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  1. I want to get them promoted to the top leagues but im not sure how I can advance anymore
  2. I started a LLM with cadbury athletic who start in tier 10 football. In my first year I won the league and the cup. So then I was in tier 9 now I have spent 3 years in. My 1st year I was 7th // 2nd year 5th // 3rd year 8th 24games in//. Only the team in 1st place gets promoted unless its kidderminster harris u23 that win then 2nd place gets promoted. My wage budget is 1,220 im spending 1,179. There are times were i see some decent/okay players that i would like to join but the board max out my wage at like say 35 but they player wants 40 and if i offer 35 and an extra 5 on appearance they walk away. Its really hard to scout to find good players and if i do find them they want like 200 a week when my highest paid player is 75 a week. im 70k in debt
  3. No I bought the game either on steam or cdkeys and it NEVER crashed or frozen before only the last few days ive got like 2.6k hours played
  4. I tried this and it has frozen twice but its less often so far but not played as much as had my newphew over
  5. This has been happing for the last 3 days and has been sending me crazy. It will just seem to happen randomly Things I have tried - run as admin mode - used the no exclusive full screen mode - Deleted all my tactics skins and OLD saves - Updated normal drivers - Updated graphics card drivers via ge force experience - completely reset my pc and redownloaded the game and inserted my backup game files - installed fm on my older pc and when its on the accepting privacy polices page it doesnt have the final accept button when you open up task manager it says its staging everytime
  6. So I get the general idea but my few questions are. The playing monthly fee is that paid EVERYTIME he plays? or just if he plays all games What counts as unused if i have 4 games and use him in 3 what happens then? what if he is injured and is it better to pay high playing and unplaying fees than doing wages
  7. So i posted it in bug report but it got 0 responses. I have messaged the owner of the skin and says hes never changed anything to do with it In 1 of the pics you can see an approach to sign which is just players with 6 months or less on contracts but the player has years left it looked clickable but i pressed scout and it turned un clickable the 2nd problem is the 99% scouted player but i know nothing about him
  8. I cant remeber exact details but I had a youngster and there were a few big clubs and a few decent clubs. Biggest being liverpool me and ai biggest team psg. I offerd him star player and like an extra 15k wage per week which ended up to like 200k and all bonuses etc and then he joined psg for a lot less somtimes its not about the money
  9. My scouts were showing me a player called "jay stansfield" at fulham who is a real player. My chief scout steve nickson provided me with the finished report [100%]. I always press offer trial after they have been scouted now his trial was rejected BUT the point is on that email screen there was a "apporach to sign" button which only appears on players you can get for free but he has a contract until 30/6/2027 but im on 2023 The button approach to sign was clickable but I clicked offer trial by by habbit and now the approach to sign button is not clickable. First I thought what if he just singed a new deal as i got the report in but his current contract started on 22/12/2022
  10. lol, thank you for thinking my tactic is that good, It is not downloaded and even if it was its not that bad. Im in the championship with a premier league standard squad, i joined them after they got relegated I have two different tatics and have played the game for about 20 seasons [including previous saves] I have watched many youtube videos podcast streams etc.
  11. certainly not ready for the first team I play with a skin that hides the attributes so its sometimes hard to tell but I'm playing a 4-2-4 wide or a 4-4-1-1 I joined Newcastle they were already in championship with a premier league standard squad, I have muriqui who has 13 goals in 17 avg rating of 7.25 and pros of constant and likes big games and michy batshuayi [I got for free] 11 goals in17 games 7 avg rating and again pros of consistent and likes big games. I have balogun on loan so he would be the 4th choice but dont need that rn
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