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  1. Heywood JaBlowme

    Players asking for contracts

    With 19.5, I wonder what effect, if any, this will have on players already thinking they deserve a new contract (before 19.5). Interesting to see what this will do going forward.
  2. Heywood JaBlowme

    Players asking for contracts

    It would be nice at least be able to remove this craziness with the Editor.
  3. Heywood JaBlowme

    getting a son in regen intake

    Is this only unlockable in Touch?
  4. Non-negotiable bids are normal. It means the club is not interested in a counter offer. Basically, "take it or leave it".
  5. Depends if the players are interested in joining your club. Also the players on your club at that position may become unsettled because they know you're trying to replace them.
  6. Heywood JaBlowme

    getting a son in regen intake

    I think I was HC at Barcelona for 20 years in FM 18 Touch before unlocking it.
  7. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the transfer value is his worth to your team and not the necessarily his perceived value in the transfer market by other clubs. Doesn't matter if they're not listed for transfer or are happy at your club. If other clubs are interested, they will make a bid.
  8. Heywood JaBlowme

    getting a son in regen intake

    Have to be at the same club for 20 years, don't you? I doubt it's changed from '18.
  9. What is the bottleneck that always causes the 3D ME to freeze for a millisecond just BEFORE a goal is scored? This happens on my laptop all the time.
  10. Heywood JaBlowme

    How to get a suggar Daddy ?

    Abromovich is one at Chelsea as an "Underwriter". Not sure about any others. EDIT I checked Man City's finances. They have a "Front End" sugar daddy.
  11. Thanks, I'm still not what I'm doing wrong here. I manually added and removed some players and will have to wait until the next International break to see if they stick after I ignore the Assistant's recommendation.
  12. Either I'm missing something in the settings or doing something wrong with choosing my own players for the International squad. It doesn't matter if I ignore the message from Assistant just before the squad selection date regarding his recommended squad for the upcoming International break. Unless I manually remove/add players, I prefer to leave players on the team from one break to the next. But when it comes time for the International Squad announcement date, all of my assistants picks are chosen to the team and then I get a bunch of angry players asking why they weren't chosen when they were on the team previously. The Head Coach isn't listed in the drop down menu for auto-pick team selection. What am I missing here? I also doing double duty as a club couch if that matters. Thanks
  13. Heywood JaBlowme

    Fm 2019 unrealistic in its firing of managers

    The loyalty from clubs, especially the top managers, could be a bit more lenient. It's like the AI is coded to run all the other clubs with the patience/loyalty of Chelsea.
  14. Heywood JaBlowme

    FM 19 Goodbye 3412 Knap

    knap, the tactics you're posting at MR L's, are the ones posted at the bottom the latest? Thanks