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  1. Thanks - I think setting up lower lines of engagement with higher pressing intensity is not a great fit with the 4-1-2-3. I will try modifying to press higher up the pitch. This will give me two different formations that press agressively, and I can always tone down the pressing to go more defensive in this formation if I'm being outclassed.
  2. I was just asking in another thread if the 4-1-4-1 works well for higher pressing up the pitch. You're liking it? Do you find the Mezzala's on support drift around too much to execute an organized press? With all your Attack duties high up the pitch, you might have a lot of gaps between the lines when you lose possession, which might hurt the press. What if you made one of your IF or W to support, and the opposite side mezzala to attack?
  3. I had put on "be more expressive" because my DLP is my key creator. But, my AMRL's have better dribbling, so maybe this is better. With the 4-1-4-1, I'm wondering if I'm sitting too deep and inviting pressure that is not well suited to a pressing style. In the two games I've used the formation, it seems to allow the other team to set up and camp a bit in my own half, easily outnumbering me in midfield and passing around my press. Is the 4-1-4-1 really suited to a high press? I thought it's suited a bit more to a low press, but now I'm not so sure. It may also be the re-group that is givin
  4. First two games using the high press 4-2-3-1, went quite well! Small sample size, but a draw in the first game against a good CF Pachuca side, and a 2-0 no doubter over Wigan. Now to try the low press against Southampton in the next pre-season game.
  5. Thanks, good points! And, thank you for all the great content you've put out, it's been very helpful and feeds my appetite to really learn something well!
  6. Thanks everyone! Just so happens in the AMR spot I have two good options from my bench for this. I will definitely try this and see what works better in pre-season. Already changed AML to W(At), as it's the same role and duty he's used to playing in the other formation. This makes sense. I was worried about the offensive phase of the tactic being too static and teams being able to park the bus. Hopefully changing some of the roles above will give more movement. With the player I have slotted in the AP right now, I changed it to AM(At) paired with PF(Su). With the
  7. For the WB, changing to Support or Defend will help with them bombing forward all the time. The gap between your F and M line is likely due to the PFs on Attack and 2/3 CMs on support. Naturally creates a big gap between the lines with no attacking mids. That's the extent of what I can suggest, there are likely some more knowledgeable people around here to add to this!
  8. I've digested some awesome community content on tactics (Rashidi's YT, Llama3's pairs & combos guide) lately, and am working to apply what I've learned. Managing Troyes AC and just dropped down from Ligue 1 after being promoted out of Ligue 2 my first season. My team is above average in almost every attribute for L2, and my board wants a high pressing style. So, I've created two versions, a fairly standard high press and a lower line press to try and employ some pressing traps for teams that can break down my high press. I have applied two different formations, the 4-1-4-1 DM to
  9. Managing Dynamo Dresden, and just created a reserve team (Dynamo Dresden II). I accidentally 'took control' of the team, but want to give it back to my Head of Youth Development. How do I do this? Couldn't find easy answer in staff responsibilities. Thanks in advance!
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