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  1. One of the best things SI did in last few years is that our scouting needed time to get full report. If scout is bad, he somethimes needed weeks to scout full attributes of player . For us who are really into challenge , we loved that we somethimes had to gamble and we bought players without full knowledge of that player. And now in FM17 you still didnt fix that. im playing online with my friend and it was so much more fun when we had to wait for full attributes. Did you fix that in yesterdays patch ?
  2. This is what i sugggested 2 years ago, about free kicks. And Paul said its good idea.. But still doesnt exist in FM.
  3. I told them 10 years ago what to do. and i told them that it is wrong perspective that if you are manager of lets say Man Utd, it must be easy game. Every club is hard to manage, top clubs are harder to manage then some club from 2nd div, because top clubs have different goals, difficult goals that puts managers under lot of pressure. i dont want to talk about that anymore. I never said anything against moderators, you are doing your job and thats fine with me. But i noticed that 7-8 years ago we could communicate with PaulC and company. Now its different. Collyer brothers are legends and i never insulted PaulC and company of old SI people, and really dont know why would anyone do that. I can understand that for someone this game is not easy, but what about us , who are playing this game since 1992 ? Its extra easy for us, because we buy game every single year, there are no many new things to adjust, and sometimes i think its getting worse and worse. And there are many new players who beat the game very , very easy. It all comes to how much you love this game. If you love this game, it cant be to hard, even if you are inexperienced player. I never go to tactic forums, never read about new wonderkids, but they can if game is hard for them.
  4. You are 100% right, people are just ignorant fools and dont read your posts. You are Ipswich, its not normal that you win all that. Dont listen their semi - stupid advice that you must take some club from Kazakhstan. Of course you dont want to do that, why would you ? Game must have challenge even if you take Man. Utd for example.. not to mention Ipswich. I like to be manager just in England, so i expect challenge there, not some to me unknown countries.
  5. People from SI just dont comment our problems with game anymore. 7-8 years ago sometimes we had different point of view, but at least we talked with them on these forums and i knew that in the end we would find some solution. But now all i see are some moderators who play this game ( if they play at all ) for couple of years, who say we are wrong on every subject we mention. Pretty sad. game is too easy with attacking mentality + 4231 combo. people talk about that on 16 pages and on many other forums , why dont you do something about that ? and i know they will say they dont write but they are reading our comments, but we want some news, informations , opinions from SI side.
  6. I can because i played the game, just didnt start serious long ( 10+ seasons career). I leave feedback that im happy with new scouting, you dont have to play 10 seasons to see that. Please dont be offensive, as you can see , im here on this forums much longer then you and i play this game since 1993. That means when i say something you must respect my opinion , im not noob in this game. Its obvious that game is too easy, if you actually read what people posting here. In last 10 pages too many people saying that AI is bad against common formations like 4231 with attacking mentality. People post pictures with crazy high results, big wins, why would they all LIE ? Is it so hard to admit that AI needs improvement ?
  7. Im glad that you made scouting this year exactly like i suggested 2-3 years ago. Well done! just put in set pieces 2 kinds of free kicks , like i suggested. one free kick for crossing and free kick for direct shoot on goal. so that we can select different free kick takers. I bought fm15 long time ago, but im still waiting to see less " its too easy to win" complains to start my serious game. From what i can see in this Feedback Thread , this is major problem with fm15. Even milnerpoint joined the wagon of players saying its 2 easy game. When i was saying that all this years, he was against me and defend SI all the time. But now even he thinks game is too easy. hehe, im affraid to start the game now. My question is, will SI do something about AI so that some common formations like 4231 with attacking mentality are so powerful ? Ill wait without problem few more months, just tell us, do you admit that lots of players in this thread find the game too easy and do you plan to do something about that?
  8. Can someone from SI tell me did they change something with difficulty ? im 99% sure its much easier game now. I play with same team ( Wolves) in premier league, same formation, but im winning almost every game. I just lost against Liverpool 2-3 in away game. I was talking with my friends ( few of them found the game very hard before, they where sacked few times), and they told me its much easier for them now, too.
  9. Anyone else feels its much easier to win games with new patch ? I had big problems with away games before the patch, now i won 3 and draw 1 of 4 games. Its not big sample but....
  10. I was afraid of this. They usually make final patch super easy. i had fun losing some games in previous patch. I play with Wolves in prem. If i start winning every game, ill be very mad. Anyone else played at least half of the season with latest patch and find it super easy ? You know what sucks big time ? i was playing some other game on steam and Steam installed latest FM14 patch. My plan, because i knew they will make " easy to beat" patch, was to wait and see your comments. If everything is ok, THEN i would install patch. Now i cant return to older patch, game over.
  11. Last sentence best describes what i was saying years ago. And since i was writing " game is too easy threads " , 10 years ago, nothing has changed. I am really surprised that milnerpoint find game too easy after couple of seasons, he was usually happy with difficulty. This year, i start to play with Wolves in Sky bet L. 1. In my 3rd season im in Premiership with ok players, nothing special , with no money. BUt hey, after 8 Prem. games, i have 7 wins and just 1 lost game, against Man. City away ( lost 1-4, they where really better then me). So of course game is too easy milnerpoint and company, im saying that for 20 years, but when we need to raise our voice, usually some SI lovers say game difficulty is ok. I dont play with Wolves anymore, because im 2nd after 8 rounds, just Man. Utd have 1 point more then me. I know how the story goes, i dont need to see the ending. im playing this game for 20 years and ive been there. WHat we do need is game difficulty. Put that AI cheats on hard mode, i dont care. Let them have moral superb and all attributes 1 point more everytime they play against human, i dont care. just give us challenge. And please dont say start with low club, it has nothing to do with that, like smart Svenc said before me, " It had never been a matter of difficulty, rather of time and patience". I start with low l. club 100s of times, i know what i am talking about. p.s. Best save i had in last 15 years, was in FM 12, when i used FMRTE ( now we have In game editor) , and i manually change every AI player in Premiership to have great great attributes. But thats LOT of work( i think i was working on that for 2 days, 8 hours per day) , im to lazy to do that in FM14, even i bought Editor. And then every transfer window, change ratings of players AI bought. Thats the best advice i can give you, if you find the game too easy. SI could do so much more about this problem, but they refuse to make game smart, god forbid to put some difficulty levels. Thats big no no for them ( even its normal in almost every other computer game) .
  12. [REL] Visual Attributes

    How in the name of God i didnt know about this thread? This is what i want for... donno .. 10 years? I can see its old thread, does anyone have this skin for FM14 to send me? I like version what MBarbaric have... with 4 colours? and that Popup Attributes to hide, sixsecondsleft put that. Is it working for FM14? And when players attribute goes from lets say 12 to 13, does attribute change its colour?
  13. Well, before we didnt have stars, so maybe thats look in the past, not in the future. Stars are made for "new" players , so that game is more user friendly and easy to beat. Personally, i hate them. you can look in last thread i opened, it talks about how to make this FM more challenging. You have mod there, to remove stars. Btw, what you wrote in the OP, is same what i think. People base their first 11 selection in 90% just because of the STARS. They know that player will become superstar, its too easy, so that 10 year old kid can play FM. I really dont know why we must use mods to make game harder. Why they just dont add option at the start of the game - " NO STARS" and some other things that make this game super easy. Right now im playing Xcom EW and they add so many good things to make game harder, for experienced players. SI made lots of good things in last 3 years, but for users who want bigger challenge, they done very little if anything. They add "challenge" option, i call that "mini games" , where you play just one season. But i never try that, because im not interested in playing just one season. I want challenge in long game, 10 + seasons. i am pretty sure they will add something to make game harder in the future, at least something cosmetic and easy to remove like stupid STARS.
  14. PaulC, can you tell me do you agree with me( #4669 page 47 ) that free kicks should have 2 lists? Can we see that in near future? Im tired of that problem. When you play lots of games, its hard not to see that.
  15. Small thing that i didnt like in FM12 and FM13, i dont know is it fixed in FM14, because i didnt play FM14 much, is free kicks. I think there should be 2 kinds of free kick takers. List for direct shot and list for for crossing in the box and pass. Example: I had Forward in FM12, who was very good in free kicks and i think he had 20 in long shots, but his cross and pass was average, like 11 or 12. while i really want him to take free kick when free kick is good for shooting at goal, i didnt like when he was crossing the ball in the box ( he had average pass and cross, + he was very tall with good heading, i wanted HIM to be in the box). Is free kick better in FM14? i know there are no 2 lists for free kick takers, but maybe engine can figure out what player is better for different kind of free kicks.