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  1. SVV Scheveningen - Season 6 - 29/30 As mentioned before I present you in our Eredivisie debut our custom made kits: The shirts def helped as we didn't relagate! Player Stats / Transfers 13th spot! 4 points clear from relagation play offs. But we are here to stay baby! What a difficult season, against Feyenoord and Ajax we just got slaughtered with the horrific 1-10 in Amsterdam. We did manage to sneak a win against PSV at home. We had a great run in November and December getting two away wins that might have saved our season. The away win at ADO
  2. Little teaser for upcoming episode... So due to promotion to Eredivisie and as i'm happy as my Real World team I support has made the euro play offs (Sparta)....I present you the kits I made dor the Debut season of SVV Scheveningen in Eredivisie. I asked if someone can make them on sortitoutsi...but got bored waiting so I made them myself...first kits i made so please be gentle :P
  3. got quite lucky with newgens. promoted in 5th season. now playing in Eredivisie. I will probably end that season today or tomorrow.
  4. good luck just started mine a week ago with Scheveningen
  5. So few small questions about HOYD. Will hireing a foreign HOYD without knowlege of Netherlands negatively impact my intake? Or does it not have any impact? and second small question. I do not have any code of conduct set...and now after 5 seaosns I would have hoped I would be able to add it somehow...anyone know how I can add it?
  6. SVV Scheveningen - Season 5 Regen update So I want to show you guys the improvement of three regens that I'm quite happy about. Overall nothing to brag about, but at level i'm playing these are great players. First is VAN DER MEULEN. Season 1: Season 5: So due to not having any decent midfielders, VAN DER MEULEN started from the bat at 15 years of age in the first team. And he has grown superbly. Especially his Physical stats. Funny to see that he has actually grown...from 175cm to 182cm. First time I noticed that players do that. His Passing is still only a
  7. SVV Scheveningen - Season 5 year 28/29 Competitions: Well that was a great succes and very unexpected. PROMOTION! and CHAMPIONSHIP! Yup with only 68 points! Lowest in histroy of KKD to win the title! And only 3 points more than last year! Players stats / Transfers Great season, but i'm worried, we won but we are not ready for Eredivisie. Our clash against Feyenoord in 2nd round of the cup has shown that, we lost 0-5 in Rotterdam. We will most likley go down right away. In pain. I would have liked another seaosn to prepere, to have more players wo
  8. I'd love to join! Player Name: Laurent Petit-Homme Nation of birth: French Guiana Month and date of birth (year will be set for all): March 13th Ht/Wt (in meters/kgs) 185cm, 78kg Position(s): DL/DR Acceleration: 18 Tackling: 15 Work Rate: 12 Leadership: 3
  9. SVV Scheveningen - Season 4 (27/28) Player Stats / Transfers 6th spot! and 65 points...only 4 behind promotion!. Great run and finally a season where we didn't lose the last 4 games. We finally also won the first round in the playoffs beating Almere City. Sadly we lost against the Eredivisie club Willem II in penalties...I needed 2 days to cool off after that loss. We got knocked out in 2nd round in the Cup again, this time by Groningen. The amazing season is mostly thanks to A-KUM who scored amazing 34 league goals! and had an average score of 7,22. And ofcourse t
  10. do not worry...I had it happen many times. you cannot cancel them at this moment...but later..when you have to confirm the transfers..you can decline. all is well
  11. Small question: I got partnership with Ajax now...what do I do if they loan someone out to me, am I allowed within the challange to play him?
  12. Season Three! Player Stats / Transfers Decent season, no real improvement. 7th spot but with same amount of points as last year. We scored 12 goals less and our defence failed a few more times so that is worrying. This year in Playoffs we lost to NEC Nijmegen. VAN DER MAATEN still very solid in the goal with avg. rating of 7,21. A-KUM had also a great season with 22 goals and avg. rating of 7,08. We ware a but too dependent of him. our first year regen VAN DER MEULEN is progressing very well. Went up from 2 stars to 3,5 this year! He's now our best midfielder. Also he
  13. Achraf Dari was a suprise buy on my ADO game...picked him up for 1mln from Casablanca after my scouts recommended him and around when he was 24 he was really a class defender.
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