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  1. that cant be right, since the numbers dont add up. I assume that the languages setting makes 850k appear as 850m (and the capital letters for the million)
  2. Last FM i played was fm10. Played fifa 12, and the career mode was that ****** im craving to go back to FM. did play the demo of 12 to acknowledge myself a bit with new changes. Things im looking forward too is new steam achievements (which were very basic in fm10). I had fun in taking cisco roma to the serie A, and went with chelmsford to the championship. One thing that is different thought is that the FMRTE is now not free anymore. I used it often to make my scouts a bit better (cause im rubbish at judging qualities/potential), and sometimes do some other things. But looking forward to how i'll manage without them So yeah really cant wait for this.
  3. My seasons also take quite long. i like to load a lot of leagues, and i play in a window, so while the game is processing i do other things, which offcours add tothe time
  4. i do. the demo of FM09 wouldn't run. and 08 is still a great game
  5. Just left Dortmund (fm08) afther 9 years. game with montpellier (which is lost) was 15 seasons or sow
  6. In FM08 which i am still playing, i had a defender in Dortmund with second name "Amedick" he probably was happy he wasn't playing in england
  7. Maybe it already has been mentioned but anyway. 1) like you can offer clubs to buy your players, you should be able to send a request for firndly's. if you are not a big club it takes hours to arrange friendlies. you should be able to just send a request with the date on it and then clubs can reply if they're intrested. 2) intellengt transfers. if i make an offer to a player and they want 40% of the next sale (something i don't want) do't keep moaning about it. i raise the money but they keep asking for the same %, especially when you have indicated you only want to pay like 10%. they keep asking the same percentage 3) players shouldn't drop that fast when they are getting older but this has been known
  8. 15 seasons with Montpellier (france, 2nd division). lots of succes, but my computer had a virus and have a new hard disk, but the games aren't transferred onto it.
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