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  1. Yeah ive heard this too, but so far, development is going still just fine for my prospect. The reason i do this anyway is: a) If they have a poor personality, the extra training doesnt matter: they will develop less anyway b) the real growth spurt is between 18-22 at which point playing time is more important and they are loaned out. I've seen enough young players with poor personalities not growing to neglect mentoring
  2. I signed Tomori when he was like 34. For mentoring purposes I always make the ones that need it sit in the main squad wih 90min available for U18
  3. That would explain why I can ask for a new one. If the hard cap of 20y was there, it shouldnt have been an option. Any idea why the board refuses or what I can do about it?
  4. bummer. Is there anywhere I can change the building year of my current stadium? (ingame editor) Otherwise I might just raise the max expansion capacity
  5. Im reading all sorts of conflicting messages, but how old does your stadium have to be before the board considers a new one? I have the option to ask for one (as we are at 99% capacity every match) and have plenty in cash, yet the board will refuse, even when threatening resignation (going into my 16th season). I assume it has to do with the age of the current stadium (only build 7 years ago). it is at maximum capacity. Can I change this somewhere in the ingame editor?
  6. Scoring sometimes could be better, but thats mainly because my AF had a stellar season last year, while this year it was much more evenly distributed. We did end up with best goal difference with most goals scored and fewest conceded, so it isnt immediately a problem (and im upgrading the attack). But like said, other teams had a terrible season as well. Ive instructed my BBM to stay wider, so the fullbacks arent alone in defending. I've had not that much succes with crosses myself, So I dont mind the AI doing them (especially because my CB's and HB are very tall) I ha
  7. Being blunt, it actually doesnt matter that much. You want to escape League 2+1 as fast as possible and get at least established in the championship. At which point you want new affiliates because Vanara clubs have poor facilities for loaning out
  8. Yes, you can move them around, and it is a side effect. I havent done an experiment where you compare the growth of one in u18 and one in your squad with available for U18. But I prefer the imporvement in personality over the training loss. The biggest growth is between 18-22anyway , at which point match experience is the deciding factor (aka loan them out). A high potential with a mediocrepersonality wont make it is my thinking
  9. Yes, in my original setup my main goalscorer (AF) was indeed on the right, with the DLF on the left. Howeversomebody pointed out the roles on the midfield behind them: a BBM behind the dlf and a mezalla behind the AF, and said it would make more sense to switch them. The BBM can run into the space the AF leaves, while the DLF can drop deeper because the mezalla has vacated that spot and drifted to the flank. But the mezalla is paired with an IWB on the right, so I can't swap them, it has to be the strikers. So I'm not sure whether to leave it as original or swap them. On the other
  10. In a 2 striker pairing, where both dont have a side preference. On which side do you play the rightfooted main goalscorer? Im inclined to say left, so the shot come from more central in front of goal rather than at an angle. Is this true for FM?
  11. I just move the players that need to be mentored to my main squad to set up montor groups and make them available for U18
  12. Ive finished the season and did most changes you said already: changedto a halfback, made an IWB on the right to create an overload on the middle/right and a fullback on the left for a bit more defensive solidity. WhatI didnt do was swap the strikers, because Im a bit worried about footedness. How do i want it set up? Do i want the right footed AF (main goalscorer) on the left so his dominant foot faces goal? The CM spot im still not certain, and against weaker opponents i just change to a narrow diamond for morepressure. Ill probably stick wit RPM because i can modify it most (the
  13. Pas into space and high line of engagement shouldnt really work (i dont use it cause my players still play regular through balls), but its something you see on every "broken" tactic. Maybe because AI defenders cant handle it as well?
  14. In my 4132 DM narrow, its a constant. And its not just bad ratings, they are terrible. 6.2 to 6.5, on different players (even different roles). If they get an assist, they might get a 7. I like using the CM cause you can instruct it to suit the player strengths. But yeah I feel the game doesnt appreciate those positions/roles
  15. What are the first things I should check first when I have extremely bad shots on target ratio (around 20%)? The xg on the chanches im getting is ok, my players just always put it wide, including my golden ball striker. Already doig chance conversion and WBIB+lower tempo
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