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  1. I don't know if it belongs here, but its a quick question: When you scout a player, in his profile (not his scout report) he will be compared in stars to your current squad, but only for one position. can you change this? In the comparison overall, star ratings seem to be bugged for the player on the right anyway
  2. What determines if a player is succesfull on learning a trait? And if he fails to do so (despite having good attributes for it), is there a point to ask him to try it again? related, what determines if a coach fails a coach course, and will he ever complete it?
  3. Yeah, i know you can filter on 70+ recommendation only, but the championship level players they find get like a 65, and the Vanarama National/League 2 players get a 75+ (as shown above). Offcours, those Championship players initially diplay no desire to join, but that changes at the ticking over of the season when they become free players. But my scoutingwork needs to be done by July 1st so I know who to sign and hopefully beat the competition. It just remains a lot of manual labor for something that basicly should be done by your staff. That scouts (or your DoF at times) ha
  4. ok ill change the question. What is the main difference between a halfback and a DM, and in which situation would you use them
  5. I have one on 3.5stars - loan, another one on 3.5stars end of contract. The others are mostly on standby atm, but I can give them assignments, what do you suggest? Usually I send scouts to all wonderkid regions (SA, eastern europe, scandinavia) etc... but im not at that stage yet, also the work permit rules keep confusing me... I also get recommendations from the DoF, how much does his reputation matter? where do you set that?
  6. where can you set that up? I only know of the 60-70-80 recommendation treshold
  7. thats more hiding the problem than actually fixing it, but I guess its a start. What kind of assignments would you setup in this situation then? Speaking about reputation, how does it exactly work? Is it a gradually increasing scale/slope, or does it hit certain tresholds? The only difference I've noticed from going to national is that I have more pressconferences... Will it give me an increase in stature/finances at the end of the season, or does the game needs to catch up as well there and have a delay?
  8. Oh i definitly struggle with reputation. It's only this season I went to national (a bit too late in my opinion). my wage budget is 50% the 2nd to last. My sponsor income is 1/100th of what nr1 gets. Im pretty sure I'm on a lucky stretch and next season i'll be relegated. without proper reinforcements. What is your suggestion then to avoid these reports/suggestions?
  9. Oh I won't deny that I'm overacheiving massivly. A good setpiece routine and Fullham (later Chelsea) as a parent club do that for you. But it's not that my players are completly out of their depth. In spirit with LLM, I've made sure to keep a healthy rotation and filter out the players that don't make the cut on a higher level. Even if it is your beloved club captain that made 40 goals two seasons ago. And I'll admit, I have an occasional look at the CA in the editor, precisly because my scouts come up with these weird reports that I doubt myself But to answer your question, Ive had a qui
  10. So I'm currently in a long term career where I work my way up from varama south, and at the moment I'm halfway through my first season in the championship. There has been one constant throughout this career (well two, if you count lack of money and a good dose of luck). worthless scout recommendations.It's not about their level, my chief scout is a 15/16, the other have at least judging ability of 12. Yet all the time I receive recommendations that instantly go in the discard bin. This is the last example that triggered me/made me make this topic: His top recommendation is to blow my
  11. Ive always heard that gametime is crucial from 18y on. So at that stage you're better to loan them out, if they get proposed playtime (regular starter or better).
  12. Agree with the OP. I also concede 2-3 goals a season like this (and it would be probably more if I was in a higher league). There is an option to prevent short GK distribution, so I don't understand why a similar option isnt available for setpieces. I have players on the edge of the box, yet nobody is there. If players don't follow your instructions (no matter which level they are at, and its not that you ask them to do pirlo split passes in this case), then it's pointless to have a tactic/routine
  13. What is a good trait to learn for a player that is very fast compared to the league's average (with good balance and agility), but no other stadnout abilities (aside from first touch)? knocks ball past opponents?
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