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  1. And yet when it came to games and moments that were tight as opposed to bombarding weak teams it took a long time to score against in the group stages he did exactly the same as Gareth. I mean, he sat on 1-1 with a possession advantage against an a nervy England, anybody that thinks he (or most managers) wouldn't have relied on their strong defence more than attack if they'd scored in the second minute of a final against a good side is crackers And who gives a **** about the group stages? I mean, yes Italy were vibrant there unlike their other tournament wins, but surely we're not going back to "it's no accomplishment because we had a bad game against Scotland"? We didn't lose by scoring fewer goals than Italy, we lost because we missed one more penalty.
  2. Think Mount was a lot more effective than he was given credit for, but had a poor game in the final. But I don't think even Baptista would bring on Grealish to defend a lead
  3. Italy vs Spain and England vs Italy. Spot the difference.... Italy weren't actually defending a lead for very long either. Either sitting back and giving up a lot of mostly non-threatening shots is perfectly sensible against a packed midfield (my view) in which case surely it's fine for Gareth to do the same, or Mancini isn't a good manager, he's a very lucky boy
  4. If your youth setup is anything like it was in FM17, a couple of sales to big European clubs should sort the finances out
  5. Mancini who produced 7 shots in 120 minutes in a semi final won on pens is "in a league of his own" and Gareth who produces 6 is too passive? Fine margins...
  6. It's a stupid petition, but then we also have a petition to change the name of London to Sterlingrad
  7. tbh teams of the tournament usually drag forwards all over the pitch to create space for lots of them: sticking someone in his natural position is relatively sensible If you want something genuinely weird, here's Whoscored's algorithm's attempt to pick the best players in the final. Maybe Southgate didn't pick enough fullbacks (and where is Chiesa?) Their team of the tournament is a bit less illogical, but Meunier is a weird call
  8. Here's mine, and some other people's from earlier in the tournament Not many others stood out, and Maehle is right footed. - Kroos is a hilarious choice, great player in his last ever tournament but played one knockout game and was invisible in it. If we're dishing out lifetime achievement awards, Modric was better. Can think of a pretty big reason not to select Pogba too...
  9. You're right, should have been four more goals Did think of Walker who was sound defensively, but he didn't do a lot going forward even when picked in his natural position; Trippier was just about in contention too and might even have got it for that assist if we'd held on. Coufal was one of his team's better players, and Di Lorenzo isn't getting it after being destroyed by Doku Nearly mentioned Hojbjerg who had a cracking tournament considering he started by missing an important penalty, but I think he faded out the game against England. Havent mentioned many midfield names tbh: Rice, Barella, Busquets, and Koke were all a bit meh, Locatelli didn't play enough after catching the eye, Pogba threw it away.
  10. Probably time to bump this. Donnarumma gets the keeper spot. Had a couple of real horror moments he got away with, but he made the saves that won the tournament. Vaclik is on my bench for being quietly excellent and Olsen made some great saves too. Maybe it could have been Pickford if he'd taken that fifth penalty... Shaw edges out Spinazzola after a goal and four assists which is insane for a guy who was too defensive to get near the team until recently, though Spinazzola was very, very good to watch going forward Mahle gets right back, which is a bit of a cheat, but none of the players actually on the right stood out except for Dumfries, who was threatening going forward but unconvincing in defence. The centre back pairing is tough. I'm going for Bonucci/Maguire who got important goals as well as clean sheets, but it really could have been Stones/Chiellini or even the winning Bonucci/Chiellini combo Jorginho takes a centre mid spot for being the fulcrum of the Italy midfield with Pedri whose passing was just ridiculous. Verratti's showing in the final means its not that close between him and Phillips in the end. Sterling and Chiesa are the wide forwards, as good as Damsgaard, Forsberg and Insigne were. Olmo had his moments too Schick wins out up front for scoring the goal of the tournament and four in total despite not having the same talent around him as Kane, Lukaku or Ronaldo or Benzema
  11. It was a completely normal performance against completely normal opponents to get to the final, something we haven't actually done before. On the other side of the draw Italy cruised past much weaker opponents in the group stage, then needed extra time against the mighty Austria, just about avoided throwing away a two goal lead against Belgium minus two of their best players and won a shootout after parking the bus against Spain. Did that make them the best team in the tournament? Yes, actually For comparison purposes, in 2008 Peak Spain also beat Germany and ended up in a shootout with Italy. Their other opponents were Russia, Sweden and Greece, and they needed very late goals to beat the last two. In Euro 96 Germany also drew with Italy, narrowly beat Croatia and the Czech Republic, and I'm delighted our match against them now counts as a draw. And those are the similar ones, obviously Portugal had both weaker opponents and worse results, but the achievement still counts.
  12. Well if you want to play that sort of childish game, quite happy to agree that Italy drew with us and share the trophy
  13. Might need proving to the guy in this thread who insists that two coaches who inherited absolute messes of teams and ended up in the final are useless and cowardly...
  14. Also seems dumb to highlight "set piece taker" status when set piece crosses aren't counted as "key passes", or to talk about "only one shot involvement" when two of them ended up with assists.
  15. And that we had a 90% chance of beating an Italian side unbeaten in 30 games At some point it's probably worth giving Italy credit...
  16. Seems like shithousery, or standard tournament play in tight games can prosper. Italy are masters of it, they'd never scored three goals in a Euros before this year despite being finalists three times. Don't see what the benches have to do with it; we used our bench and switched formation and it didn't exactly cut Italy open. Rashford and Sancho are great but Italy didn't have all that midfield possession because we didn't use aggressive wingers to defend a lead. I don't think a single English centre mid makes the Italian starting lineup, and that (and Italy's attackers coming deep and narrow) is where the domination-on-paper came from.
  17. Those and BOTTLED! It's only a few days since you were moaning about Mancini conceding the midfield and focusing on defence and being happy with penalties, and having negotiated that game, now he's a champion... If England defending deep for 30 minutes of a game whilst leading against a freescoring Italian team desperately searching for an opening counts as "shithousery" which I don't think it does, we can say the same about a Greece side that had very few chances all tournament but took them and conceded very little. More generally I think Greece did superbly and were perfectly entitled to play the way they did, but nobody's going to remember them with the same affection for their style of play as the Total Football team that won bugger all or the names of any of their players, and no Greek should care
  18. Must admit I wasn't happy when he stepped up, especially because I think he'd been overhitting passes in a trying too hard way all game. Best pen of the tournament though Looking at that record, you can't really say there's a queue of players that should have been taking them. I think the Stones penalty was a Panenka in pre-season, and the Shaw penalty was rubbish I'm imagining Gareth's words being "it'll all seem worth it when you're England manager in 30 years time"
  19. As I said, if the lower ranked sides don't stand a chance, they don't deserve to be in the finals. What'd be really absurd is a qualifying campaign where one side only has to beat San Marino and Liechtenstein to qualify whilst someone else is punished for previous success by needing to prove themselves better than at least one of France, Portugal and Croatia. That's basically the existing qualification seeding system in reverse Making promotion to League A something teams in League B wants to avoid (imagine the farce of everyone playing for second place!) is much more of a problem than allowing top sides that don't want minor trophies and don't mind playoffs to get away with rotation in a tournament that was originally conceived to replace friendlies.
  20. They still have to win their playoffs. If the League C and D teams are so much worse the League A teams are almost guaranteed to beat them in a playoff, perfectly fair for all of League A to go through. Would be weird to design the Nations League to guarantee the elimination of 12 of the highest ranked teams in a format which only knocks out 25 teams in total, and you'd end up with perverse results like League B sides trying to finish second because it's easier not to finish bottom of that group
  21. Mount does loads of defensive work and keeps the ball better under pressure though. Rashford definitely more of a threat on the counter, but you can understand why at 1-0 when Italy have loads of possession but England are really closing down shooting and crossing opportunities well and just need to hold onto the ball better the attacking substitution isn't the obvious one
  22. Thing is, the only obvious player for Rashford to replace was Sterling, and after this tournament you can understand why the manager was reluctant to do that
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