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  1. Then not going to find enjoyment with City realistically it's a far too good team to even need to spend for 2-3 seasons
  2. Why not make it a youth save? Only sign a player when a player you've developed is sold and to sign a player under 23/24? It'd be more challenging and you'll be making more of the youth facilities than they do in real life.
  3. Would depend on the knowledge of the scouts combined I would have thought of what you would manage to find during the course of a game
  4. How Fekir done for you in CM? Never seen him played in CM if doing well what role you got him playing in CM?
  5. Yeah same result I had as a pressing forward when I attempted it with him being in that role, maybe was a few of the roles around him too. I'd like to get the best from Pogba more so getting him to use his attacking talent to full use so may have to have a play around with his instructions maybe. Yeah what I was thinking but never know someone may get use of him from a winger if get him to not cross very often to waste opportunities.
  6. Wow surprising was a 4-1-4-1. How did Rashford do as a Pressing Forward? Did you make a personal instructions for him like I see you have which if you could share that so I can see if I can resurrect his season. Hows Pogba been for you in Mezzela - Attack what sort of personal instructions you use for him would like him to hit double figures but consistently inconsistent. Maybe I need to change a role of mine to a winger that would create chances for the strikers, instead of two Inside Forwards that I've currently got. Tonali I've got coming in January which is a few days away. Do you use Chong as winger or Inside Forward?
  7. I'm playing a 4-3-3DM Wide or as the game see it as 4-1-4-1 been using him in a deep lyind forward attack his attributes suggest should do well after a while but no goals in 17 and coming to the turn of the year. Also tried him in his apparent natural but doesn't do any different. Only found a Pressing Forward effective with a AMC behind the striker. Guessing you are using him in a 4-2-3-1 maybe? Might start again and try and get him firing as wanted him to take Lukaku's place when an offer came in that will be of acceptance.
  8. Has anyone had any luck getting goals from Rashford as a lone striker? I'm in December and just can't seem to get a decent chance for him confidence he just hits it straight at the keeper when hes through on goal instead of trying for the corners
  9. Tried Pogba in the Mezzela in two games and two goals. Though one was a freekick against Spurs but he got injured in the Spurs game though but only few days to week thankfully. I tried Advance Forward on another save and it was worst than this one lol got a deeplying forward at the moment on attack changed couple apporaches and Rashford is getting better oppotunites just not shooting into the space the keeper is leaving when trying to make himself big. I scouted Tonali after seeing him on your other save and scouts don't recommend him very highly but think I might risk the £5-£6 million to sign him as he is only 18. Want to move Matic on not liking his lack of mobility for my approach and used Herrera more as the Deeplying playmaker before he got back from injury and the Herrera needed some rest so let Matic play the last few games but looking for the next guy who can step in and be the player to make it his own in time.
  10. Ahhh I'll him there instead maybe been playing a two man box to boxes with a Deep Lying playmaker behind them. Have you managed to get a striker scoring seems to be a problem in what my tactic seems to be like
  11. Whoa! Pogba 23 goals how on earth are you playing? Love to get that from on mine Cant get consistency with my 4-1-4-1 wide dm
  12. Is possible it's the laptop never happened to me on any version so it's little confusing
  13. But your still uploading to a site to then get it to the desktop which would take longer imo
  14. That's odd. Never heard of that to happen
  15. Or just use Alt+F9 and goes straight to the folder in documents...
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