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  1. It disappears after the draw of FA Cup Semi Final. But 4 games with MC ffs?!
  2. On my schedule list there’s a doubled game. I haven’t play this match yet so idk what will happen. Here’s my save name: Doubled game on the schedule list
  3. Btw about that: maybe it was coincidence but exactly after the hotfix my results drastically changed. 5 first games on the screen – I started using new tactic, the rest – results with the same tactic right after the hotfix.
  4. Numbers from this infographic are visible only if you’re using the Light skin. In Standard and Black skins numbers aren’t visible at all.
  5. I’m having the very same problem. Every 1-2 weeks (absolutely always) some players just randomly disappear from lists for corner takers, free kick takers and throw ins. It happened both ways - when I switched tactics and when didn’t.
  6. Hey! Do you plan to do the same thing for FM20?
  7. In the Playing Time statuses there’s “Regular Player” and “Squad Player”. However, in Russian translation there’s the same name (Player of XI – Игрок основы) for both – and “Regular Player”, and “Squad Player”.
  8. Just in case of uploaded save game "65586893"
  9. In September I asked the board to improve Youth Recruitment and Junior Coaching Budget. The board agreed to do this (with completion time in the same day when I asked about it). However, in the next month (October) I notice their promises about improving things were removed from window “Board Requests”, no improvements were made (I checked that in one of the editors) and I again was able to ask to improve same things like if I never did it before. The board again agreed to improve Youth Recruitment and Junior Coaching Budget (with completion time in the same day when I asked about it) but it feels like they’re not gonna do anything again. P.S. Also don’t understand why in the window “Board Requests” there’s “Coaching Course”. I didn’t ask it for myself. I guess it’s because I asked the board to send one of my coach to Coaching Course. But what’s the point to show this info in this window.
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