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  1. Think I got him to sign like £20k and then bit more after so many games I think on one save. With the wages for young players going up thought was pretty reasonable at the time
  2. Is there a reason you let Chong go? I've found in previous saves to have been quite a decent player so just curious really
  3. Depending on his age I would say and his wage demands. But at that price and depending on his age that would be a steal and also have resale value to and with him having a use if you managed to sign him back seems no brainer
  4. Yeah just now about to start mine. I'm just doing it from the start as don't like doing business in January like in Fergie era. Fernandes will be main signing and then maybe a couple of young potential players to add to the the reserves to be in contention in a season or two after a loan or play in cups etc
  5. Nice one. Heard he's more consistent too on a Facebook page too. I'll try get him in for the role
  6. Made a new save as United. Want a new CM to play as the Mezzela Attack, I've got two names who I would expect it to be the two best available options at the start of the game. James Maddison or Bruno Fernandes. Who do you guys think is the better option for the role?
  7. Just checked his profile out and I would say he is more suited to a Mezzela than a B2B. Mezzela is more offensive and B2B is bit of offensive and defensive and his defensive part of his game ain't as strong as his offensive. Also the positioning thats recommended for the B2B role is only 12 and probably is a tad poor in a side like Spurs being in top 6 in the league so maybe have a play around with the roles or sell him and get someone else in who could do the job you want for the B2B
  8. Don't presume his best role is the one that is given by the games formular on this. Players can play most roles it's down to the attributes, PPM's and then what you want from said player should be considered when deciding a role to give a player. Also depends on the style of play you are trying to implement too.
  9. If he decides he wants a new challenge you'll probably end up selling him or have to deal with an unhappy player and other players amongst the squad. If I won the lottery and I could afford to buy a ferrari would I buy one? Not so much
  10. That is far too expensive for me lol that loyalty bonus alone is a no and I never give a player sell on percentage either
  11. Not unsual. It's Man City after all their money don't seem to end on the game, hopefully in real life it will end eventually
  12. Never felt the urge to sign Mbappe purely because of his high asking fee and wages. Like to keep it as realistic as possible when I play as such teams that would be able to sign such a player
  13. Anyone got suggestion on getting Rashford scoring from playing on the Left wing? In Jan and hes not playing well and scored under 10 goals overall all comps. Feel like he's not playing anywhere near what he should be. Especially from others having him scoring into like 30's a season
  14. Wow! What an offer why would turn down such a lucrative deal!
  15. Must vary as on mine says control possession, 4-4-1-1 and standard passing. Coaching stats are **** but his mentals are okay at best for a United staff member atleast. I prefer Assistant Manager to have ability to take part in training so he wouldn't be mine unless on LLM
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