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  1. I'm not familiar with German rules. They can get promoted but I don't believe they could play in the same league as the parent club.
  2. There are other tactics uploaded under the wrong formation. If someone is looking for a new 4132 sorted in Google Docs, they won't find it.
  3. Did you only edit staff for leagues you have pre loaded? If I add Serie A & La Liga, will the staff in those leagues be significantly weaker?
  4. What if we remove a League you have preloaded or add some Leagues that you don't have? Would this have any adverse effect? Thanks in advance
  5. Almost afraid to go back to any tactics that aren't Strikerless at this point...
  6. Do a search in Preferences. Is the box ticked for it to show in the Menu? Did you make the purchase within FM 21 or at the Steam store?
  7. I know you have some tactics at Very Attacking for a reason, but how might some of them work on Cautious? In the 2nd half to protect a big lead.
  8. Based on your description, it sounds like a bug. Serie A non-EU registration rules are a common topic here. The rules are as clear as mud. You should report this in the bugs section & upload your save to SI Cloud service.
  9. Best tactic(s) to go against the dreaded 4231 wide, 21 edition? Best against 451?
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