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  1. I'm deep into a save at Real Madrid and decided to start the new season using !!!!!19.3.4BEOWULF424WAFKnapP104EC.fmf . Have great success so far but granted, it's Real Madrid, I have tremendous resources, and a very talented squad. If you want to try something besides the 442 then go for it. Can't guarantee results for smaller clubs though.
  2. ^Was the same for response me in FM18. I was also coaching his International team at the time so I had the opportunity to leave him off and ruin his (what could have been a promising) career-which I happily did.
  3. knap, were you planning on updating the 424 or is the latest as good as its going to get since the ME is only susceptible to the 442? Thanks
  4. Could be several reasons. The player in my save was upset that I placed a bid on another player who played in the same position. The transfer never went through but the player apparently didn't like the way I handled the situation and remained unsettled. I lost count after 11+ nightclub incidents.
  5. As far as the player hanging out in nightclubs, it could happen again, and again, and again...
  6. Thanks for the reply. Agreed, the announcement ahead of time is certainly not unusual. My point is that when I approach 6/30, I have to make a decision on whether to keep the player on a monthly contract or flat out release him. The player should already know by now I have no intention of keeping him based on the number games played last season (5), one would assume, and I have two players more than capable at the same position. I normally try to sell players off before they get past their prime but in the case of this player & Mbappe, I wanted to remain loyal to them as they were absolute legends for the club and should not be wearing another jersey.
  7. Makes no sense that a player would wait until October to retire with all club contracts expiring on 6/30. Especially in the case of this Real Madrid legend, Rodrygo in my current save. A home grown player. Real Madrid is the only club he's ever known and he made a statement a couple years of ago that he wanted to retire in a RM jersey. He finished his career with more goals with any other RM player in history but that's what it is-history. Same thing happened the previous year with the legendary Mbappe when he announced he would retire in November. Why?? I have a team salary budget and I had no choice but to be the bad guy and release him. What do these players expect me to do, keep them on a monthly contract at inflated wages on their last legs for a few months until they walk away? Unrealistic and just plain stupid.
  8. !!!!!FM19.3.4BEOWULF442KnapP106ALLCUPS.fmf 2036 with Real Madrid. All matches in Touch using Instant Result/No Match Plan
  9. Only if they fixed it this year? I'm playing Touch in 19 so Squad registration doesn't matter. But I remember having this problem last year in the full version in Serie A.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I fired the assistant I inherited because his credentials were far worse. Maraner appeared to be the most qualified off those who applied. I can understand the player choice based on his preferred formation but many were on previous rep and not current ability. No doubt SI could put more effort into this part of FM.
  11. I just finished a 4 years stint coaching Italy. I'm wondering if it makes a difference who one chooses as an Assistant Manager with regards to their suggestions on who to put in the squad. My assistant had pretty good credentials but some of his recommendations were just plain asinine. I always play a 442. He was usually recommending something like only 2 Strikers and 10 MC? Suggesting I add a Striker that was once an Italian hero but now way past his prime and has only played a total of 17 games the last two years for his club? Seriously, I could throw a dart at a selection board blindfolded and could have come up with a stronger squad. After being so tired of his selections, I had to cheat using the Editor and find some Attackers with decent CA who would never had gotten at sniff senior International football for YEARS if I didn't call them up myself. So is this a problem for ALL International teams? I've only coached Italy in FM 19. My assistant's profile: Thanks
  12. No idea, it was just a guess. Doesn't make much sense for it to be harder to get a youth International gig than one with the senior club. After many years of success with Inter & Real M, I was approached by Italy without even applying for it - twice.
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