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  1. To be fair regularly playing in the top flight is a 'dream' to a lot of players, so don't think there's much of a problem with the terminology.
  2. Would suggest resetting the settings as shown below: - In Windows Click the 'Start' button and find Football Manager via the start menu - Right-click and select 'More' -> 'App Settings' - From here click the 'Reset' button (this will not remove any save games) - Once you've done so, try the game again Let us know how you get on. Thanks.
  3. Just to check, was this continuing a save started on the Steam version or a brand new version started in Game Pass? If it's from a previously created Steam version, if the achievement has already been unlocked in that save it can't be re-unlocked.
  4. This has been fixed now, thanks for the patience show everyone!
  5. Unfortunately the pre-game editor is not available with the Xbox Game Pass version.
  6. Would suggest resetting the game settings. You can do this as follows: - In Windows Click the 'Start' button and find Football Manager via the start menu - Right-click and select 'More' -> 'App Settings' - From here click the 'Reset' button (this will not remove any save games) - Once you've done so, try the game again Let us know how you get on. Thanks.
  7. Like on Steam the in-game editor is only available as additional content.
  8. I'm unable to give an estimate currently - we're hopeful it'll be relatively soon but given it's a completely different system from the Steam network games, it's something that requires a large amount of checking and testing to make sure the experience is a good as everyone would expect.
  9. Have you definitely downloaded and installed the latest 1903 Windows Update?
  10. In-game editor is available and network/fantasy drafts are due to be added as soon as we're able to.
  11. We always try to fix any issue which is raised with us, however with the match engine specifically given it's such a delicate balancing act sometimes for the sake of the overall game, some types of issues (such as frequency of shots hitting posts) may be slightly different to real life figures. it's not just a case of saying less shots should hit the post; you'd have to re-balance the shooting for the entire game. This could lead to increased or decreased shots per game/goals per game/saves per game etc - which are all within the correct ranges for real life. This thread has been responded to explaining the reasons why, so we're going to close it now. We always appreciate feedback from our users and thanks for taking the time to raise it here.
  12. Sounds like a bug there, best to raise it on our bugs forum and upload the save game to our Cloud. Relevant Bugs forum here - https://community.sigames.com/forum/665-all-other-gameplay/ Upload instructions here - https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2019/180_how-to/181_pc/how-to-upload-files-r666/ Thanks.
  13. We're investigating currently with some achievements. Network modes are due to be added relatively soon so the related achievements will be available to unlock. Also bear in mind if the save has been played via Steam and an achievement unlocked, it can't then be loaded up in MS Game Pass and have the achievement unlocked again. We've tested the Star Man, Tremendous Trio and Fantastic Five very recently and they've unlocked fine so we'd need to see specific save games where there's been issues with these. Thanks.
  14. More details and announcements will arrive in due course. Thanks.
  15. Yeah the achievement isn't valid currently and we're investigating. Apologies you've encountered this.
  16. Just to confirm, saves created in Steam will only unlock achievements if they haven't already been unlocked in that save via the Steam version. So only 'new' achievements will unlock.
  17. Details on how to do so here - https://www.macworld.co.uk/how-to/mac-software/downgrade-macos-mojave-3581872/
  18. I think most U23 international teams only play for relatively small time frame so think it'd be a case of the team no longer 'existing' so to speak and a user manager would be forced to leave. Then it should come back for the Olympics and you should by then be able to re-apply for the job.
  19. The thing with aspects like this, it's not just a case of dialling it back so to speak, it would require a rather large change to shooting accuracy across the board. Risk of this is heavily changing the amount of goals per game - so whilst it'd be good to have it absolutely identical to real life figures the game does require a huge amount of balancing to make it as realistic as possible. As with everything else in game it's something that'll be looked at for any future version of FM and we appreciate the feedback.
  20. Apologies for the delay in responding to this - do you happen to have any backup or earlier save games, ideally prior to the 5th round taking place? Please let us know either way, thanks.
  21. Have you tried reading and following the instructions in regards to this problem from our FAQ here? - https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2019/183_technical-support/186_pc/unable-to-save-the-game-successfullycrashes-whilst-saving-r672/
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