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  1. I don't see any way to see how much Debt a club might be in before accepting job offers. Is this not possible? I took the Chelsea job at the start of 2023. There is a Net Debt of $1.3 BILLION (US) non-repayable. What is non-repayable debt?? The club will always be 1.3B in debt? Thanks.
  2. Not that I recall. The board were at least 'satisfied' with my coaching until there was about 3 weeks remaining. We were still in contention for the league title with 2 games left.
  3. Agreed, I consider it a lesson learned. Perhaps if I established myself at the club for a few years and won them some silverware (we did manage to win the Copa Italia this season) then they would have been lenient with me by not coming through this year.
  4. I'm playing the Touch version but that forum is dead and rarely gets any replies. Since both have the same ME I'll post here. In my 2nd year at Fiorentina. It was my first full season with the Viola. I took over the previous year mid season when they were 11th in the table and we finished 6th. Things were going great this season (2020-21) at the Winter break. We were top of the table and finished top of the group in Europa. The board asked if I wanted to change season expectations. At the start of the season I told them we could grab a top 4 spot and guarantee CL qualification. I changed expectations to winning the Serie A; Big mistake. We lack depth outside the starting 11 and ran out of gas down the stretch. Went all the way to the Europa Finals and lost 0-1 to Chelsea. Finished 2nd in the league and was sacked at the end of the season. If I had not changed my expectations I'd most likely still have a job. Club finances were healthy and under budget. Realistic? Harsh? I'm not bitter. I like the challenge but find it a bit laughable. Just thought it was worth posting. I meant it's Fiorentina, not Juve, Barca, Real M, Man City etc. Thanks
  5. *Update* The issue here is that there was no Assistant Manager. I continued in my Rangers save and was offered yet another job with Fiorentina and I accepted. Same old story; my new club was without an Assistant Manager & HOYD. The all RED pitch stayed that way until I played a few games and hired an assistant and the tactics screen went back to normal familiarity. I could be mistaken but I don't recall this happening before 19.3.5.
  6. I have recently started a new save coaching Rangers. Halfway into the next season (December 2019) I had two offers from other clubs-Watford & Torino. I decided to make separate saves before accepting both jobs. After taking over, the Staff for both clubs did not have an Assistant Manager or HOYD. The problem for both of these saves was that after loading a tactic, the tactical familiarity screen was completely red after filling in all positions. I've put in many hours in Touch with many different saves and have switched clubs endless times. This is not the first time I joined a club without an Assistant Manager spot that needed to be filled. But I've never seen the tactics screen at all red for Players who normally play at that position in FM 19. This has happened for me at both clubs I took over-Watford & Torino. Again, I've put in nearly 600 hour playing Touch '19 and this is the first time I've seen this. I have uploaded both saves at the SI Cloud service. That saves were made just BEFORE accepting the job offer for either club. The file names are: Peter Gozinya - Rangers_JustBeforeTakingTorino_1.fmt Peter Gozinya - Rangers_Before_Watford_Offer.fmt Below are screenshots of my Watford & Torino squads after taking control.
  7. Match Engine in Touch PC version is the same as full version of FM.
  8. Started new save with Rangers. Using !!!!!!!19.3.4WULF442PFWMKnapP108ALLCUPS.fmf in Touch, all games Instant Result & No Match Plan. First Season results:
  9. ^Never mind. I think I found it. Darn truncated forum limits. !!!!!!!19.3.4WULF442PFWMKnapP108ALLCUPS.fmf
  10. knap, I want to use a tactic from a previous save to a new save but I've been using it for so long that I don't remember exactly which BEOWULF 442 tactic it is. Do you know which specific 19.3.4 tactic this is? Thanks
  11. When I try shopping a player around in the last year of their contract-even World Class players-I've never received an offer even close to what is happening IRL with Hazard to Real Madrid. Never. Doesn't matter what their age or potential is. As soon as I try to offload them, it's as if the AI is triggered to come in with low ball offers every time because apparently I'm desperate. In Real Madrid's case, is it just a case of a desperate rebuild, knowing Hazard was going to sign with them anyway so they just decided to throw some stupid money for him right now and something like this could never be replicated in FM? Am I the only one who's had no luck offloading players for decent money?
  12. Thanks for the reply. No I never did figure out where the money was going. Unfortunately I didn't pay too much attention to the taxes at the time. I'm already in 2046 of my save, still at Arsenal, and have been quite successful so the finances have been pretty healthy the last couple of years. Not sure it would do much good but here is a current snap shot of my club taxes. I'm no expert in this area but now that you brought it up, the monthly VAT seems rather high. Thanks again.
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