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  1. Beo 442 P107 still the most consistent for me. I can win the league with it, but it's not as strong getting deep into CL, or latter stages of other cup matches.
  2. @knap Won’t have access to my PC till tomorrow to give you specifics. All I can say right now is I changed the left role to Winger and did not remove any of your additional PI. The player on the right had no issues. I changed nothing on the right side. It was only cutting inside that the left winger was not comfortable with so, on a hunch, I changed the roles. I’m in the Summer of 2030 ATM.
  3. Are the independent tests for tactics done over the course of one season? I ask because: I'm not sure if it's because I'm using Instant Result, but the deeper I go into a save, the harder it gets to win in FM 20 regardless of the tactic. Especially in Cup matches, it gets more difficult to win 10+ years into a save from what I am seeing. I know very few people use IR so they may not be seeing the same results.
  4. Looking at the PI, he's not comfortable cutting inside with the ball. Changed his position to W and his ratings skyrocket, and overall results better.
  5. For some reason my star AML has been not been playing quite poorly with this tactic. Otherwise good.
  6. Just took a job at Liverpool where Pellegrini was already leaving on a future Transfer. So why is the board unhappy with ME about the decision? I have uploaded the save at the time I was approached by Liverpool SI Cloud Service: Jurgen Flopp _AMadrid1_Italy_Liv_Approach.fmt
  7. Touch Instant Result International League destruction of France. Dunno why International plays different from Club but good result to start the Summer.
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