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  1. I didn't knwo where else to post so maybe someone can help me. What I want to do: Add Atletico Ottawa to MLS. But if I adjust the editor by adding them to MLS next to NAshville and Inter Miami with regestration date 2020 the game deosn't produce any games for 2019 and crashes. How can I add them? What I need to do exactly?
  2. not really... this was just one of my fave teams due to their awesome weird regens. gone
  3. I noticed in FM20 that the special ability for Oslo City is gone. They have normal regens now? WHY?
  4. Just to be clear...does SI think this is solved? as on latest patch..running quick checks few years in I do not see any differences for Netherlands. Still very lil % of regens with second nationality. lower than FM19. I reported this back in the beta...it's february
  5. there have been minor changes. actually in the patch bfore current it was better, but currenlty you get lol to no second nationalities. ergo the promise of miles has been a lie.
  6. In latest versions I saw some increase of 2nd nationality for some countries. Poland now has more dual-nat newgens for instance. Netherlands it's still worse ratio than fm19 sadly. altough I see a small increase...its still far from realistic. Feyenoord youth in fm20 for year 2025...all white...:( I hope this will become added to the editor so the community can set these % correct.
  7. Let's use the example of Netherlands.... Eredivies clubs still produce very few 2nd generation newgens. Just take a look at under15 under14 and under13 teams and you will see that 2nd nationality should be 60% for major city clubs and around 20% or less for other clubs. If you want I can actually do this analysis tomorrow and post it if your researchers are too lazy to do it.
  8. this is the worst thing....Miles posted there would be more newgens with second nationalities. in reality there are less.. I just checked for latest release ...no changes. I'm quite disapointed I would have expected SI would tweak this at least slightly for the release. Especially this has been reported from the beginning.
  9. Thats great to hear and thank you for replying. I do hope you will balance it better for final version. Maybe thats the fault. Starting db for for instance Netherlands will have many older players with only dutch nationality. but if you look at youth teams of all eredivisie teams the percentage of foreign second nationality is much higher. it would not explain the reason for a drastic lower amount compared to FM19 though.
  10. couldn't agree more. also the thing is in fm19 this was less of an issue. there you had newgens ion NL with morrocan or surinam 2nd nationality...soemthing now so rare eacht year only 2 or 3 newgens get it.
  11. ok I gues sthis issue is not taken serious? kinda disappointed by this. It seems UK youngsters get more diversity. next version still no fix. dutch regens/newgens are more white than snow.
  12. some small things: in history of Eredivisie of the champion of 1903/04 is HBS. But the game links to the wrong HBS. IUt should be HBS Craeyenhout. This is also true for seasons 1905/06 and 1924/25
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