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  1. Never even thought of that being down to that. I thought OCD was a single thing not all different scenarios -_-
  2. Must have missed it or didn't get much media coverage lol
  3. Not seen anything for definite on Pjanic heard rumours but nothing to say he moved and not heard anything on Arthur going anywhere rumours let alone concrete sources
  4. Probably why I didn't get on with it as was set from the start not in the following season
  5. Nooo lol I mean I couldn't use one of the unofficial ones done by a user or myself if I was to ever get the editor which I doubt as wouldn't use it anyway lol Tried using a download database few years back with up to date transfers but just couldn't get into it like the official one so whatever reason
  6. As in the one's that happen in the summer lol so the likes of Jude Bellingham to Dortmund, William to Arsenal lol their isn't one on anything later than the winter window lol
  7. I personally never could get into a save with a transfer update so for years I've waited for the latest edition with the official updates etc lol
  8. Not too bad! Take it was Wing Back role you played him to get that many assists in the league alone lol and yeah can definitely see that lol
  9. With Pogba just negoiate any offer they do for alot of money they should lose interest then he should be happy to stay long as you get the Champions League qualification that he asks for at the start of the first season or atleast he did on mine. Even got him on a lower wage than he starts on too! Sane I would play as the AMR perhaps as a Inverted Winger with his crossing and got a decent rating for finishing and has speed him and Rashford on the flanks would be a devastating attack with Greenwood or Martial at the tip of the attack! How much did Digne cost you? Just started a new save and just had him come up to be signed!
  10. Got rid of him for £18-20 million with £20k wages I think it was and Jones sold for £15.5 with around same wages.
  11. Seems a decent player. Atleast to have with another player rotating along side him. I'll see what they want for him see if he's worth the punt for
  12. Negotiate the deal to like something ridiculous like £200 million then submit the negotiation not suggest and eventually they give in and lose interest then willing to stay
  13. If not that then I have no idea what it could be
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