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  1. I've been using !FM19.2.3BEOWULF4222IFVOLZKnapP110.fmf in multiple saves. Do you anticipate any changes in the 19.3 ME?
  2. Player exchanges are so hard to pull off in FM. I think I may have only been successful a couple of times over the last 3 installs of the game.
  3. I’ve made several attempts in a FM19 save and have been unsuccessful. The other club accepts, but the player from my squad that I was trying to exchange always refuses to agree on a contract with the club.
  4. I thought I saw it mentioned before but I don't see how to do this. Can you offer a player to just one club for transfer or can you only offer him to all clubs? I don't see how to do this if it's possible. Thanks
  5. Haven't tried them all but most of the BEOWULF tactics have worked wonders for me. I've coached dirt poor clubs (Guiseley) to filthy rich clubs (Man City).
  6. Anyone know if the Transfer/Loan suggestions by the General Manger are based on talent in the league you're currently in? I'm trying to get a head start on transfer targets before the window starts. My club has been promoted to the EPL and it seems like many of the recommendations are players that whose talent level is in the league I am already in (Sky Bet Championship) and not the top level (based on scout reports). Usually this works well and the targets are realistic. Am I asking my GM too early? Thanks
  7. I just tried doing this in a Touch save with a very small Spanish club with no money. I decided to let the DOF/GM handle all contracts & transfers. He did a good job of staying within the payroll but he just kept signing & signing & signing players. It was ridiculous. My 1st squad was overloaded. I couldn't give enough playing time to make everyone happy. Made no sense at all. The good thing was, they all had 1 year contracts.
  8. If that's all it is in Touch then no wonder. I was at Chelsea with plenty of money available.
  9. Is this a good underdog tactic for very small/poor clubs like it was in '17? Thanks
  10. As there is no squad registration, why are the scout reports in Touch the same as in the full version? Coaching In England, I have yet to see a player be unable to gain a work permit when he’s never played in the country, regardless of international experience even though every scout report says it’s unlikely he would get one.
  11. The !FM19.2.1DEEPSICILIANDEFENCEKnapP103.fmf has been very solid for me but I can't get any consistency from my Strikers unless they're World Class caliber. I have a mixture of regens and RL players at Chelsea. The transfer of strikers has been a revolving door at my club. They're all decent to very good strikers with the one young regen being world class and almost unstoppable. Most of them will score a goal or two in one game and then completely disappear for the next 5 matches. Team report say the club lacks bravery. Wonder if it's 19.2.1 or just bad luck/bad decisions in the transfer market with forwards. I'd hate to switch tactics because I'm still winning, plus I have Jaden Sancho & Marco Asensio-two of my best players & natural wingers.
  12. Thanks but I wonder if that setting is only in the full version. I'm playing Touch ATM and don't see it.
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