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  1. I assume iopzzza changed that in in-game editor.
  2. Would be nice to see some update about players who left for higher divisions, what is Clifton Belle doing now, how many goals Baron scored for Blackburn he earned transfer to Southampton? etc. etc.
  3. It's global rule that goes beyond football. I would imagine it's being hardcorded and not possible to change.
  4. https://community.sigames.com/topic/389436-dynamic-qualification/?do=findComment&comment=10556156
  5. I don't know for sure, so don't ask me for specifics, but I imagine it should be possible with Resource Archiver?
  6. Owner wanted a new toy, happens in real life too. Just look at Valencia CF right now.
  7. I have 1,241 hours counted on Steam, but that doesn't include time when I played in offline mode or older pre-Steam FMs. It would probably be ~2.5k hours overall, so actually not that much compared to some people here
  8. Does it count? FM 2015, FIRST season. I wasn't even managing in France and Bastia (never finished higher than 3rd in real life) wins the league. With 14 points more than 2nd Lyon. In reality Bastia finished 12th in that season, 36 points behind champions, and finished last 2 seasons later with financial troubles that led the team to being demoted to 5th tier.
  9. It's a common bug, that wasn't fixed in current version of the game. It's very, very easy to become national team manager right now. Still, 6th tier must be some kind of record.
  10. I would imagine Las Palmas being quite a bit further to the south than FC Eilat. One of the unorthodox ideas I had and never used is a career where I always overpromise, i.e. when I'm given 3 choices of season expectations and related budgets in the beginning I should go for the most ambitious one (I usually go for the least ambitious one in my saves). That could be a funny save with a lot of sackings No manager will win more trophies at your club than Harry Mark Allardyce-Pardew will promise to win. See, that's an ok title already.
  11. FM 2015 FIRST in-game season. Can you spot something odd?
  12. Using the same, flawed logic, you could make "an argument" for Nobel Prize being racist. Also it's funny, because in the past I wanted to start a thread about Youth Rating in FM, asking if it isn't actually "racism" of some sort. Just think about Andorran league and the team Lusitanos which creates Portuguese newgens. Lusitanos more often than not make the Andorran league their own due to vast superiority of their newgens, feat that is in no way similar to real life occurence.
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