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  1. Heywood JaBlowme

    FM 18 MM VOLANTE 442 Knap

    Only 6 goals conceded? Talk about "park the bus".
  2. Heywood JaBlowme

    FM18 BLUE MATTER Knap 433

    knap, will you be getting the beta again this year and start working on tactics early? Thanks
  3. Heywood JaBlowme


    Have you tried any of knap’s tactics? He’s only created about a bazillion of them. Surely there’s something that will work for you.
  4. The only thing realistic in FM 18 about Mourinho is that he loves to run his mouth off in press conferences, belittles you as a manager if you are successful, and he's programmed to be an asshole. I'm in the year 2031 in my current save, he's still at Man U and having great success. I wonder what ratings he will have in FM 19. Will they be based on the rep from his 1st stint at Chelsea or the dumpster fire that's currently happening at Old Trafford?
  5. Heywood JaBlowme

    FM18 Midsomer Flat 442 Knap

    Good for tough away CL matches?
  6. I'm at Barca and let my assistant arrange friendlies. However, is there a way to prevent a friendly from being arranged during EVERY Winter break without arranging all friendlies on my own? Would UNchecking the friendlies box after the season starts get rid of the Winter friendly? Thanks
  7. Why is it when I'm facing one of my former clubs, it's assumed at the pre match press conference that I left that club on bad terms? I don't much care for any of the choices when responding to these questions. I wish there was an option to say something like " I have nothing but fond memories during my time at 'Insert team here'.
  8. No not when taking over but when I've interviewed for my favorite club, the chairman has asked if I'll be able to effectively handle the responsibilities of a club "so close to my heart".
  9. Heywood JaBlowme

    Unprofesssional behaviour

    11 times for one player I had on my club: https://community.sigames.com/topic/444105-does-moving-1st-team-players-to-u19-squad-mean-they-have-no-more-influence-on-my-1st-team/?tab=comments#comment-11462645
  10. Heywood JaBlowme

    How am I not at least a club icon?

    Good topic I'm mid season of 2030 in my current save managing Barcelona. I took the job at the start of the 2023 season. During my time with the current club, I've won everything. When I say I've won everything, I mean I've won EVERYTHING each year: La Liga title, CL, Copa del Ray, & Club World Championship. I've brought up a s***load of homegrown players from the youth system - which has made the supporters very happy and in turn saved the board a ton of $$$ rather than signing high profile players who would hardly perform much better. The club is filthy rich (yeah I know it's Barcelona but they were a financial mess when I took over) and have afforded me more transfer money each year than I know what to do with. I'm currently at the top at the "Icon" list. I didn't reach Icon status until April of last season. At that point I'd won 5 straight La Liga & Champions League titles. So I'm still not breathing rarified air with the likes of Cruyff & Guardiola. Of course those two were legends as both a player and a manager whereas I can only be a manager. Yet there's two players on my current squad-that I signed in my early days at Barca- that have "Legend" status.
  11. Number 11 and counting. Wonder what the record for number of suspensions in one season is in FM...
  12. I've fined him 2 weeks salary every time except for one instance.
  13. This has become laughable. EIGHT times now this idiot has missed training. And he only has 10 days left till his transfer goes through. Trying to think what real life player(s) he would compare to.
  14. Well it appears moving him to U19s hasn't improved his attitude because the sonofabitch just did it again! He skipped training again, 6 times and counting. Can't wait to get rid of him at the Winter Transfer. Too bad there isn't an option to suspend him indefinitely after a certain number of infractions.