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  1. Down to my understanding it means that if you manage a small/weak Nation like San Marino and improve them massively through titles etc. that this seems to have an effect on the youth ratings. So to my understanding this would mean that those Nations will grow with your success and produce better Newgens in general. This is just amazing for every player who does a long-term-career or "build-a-nation"-save.
  2. IMO It's the big "suprize-moment" which hit's you much harder that way
  3. 1. you will get 100% knowledge about their attributes but not their match-stats, as they are not simulated at the same level as on full detail. 2. See answer 1
  4. Miles shared a video on youtube where he shows the new office of SI. If you look closely you will note that there is indeed a red button to push...there is also a small note if you zoom in: "Will be released if thread X reaches XXX". Sorry guys....before page 100 it's very unlikely to happen...
  5. detail-level doesn't affect the amount of newgens. View-Only is complicated...some Nations produce almost the same amout of players and other Nations struggle more. Brazil should be similar if you set them "view only" or "playable".
  6. Same to you! Well this is even better! My guess is that the smaller database just affect processing speed less, which is great for those who don't have their focus on Japan only. Starting a career at Cerezo Osaka with your database is definetly on my list:)
  7. I only wanna help that this legendary thread reaches the next page
  8. There seems to be a maximum for foreign affiliates.
  9. If this isn't set accurate in the database it could be the main reason why.
  10. You can set the "chance" of foreign affiliate Clubs to "never", "sometimes" or "often". If now those values are very strict, that will have a negative impact on the available options
  11. @XuluBak this is something that can be influenced in the editor, similar as transfer preferences.
  12. So many leagues do nee a lot of processing-power, especially if those level contains sub-divisions. If you simulate them all on full detail you might alread be on the upper limit. I personally always choose the whole setup at the start and don't change it during the game, but this is a personal preference.
  13. until they decide to skip Beta this year and release only the full game on Nov 9 So it could take even longer!
  14. Football Manager to me is like a Volvo (car). It's solid, well buildt and it almost never fails. Every new model get's a bit more polished, more secure, more modern, but it's still a car. For me this thread sometimes is closer to an UFO than a car I don't want a car with every little gimmick which cost's me like 300k instead of a "Volvo" for the same price every year Edit: this post was sponsored by a swedish car-company
  15. You need to differ between coding (new features, functions etc.) and research. Research in general: Everything which you can edit is research, which is runned by 1000's of people around the world who do this mostly in their free-time. SI provided us with the great tool called "editor" to do those changes. Every bug etc. is mainly SI's job to try to fix them. (I can only imagine that I'm not that popular at SI with all my reports ) I'm pretty sure that a new feature causes problems in existing ones. So I prefer less features over a less buggy game for sure!
  16. - check the forum feedback when it's released - watch youtube-videos once they drop - read tests on fansites Usually there is even a demo released where you can test the game for free for half a season....
  17. "Shiny" - That's what people seems to want at first? Do you know if the mechanics under the roof is the same how deadline-day works? I bet you don't. IMO you can't really judge the game before the Beta drops, simply because you can't play it. Anyway, I made my points clear. I'm done here^^
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