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  1. I think that's fair enough (tbh I don't think we even get the "draw" for that). Ironically it's an area we're not dissimilar to Italy either historically or tonight though: I think if Italy hadn't won the shootout you would have taken some flak for playing too safe after equalising with England looking quite vulnerable (yes, we changed shape, but in theory that should have meant more chances for you after the equaliser rather than fewer)
  2. Recall Stam doing that and nearly taking the stadium roof out once Problem with a thunderbastard is if slightly overcook it it's off target and if you undercook it it's a "nice height for the keeper" who can see where it's going. Though it's not as bad as not even looking at the ball when you completely change your mind about the penalty like Rashford tbh if golf's tie breaker was a putt-off where they both had repeated relatively straightforward 12 foot putts until someone misses with a guy waggling the flag to put them off I don't think many players renowned for their ab
  3. Phillips is far more of an all rounder than the brilliant, but very attacking Foden. It'd be nice to have a holding midfielder that was genuinely great in the final third but that wasn't the problem. Ultimately the starting lineup was good enough offensively to completely bypass Italy in attack in the first half, but then we didn't have any realistic way of reinforcing things when Italy started using the ball better and we looked less composed in the second
  4. Yeah. Also, whilst I wouldn't have picked Saka, absolute first choice penalty takers Jorginho and Rashford took awful penalties and Maguire, who I had zero confidence in, took it superbly. Picking penalty takers on paper isn't necessarily more reliable than picking them based on knowing them personally and watching in training. Would definitely take him at United (won't happen) Ironically I think it was his best performance by miles. But also showed his final third limitations. If we were still ahead on 70 mins, Phillips or even Mount would have been subbed, but w
  5. It's Heartwork. I'm just disappointed we haven't had a Gibraltar comparison
  6. Yep. Also they're every bit as likely to cheer on England's opponents in the rugby, where the commentary teams are well balanced between the nations, the Welsh and Scottish sides actually consistently get to major tournaments and nobody mentions the league at all. Also amusing to say "imagine every time you watch a game it's being commented on by Ally McCoist" when so many English fans have actually asked for this. I respect fans that say "course we're cheering the opposition, you're our rivals" far more than the the whiny inferiority complex on display here
  7. Don't really buy that losing the final hurts more anyway. Last year's Europa elimination certainly wasn't more enjoyable than this years' final, and even when we were winning stuff regularly it was a lot better watching the team struggle to get near Peak Barcelona in finals than going out early to the likes of Leverkusen
  8. Football fans in "excited by final" shocker. Here's how fans that can actually remember winning it, and the World Cup got on... https://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-07-11/euro-2016-eiffel-tower-fan-zone-tear-gas-water-cannon/7585014
  9. Definitely the DM of a man with a way with words
  10. Same with all these attempts to provide narrative to tournaments (beyond blindingly obvious ones like Peak Spain being great and losing to Iceland suggesting something was wrong with our tactics. Miss a penalty against Colombia and nobody would have been writing about how ex-manager Gareth Southgate made players proud to wear the shirt and brought the country together. Score a penalty or two against Portugal and nobody writes nonsense about how all 2004/2006 team hated wearing the shirt and couldn't stand each each other
  11. Not as nice as the Icelanders I watched the last Euros with. They managed not to laugh
  12. I've got a mate trying to persuade four of us to spend nearly that on a hospitality package
  13. Three lions on repeat sounds like a good idea actually. Probably more relevant commentary than Jenas or Matterface, for a start...
  14. Currently chatting with mates about wandering round Wembley looking for touts. We're gonna end up watching it on an iPad on a 10 second delay....
  15. Mount sitting on Jorginho evens up the numbers. I've seen Mata do that job effectively against Chelsea before
  16. "Inner Brazil" just makes me think of the time Brazil did that to one of our better teams for about 40 minutes after Ronaldinho scored the fluke and then got sent off
  17. This. They're miles away, they never qualify, they're not a nation that either gives much of a **** about football or it would be a big deal if they did and UEFA don't really need their oil money. France/Spain/Italy would make more sense than sending any more games to Baku. Actually **** it, Finland/Greece/Iceland would...
  18. I get less annoyed by commentators than most people (the boring ones I just filter out, and Jonathan Pearce getting very excited by something he's completely misunderstood is part of the fun of the occasion) but even I'm struggling to understand how we've got a radio news bloke talking about "staff" and not understanding that Mount wasn't trying to shoot from the byline in the front line of a major tournament.
  19. tbh the disallowed goal would have made it 2-1 to us with a minute left to play, so if people aren't arguing we'd definitely have won if it was allowed to stand, it's only because that bit is too obvious to need pointing out
  20. Think there's a difference between Danes still questioning the decision two days (or years) afterwards which is normal and non-Danes coming up with ludicrous conspiracy theories
  21. I think the format is less of an issue than the selection criteria of "teams the Japanese think they can beat". Apparently Algeria's B team played in it. And Spurs. Algeria B didn't lose 4-0 though,,,
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