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  1. One of the Devs should be able to answer this on whether you can change clubs or not...
  2. I thought there was no "age discrimination" in FM? What about the one FM player from years back that played over 200 years in one save? I forget which edition. Unless he stayed at the same club.
  3. $296M is more than double what Man City paid for Haaland ($119M) in the same save before I arrived at the club.
  4. Never saw any transfer that big. Biggest offer I've seen was in an old Man City save for this kid from guess who-Hertha BSC Kept getting non stop transfer offers from Hertha. Was a fantastic talent. A home grown kid with potential up the wazoo. But he threw a tantrum and was unsettled as they made him their "Top Target". They made me an offer I couldn't refuse so I let him go.
  5. 1024 x 768 is the max resolution on my ancient Asus laptop. Was very difficult to play FM on that rig because you cannot view full customized tactics screen, squad selection etc.
  6. I like this addition to PCs. If it would pop up after the 1st question, it would be perfect.
  7. I hate them. I said this earlier: There should be an FM Touch option for the full version: Only one question per PC.
  8. Bobo Vieri & Roberto Baggio: Don’t these players grow on trees in Italy?
  9. I honestly thought Donnarumma may have peaked at an earlier age was never going to be big time GK. So happy to be wrong.
  10. Winner is already predetermined. Most rigged International tournament in history. Italy have no chance. Victory for the English diving team.
  11. There is usually an option to tell the player you do not think he's worth more than what he think's he's asking for or something like that. Not the same as telling the player he's in bad form & doesn't deserve it. I often flat out refuse to even give the player's request to a one on one meeting if he's on a long term contract anyway. The whole "team meeting" nonsense is unrealistic and never happens IRL regarding player contracts, but if he's playing that poorly, it's unlikely his teammates will request a team meeting.
  12. Has anyone ever seen a long distance lob attempt in FM like the beautiful goal scored by Patrik Schick vs Scotland?
  13. Not sure if this has been posted already. I have been seeing the In Match settings change on their own after making tactical changes during a match. For instance, the Match Speed During Highlights slider will go back to default, same with the Highlight mode setting, etc. It's an intermittent issue but happens enough to be a nuisance.
  14. Will one of the Developers please tell me that the "Were you happy to see (your player) scoring for his country" question has already been removed for FM 22? Please?
  15. I just finished my 1st season at Inter. Isco was acquired on a free that Summer just before I arrived. It was almost at the end of the season that he comes crying to me that my promise was never kept on making him the primary PK taker. I never made any promise. I inherited the promise when I was hired. I never bothered to look at the promise in my profile. I had to go back to an early save when I was first approached by Inter to see it. There's no promise in his contract: He's so upset he won't let the issue go. Bad enough that I had nothing to do with any promise, why would the player wait till the season is almost over to voice his concerns about it?
  16. If you uninstall FM as already suggested, make sure it's a complete removal of all game files before reinstalling. I like using Revo Uninstaller to first remove FM then delete the FM folder in My Documents. FWIW, FM 21 has been completely bonkers since 21.4 on two different devices for me, including the issue that the OP has posted.
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