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  1. Mardy

    Head of Youth Development

    My go-to is Romuald Peiser, he's a model citizen and has been for the last few years. Sign him as a keeper, tell him he could be coach when he hangs up his boots, then offer him a job as head of youth. His stats are poor but model citizen is great for youth intake.
  2. Mardy


    It's a little tedious I agree, I like investing in a full team of high potential under 18s and 23s that fit my tactics, so my first team appears huge. I've set my under18s a nick name of just "Y" and "B" for my reserves, so it's a little easier on the eye.
  3. I always give Eva Carneiro a job as a physio, with as high wage as I can afford, as a middle finger to Jose.
  4. That’s not a disappointing season mate 😂
  5. Corners I have aim at far post, with Jansson attacking the far post, with my striker standing on far post for any rebounds. For throws I have them set to long as my taker has long throw trait. I have both my centre backs forward for them, with my next 3 most defensive players staying back Free kicks I have my centre backs forward, with free kicks being aimed at best header
  6. Finished the season top with Jansson as my top goal scorer, crazy! Also, made 4 new signings ready for the prem. Barkley, Gomez and Bardhi look incredible in particular
  7. I feel like this is a bug haha
  8. Nasri, Charlie Taylor, Marcos Llorente 12 month loan (2k wages, bargain), Foden. I also signed Jagielka and Rasmus Elm for mentoring I have Eggestein coming when his contract runs out but you can pay 700k to bring him in in January
  9. So I am just into December and Pontus is my top goal scorer 3 assists too. Absolute beast from corners and long throws
  10. Mardy

    Split view in match

    This is still an issue after the update. I cannot use split view at all. Can anybody help solve?
  11. Mardy

    Split view in match

    Yep, this is my exact issue. Thank you for expanding. Can’t seem to find a solution anywhere
  12. I accidentally minimised the pitch on split view by dragging the screen, now I can’t move my curser to the edge of the screen and drag it back in? Its completely blank now. Even when I toggle extra info
  13. I decided against Horn, I had enough but meant there was no room to buy anyone else. Off the the top of my head GK- BPC RB- Bartolec CB- Pontus CB- Mere LB- Douglas/Boilesen CM- Phillips CM- Mike Jensen AML- Antonio Marin AMC- Xadas AMR- Andreas Skov Olsen ST- Saiz retrained as a F9 The 3 attacking mid players have some insane potential. Pretty excited by them Had to fill my bench with homgrowns though!
  14. Unfortunately couldn’t shift Dallas and Cooper permanently on the full game release but still 250k monthly loans. Then Roofe 9.5, Ayling 7, Alisoki 6.75 (9.5 after add ons), Hernandez 2.8
  15. Horn 16 mil, 6 upfront with 10 over 36 months Mere was 17.5, 7.5 upfront, 10 over 36 months. Raised 29 million from the likes of Roofe, Cooper, Ayling, Alioski and Dallas