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  1. If two players have a poor relationship but are suited to their roles (the striped line), does it ever go away? At the moment I'm still winning my matches and they mostly perform good, it just looks really ugly
  2. Surely bonusses are not in the projection, as like prize money, it's not a definitive figure? Last year it was 2.2M, so doesnt account for the majority of the 15M i'm gong to lose
  3. So I started in the dutch Keukendivisie (Championship) and after promotion, I've been at the top of the Eredivisie for the last 3 years. Not being able to dethrone Ajax yet, but I'm biding my time. Almost all my signing were free transfers or loans. never overspending and always having room in the wage+transfer budget. Financial situation is secure it says Ending 2nd last season, I'm going to the CL group stage for the first time. While I'm prepared to get my ass whooped, I'm mostly keen on the 16M. However, I got worried when I looked at the projection. Due to the CL money, our balance w
  4. Well my youth staff is a combination of real people and generated staff. so it's definitly a valid point that "balanced" masks a lot I won't prolong some contracts then and replace them with "worse" people with better personalities. I guess the best way to find youth staff is still advertising? As you can't search for a -18gk coach directly? And is it normal I can't ask to raise the HOYD wage?
  5. that is interesting information cause youth oaches arent mentioned often. I just checked and all of them are either balanced or positive like realist/fairly proffesional/etc.. My squad is judged as dtermined, so it can be that either. Can you up the HOYD wage? I don't see it in board request
  6. Well the game marks it as bad/red. I just find it a bit weird that of all possible personalities (and I know there are a lot), I get mostly 2, which are marked as negative. Are there any extra steps I can do to lower this? Like said, I don't get golden generations, so if from the 2-3 players that might make the cut, 1 of them has a bad personality, thats immediately a big loss. Just crious if I should replace my HOYD in his final year or did I just get unlucky twice. i am trying to mentor one of my young players from last year that got low determination as personality, but i
  7. So I'm almost at the end of season 4 at the moment, and at the end of season 2 I hired a HOYD who is fairly professional, and started investing a lot into youth academy/facilities/coaching. I know the amount of good youth players is also tied to your reputation (and it's difficult to compete with Ajax early on) and my youth facility upgrade is still ongoing, so I'm not expecting a golden generation. However, what worries me is that for the second year in a row, I have a very large (at least 50%) of my youth intake being either unambitious, or low determination personalities. F
  8. The discounts dont seem any different than Winter sale as far as i can see? for example tropico 6 still -50% and ck3 -20%
  9. Isnt the average 3 stars? As you don't have 0 stars, so the range is 0.5 to 5? I'll expand the age range and lower the requirements, 4.5* was indeed too ambitious. Although I have to say, I have discovered that seeing your free signings becoming worth millions is bringing me greater joy
  10. I guess my wording isnt the best, as English isnt my native language, and the game uses "decent" as 2.5 stars, which is offcours not what I'm looking for, my apologies. It's decent as in" not potential ballon d'or winner, but will still strengthen/compete in my team in 2-3y with good development" I totally understand and accept that the old and new wonderkids don't want to join me at this stage, hence why i'm looking a shelf lower. But if my scouts could find players like my DoF found for me (3* CA - 5*PA), who joins with some incentives, that would be great. Even 2* CA would be
  11. Yes I have 2 5stars potentials but thats the intake from last season, so they are way off of being in the squad. Its because i prioritised youth development as well, because I do these long saves. But stars are relative based on your current squad strength, no? So out of 20 regens, more of them will be higher rated for a dutch midtable club than for madrid or dortmund. So i don't see anything wrong with asking for scouted potential of 4.5? I have a scout with some knowledge of west africa, and high adaptability, so thats is the correct way i assumed? oh btw, I did
  12. Well We've diverted a bit from scouting to youth intake. Weirdly enough, i have found indeed a young english gem that was on a monthly contract that could almost immediately be slotted into my first team. Except he was a DoF recommendation, which kinda reinforces my belief that scouting is not really helpfull for youngster hunting, or I've got some settings horribly wrong.... Like said, I'm not trying to find the next Messi who can slot into my team immediately (whcih would be nice), I'm mostly looking for the hidden talent of 17-18y olds that I can train up for 2-3y. I'm pretty ok at s
  13. Sorry I missed this one. I have no issues with the scouts themself, I dowith the result they produce. Again, this might be due to my setup, hence Why i asked what the general advice is on those.. Most of my players are fairly young (I actually have the lowest age at 22.5 in the division i just noticed), but I would never ask for 4000% of their value. If they said 10M (which is 150% of the club value), I would say, thats fairly bonkers, but that at least some starting ground and reasonable for other clubs, maybe this kid really is amazing. My best player is worth 5M with a 4y contra
  14. @SloakSorry but I find that tone not very helpfull and neither your post. Ive never said I want a first team 18y old for 350k. Or that I am running my club as a Prem club. I said I asked around in a discord what a good place is for talents with that budget, I was redirected to scandinavia and was swatted by ridiculous asking prices. And again. And again. And again. Combined with low offerings for your own star players, this is extremely demoralizing and frustrating. Ive also already said I focus on end of contract signings, but that as a smaller club its more difficult than Borussia Do
  15. Oh no I don't deny that. I'm in my 3rd season and the only money I've spent is 190k on an experienced left back. Others have been free signings, including one from dortmund and 2-3 loans. For me they are good, some with very good potential that will definitly bring me a big wad of cash in the future for my stature. But the chances of me bringing in a player on a free that is that young and already very good, are much slimmer. I might find players like that, but it's very unlikely they will be free AND not already being sniffed on by almo small, but still bigger clubs. Just saying
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