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  1. https://www.premierleague.com/news/667700 This year 137 players bought in Premier League this summer. Thats 7 players per club. In my game premier league bought 117 players. Ill check the number after 3-4 seasons for bigger sample. Like i said, AI dont buy enough. They should buy even more then in real life, because AI is not so good.
  2. I dont play with big clubs, so usually i like just few players in my team. After first season i buy a lot of new players, 10-15. Then less, 7-10. 4-5 of them are on free transfer and i buy 5 more. Its not so much. My friend after 2-3 seasons have almost 50 -60 players, i never do that. Then half of them he send on loan to other clubs. Later he usually sell them. I really dont like when he do that, he gets rich really fast when we play online with Southampton and Fulham. But its his style, what can I do. I wish there is option at the start of the game, that limits you to buy just 5 players per season, because AI clubs in 95% dont buy more then that anyway.
  3. P.s. I have editor on! Just i never used it. Im interested in just one thing in editor, how can you buy players for AI ? I dont see that option. tnx! And do you have any tips for Jugoslavian league?
  4. Well, you also sell 10 players who are worse then these 10 you bought. I thought i dont have to write that.
  5. SRKI, tnx for this, for me, who grow up in Jugoslavija and remember how strong league was, its dream come true. So i was 4th with Hajduk S. had great season and so much fun. Zvezda was first, Maribor had to win at home against Osijek to be champion, but they failed and lost 1-2. Dinamo was third. Only thing that bothers me, is that for every win we get almost 400k pounds. At the end of season i had 20 M pounds for new players. I get it why you made that, so that Jugoslavia league become stronger and competitive with other european contries. Problem is in AI, Zvezda and other clubs have big money now to spend, they simple dont do that. They bought maybe 1 player for 1M ( Zvezda) , others didnt buy noone. Its still 2 weeks transfer of transfer period, but i dont think things will change ( old SI problem of AI clubs dont buy enough players) . Of course, i bought 6-7 really good players and now im affraid ill become to strong for the league. Can you maybe lower those money for a win, lets say 100k pounds? 4x lower. I wish i turned on in game editor, dont know why i didnt do that. If i did, i would manually buy great players for other clubs. Now its to late.
  6. After 4-5 seasons, biggest problem for me is that AI dont buy enough players during transfer period. Every season we, players buy 10-15 players to improve our squad ( if we can) , but AI even they have tons of money, they buy maybe 1 player, couple of them on free and thats it. We need agresive AI, where they buy more great players, to stay competitive with human players.
  7. I dont remember when i had so much fun , Im playing your mod with Hajduk Split. Its really great, but i think they will fire me, haha. I noticed that for a win in league you get 350k pounds, isnt that too much? Well, i have just one win and 3 lost games, hahahha. But cup Marsala Tita will be ours! Hope so.
  8. Dont move them in first team squad when they are 15-16, i move them when they are 17+, if they are really wondekids. Leave them to train in u - sqauds, like normal kids train. They can still play for under 18 squad even they are in A squad, you know that.
  9. Hahaha. I dont know why, but i love this guy. i guess you favorite band is Rage against the machine. in my 2nd season , after 20 games im unbeaten. So calm down, AI dont cheat.
  10. Well, i start the game unemployed, got job in late november in France 2nd division, club was 17th at that time. I am close to finish season, ill be prob 8-10 place. Few things about game. + Lots of good things outside match engine ( training, mentoring, scouting) - AI clubs dont buy enough and squad build is still bad - match engine needs lots of work. First thing i noticed, its cornerfest. Somethimes it looks like only time i score is from corners. and i didnt touch set pieces, its on default. Also i noticed that on default my CD is in defence while i have corners. But i didnt care, i was scoring lots of goals from corners anyway. In general, match engine from FM 17 was much better, here all chances look the same. Or my wings cross and i score, or corners. P.s. I dont play with " play for set pieces" and like i said, one CD stays in defence while we take corners. I would probably score even more goals, like this guy who is playin with Arsenal.
  11. Its old problem. Every good club should buy much more players then they do. We cant have long term save if this isnt fixed.
  12. Well, so you must product and another 5 euros to fix something it had to be in the game. I also bought editor, but they really need to fix this. Its lots of work for us, every season we must use editor to help AI buying players. Problem is that you can find forum posts 10 years old about this. How can they explain, why Juve dont buy at least 7-8 good players?
  13. You know what i dont get it ? Where people from tactics forum find challenge? I play for 20 years, but i know that they know how game works much better. And for me is supereasy game. How they feel and how they find challenge with such AI? Im thinking about WWfan, he was great, Cleon and others. I think i saw that Cleon went crazy ( in good way) and he is playing without attributes now. Lol. But really, where those people find challenge when for people who dont go to tactic forum is easy game. I bet they have some secret mod with good and agresive AI.
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