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  1. Pretty sure that's radio commentary, hence so much talking. btw, my poor transcription of the thing, with my comments in parenthesis, I believe it's still worth reading 0:00 (incomprehensible) on own half, far from Krogh's net 0:03 Tomasz Łapiński in front of own penalty box, switch to the right, to Bajor 0:08 Bajor is clearly fouled by Daugaard, free kick to Poles, but still far from penalty box 0:15 back pass to Michalczuk, Michalczuk (incomprehensible) gently the ball to Citko, tooooo Michalski, Michalski into penalty box, but there all (all are there?) 0:24 from Dembiński, once again wit curly hair playing Norwegian Dan Eggen 0:30 how much nervousness must be there in Polish supporters 0:34 Bajor from free throw to end line, in the penalty box corner to Michalski, crossed on the ground 0:40 Majak, into the hand of someone 0:41 Gooooaaaalll 0:43 It iiiiiiiis, gooaall, it iiiiiiiiiiis 0:48 Sławomir Majak, he behaved too nice there (?) 0:52 Who scored this goal, I don't even know, Wojtala or Dembiński 0:58 wonderful Poles action 1:01 abandoned heads of Danish supporters 1:03 it is a goal, manager Smuda came on the pitch 1:07 90th minute of the game, Widzew is losing 2 to 3 1:12 who scored this goal, it's irrelevant now, but it is, (incomprehensible) at right post our player was standing and headed the rebound ball to empty net 1:24 Danish had wonderful chances, now they throw themselves to attack 1:29 90th minute of the game, Mr Ahmet (referee) end this, arghhh (incomprehensible) Szczęsny (father of Chesney btw) catches the ball 1:37 what's the nerves, Daniel Bogusz who couldn't sit on bench (is) on stands, clenches fists, improves the elegant hairstyle (incomprehensible name) 1:48 meanwhile Ryszard Czerwiec on the ball, he takes the ball from Dane with nice tackle, Czerwiec is on the right side, he was the one fouled 1:56 maybe that's me, sorry, maybe that's Pole who fouled 1:59 why referee isn't ending this game, now on my stopwatch 90th minute of the game 2:03 Mogens Krogh ran far from net, he starts the play 2:07 there is no ending whistle, come back Poles, come back, defend yourselves, Danes will be shooting 2:13 clear, clear the ball, good, Dembiński, intercepted her (the ball) 2:18 now, keep, far, far from net, he dribbled nice past Kolding (? not sure about the name), Dembiński, one on one with goalkeeper, Dembiński, gooaal, noo, Jesus Maria, what's happening, in such chance (incomprehensible) can't Pole utilize 2:36 end this, mr Ahmet Çakar, let us lose this game 2 to 3, but let us end, come back all Widzew's (players) to own net 2:45 2 to 3 Widzew is losing, and this gives chance of advancement, Michalski, clears (the ball) far, as far (as possible) 2:54 Szymkowiak from the bench wanted to run on the pitch 2:57 clear the ball, but Danes are taking free throw, even (more) they won aerial duel 3:02 now (we) could use experience, Eggen in penalty box, there's Czerwiec, no Szarpak prolongs (the ball) with his head to Szczęsny, he can catch 3:11 there will be Champions League probably, now good Szczęsny's clearance, again Dembiński, on right, left side, but he couldn't intercept the ball 3:20 mr referee, 92nd minute of the game, there were no breaks, there were no injuries, why don't you stop this game, Danes too strong pass, will someone intercept it, no one will intercept, cleared into the stands Bo Hansen (?), let him clear (the ball) the farthest (he can) 3:37 joy of Łódź supporters, all are celebrating, Danes are speechless, elegant women, in beautiful here (toilets?), elegant men, white shirts, splendid neckties, yet there will be no joy 3:53 small, big success was to be, Danes, albeit they're winning, however they're losing on Champions League for now 4:00 mr referee, it's 93rd minute of the game, Polish counterattack, Citko to Szarpak, too strong, Mogens Krogh (he keeps calling him Morten) catches the ball 4:08 why don't you whistle, mr Turk, end this game, Szczęsny, 14 metres from the net, catches the ball 4:18 Turk, end this game, Poles clear the ball, again (incomprehensible) towards Szarpak, but this doesn't count now, Danes are resigned, yes, press, press, run to the ball 4:30 Danes are still attacking, Poles withdrawn deep, oh god, what's happening, Danish action, from the left side 4:37 there is no action here, though Daugaard headed (the ball), there was handball probably from some Widzew (player) 4:45 but it is, they won, 3 to 2, they lost ladies and gentleman, but we are in the Champions League 4:54 Poles won 2:1 two weeks ago in Łódź 4:59 here, albeit they were losing, here, albeit they were losing 0 to 3, they scored 2 goals, and despite loss here, we made up the losses 5:10 sorry Dane, don't bother (me), I'm ending the transmission, he hit me now, (he) doesn't allow me to celebrate, see you later Jarek, I give my voice to (pundits in) Warsaw
  2. League One next season? Maybe I will get some gametime at last. It was a downhill since leaving Glentoran for me.
  3. Why did Robert Daniels switch from 51 all time goals, to 31 all time goals?-
  4. I would love to read about your assumptions on it, even if they're all wrong.
  5. Daniels is building some serious advantage early on.
  6. This Corsican club has cracking badge.
  7. Name - Robert Daniels DOB - 31/12/2001 Nationality - Northern Ireland City Of Birth - Belfast Starting Club - Glentoran Height - 188 Weight - 81 Favoured Foot - Right Person data attributes - Max total 100 points from the following: Adaptability, Ambition, Controversy, Loyalty, Pressure, Professionalism, Sportsmanship, Temperament Adaptability - 14 Ambition - 15 Controversy - 1 Loyalty - 6 Pressure - 20 Professionalism - 20 Sportsmanship - 8 Temperament - 16 Mental data attributes - Max total 175 points from the following: Aggression, Anticipation, Bravery, Composure, Concentration, Consistency, Decisions, Determination, Dirtiness, Flair, Important Matches, Leadership, Movement, Positioning, Team Work, Vision, Work Rate Aggression - 1 Anticipation - 10 Bravery - 1 Composure - 20 Concentration - 10 Consistency - 20 Decisions - 15 Determination - 15 Dirtiness - 1 Flair - 10 Important Matches - 15 Leadership - 1 Movement - 20 Positioning - 1 Team Work - 15 Vision - 5 Work Rate - 15 Physical data attributes - Max total 110 points from the following: Acceleration, Agility, Balance, Injury Proneness,Jumping Reach, Natural Fitness, Pace, Stamina, Strength Acceleration - 20 Agility - 14 Balance - 14 Injury Proneness - 1 Jumping Reach - 3 Natural Fitness - 20 Pace - 15 Stamina - 11 Strength - 12 Technical data attributes - Max total 165 points from the following: Corners, Crossing, Dribbling, Finishing, First Touch, Free Kicks, Heading, Long Shots, Long Throws, Marking, Passing, Penalty Taking, Tackling, Technique, Versatility Corners - 1 Crossing - 5 Dribbling - 20 Finishing - 20 First Touch - 20 Free Kicks - 15 Heading - 10 Long Shots - 20 Long Throws - 1 Marking - 1 Passing - 10 Penalty Taking - 20 Tackling - 1 Technique - 20 Versatility - 1 2 Favoured Clubs - PSG, Real Madrid 2 Favoured Personnel - Makoto Nakamura, Diego Simeone 2 Disliked Clubs - FC Barcelona, Bournemouth 2 Disliked Personnel - Pep Guardiola, Xavi
  8. Kind of. I didn't play for about a month now. This is youth only save too, and you can follow my career in FMCU thread here, but be warned it's pretty meh, mostly screenshots.
  9. This is pretty lengthy pre-season, don't you think? Two years later I was offered an option to do even longer, 22 weeks pre-season, but didn't make screenshot. I find this amusing for some reason.
  10. Nothing is wrong here. There was Brazilian international with similar name. Just google Argel ****s.
  11. It's a bit shame that you didn't add fierce rivalry with Athletic in pre-game editor and maybe a bit less fierce with Real Sociedad. Would definitely make this save harder and it looks like you could do with some competition for top Basque players.
  12. Name: Demetrio Lopez Garcia DOB (character will be 18, so do day and month): 25.05 Club (choose Barca or Real Madrid): Real Madrid Strong Attributes (Technical) - choose 4 - in order of strength: 18,17,16,15 : Tackling, Marking, Heading, Passing Strong Attributes (Physical) - choose 2 : 19, 17: Strength, Acceleration Strong Attributes (Mental - choose 2 : 20, 18: Positioning, Concentration Height (cm): 192 Weight [mass if you're that guy] (kg): 85 Position: Central Defender