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  1. How can I tell whether his workload is too high or not?
  2. Did you end up winnning CL? Can you post some pics of your tactical setup and players?
  3. I'm one of those players for whom the reworked training module is simply too much of a hassle (at least for now) to deal with and would like to delegate the whole thing to one of my staff members. Now, I keep reading that in cases like this most players simply give the assistant manager this job. However, I was wondering, are there any downsides to giving training to another member of the coaching staff? For example, in my game, my HOYD is clearly superior to my assistant manager in every stat, including having preferred formation that is exactly the same as what I'm using. Would there be any harm/drawbacks to letting the HOYD take over training? Would this somehow weigh him down with too many responsibilities? Has anyone else tried doing this?
  4. I'm managing Fiorentina and noticed that I can have the Head of Youth Development take over training. His stats are much better than my AM's and he seems to prefer a style of play similar to my own. Do you think there's any downsides to letting him take over instead of the AM?
  5. Did you simply let your original AM take the reigns or did you hire one with specific attributes?
  6. I might just bite the bullet and let the assistant manager handle it. Does anyone know what attributes for the assistant manager need to be considered in order for them to be competent in setting up training schedules? I know Man Management is important but is there anything else?
  7. I have played FM for almost 20 years and I cannot seem to get into any career due to the sheer overwhelming feeling of what training has become. I have always been a manager that is hands-on on all aspects, including training. That's just how I've always played FM. Now, by this point I've started at least half a dozen saves in FM19 and not a single one has progressed passed the first day so far. I'm sitting here (in yet another freshly started save) and reading/watching very knowledgeable players like Rashidi about the training module and then I go into my own saves and my head just freaking hurts. Any desire to want to continue just wanes as soon as I start thinking about handling training myself because I have serious doubts about leaving it to the AI. The more I learn about it, the more it feels like some giant wall that is in my path to enjoying FM. I understand (and appreciate) that SI has gone to great lengths to change this aspect of FM in order to create more realism but at what cost. At least it feels this way to me. I do not see how this new state of it is beneficial in terms of actual game play experience. I'm sure there are players that will definitely enjoy it for all its worth but I feel totally overwhelmed with it. It's like asking someone to differentiate between 100 different shades of color red and knowing exactly when each color is appropriate to choose. Makes my head spin and really sours the taste about the enjoyment of the game. It makes the game feel more like a job, which I already have in real life. I don't know what to do at this point and feel like I'm really not going to be playing FM19 much at all even though there have been so many good changes and features added to it. I want to love the game so much but can't. I'm just overwhelmed with what it's becoming. Just my 2 cents.
  8. I'm just starting a career with Fiorentina. We have some great young talents on this team like Chiesa, Simeone, Lafont, Milenkovic, Vlahovic, Gerson (on loan from Roma). I'm going to play a 4-2-3-1 Wide and 4-1-4-1 (as alternative) using Gegenpress. It's my first go at FM19 so am curious how good this style is. I'm hoping to bring in Nicola Barella to strengthen the midfield and De Ligt for defense.
  9. I did some testing and started a game with a variety of database sizes and leagues selections. Sometimes he shows up and sometimes he doesn't and I couldn't determine any kind of pattern, it just seems random. Sometimes I tried giving myself maximum player knowledge and he still didn't show up but in other scenarios I gave myself minimum knowledge and he did show up. I just don't know at this point.
  10. My apologies if I'm posting in the wrong forum. I'm having an issue not finding certain coaching staff even though I'm using a large database with all English leagues loaded. One coach in particular that I cannot find is Phil Cannon, formerly of Blackburn. He's a famous coach but when I search for him, nothing comes up. I know that he is in the game as I've seen others sign him but in my game he is missing. Is there something wrong with my game's database? How do I get him to show up?
  11. I just asked my wife who is an avid FMer if FM should ever have women's leagues. She burst out laughing and exclaimed, "Please god no!". There you have it folks. One woman's opinion on women's football.
  12. I can just imagine it now. Lifting the PL trophy at St. James with a massive burning pyre in the background as Mike Ashley is burned at the stake.
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