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  1. 2026 in my current save & my first year at Man City. Considering hiring Vincent Kompany for HOYD:
  2. Is it possible for a former player/model professional to develop into a model citizen?
  3. Seeing advice posted that it's best to hire "model citizen" to your staff but how do they differ from someone who is a "model professional'? Thanks
  4. HGF 451 107 EC works well using instant result. Didn't want to go back to IR but have become disillusioned with the current ME, which was entertaining upon launch.
  5. Just purchased a G923 wheel. Don't understand why they made the brake pedal so ****ing hard! I assigned the clutch pedal to the brake (I don't use the clutch). Anyway, another huge sale at Steam good through February 15th. Project Cars 2 & Assetto Corso Competizione good buys? I enjoyed PC 1 and I already know PC 3 sucks canal water. ACC would be a must buy for Sports Car fans, yes? Thanks in advance.
  6. F1 2020 on sale at Steam. Last purchase of this series was F1 2017 (been playing FM exclusively). Would like to buy it before EA gets their greedy slimy hands on it. Anyone buy the Schumacher Pack & is it worth it?
  7. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/lucas-royes/profil/spieler/766893 https://www.soccerbase.com/players/player.sd?player_id=110142 https://www.footballcritic.com/lucas-royes/career-stats/510801#general
  8. There really should be an option for the full version to use the Touch version of Press Conferences: only one question at a time. And of all the ideas since Press Conferences have been introduced, the automated question that appears every damn time one of my players scores for his country is far and away the worst.
  9. Might be a dumb question but, if I uninstalled & do a clean reinstall of FM 21, would I need to reload the Realism pack if I continue with a save that already had it loaded in that save previously?
  10. Would editing Messi's actual contract to the roughly €128,000,000+ per year possibly put "Woe is Me" Barca on the verge of bankruptcy or is there a code in FM that would prevent this from happening? Someone please say yes.
  11. If I Fire my Assistant, will that remove the Dugout? Just wondering.
  12. Based on title, I though this might have been a thread suggesting microtransactions ala Out of the Park, whose developer will no longer get one cent of my money. Don't think so.
  13. I'm seeing the same thing in my Parma save. Club Vision requires signing player under the age of 23 and the suggestions in these meetings are nothing more than a mish mosh of players, many of them consisting of 30+ has-beens. I could throw a dart at selection board blind folded and come up with better players to sign than this garbage.
  14. Highest ratings don't necessarily mean best PK taker. I've seen it before. If my best rated player misses 2 PK's, he's DONE. I don't want him anywhere near the penalty spot again.
  15. ^ I was rereferring the AI formations with the 532 being very difficult to break down.
  16. 442 is nowhere near as difficult a formation to beat in '21 as other formations IMO. The 532 with Wingbacks, or a variation of, can be almost impossible to beat, depending on which tactic you use.
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