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  1. dont know if im gonna buy it. its a very timeconsuming game, and its quite an important year at uni. But AC3 for pc comes out end of november, and i really want that. if nothing comes out in the first half of 2013, i might go for it in a discount
  2. this actually makes me reconsider buying FM13. Not because of the slimmed down gamemode (which depend on how good the AI can handle itself), but because i was reminded on huw much time this game consumes and you dont even realise it. And im also not that excited to the new modes, i like to have everything under my controll (which is the time-consuming part) And with a release date "before christmas", big chanche i'll be playing AC3 yet so few good games, yet still so little time....
  3. that cant be right, since the numbers dont add up. I assume that the languages setting makes 850k appear as 850m (and the capital letters for the million)
  4. if it makes milan go into the CL final and not man city/PSG/Inter/juventus/chelsea, i hope he goes to man U
  5. Last FM i played was fm10. Played fifa 12, and the career mode was that ****** im craving to go back to FM. did play the demo of 12 to acknowledge myself a bit with new changes. Things im looking forward too is new steam achievements (which were very basic in fm10). I had fun in taking cisco roma to the serie A, and went with chelmsford to the championship. One thing that is different thought is that the FMRTE is now not free anymore. I used it often to make my scouts a bit better (cause im rubbish at judging qualities/potential), and sometimes do some other things. But looking forward to how i'll manage without them So yeah really cant wait for this.
  6. it are only friendlies. As long as you do fine in the competition and cup you dont have to worry. Besides, you can always organise friendlies against lower teams (aside from the big cash tournament), to boost up morale.
  7. True, ive only played the demo, (to see whats it like for when i buy FM13), and i went to chelmsford (BSS), with a budget of 120k. a preseason tournament with bolton, another PL and a belgian club gave 35k. thats 25%
  8. first i red "russian team", and i thought: is bribery now implemented?
  9. ok, so to summarize: although the rating for judging abilities isnt hugely important, i have to put more focus on mental stats, and whether the abilities are high in the right place As for judging potential, i assume the staff rating is a bit more important
  10. I thought he was more the action/shooter game type of guy (gears of war, mgs, mass effect)
  11. cant see hislengt, but pearson would be the big guy, looking at his heading and his mediocre pace, cros has good tackling, stamina and work rate and medium creativity, osi would put him defensive midfielder. as for lavie, i would say he is a stopper, giving his tackling and heading is better than his marking
  12. it has to be said that belgium clubs dont have big finances, compared to for example the dutch clubs. thats because the small market, and because of none of the clubs ever make it in the group stage of the CL. Which means they cant buy talents and sell them on (like for example Ajax does). Once in a while a young player gets sold to to other big leagues (Lukaku, Courtois, de Bruyne, but they are very exceptional. On top of that, the license rules are very strict, prohibitting clubs go into the red (a lot like germany) But for LLM in england, yeah you need to get to professional football as fast as possible. Loan players, and try to get free talents and sell them on later. But its indeed very frustrating that you cant do anything about the "other/non football" costs, i hope its a bit altered in FM13
  13. what is minimal? cause i have the tendency to dispose of players who get 2 or 2.5 stars. while it might not be necessary
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