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  1. First part was granted. Second however wasn't really needed.
  2. Sold Baily to Spurs doesn't suit the team the way I have the team set up, managed to get £23 million straight up. Came across John Stones listed, for £21 million I think it was but they won't accept that but £38.5 (£45) million. Worth that fee? Only in the summer 2021 so isn't old or anything. Could do with a leader type for training purposes and to lead the back line to not to sure if he is the type for it
  3. Yeah saw you posted board signed him wasn't sure on what season you were in lol guess got no chance for while then
  4. Haaland seems to be doing well considering his bad goal return before you signed him. When did you sign Bellingham? Tried for him but Dortmund are unwilling to give a price lol
  5. Yeah been training Greenwood as a striker but played mostly as Inverted Winger on Attack. Need someone to come in because Dan James is just to hit and miss in form. Diallo and Dembele might need longer to be ready for staking claim for first team
  6. He has declined slightly from what I can tell. Maybe had serious injury or injuries to have him suffer in form like that I was thinking Pedro Goncalves from Sporting or was even thinking or using Shola Shoretire, Amad Diallo and Karamoko Dembele to rotate with Greenwood on the right in the hope can get them developed enough to replace Greenwood when he starts playing down the middle in competition with Martial
  7. Need a player similar to Sancho, who's can play more than one position even if just both wings and can make a contribution in goals and assists to. Jadon Sancho is becoming harder to see joining me with Dortmund not wanting to budge of their £130 million request. Need someone to help Telles with providing chances as Bruno and Pogba combined 10 assists between them Bruno with 6 and Pogba with 4. Bruno did contribute more with 20 goal involvement though Pogba I've never managed to get more goals or assists out of on alot of Football Manager games.
  8. Whats his scout report like then? That's the first time i come across such poor output
  9. End of season 1- Managed to get 2nd place despite being top for long period of the season but inconsistency cost us few points to allow Liverpool to take first place from us. Playing Liverpool 3 times in the season and them scoring about 3 goals each time on average was a killer blow especially being one of the last games 3rd or 4th last game which winning it would have took me above them. No clue how to beat them tried everything! Knocked out first Knockout Round to Juventus 2-0 on agg(1-0) each game. Ronaldo with both goals despite trying to mark him out of the game and trying to lower the creative players chances of getting him in the game. F.A Cup - Final but got destroyed by City as team decided to not turn up think was 3-0 defeat. Carabao Cup - knocked out to Liverpool 3-1 I believe in Semi Final. Greenwood finished second top scorer on 19 in the league was tied between Greenwood and Raul Jiminez on 19 until final game where Jiminez scored two in his final season game Telles got 3rd place in assists with 11 in league. Was top for a while so had hoped he would keep it Need to decide who to ship out to trim down the squad. I was thinking Matic, Peirera & maybe Lingard and maybe another 1 or 2. Not sure who I will be bringing in either need a better option to James as back up winger.
  10. I'm considering signing him or Haaland on mine. Coming to end of first season but not so keen on the idea of Ronaldos wage demands are going to be like plus the fee Juventus will want to. I'm not a fan of the fee Dortmund will want so may look elsewhere yet for a desired striker. Want either another Complete Forward - Attack or Deep-Lying Forward - Attack. Oyarzabal or Barrenetxea look ideal on the Deep-Lying Forward role Yeah he grabbed a low XG goal somehow and from a odd angle to which did annoy me . Also they play a 4-4-2 which made it hard to play against. I dominated in the first leg playing my way, second leg I created another tactic to try and numb out their attacks but didn't go to plan maybe should have made it just after the first leg instead a week before second
  11. In my set up my striker is my main scorer though its spread around also. Greenwood whos played on the Right Wing is the top scorer with 20 in 37 in all competitions with just 4 as striker. Martial has 18 in 48 who took a bit longer to get going/ used to the tactic instructions along with playing 6 as Left Wing and 1 as Right Wing Cavani has 15 in 38 17 as sub appearances and took me a while to find a role that would play to his strengths Bruno has 15 in 38 as CM and once Left Wing. Only has 7 assists which has been the down fall, but likely it's down to Telles being the main assist provider while hes cemented his place and Shaw has thrown his toys out of the pram not getting a look in but playing like he did before Telles was signed in real life Rashford has 13 in 39 being hot and cold in terms of form. He started in hot form but slowed down after a few games think he scored in his first 3-6 games then went quite a few games without any goals/assists. I'm in the first season to also.
  12. Well his C/A and P/A will off more the 2019-20 season where he scored 23 across 48 over the season in all competitions. So it's probably logical ability for 21 but 22 he should be downgraded significantly I would expect
  13. Never been a fan of the 4-2-3-1 in game or in real life so I'll be using the 4-3-3 or a 4-4-2 flat especially with the 4-3-3 being the direction we are going in once signing a ideal CDM becomes solid. I also feel its more of a free flowing formation for how I play to.
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