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  1. Simple question about poached players, Do they appear in the next youth intake for that club?
  2. Any chance of all your files being uploaded elsewhere as a zip file? Kinda messed up the subscription & can't redownload everything
  3. You beauty Will, cheers for that
  4. <list id="teams"> That's line 197 Andorra.fmf
  5. I created the Andorran Leagues & added a Third Division, but it's saying the dates for the league are not in range despite being the same as the First & Second Divisions. Anyone able to help?
  6. Attached is the competition I'm trying to recreate from fm20, but I'm having issues with when it's starting. It's meant to be a yearly comp, but since creating an testing I've had it be a season behind when picking qualified teams & now it has irregular gaps when starting. It went from 3 years straight with the correct qualified teams to a 3 year gap & then a 5 year gap & I have no idea whats causing it or how to fix it. Any help is greatly appreciated. British Champions Cup.fmf
  7. Trying to get this comp working properly, first time i tried it in game it was a season behind with selecting the teams. Edited the run date and now it wants to run bi-annually wh en I want it to run every season. British Champions Cup.fmf
  8. I'm pretty sure you can't leave nationality as an empty field so only way i can think of is to choose a nation as your main & then in other nationalities add every other nation you want to be eligible for, but your player will most likely be selected for one of the bigger nations like england, germany france, brazil & turn down any minor nation every time.
  9. In the pre-game editor you can goto the players you wish to edit & then in their contract where you'll find the loan details. You can remove those and then save your file for your new save game & when you start they won't be at your club. On a in-game editor you can edit the players contract to have the loan end the next in-game date
  10. I made a simple 16 team ko cup on fm20 & I'm trying to get it working on fm21. Everything is still the same, but it's only recognizing 15 out of the 16 teams I've selected to enter & I really have no idea why British Champions Cup.fmf
  11. This is exactly what I was waiting for, how long you think it'll take you to do the first few levels after the vanarama?
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