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  1. Number 11 and counting. Wonder what the record for number of suspensions in one season is in FM...
  2. I've fined him 2 weeks salary every time except for one instance.
  3. This has become laughable. EIGHT times now this idiot has missed training. And he only has 10 days left till his transfer goes through. Trying to think what real life player(s) he would compare to.
  4. Well it appears moving him to U19s hasn't improved his attitude because the sonofabitch just did it again! He skipped training again, 6 times and counting. Can't wait to get rid of him at the Winter Transfer. Too bad there isn't an option to suspend him indefinitely after a certain number of infractions.
  5. Yes it's outside the transfer window so I'm stuck with him until he moves. I thought sending him to U 19s would be the best option for now since he can't practice with the 1st squad? Thanks for the replies.
  6. Long story short, I have a player on the 1st team who's been a pain in the ass and I've had no choice but to send him to the U-19 squad for now. He has a future transfer arranged. Of course he's ineligible to play for the U 19s because of his age but I don't care. I can't send him to the B squad and I don't want him near my 1st team. He's turned into a cancer. Does sending him to U 19s guarantee he won't have any influence with the big club or practice with them even though he was a senior player? Thanks
  7. Heywood JaBlowme

    FM18 updating?

    Thanks, I just clicked Play & it updated.
  8. Heywood JaBlowme

    FM18 updating?

    FM 2018 just updated, and FM 2017 which I haven't played in ages says "Update queued" in Steam and does nothing.
  9. Heywood JaBlowme

    Who’s the Best Ai manager

    I'm in the year 2029 in my current save and Mourinho is still at Man U and having great success. I'll admit I don't pay attention to his tactics as the only time I face them is during CL matches with my Barcelona squad and it's ALWAYS a battle. Perhaps over the years, the AI has had him adapt as a manager to survive? I doubt it's the "Park the Bus" tactic he's know for and certainly not his "Throw your Players Under the Bus" philosophy that he employs IRL nowadays when things aren't going well. Zidane & Simeone coached teams are always tough as well regardless of which teams they're coaching (and they switch teams frequently) when I face them as well. Guardiola, not so much.
  10. Heywood JaBlowme

    Scouts Taking offers from other Clubs-for less $$$

    Thanks for the reply. That would make sense if it were true but in my current save, that's not the case as the club I'm coaching (Barcelona) has the #1 Reputation rating. The latest casualty of my scouting staff was hired by Dortmund who have a very high rep as well at #3 but, as I mentioned he has no experience with Germany. I should also add his new salary is slightly less than the original salary he was earning at my club.
  11. This crap happens all the time and it's ridiculous. One of my top scouts is approached by another club. I try to keep him by offering him a new contract with a reasonable salary increase. EVERY time, he ends up signing with the other club. I look at his new contract and it's significantly less then what I offered him to stay. Makes no sense to me. He signs with a club/region he has no familiarity with when he could have stayed with my club with an improved contract. Unrealistic and just plain idiotic. Apologies if this has been mentioned already
  12. Heywood JaBlowme

    Player Interaction is destroying FM 18

    Adding to one the OPs points on the lack of more Interaction. I sell one of my players who was "Influential" but was declining in ability and wasn't justifying his salary. One of the other influential players in concerned and wants to ask why I sold the player. My initial response might be "financial" and for some players, this might be good enough. If I choose another response, they won't accept it and won't let it go. I already have a future transfer arranged, a younger player with a much higher upside than the one I offloaded. The young player may take some time to adjust but the report says he has WC potential. I promise the concerned player that I will "strengthen" the squad. However HIS interpretation of strengthening and mine turn out to be different. He doesn't consider the new signee to be an adequate replacement. I won't sign any more players during the transfer window so the player considers my promise to him broken. I can't interact with him beforehand telling him that then new signing IS the replacement and he needs to give the new kid a chance. From my point of view, I don't think I broke my promise to the player.
  13. Heywood JaBlowme

    FM18 Midsomer Flat 442 Knap

    Yeah, if you're interviewing for a club like Barcelona that wants to see beautiful "possession" football, don't use Route 66.
  14. There has to be some topics on this already but the board here crashed when I tried searching. All of us have received non stop news items like this: The majority of the time, the interested club either never makes an offer for said player or comes in with a lowball figure. I'd like to know if there's a way I can do the same to the AI team that's trying to unsettle my player(s) even if I'm not interested in any player on that squad. Is there nothing more than declaring interest with the Transfer option? How can I attend a game involving another player or get my GM to attend with the intent to show interest in a player on another team? I want to irritate the AI teams with this nonsense like they keep doing to my squad. Thanks