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  1. Polonia Warsaw - Season 2 League League Stats / Transfers 9th! Left side of the league! Only 9 points behind Europe and 23 above relagation. Great rookie season on top flight. We did less good in the Cup, losing to 3rd league Garbarnia in the 2nd round, at home. Alot of reserve players left or ware released bringing our wage budget down by about 5k/m. We managed to sell Grzybek for 100k to Croatia. And our Brazillian left to GKS Belchatow. One of our youngsters who had zeor imporvement in 2 seaosns was signed by Lazio for some reason...maybe I made a booboo le
  2. awesome read! funny to see Rzasa...guess he will never end up at Feyenoord. How is Jerzy Dudek doing? and Is Marek Citko in the game?
  3. i post updates in the Youth challange thread
  4. great Dynasty ina making here just started with another fallen club in Poland, Polonia. good luck I will follow!
  5. that was a quickl CL win....in your first season! congrats
  6. Polonia Warsaw The youth intake. So First of all this is a double one...as when I joined the club it already had a few regens in the u-18 team. And some of them with quite some talent. Prediction. Golden generation! Not a bad intake. Three potential first team talents. Signed everyone from Fryc up. Others didnt have potential to even become a I Liga player. But First Three talents from year zero. Before I joined Polonia. And Let's start with the most interesting one and with highest potential. Although his ability star is low. STURUA. A Geor
  7. Polonia Warsaw The Black Shirts. Polonia Warsaw. A bit history. Polonia was not available after one seaosn but two as they start in 4th level, but due to their reputation make a chance to promote twice (important to check after a year if Polonia or Ruch promoted). Polonia is a two time champion of Poland (1946 & 2000). In 2000 the hero of this save and manager (Olisadebe) was the topscorer of the team. Three time 2nd place (1921, 1926 & 1998) and one time third in Poland (1923). The team won twice the Polish Cup (1952 & 2001). One SuperCup of Poland Win (200
  8. Polish Legend starts at Polonia Warsaw! I had to sim two seasons as Polonia starts in 4th Level in Poland. Had to reload the sim 5 times but they finally promoted As you can see....Oli replaced Oli. (I had to retire my first manager due to comment from XaW as I didn't put his exp on lowest level). I didnt do anything yet ingame so no harm done.
  9. after a month of FM break (and being sick for 3 weeks) i'm back and thinnkingof doing another YC is it possible to as Manager start as an Real Life Club Legend? or is that against the rules? Thinking to do a YC with Polonia Warsaw as one of my youths cult heroes. Emmanuel Olisadebe. First black guy to play in Polish National team
  10. Hi does anyone still have the FM12 Japanese league and facepack? could I please ask you if someone can upload it please? and is there a skin for fm12 that unclock japans screan like for fm21?
  11. question to longer career players...how do you guys stay interested? its becoming a slow...tug of game ATM...and progres is really slow. based on my youth players I will probably end up around same poition for next 4-5 seasons untill I get a few star youngsters. It is not an easy challange.
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