playing in Serie A next season. Bernd Schneider's MSV Duisburg after initial struggles ended up with 3. Liga title and also gained a promotion. Antonio Guayre's Racing Santander were scoring for fun in Segunda Division and will play in Primera Division next season. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oldham Athletic Squad - There is little chance for Kean and Mellis to stay following their loans. Vicenza Calcio Squad - Crazy amount of loaned players will need replacing. MSV Duisburg Squad - Finally a team without much loanees, on the downside squad is aging. Racing Santander Squad - Teams in Spanish second tier are forced to have criminally small squads and many of the best players were here, of course, only on loan. Not to mention Ivan Moreno's retirement and Fede's future transfer to Greece. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What happened in top leagues? Italian Serie A - Comfortable win for Juventus with embarassing lead over their rivals. Sampdoria with surprising second place, but they have been champions in the past. Portuguese Primeira Liga - Usual suspects at the top. Porto then Benfica. Spanish Primera Division - Slightly surprising win for Atletico Madrid with Real Madrid in second place. Dutch Eredivisie - PSV before Ajax. German Bundesliga - In close league Bayern comes up at top, with Werder Bremen only a point behind. English Premier League - In even closer league Manchester United beats Chelsea by sheer goal difference. French Ligue 1 - Now, what happened here!? A team which have never won the league before (highest ever finish was 3rd place) wins it with 14 points lead!? I won't spoil what team that was, you need to click for yourselves.
  10. Jack Wilshere and Hatem Ben Arfa spring to mind from those not mentioned yet.
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