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  1. My U23 only play friendlies because they were only instated after a few seasons when I went fully professional
  2. whats the best course of action if you have two talented gk's in your U18, who are too young to be loaned out? How do you maximise their growth?
  3. How bad is comes deep to get ball on an advanced forward? I use a dlf-af pairing, but I have this youth player that would be better than an AF. (mediocre vision + passing, but quick), but he has this trait that i hve tried to get rid of twice without succes
  4. is placing shots a good trait for high technique/finishing + decent composure (14)? Or is it more limiting? In what situations do you want it most?
  5. Small update, two PL titles and a CL title later with 100% capacity the board still refuses...
  6. Its not particulary funny, but its doing my head in How do you win player of the month, but become 2nd in young player of the month at the same time. Can someone make me a venn diagram?
  7. Yeah ive heard this too, but so far, development is going still just fine for my prospect. The reason i do this anyway is: a) If they have a poor personality, the extra training doesnt matter: they will develop less anyway b) the real growth spurt is between 18-22 at which point playing time is more important and they are loaned out. I've seen enough young players with poor personalities not growing to neglect mentoring
  8. I signed Tomori when he was like 34. For mentoring purposes I always make the ones that need it sit in the main squad wih 90min available for U18
  9. That would explain why I can ask for a new one. If the hard cap of 20y was there, it shouldnt have been an option. Any idea why the board refuses or what I can do about it?
  10. bummer. Is there anywhere I can change the building year of my current stadium? (ingame editor) Otherwise I might just raise the max expansion capacity
  11. Im reading all sorts of conflicting messages, but how old does your stadium have to be before the board considers a new one? I have the option to ask for one (as we are at 99% capacity every match) and have plenty in cash, yet the board will refuse, even when threatening resignation (going into my 16th season). I assume it has to do with the age of the current stadium (only build 7 years ago). it is at maximum capacity. Can I change this somewhere in the ingame editor?
  12. Scoring sometimes could be better, but thats mainly because my AF had a stellar season last year, while this year it was much more evenly distributed. We did end up with best goal difference with most goals scored and fewest conceded, so it isnt immediately a problem (and im upgrading the attack). But like said, other teams had a terrible season as well. Ive instructed my BBM to stay wider, so the fullbacks arent alone in defending. I've had not that much succes with crosses myself, So I dont mind the AI doing them (especially because my CB's and HB are very tall) I havent been able to analyse what goals I get against, as I started the new season's friendlies and didnt concede (but they were poor teams anyway). But ill keep an eye on that. I went out against juve in the CL (offcours they got 2 penalties...) and against liverpool on penalties in the FA cup, so I could live with that in the first season I won the title
  13. Being blunt, it actually doesnt matter that much. You want to escape League 2+1 as fast as possible and get at least established in the championship. At which point you want new affiliates because Vanara clubs have poor facilities for loaning out
  14. Yes, you can move them around, and it is a side effect. I havent done an experiment where you compare the growth of one in u18 and one in your squad with available for U18. But I prefer the imporvement in personality over the training loss. The biggest growth is between 18-22anyway , at which point match experience is the deciding factor (aka loan them out). A high potential with a mediocrepersonality wont make it is my thinking
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