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  1. Shaw was player of the year at his club. Nobody said he was a must start, but then neither was Sterling and it would still have been weird to play Trippier in his place. Walker's performance didn't exactly vindicate two right backs, and Trippier wasn't great out of position either.
  2. It's one moment over 90 minutes England controlled midfield against opponents with good, hardworking midfielders. You can question elements of Southgate's selection and subs, but the idea we were held back because he picked the best player on the pitch instead of a specialist 10 or 17 year old is laughable. We shoved Rashford forward to threaten them in behind and brought in someone that could link up with him as well as win the ball back. It was hardly negative. Only real question mark with that sub is whether Kane ought to have come off earlier
  3. It'd be quite hard to find against Phillips on performances...
  4. He certainly dealt with the odd horrendous backpass I wouldn't be confident about Pope for
  5. That's half the case for taking him off though. Save his lack of energy for the dour 0-0s we just need someone that can finish, and bring on someone to press
  6. When the ball dropped and I saw it was him it dropped to I was disappointed. Trouble is, I think he felt the same
  7. Tbh if ever there was a time to sub Kane off it's now anyway
  8. Well, Kalvin's been the best player on the pitch by a long, long way even before that...
  9. I can understand leaving Kane on even though he's been rubbish, but at some point maybe concede the fullback thing just isn't working...
  10. DCL would run off the back, drag out of position and press more than Kane tbf
  11. How the BBC should have spent our licence fee
  12. He ran the ball out of play quite well earlier. It was good because he didn't have to touch the ball.
  13. Maybe we can play Trippier in his natural position for the second half
  14. Are we looking at the same Whoscored? That has him invariably playing on the right for Simeone, and suggests last time he played left back was for Gareth,,,
  15. They're both better left backs than Trippier (or Walker), particularly if as has been suggested Croatia are weak at defending that side of the pitch Nothing special about our central midfield either, but if we were playing James there people would be asking why not play a decent player in position rather than a decent player out of position.
  16. Think I'd pick him ahead of both on the right, and especially ahead of a third keeper. Then again, he might be out of contention with a knock
  17. Apart from Trippier at left back it's an utterly standard 4-3-3 lineup, especially for a big game. Mings wouldn't be my choice either, but we were never particularly likely to go with Rice as the only non-attacking midfielders, and some of us are surely pleased at no back three
  18. Call me a traditionalist, but I think if you do want Trippier for set pieces, he's perfectly capable of playing on the right
  19. Probably for the best the outcome of this game of all games isn't decided by a theatrical fall
  20. Didn't you recently say BT Sport had shirts and ties ready just in case they had to do a solemn update about a member of the Royal Family's health? You'd think "something where we really shouldnt be showing the pictures we're provided with" would be something there would be a standard protocol for
  21. Based on those settings I think this belongs in the bugs forum
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