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  1. We should make voting poll, like we did in beta thread. It was serious number of people who found game 2 easy. Maybe new poll shows something diffrent after official release.
  2. Tnx for quick response! In future please make some new options, like OPTION for even more time needed to see players real atributes. For example, that even after full scouting, you still have like 15-18 ratings. I think that for at least for some ratings, player needs to join your team to see his full potential. If you understand what Im sayin.
  3. Did they put anything that makes game harder? Like - more realistic transfers. In all previous FMs you just buy 10+ players on FREE and sell them after a season on loan for big money. That way you get rich and you can easy buy whatever player you want. And AI dont do these things ( buyin a lot of players) and thats how you make money diffrence. What they should make for example : if you already have 3 great forwards fightin for one place, then when you contact new potential signing he should say f. off, i know im not gonna play in your club. Also, did they make some more optio
  4. Any new options at start of the game, like attribute masking for example, to make game bit harder? Tnx.
  5. Srki, do you working on some new update or new editing?
  6. Just once in 27 real years. It was i think 15 years ago. I took AS Saint-Etienne, they where in 2nd league. In first year i was promoted, i bought lots of good players, but 2nd year i was relegated from Ligue 1. It was weird, but cool. And never happened again. Not even close. I think it was 15 or more years ago, not sure, have to check when SE was in 2nd division in early 2000... I was sacked 2-3 times for sure, but dont remember when and why.
  7. exactly the reason i didn't buy GTA. When there are no diff levels, you know whats first thing that cross my mind? In this game even moron can be good. 2nd thing : that company first reason is money. There are just few good games, like Braid ( think didnt had diff levels) that are made for people with bigger IQ, so it didnt need difficulty levels. But in FM, im sure 12 year old kid can win 5 times premiership in a row. And thank to all of you " take low league club" advice. Some of us playin this game for 27 REAL years, do you really think we didnt do that like 50, 60 times in our
  8. We need diff levels and we talked about that in last 10 - 15 years, but SI is against that. i find it crazy that they think we have all same skills and knowledge about the game. I think FM is only game that i play and dont have diff levels. First thing when i buy the game i check out do that game have diff levels. I play FM but its 2 easy, because i play FM since 1993, 27 years, and of course that i know how this game works, maybe better then anything in my life. I wish that i am 16 -21 years old, have plenty of time to play with my friends online, thats the best, because humans are much
  9. https://www.premierleague.com/news/667700 This year 137 players bought in Premier League this summer. Thats 7 players per club. In my game premier league bought 117 players. Ill check the number after 3-4 seasons for bigger sample. Like i said, AI dont buy enough. They should buy even more then in real life, because AI is not so good.
  10. I dont play with big clubs, so usually i like just few players in my team. After first season i buy a lot of new players, 10-15. Then less, 7-10. 4-5 of them are on free transfer and i buy 5 more. Its not so much. My friend after 2-3 seasons have almost 50 -60 players, i never do that. Then half of them he send on loan to other clubs. Later he usually sell them. I really dont like when he do that, he gets rich really fast when we play online with Southampton and Fulham. But its his style, what can I do. I wish there is option at the start of the game, that limits you to buy just
  11. P.s. I have editor on! Just i never used it. Im interested in just one thing in editor, how can you buy players for AI ? I dont see that option. tnx! And do you have any tips for Jugoslavian league?
  12. Well, you also sell 10 players who are worse then these 10 you bought. I thought i dont have to write that.
  13. SRKI, tnx for this, for me, who grow up in Jugoslavija and remember how strong league was, its dream come true. So i was 4th with Hajduk S. had great season and so much fun. Zvezda was first, Maribor had to win at home against Osijek to be champion, but they failed and lost 1-2. Dinamo was third. Only thing that bothers me, is that for every win we get almost 400k pounds. At the end of season i had 20 M pounds for new players. I get it why you made that, so that Jugoslavia league become stronger and competitive with other european contries. Problem is in AI, Zvezda and other clubs
  14. After 4-5 seasons, biggest problem for me is that AI dont buy enough players during transfer period. Every season we, players buy 10-15 players to improve our squad ( if we can) , but AI even they have tons of money, they buy maybe 1 player, couple of them on free and thats it. We need agresive AI, where they buy more great players, to stay competitive with human players.
  15. I dont remember when i had so much fun , Im playing your mod with Hajduk Split. Its really great, but i think they will fire me, haha. I noticed that for a win in league you get 350k pounds, isnt that too much? Well, i have just one win and 3 lost games, hahahha. But cup Marsala Tita will be ours! Hope so.
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