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  1. @Neko Alon I parted ways with Parma ages ago. And the ME has changed. What works for me may not work for you. You should name your club and see if knap can recommend a tactic.
  2. Underdog tactics can be sorted in Google Sheets. You don't need a TOP club to win, only the right club with the best tactic that suits them. I won CL with PARMA.
  3. Short term yes. Long term, I'd go with the obvious-Haaland, IF you can afford him. He was already at Man City when I joined them in '25. A beast. Only thing that would stop him was injuries.
  4. You will be able to eventually. When you move to a new club it takes time before you can comment on their training.
  5. I do frequent rotation and have seen agents with the same request, only after starting squad players/impact subs to give my 1st teamers a rest. In your case, if that's the only match he played, wouldn't that classify as a bug?
  6. FFS, this ME has become boring as all get out. ME on initial launch was far from perfect but was at least fun & entertaining. Current ME is about as exciting & predictable as watching my screensaver.
  7. They wouldn’t stop bidding. Ended up selling him for $296 Million.
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