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  1. You're welcome, Jemal Likewise to you and everyone in the studio
  2. Hi team Thanks for continuing to work tirelessly to keep improving the game Just something which tickles me a little. Please see Solihull's first goal. They play a through ball, and the defenders dont react, but worst of all, the GK is not moving forward at all. No reaction from the GK. I feel this has been an issue for a while. Just thought I would post a PKM and hope you can kindly have a look Wish you all health and have a great week. Solihull Moors v Southend.pkm
  3. Why wouldnt he shoot before passing? And look at the Norwich defender stop and move towards the corner flag instead of man marking the goalscorer. Sorry couldnt help but notice. Ugh
  4. Firstly thanks so much for all the great new features. This game has amazing potential. just something I've noticed. During the English 3pm kick offs and just general kick offs in the early afternoon. On a bright sunny day, if you zoom out and see the sky, the sky isn't a bright blue. It's pink/purple and makes the game feel like it's played at night. The pitch doesn't look or feel as bright and sunny as it did in fm18. Not sure if it's a bug. I play on the highest graphics settings aswell. But the sky colour is bothering me . Hope it's looked at. Many thanks
  5. Yeah i could have left out that bit. Anyway love the game mate and not taking away anything from the devs. You all work super hard (y)
  6. Love the game so far so thanks to SI Only couple things ive realised is that there a few too many long balls being played through and hardly any crosses anymore. But love the new additions, so thanks for putting in hours and hours into making this game so great
  7. Tbh, that is a very disappointing reply, especially with a bloke who is meant to wear the FM badge with pride and honor; i certainly hope this is how you dont answer to people in real life. I only state an issue, and you slander my grammar/punctuality
  8. Thomas richardson is white yet in the game he is like paul pogba . LACK of attention to detail once again. Disappointing
  9. During the day games, why is the sky this colour? Why isnt it cloudy, or a blue sky etc?? The ME in FM18 had a nice bright feeling if it was a blue sky. This is very underwhelming;
  10. Mate if you read my post, the nets are NOT in the home team colours but in their away tops. Braintrees home squad colours are orange. So youre telling me the groundsman changes the net colours every game based on what colours they are wearing? It should always be their home colours or whatever colour they choose from the start. Its like having man citys nets being yellow in the rare instances they wear their away tops at the Emirates
  11. A small irritation yet its annoying. Braintree (my team) wear orange and thats our primary colour. We are wearing our blue away kit at home which I understand as there may be a clash, but why is my net shader blue aswell?? Very unrealistic and it should be orange. Its like Liverpool having a yellow net if they wear their away tops at home lol. Just lack of attention to detail. Hope these smalls things are fixed
  12. Graphics on highest settings. What are these dark spots on the ground? Is it the pitch trying to look worn? Because it looks really odd Ruining immersion seeing these dark small patches all over the pitch
  13. On the beta i didnt have this issue. I am using FLUT skin and when I watch the games, it doesnt show any highlights but just the background of the skin. When i switch to the default FM skin, i can then see the highlights and the ME This wasnt an issue on the beta . Great game so far
  14. Might have an issue with the integrated card. Not sure if you’d be able to play on max settings
  15. That’s overkill for FM. I’ve got something pretty much the same apart that I have a 2070 super gfx. Will be able to run fm for the next decade easily with this setup
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