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  1. i would say mostly around the opponents box. so misplaced passes in the final third. I have the idea of having my players close to together, but perhaps the retain posession made them seek out the same areas. with too many sideway passes. the spread seems better without retain posession.
  2. would you by any chance be interested in an assistant manager role at fulham apparently my tactics on its own, are pretty much possession based. So adding retain posession was over doing it. i removed retain posession and i´ve just managed to get +20 shots a game. 2 times in a row and that is a first. i guess,just like you said, that the opponents simply had too much time settling in defensively.
  3. tactics are 4-1-2-2-1 roles wingbacks on support on both sides. both dc´s on defend. def mid is either a deep lying or defensive mid on defend. central mids are usually one central mid attack/support and the other a bwm on support both flanks inside forwards on support and roaming attacker deep lying on support or f9 roaming standard and fluid. i have play out of defence, retain possession and pres more. really strugle to create chances. If i take the lead, the opponents often score right after. usually from the opposing back crossing into to box. could someone point me in a direction as to where i am going a bit wrong? also i am really strugling to translate real life football into this version. Always had success in this game, but this is definetly harder.
  4. I have the exact Same problem, I can't access my game anymore. Since this update came out. So I would like to know if there is any solution??
  5. as the thread title says?? maybe just in game or perhaps with a in game editor? thanks in advance
  6. thanks for the advice guys. i actually did not know, that symmerical was bad per se. I changed one of my fullbacks to wing back, where i had e defensiv mid as cover. this seemed to help. Just like 3 at the back states, the 442 with a central mid on defensive duty, seems to drop too deep while defending.
  7. hey guys this is a tough edition, so i´m struggling immensly with my 4-4-2. my team is fulham. i´ve used fullback support cd def cd def fullback support left wm attack - i´ve tried regular and setting it up like a inside forward - cm deep lying playmaker cm box to box right wm attack - tried regular and stting up like an inside forward deep lying support/false nine complete f/poacer/deep lying attck attack standard, flexible, play out if defence , shorter passing. should hve a reasonable side and should perform a bit better and not be bottom half. any help would be much appreciated.
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