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  1. I add a players personality to the end of their name, for instance, a driven player would get- John Smith DRI, that way I can track personality changes quickly, makes it a little easier for mentoring.
  2. I always consider this. He would eventually but can’t say I’ve ever tried it. Think that would be his best position
  3. I've recently started a Bournemouth save and it has been very enjoyable. Apart from Danny Ings they have no "elite" produced players, i.e anyone good enough to play in the Premiership. I've set a goal of becoming the leading club of producing elite players, by investing heavily in youth and training them at the club for 3 years. In Cook, Ake, Brooks, Wilson, Mepham they have a great backbone of youngish players, the majority with good personalities, that will help with mentoring. They are also great for a homegrown challenge. The stadium is by far the smallest in the Premiership too.
  4. Thought so guys, looks like my reserves and under 18s are going to be very full! Thank you
  5. I believe it's 3 years youngsters need to be at your club to gain the "trained at club" description. I have an affiliate club 2 leagues below, could I loan players to this team and still achieve this, or do they have to remain at my club?
  6. Everybody is different. I use no qualifications, Sunday league footballer, as that best describes me personally You have to be cautious and know your players Most people probably use the recommended qualifications and reputation. This would make sense for realism I guess
  7. Not sure where I should have posted this, But I can't search on this forum? Every time I search, it shows 0 results for anything I look for, I have tried on mobile and MacBook? I have checked all my search parameters and I should definitely see some posts
  8. Some nice changes mate! -A couple of personality “upgrades” really useful for mentoring -A few ability boosts -Option to call back Pearce and Coyle from loan is a bonus -Can raise a few quid if needs be Also, Foden can join on loan on deadline day (for me at least)
  9. Thanks guys the player is Jack Clarke from Leeds, he’s only 17 so lots of time to nurture him He’s naturally a winger but I rarely use them
  10. Without seeing the players name and position, what position and role you recommend? I want to base my team around this player. I was thinking shadow striker
  11. On this update I had to add Croatian first division to find him, they wanted £25 million!
  12. Nice boosts to Cooper and Clarke (shame about his natural fitness) in the update No more cheap Antonio Marin though 😂
  13. Nice! Don’t want to spill the beans I take it? Can’t wait to get my teeth into a new save
  14. @Seb Wassell Any CA/PA changes in the upcoming update mate?
  15. Just had a read through to see if I could see an answer to my question before I posted. So many negative, unhelpful posts in a single thread Anyway, I saw the winter database is currently not included, but is player ability changes included in this? For example, I'd say David Brooks needed a boost in CA, is this kind of change included yet?
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