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  1. Except that most players of "wonderkid" age have a PA range which varies up to 30 points between saves (and most of the exceptions to that are already playing first team football and quite close to their potential...). The fact that PA varies randomly for 18 year olds and people still moan about it being too fixed shows what a pointless waste of time developing a method to control potential that isn't called PA would be
  2. That's a strange set of changes, but you've probably got a better player overall. Looks like the other drops were to adjust for a random large boost in Composure without bumping CA. Actually seems like a realistic random rare thing (young striker reacts to something by becoming a lot calmer and more selfish in the penalty area) but I've never seen it happen before.
  3. Not sure what was weirder, not being able to count or referring to players as "staff", as if he was some corporate bigwig feigning an interest in football
  4. Contact continues into the box which is where their feet lands (but yeah, I guess a ref that thought Kane was fouled but bottled the penalty award could give the free kick)
  5. Kane catches the defender, but I think that's because the defender's stretched out a leg right in front of Kane (and missed the ball and tripped Kane whilst doing so) rather than Kane clumsiness. Don't think it gets overruled if it's given Also thought at the time he'd blown up for an earlier foul, but VAR did look...
  6. Overthrowing the wonderful capitalist institution of the European Super League, with notorious left wing rabble rouser Boris Johnson
  7. That clip's blatantly being used at the beginning of Three Lions '21
  8. I think the Danes were in on the conspiracy tbh. Completely ineffectual after the hour mark, subbed their most dangerous player, kicked the ball into their own net and insisted on bumping into Sterling when he was already on the way down. Clearly wanted the home team to win
  9. Gunman continuing to fire furiously at his own feet. I think he's hoping for a penalty Can the mods change his avatar to this?
  10. FIFA Ranking has Denmark and Croatia right up there too. The Croatia team that put three past Spain but didn't lay a glove on us and the Danish side that had more shots than anyone else before the semi finals Ultimately we've both beaten and lost to all these teams in recent years, but we won the games that mattered this time, which is a welcome change
  11. Only truly top side you played is what remains of the great Spain. It's how tournaments tend to work...
  12. only 7.51 for that game though. must be a lot of Liverpool fans voting
  13. Weirdest sequence of events since Leicester won the league and became a "big club" because of the manager's son's behaviour on a Thai holiday
  14. I actually liked England running the clock down. Would have looked daft if we promptly gave the ball away in the corner, but Denmark were done and we were so comfortable
  15. Not sure that small amount of contact with the side on a player looking for contact is enough to warrant a penalty, but I thought that about the apparently uncontroversial Doku pen too. Easy enough to see how VAR doesn't deem that an error
  16. Anyone making an argument for Mount's contribution not being effective is welcome to point out the gaping holes in Denmark's defence that made it really easy for him and others to find space and teammates... (As for the idea of discounting passes because the player found an open lane in a tight space )
  17. Not really sure why the Italian midfield is getting so hyped here. Obviously better on paper but been a bit of a mixed bag (like ours) in terms of performance and what's got them through is crisp penalty area play, a lot of threat in the channels, a good defence and Spinazzola on the rampage Ultimately I think it'll be more down to whether we exploit the channels effectively or whether they exploit (probably more) space in our penalty area better than they do. Or complete bottling, obviously.
  18. 87% completion is pretty damn good for a 10 playing a third of his passes into the box against a well organised defence
  19. What would have been dreadful officiating would have been to stop a developing attack because of another ball everyone was ignoring.
  20. Mount was very good. Doesn't deliver Foden level highlights, but Foden's movement and linkup play wasn't at his level either. Apparently this was his contribution https://twitter.com/ExpectedChelsea/status/1412889650360987665?s=20
  21. You joined the "Klopp Out" brigade yet? Must be a bit embarrassing finishing behind a joke of a manager like Ole with a team of vastly superior players...
  22. I mean, either you're wrong about Bruno, wrong about the rest of our team, wrong about our manager or everyone else is ****ing terrible
  23. If they haven't figured this out from previous experiences with British cuisine there's no helping them...
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