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  1. @Neil Brock No custom skins for me. Games folder for both systems is in Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020 FM 20 is loading fine on both PCs now but I do NOT use the remove program tool from Windows to uninstall it. The last time I did that and reinstalled FM, I was still getting crash dumps. I use Revo Uninstaller to remove all the registry entries and then I delete the SI folder in Documents before doing a complete reinstall.
  2. ^Fortunately, I always backup my save to a USB thumb drive. Otherwise it would be a total disaster.
  3. This is an isolated issue with my new laptop, which is what I mainly use to play FM. I have a 3 year old desktop that I have not played or even loaded Steam in long time before today. After updating Steam & FM on the desktop, the game kept hanging at the loading screen, but NO crash dump. Maybe it was hanging because I haven't used Steam or played FM on that PC in a long time, I'm not sure. I uninstalled/reinstalled FM20 on my desktop and it runs fine now with everything updated. I am running Win 10 Pro on my laptop & Win 10 Home on my desktop. All drivers are updated on both rigs.
  4. I already know the drill: Complete uninstall/reinstall of FM 20. I use Revo Uninstaller to remove all files. Again, can someone explain why this is happening and am I the only one that is having the issue? FM 2020 v20.4.4.1442341 (2020.09.25 12.29.09).dmp DxDiag.txt
  5. @Phillybear There is no loan option. Every time I make a counter bid they come back with a higher fee. Bastards.
  6. Yes, that's the only way I could launch FM 20 from Steam. Deleting cache & preferences folder does not solve the issue.
  7. As before, a complete uninstall/reinstall of FM 20 is the only way to resolve this and continue my save.
  8. With every Hot Fix release there is a crash dump. Am I the only one getting these? FM 2020 v20.4.3.1441365 (2020.09.24 08.14.10).dmp
  9. I'm at Inter, bidding for a player at Milan. Their asking price is $33M yet when I bid that price they want more. Their previous asking price was &26M, which I bid and was rejected. Why not just say they refuse to deal with my club?
  10. Almost 900 hours played and I've yet to see a favorable report on my GKs regardless of the squad. I know the GK ratings are low during matches but this is ridiculous. My 1st starter last year won the league & CL. I just signed 22 YO that is "potential world class". Yet every report I see for every club I've coached in every save I have in '20 says the same thing: "lack of quality depth in goal". I swear, I could have Buffon, Schmeichel, & Casillas in their prime on my team at the same time and I would get the same report. Absolute nonsense. Hoping this gets addressed in FM 21.
  11. You should report this in the bugs section with a save well BEFORE the end of the season and your supposed failure to make good on your promise, if you have one.
  12. Deleting cache & preferences folder didn't work. After a complete uninstall/reinstall of FM 20, it's working now.
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