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  1. Heywood JaBlowme

    FM18 Midsomer Flat 442 Knap

    Using the LPool Midsomer 442 for Home matches and Volante for Away. That’s been a good strategy for me in my Barcelona save with Instant Result.
  2. Heywood JaBlowme

    Reserve Investement Fund?

    And now the money is gone! I just qualified for CL next year, the board sets the initial budget, and $1.4B is gone from the transfer budget. WTF? I can't figure what going on with the finances. This might be worthy of a separate thread.
  3. Heywood JaBlowme

    Reserve Investement Fund?

    FMT doesn't allow me to filter or go back that far in the emails but I received a message from the board that they did indeed start another Investment Fund at the start of my current season. In fact the board just recently gave me an extra 1.5B in transfer revenue on top of the 1.2B I already had. Insane considering the Expenditure has been higher than the Income. Not my fault. I'm staying under the Player salary budget and not going crazy in the transfer market, not too much at least.
  4. Heywood JaBlowme

    Reserve Investement Fund?

    Alright, that makes sense. Thanks.
  5. I'm over 30 years into my current save. Right now I'm at Barcelona. Just received this message. The club has an insane amount of money and I have more transfer funds than I know what to do with, but what does this mean exactly? I've been at Barcelona for over 10 seasons and the club has been printing money for years. So why now? A new Stadium?
  6. Heywood JaBlowme

    FM18 Midsomer Flat 442 Knap

    Perfect time for a new 442 tactic. Over 30 years into my save and the AI is finally figuring out a way to challenge.
  7. Don’t want to hijack this thread but I was thinking of posting something regarding contract issues I’m always having deep into my save. I’m playing FMT but there’s little activity in that forum and I assume the financials are the same. I’m currently at a huge club (Barcelona) with a MASSIVE transfer budget. But every time I’ve gone over the club’s Salary Budget and adjusted the financial slider, the club reduces the Transfer revenue, which I can understand. If I stay under the Salary Budget, even if the board keeps raising the Transfer Budget based on the club’s success, will the players know this and get angry during negotiations? I alway choose the highest player bonus at the start of each season if that matters. Thanks in advance.
  8. Heywood JaBlowme

    Hiring Retired Player as Assistant Question

    Alright thanks
  9. I'm sure this has been asked already but when I do a search the web site crashes. I hired a former player to be an assistant coach. His current ratings for judging CA & PA are both at 1. As he gains more experience at his new job, I assume these ratings will increase, depending on his overall coach ratings? Thanks in advance and if there's already a thread for this please provide a link.
  10. Heywood JaBlowme

    FM18 WOF 343 Knap

    Are tactics with Wingbacks far and away your best overall tactics this year?
  11. Heywood JaBlowme

    FM18 BLUE MATTER Knap 433

    knap, just wondering, do you always test all of your tactics for 1 season only?
  12. Heywood JaBlowme

    The Crunge 442 Knap FM 18

    knap, what if you have a top club but are in a TOUGH CL match against a top club? Use one of Underdog tactics or stick to what's been working?
  13. Heywood JaBlowme

    The Crunge 442 Knap FM 18

    Yes, very solid ratings. I have a World Class AMC who is accomplished at MC though. I will try this one out. Thanks
  14. Heywood JaBlowme

    The Crunge 442 Knap FM 18

    How are your MC’s performing with this tactic?
  15. Heywood JaBlowme

    The Crunge 442 Knap FM 18

    knap, the majority of your ‘18 tactics have been with Attacking mentality-with great success. Is there something you’re seeing in 18.3 to deviate from that? Thanks