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  1. Add an incentivised fee after the loan club plays your player after say 25 games, the parent club pays say £250k, similar to transfers Would help extra development
  2. I have a high spec 2019 MacBook Pro. Loading screens are quick, however 3D matches at the highest setting has a very slight kind of jitter. The next setting down works fine though
  3. He got transfer listed for around £32m mate! Pretty sure I sold him within a year to somewhere in China too
  4. Thanks mate! The takeover rumour emails are starting to get a little old after 3 years 😂
  5. I’ve made some incredible signings with Bolton, first season. Transfers in- Armini, Munteanu, Gnonto, Ponceau and Bidstrup on loan but with an option to buy for 1.1m each, Amine Gouiri and Neco Williams on loan with high option to buys (will hope to extend loans until I make the prem if possible) All were made with the very minimum upfront payments I also transferred in 2 free agents then immediately sold them for profit in Yaya Toure and Mulumbo, cashed in on clauses and sold as many players as possible
  6. I might give that a go! Do you use inside forwards or wingers for your wide men?
  7. I’m trying to decide on which way to have my striker partnership lined up I’m building the tactic around them. One is left footed and the other right footed. One has a shoots with power trait (left footed) The other no traits. Does it even matter?
  8. My scouts rate him highly I just don’t have the budget 👎 Nice I’ll have a look. I remember Andone being a beast a couple of years ago
  9. As the title suggest, was wondering who everybody has had the best experience with? For me Haaland and Mitrovic have been unreal
  10. I’ve been having a play around with this. I’ve always set players to train roles and positions, however I’ve recently changed to train playing position, with focus on a specific area and double intensity. Had some really impressive improvement. It’s particularly good if a player is only missing one or two key attributes. For instance a young full back with incredible tackling but poor crossing can see his crossing improved much faster than normal I think I will use a combination of both, position/role for retraining a position and playing position when I want to target 1 or 2 attributes at double intensity
  11. Ah, learn something new all the time with FM... I always thought they add real players, I did a quick test on adding Norway. The higher rep teams get real players, lower reputation teams get mainly regens/newgens I normally add leagues as I progress but my OCD is telling me I need to restart with all leagues now!
  12. I’m in 2023 on the new update and my squad is so strong. GK- Donnarumma (Free) RB- Neco Williams (18 crossing and passing) CB- De Ligt!! CB- Kenneh LB- Telles CM- Tonali (Free) CM- Bellingham AML- Pedri AMC- Foden AMR- Trincao ST- Greenwood Best subs include- Sergio Gomez, Jorginho, Cherki, Fabio Silva, Reyna All players were purchased with the very minimum upfront payments. I also sold Bogusz (£60m) Phillips (£40m) Almada (£74m) J. David (£43m) Ponceu (£50m) Top tip- Put an offer in for De Ligt on 1/9/2022. Costs a hefty ~£104m though, don’t scout him before/add to shortlist or Juve will offer him a new contract
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