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  1. No, Leipzig is called RasenBallsport because it would be illegal in Germany to be called after the sponsor. Old clubs like Bayer are exempt because their names predate the law. Also RB Leipzig and RB Salzburg are officialy not owned by the same entity. I think back in 2017 they used some administrative magic and Salzburg is no longer "owned by Red Bull".
  2. Flamengo lost their manager at least. No such excuse for Neyveson
  3. Something that I hope is training question... Can I raise my players Important Matches attribute by playing them in friendlies against rival teams?
  4. I have just bought newgen called Ronaldinho, real name Ronaldo Lewandowski, dubbed to be new Diego Lugano, similar player to Nicolas Otamendi.
  5. It was interesting read indeed, but it's almost 2 months now without an update.
  6. Maybe check Youth Rating of England in IGE? I had a save where after about 15 seasons I got really suspicious about quality of newgens and then discovered that Youth Rating of nation I was managing in was significantly buffed in the editor file I was using to get lower leagues. It pretty much killed the save for me.
  7. Worth posting in bug section.
  8. From my experience selling clauses is right thing to do about 95% of the time.
  9. @Weston Here are formations + pkm file. Keep in mind it's FM 2015. In previous attempts most important difference was lack of Enganche times 3. It led Sevilla to pass the ball wide from every kick off which was stealing important seconds from goalscoring opportunities. 3 Enganches in the middle make it quicker to win the ball back and run at the goalkeeper through the corridor. 0-100.pkm
  10. Anyone remembers my attempts to get the highest win possible while managing both clubs? I just got new record
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