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  1. What I miss is some statistics per league and club. Especially in Premier League and Champions League. That statistic is always brought up by news media. If a player reaches the 100 goals in Premier League or if a player enters the 50+ goals in champions league. I think this would add alot of immersion and it would be easier to compare to old greats especially in longer games. So if my all star player finally passed the amount of goals scored in Champiosn League by Messi and Ronaldo. Or if my player is close to passing the all time games for my club in Premier League. You have the
  2. i have this exact issue in Spain... in Normal FM on PC. I move players from B team to first team...and poof next day tehy are back in B team.... This has mad eteh game unplayable. I cant use my players! I can provide a save if needed. anyone from Sigames cares to respond? edit: guys there is a workaround. move them first to youth team!
  3. fair enough thanks for reply! Only thing that I would still ask to add ar ethe 4 youth players
  4. Sparta Rotterdam Senior team: - Michael Fabrie, Augistin Drakpe, Lorenzo Soares Fonseca should be in 1st team not B team. - Transfervalue for multiple players is much too high; - Van Leer (1,1m FM21, Transfermarkt 725k) - Beugelsdijk (1,2m FM21, Transfermarkt 475k) - Vriends (1,2m FM21, Transfermarkt 400k) - Thy (1,9m FM21, Transfermarkt 675k) - Engels (1,6m FM21, Transfermarkt 475k) - Some is too low (als seen by too low CA. - Smeets (525k FM21, Transfermarkt 800k) - Delano Vianello is not a first team p
  5. what a brilliant career. Just read it all in one go today! My hat goes off to you SIR...please continue the great job!
  6. great AAR love the idea...leep going strong I will keep reading
  7. I didn't knwo where else to post so maybe someone can help me. What I want to do: Add Atletico Ottawa to MLS. But if I adjust the editor by adding them to MLS next to NAshville and Inter Miami with regestration date 2020 the game deosn't produce any games for 2019 and crashes. How can I add them? What I need to do exactly?
  8. not really... this was just one of my fave teams due to their awesome weird regens. gone
  9. I noticed in FM20 that the special ability for Oslo City is gone. They have normal regens now? WHY?
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