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  1. ^My guess there’s no Instant Result in the full version might be a similar reason there’s no In Game Editor for Touch.
  2. https://www.fmscout.com/a-wannachup-fm19-instant-result-skin.html
  3. You can filter Important Matches rating in Scouted Players with the Advanced setting.
  4. Too late. The deal has gone through ($89M). I need him at the Winter transfer window and besides, we are facing Schalke in the first round knockout of CL.
  5. @sporadicsmiles is correct, I should have thought of that. Schalke are indeed playing in CL, and yes @herne79, with my transfer budget it doesn't matter I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a bug. Thanks
  6. No clauses on my bid. Initial bid was the player’s minimum fee release clause. And I’m in CL.
  7. The Minimum Fee Release Clause in this player's contract is almost half of what the club is demanding in a transfer bid. A bug? What am I missing here?
  8. Are there release notes for this update? Any changes to the ME?
  9. If I play FM 20 after 1,000 hours and still find it's not enough of a challenge, can I get a refund?
  10. SI really need to provide us with better options for Player Interaction during International play. The choices for pregame meetings (not pep talk) are a complete waste of time, with the "some of you have been in the periphery of the squad" nonsense. Makes no sense if I've been using pretty much the same group of players the last couple of stints. And the suggestions that I get from my Assistant to speak with some of my players on an individual basis before the International break are even more ridiculous. Such as this: Right from the start, this conversation can only end one way-poorly. Haynes may be young but he's a World Class player with nothing more to prove and he was key in helping my Italy squad winning the last world Cup. And he's sounds quite irritated from the start: "What do you want from me?" rather than "What can I do for you boss?" Hopefully there's improvement in PI for FM '20.
  11. Pretty sure it depends on the individual club & budget set for staff. The bigger the club, the more room there is for staff usually. There is no finite number of scouts or coaches AFAIK per club. If you try to hire too much staff the board will block it.
  12. For those of us who let our Assistant set the Friendlies schedule: How about an option/box for Assistant duties to NOT SCHEDULE WINTER BREAK FRIENDLIES? This is simply beyond asinine! And don't tell me the simple solution is to schedule friendlies myself. That's what Assistants should be doing and I have other issues at the club to deal with.
  13. The Dynamics aspect where the player is upset and whines to teammates about not getting a new contract, and then being notified that perhaps a Team Meeting should be called to calm the troops down. I'm wondering how often this happens IRL. And what would've happened if some young kid had said to Sir Alex: "You haven't heard the last of this". I'm sure that would have gone down well.
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