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  1. I have heard that Zlatan Ibrahimović became Academy Award winning documentary director and he's now working on Malmö FF - Class of '22 - 20 years later documentary. Is that true and when we will get to know something about fates of squad members of that famous side?
  2. After breaking Guttmann's curse it looks like you could be heading to Neverkusen Leverkusen. Or maybe Nahpoli Napoli, had they won something serious post-Maradona?
  3. #SackMakotoAtHalfTime
  4. Possibly, the biggest I know is this one
  5. Is it me or all your newgen players are bald?
  6. Maybe Sevilla doesn't want Adjei, because he doesn't have EU passport?
  7. Wow, amazing progress. Shame about finances. #AgentOwusu
  8. That's some interesting concept, will follow.
  9. I see, you have Alzheimer's and you forgot your own posts. That's still not a reason for personal attacks tho.
  10. Using your last sub on 75 minute in a game potentially going into extra time isn't the brightest move.
  11. Has anyone did some testing with it? I would be most interested why on FM 2015 Russia had the 3rd* biggest value after Brazil and Germany. It's counter-intuitive, we have historically decent nation (but nothing more) with good league, good clubs, rather good facilities, football set to important, big population and big youth rating. It screams newgens wonderkids, but it shouldn't be the case and I'm pretty sure it is not, I don't recall Russia becoming top football country on FM2015. * it was apparently changed in newer FMs, but I don't own them (their licenses :P), so I can't confirm.
  12. need more info

    Who said that PPMs have to be an advantage?
  13. I have a 0.5 star player who's best player in my team, was league's top scorer last season aged 32. I also have 3 star defender who's useless. What's the difference between them? My coaches say the first one is consistent and relishes big matches, while the other one is not.