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  1. So this actually happens far too often, but I didn't bother reporting it before until now as now it's just annoying. A player wants more quickness training, and then a day later wants more strength training. Screenshots below.
  2. To all you players in FM21 who sign long term contracts - YOU agreed to the contract, so STOP asking for a new contract after 3 months when you have 3 years left on your existing one. STOP IT!!! And then remaining miserable for the entire term. Rant over!
  3. Hey, sorry I don't have save before he complains. Unfortunately I had to sell him as he continuously was not available - despite me giving him a new contract.
  4. Hi all So I had a player that decided he wanted a new contract - even though he joined 6 months ago!!! He ended up going to the nightclub before every match which was infuritating me, especially as he had a "Model professional" personality. Anyway, since I couldn't use him as he was never available, I offered a new contract to him and he accepted it (to start at the end of the season). However, he's still unhappy and it says he wants a new contract. Surely this is a bug. He wouldn't have accepted the new contract if he was only going to be unhappy again. And it's really annoying as he ref
  5. Outside the premier league loanees under 21 still need to be registered. Funnily enough in the premier league, loaness under 21 dont need to be registered. In a way, it probably makes sense and is there to protect U21's that play in EFL clubs as if they did not have to be registered then there would be one additional player they would have to compete with.
  6. Sometimes when loaning a player (i.e you're making the loan offer), the club requests like 40% wages to be paid which is fine and defaults to "loan cannot be terminated". Ok so all fine. Then you "Suggest terms". Then as part of the negotiation it says "can be recalled" is added. This is fine also. Makes sense. HOWEVER, has anyone noticed the games contract cheekily changes the wages offer to 100%, and you have to go back and manually change back to 40% which of course they will still accept. This is clearly a bug (rather than the game trying to fool you). It's easy to miss and you could
  7. I've had a number of instances where I've sold a player and as part of the deal I have to still pay part of the wages of the player being sold. Firstly, does this really happen in real life as it's absolutely frustrating, but even more so is that fact I've never seen it work the other way round, when buying a transfer listed player. In other words, if I buy a player, I have no option to ask the selling team to contribute to the wages even though they want to get rid of that player. Can some please enlighten me as to why this feature is in the game and if I am missing a trick in getting th
  8. Hi all I have a quick question. When searching for players whose contracts are expiring (or youth contracts), sometimes you can "Approach to Sign" them under the contract option, and in other cases you have to formally make an offer. At the moment, I select on each player individually to find out which ones have "Approach to sign" (in other words you can directly offer player a contract albeit for compensation). Is there a criteria in the search which will only show those with "Approach to sign"? I hope I am making sense. Many thanks
  9. Hi all I've tried searching this but can't find a definitive answer. When you go on holiday and select the box to "use current match tactics", what things can the Assistant Manager change in a match - and is it possible to see what the Assistant Manager has done? I can't seem to find this when I look at the match report. I know they don't change formation, but do they change player roles and mentality etc...? It almost makes all the knap tactics redundant if they change players roles and other stuff and they're tested in holiday mode. Can anyone shed any light? Many t
  10. Hi all, so I'm into about 5 seasons of FM21 (as Hampton and Richmond), having played FM17 last and I must say, I'm quite underwhelmed and feel that there are some very sloppy areas. I've noted them below, but perhaps maybe I'm doing something wrong so would appreciate some help: 1. When I tried buying a scout, it turned out I already had full scouts (4/4). So when it came to him signing, he couldn't and the board gave me the option to add more scouts. So obviously I clicked this button. Now here's the issue. The board don't respond till the next day and therefore you have to cancel the de
  11. Hi, is there any way to find out the cost of upgrading a training facility before requesting? It seems a bit bizarre that we only know what the cost is AFTER we've done the request and then we can't change our mind. I'm Hampton & Richmond right now and top in L2 and have 650k in the bank, but with basic training facilities. I have no idea what the cost is to upgrade them and i'm worried that if it's too much, I'll regret I had asked. P.s, I don't want to request and then exit without saving and I want to play without cheating. Just want to know if there's some info anywhere on trainin
  12. Hi, for some reason, my game no longer opens since Fri 27th Nov. Has been working fine everyday since release. All drivers up to date etc...I have reinstalled both Steam and FM21, still doesn't work. It starts off by loading, but then crashes just before home screen. I've attached a word doc of the error message. Doesn't really give much info to be honest. I've also attached the dmp file along with Dxdiag and Msinfo32 if anyone could please help. I used a Nvidia graphics card and has been working fine and is up to date. I have raised a ticket to support, but solution yet and it'
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