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  1. Had to start my save again due to a corruption. Signed some insane youngsters. Vagnoman, Wober (model citizen), Xadas, Marin and Arp all signed permanently Along with optional purchase loans in Kamara (4.9 mil), Tonali (3 mil), Skov Olsen (2.5 mil)
  2. Mardy

    FM 19 Mentor Groups

    Best way I have found so far is to have a group of 4-5 team leaders/highly influential players with good personalities mentoring your under 21's. I place all my best prospects in the first team, with under 18's set available for 90 mins for the U18's, similarly with the U23's available for the reserves.
  3. A lot has changed in that time yes, but it's very much the same game. I'd imagine lots of visual changes and a handful of overhauls in the game that go into much more detail now, i.e training this year (which is still a minefield for me) Stick with it though, it's not far from the game you know and it will be worth it
  4. Love this idea! I am going to set up a game tonight and try to get Weymouth as my team. I played for their under 18's so will have a bit of sentimental value! Before I start, is there any benefit in scouts? Is there any other staff or part of the game I can disregard to save money for this challenge? Also, am I "allowed" to offer contracts to existing players?
  5. I have just completed my second season, the first year back in the Premiership. Finished 5th! Unbelievable season. Charlie Taylor averaged 7.68 for the season. Glad I brought him back! Already done a few transfers in preparation for Europa as my squad was thin. Drinkwater and Luka Jovic in on transfers Rodrygo, Mahrez and David Luiz in on loans Pedro, Kenedy, Patrick Roberts and Mario Mandzukic all in on frees! More transfers to come too I would think
  6. With a couple of transfers I found the team quite suited to possessional, attacking football. The team is fairly well rounded so with a couple of additions you could build a good basis for almost any tactical approach. though.
  7. I might do the same mate, I kind of like imagining how a player looks like. I remember signing Balotelli when he was about 17 and he was banging free kicks in. Imagined him looking like Pirlo because of his set piece ability and nationality. Almost a strange, nice surprise when you actually see a player in real life.
  8. My line up and bench for season 2 and our first back in the prem. Extremely happy with transfers. Might have a shaky start with the influx of new players though!
  9. Mardy

    Head of Youth Development

    My go-to is Romuald Peiser, he's a model citizen and has been for the last few years. Sign him as a keeper, tell him he could be coach when he hangs up his boots, then offer him a job as head of youth. His stats are poor but model citizen is great for youth intake.
  10. Mardy


    It's a little tedious I agree, I like investing in a full team of high potential under 18s and 23s that fit my tactics, so my first team appears huge. I've set my under18s a nick name of just "Y" and "B" for my reserves, so it's a little easier on the eye.
  11. I always give Eva Carneiro a job as a physio, with as high wage as I can afford, as a middle finger to Jose.
  12. That’s not a disappointing season mate 😂
  13. Corners I have aim at far post, with Jansson attacking the far post, with my striker standing on far post for any rebounds. For throws I have them set to long as my taker has long throw trait. I have both my centre backs forward for them, with my next 3 most defensive players staying back Free kicks I have my centre backs forward, with free kicks being aimed at best header
  14. Finished the season top with Jansson as my top goal scorer, crazy! Also, made 4 new signings ready for the prem. Barkley, Gomez and Bardhi look incredible in particular
  15. I feel like this is a bug haha