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  1. When I say installments, it means are some payments up front and others after 6/12/18/24 months? Or was the fee all paid at once?
  2. I've added all the feature tweets which have come from the FM social channel here for easy reference - https://community.sigames.com/topic/494725-football-manager-2020-feature-round-up/ These don't include those also tweeted by Miles as there's loads
  3. Extra funds for a loan signing: Track transfer spending more closely: Revamped Competition Rules Screen: More ‘don’t renew contract’ info: Club Sponsorship Table: Staff offer tactical insight:
  4. Board ask you to reconsider resignation: New A-League Clubs: Protest Transfers that went above you:
  5. Work Permit Warning: Increased Goalkeeper Penalty Stats: More loan duration options: Manager Clothing club colours:
  6. Code of Conduct: Additional EOS Talking Points: Redesigned Responsibilities Screen: Improved Unemployed Experience: Advice in Team Meetings: Team Selector:
  7. A few forum users have asked and we're more than happy to oblige, below is a round-up of all the features which have been announced via the Football Manager social channel so far. Development Centre: Playing Time Pathway: Backroom Improvements: Graphic Enhancements:
  8. Yeah we run thousands upon thousands of seasons to work out the average (across multiple leagues as well, as each league has slightly different tendencies) then compare those with real life figures. That's not just goals per game, that's as many stats as you can imagine. Pass completion, shots off woodwork, yellow cards, fouls, tackles - nearly everything. We want to make the ME as accurate as possible from a statistical perspective whilst also making the type of action which appears in game as realistic as real life. Obviously if we had the correct number of shots and goals per game, but all the shots were from exactly the same place then it'd be a very poor ME! As you can imagine it's a huge balancing act but as I've said on this forums a number of times, we're all massive fans of football and the game itself, so we're all as invested as you are. Many late nights and analysis which would fill a thousand chalkboards during development. We always feel like we're taking steps forward with each match engine and we've got some great people within that team working on it. Always blows my mind thinking about how difficult it would be to recreate a perfect football match where every defender, attacker and keeper always makes the right choice with the right technique - then essentially have it so mistakes happen as decided by so many variants like attributes, weather conditions and the like. But I know some of the logic and changes which have gone in 'under the hood' over the years and it really has come forward so much. It's just frustrating when the balance is almost perfect from a statistical basis but there are noticeable anomalies in how the match actually plays. So we keep working and striving to iron them out. And we're hopeful you'll be able to see it all for yourself soon of course.
  9. To fix a problem where save games no longer appear when attempting to load them in game, please do as stated below: - Open finder, and select go from the menu bar at the top of the screen - Hold down the option key which should then show the library folder. Select library to open it. - Navigate to: Library > Application Support > Steam > steamapps > common > Football Manager 2019 (leave the finder window open and proceed to the next step. You should see the fm app in this folder) - Open settings > security & privacy > privacy > select full disk access and then select the padlock on the bottom left. Enter your password to unlock - Now, drag the FM app icon in the finder window from the previous steps into the list of apps that are allowed full access to the disk
  10. When we're not aware of relevant information we're likely to give the staff member a relatively random rating suitable for the level of the club they're working at. If you want to provide specifics to make sure we get things right would suggest emailing scouting@sigames.com. Thanks.
  11. Can confirm that I do not own a Ferrari. Our profit is invested back into the game and expanding the team. The latter is something we've been doing for a while. When I joined I think there was probably about 40-50 staff, we're now up to somewhere close to 140 now I believe. And we're trying to recruit even more - at least 7 people just on the dev said of FM - https://www.sigames.com/careers
  12. When we say 'In Game Editor' we always mean the editor you purchase and use after the save is created.
  13. This already happens to a large extent - players will see when teams are likely to be achieving promotion/European qualification and their interest changes accordingly. There are other factors to take into account (such as the player viewing what their current club achieves) which mean that there are additional changes when teams are confirmed in their decisions for the following season.
  14. No, this is not possible. Network games on Stadia will need to be played with Stadia players. Likewise same for those on Steam will need to be with Steam players.
  15. I'm able to answer a couple of these - just to confirm that Stadia's network play will only be Stadia to Stadia. As a Stadia player you will not be able to join a network game running via Steam and vice-versa. The in-game editor will be available to purchase for the Stadia version. Appreciate that information hasn't been completely clear in regards to everything, but as supporters of a new platform like Stadia we'll try and keep you updated as and when we can. Thanks.
  16. Yeah you should be getting 100%, bit of an odd one that - just to confirm were the deals made out in installments or all up front?
  17. All the information in regards to how Apple's most recent changes effect Steam can be found via here - https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=1055-ISJM-8568
  18. Please post your Dxdiag, details here - https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2019/180_how-to/181_pc/how-to-find-my-system-dxdiag-r619/
  19. Do you mean iOS on a phone/tablet, or OSX on a Mac/Macbook etc?
  20. Have you tried reading and following the instructions from here? - https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2016/technical-support/19_pc/i’ve-encountered-a-crash-dump-on-launching-the-game-r58/
  21. This is absolutely 100% not the case at all. Honestly speculation without any substance or facts is covered specifically in the house rules: So please be respectful when posting. Thanks.
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