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  1. all good! my english isn't the best, so it might be a missunderstanding too!
  2. I tried to say that this is actually happening already I was already thinking of doing a feature-request with exactly the same thing you mentioned: a low factor boost to static values of let's say 1.2 if you overperform for years. But this is already ingame
  3. Just because some values are static doesn't mean that the PA of newgens do not improve. As it's said earlier there are ways to get better newgens. The point is, that you won't reach Brazil-Level with Hungary, but usually the Teams in a Nation like Hungary still has room left in terms of Youth Coaching and stuff.
  4. +1. And it's not only about reputation. A small Nation is "small". So they are already limited in terms of population. Even if in reality a club from Luxembourg would win the CL, they still don't produce several worldclass players.
  5. entire transfer amount you missunderstood something. In reality there are only a few Nations which have a tax on transfer only. Theese values are already in the default game. You get taxed anyway by a overall profit during a year. 30%+ is only given in rarely cases where it's needed and it makes sense. It affects mainly Nations which buy really cheap and sell really high. Without this adjustments they won't buy that cheap anymore. The average tax is around 15%. in general: If you buy a youngster for 20m and sell him for 25m, you made a bad deal Cheers
  6. It means it's only available for the full game. No fm-touch, no android etc. Cheers Daveincid
  7. Update 03.05.21 (links added) There is a great megapack from @davie77 which makes all Nations playable ingame. I worked close together with him and tested his files, so I know about the high quality-standard. https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/550750-fm21-around-the-globe-megapack-by-dave-46-completed I highly recommend the graphic-files and the realistic-injuries-file from @majesticeternity which can be found in the editors hideaway download forum too. https://community.sigames.com/forum/834-editors-hideaway-download-forum-fm21/ I also recommend the dat
  8. Thank you Darien:) I'm going to update this post today It depends on the power of your CPU. Cheers Daveincid
  9. Understandable. I will play around a bit with it, just to see if it's theoretically possible^^ yeah I think too, but not 100% sure. New keynote in my calender
  10. This was so odd^^ Out of my head...Nation overview: percentage to sign a foreign manager? If you lower this? Yes, but I usually go by SI-Updates, so I have enough time to realize them Do you also create the market values and money in general back then?
  11. You are welcome! I haven't found any better Japanese file so far which works for 21.4. I still try to convince @davie77 to create Japan too Cheers Daveincid
  12. No, but he has the players. The question was "database" not "league". I personally use pr0's player-db in combination with riddlers league file. Cheers Daveincid
  13. This is normal in Spain. The release-clause is linked to a players salary, this isn't directly linked with my mods. I have edited the salary itself, but you can't edit the release-clause
  14. Have you read the main post? It's clearly written that he created real league formats There are all Nations available, some are already in the game, so with his pack you can play in every Nation that has a League IRL. Cheers Daveincid
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