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  1. The newgen system fulfils multiple roles (ensure retiring players can be replaced with similar standard of players in the long term. make sure clubs with top setups get some good players, ensure relevant international teams have star players but not too many of them, create some players for scouts to find in obscure regions of the world, fill out squads of human managed teams with deadwood etc) so it uses a lot of different variables which have a lot of different side effects. In addition to Youth Rating and Game Importance, you've got the facilities and reputation of domestic clubs, facilities and reputation of foreign clubs that are likely to recruit from that nation, national reputation, whether that nation is selected in game or associated with transfer preferences of nations set in game etc. Some variables affect high end players more than low end ones The system isn't designed to work in isolation, but altogether. That's why Egypt has one of the highest Youth Ratings: the local clubs are insignificant on a global scale with terrible facilities, there aren't loads of Egytians living in France/UK/Holland/Belgium so you don't get masses of Egyptians coming through top French/UK/Dutch/Belgian academies. But Egypt still produces solid professional footballers and the odd Mo Salah. So the high youth rating ensures the few footballers Egypt produce are quite good, considering. IIRC last time I played with settings, maxing out Youth Rating for India whilst leaving Game Importance low meant that they produced slightly better players than before, but not very many and no world class ones
  2. It's an SI developer conspiracy to disrupt your uniquely flawless management of the team, obviously...
  3. This is true, but unlike real life I'm not sure whether the "you deserved a breather" team talk has any effect on game time expectations (and expect not)
  4. Sure, but you can only do it in advance, in a specified conversation format apparently programmed by someone with a background in combat simulation! And you're telling them they're tired and need a rest (which they often aren't) not talking about managing fitness through a busy period, or maybe the dead rubber against the team from Azerbaijan not being an unmissable Champions League glamour tie I'm talking about saying "the game's won, they were hacking you, you're too important not to have fit again in midweek" or even asking players their opinion, versus the player not reacting at all to a substitution but being furious two weeks later because it turns out he's managed a weighted average of 78.6% of minutes rather than the secretly desired level of 81% Low rep competitions apparently have an effect, although it's weighted towards higher priority ones. By competition rep rather than by the fact the opposition is in the fifth tier or you've already qualified for the knockouts afaik.
  5. Tbf actual man management of these situations involves things which aren't possible in FM, like telling a player he's been substituted to keep him fit for the midweek game, or asking the player why on earth they'd think not playing in the first round of a cup or when half fit against weak opposition meant they weren't considered the star the team was built around...
  6. Kitolano is a bit faster and can use his weaker foot better. That's potentially 10CA points difference, which is pretty much a whole star, especially since there's a margin for error in coach reports But they probably don't play very differently (and if they do, it might be due to attributes that don't count towards CA, like dirtiness or consistency
  7. I think the main bit that irritates me about this chat is it seems to be entirely based on media prediction and ignores the surrounding context. Follow the media prediction (even if you think it's stupid) and your team will be overjoyed, even if it's basically telling them they're going down after they easily avoided the drop the season before. Tell the team they should be aiming a bit higher than the media prediction (because they finished a lot higher last season, or because that's what the board actually expect of you, or because the difference between you and the stronger teams really isn't that big anyway) like many managers do and it's pretty much guaranteed that they'll be upset. Think like someone who knows how the game logic works and it's easy. Think like a manager and it'll backfire... And yeah, agree on promises too (especially since there's no followup like IRL to say "I was going to give youth a chance, but since you senior players are playing so well..." or "sure these new signings might not be bigger names than the rest of the squad, but they fix our weaknesses which is what I was looking to do")
  8. Think there's a happy medium FM hasn't found. I don't imagine Ranieri demanded a followup title challenge, but also can't imagine Ranieri's title winning squad saying "no boss, that's unreasonable, we're not strong enough" if he said they can finish mid table next season and still being upset if he downgraded expectations to steering clear of a relegation battle
  9. The "logic" such that it is, is that "I don't know him...." is a neutral response, and journalists are sometimes coded to say "the public will expect to hear a proper answer..." and repeat a question in return to neutral responses. This makes a little bit of sense when a player tries to avoid talking about transfers or chances of winning but obviously no sense with this particular q&a
  10. I do consider this a bug though. Should lose the unhappiness, get a statement along the lines of "looking forward to his new contract coming into effect". Any further morale boost other than losing the unhappiness might have to wait until the day it comes into effect, but a player shouldn't still be unhappy about money they know is coming (especially since the binding agreement means you can't even cheer them up by offering it to them earlier)
  11. So they replaced a world class player who was tired with another probably world class player who wasn't. That doesn't seem that strange. Normally the criticism of the AI is the other way: it overplays tired stars. Real life Klopp subbed a very unimpressed Salah on the hour for Alex Oxlade Chamberlain whilst a goal down to Chelsea.
  12. They're not real people, so they don't remember what they wanted a few weeks ago Multiple clubs competing for a signing is one (realistic) major reason why salary expectations can be inflated which sounds like it was the case earlier, and still not having a club well after the start of the season is one realistic reason why they drop, but they can also vary hugely according to all sorts of quirks like the date your reputation changes and (I believe) the size of your total wage budget.
  13. The board always handles everything when extra money is involved, but yes, renegotiating an agreed contract for more money sounds like a bug.
  14. They are always accurate, but sometimes they don't tell you very much, and sometimes the apparent good bits hide significant flaws
  15. A lot of playmaker is just going to cancel out half the point of a playmaker (that player gets the ball more than other players). It'll also play more possession oriented football, which may or may not be a good thing for you. In theory you could have as many as six in a standard back four formation
  16. Suspect some of the expenses are proportional to how much money you have in the bank to balance things out a bit. Custom divisions aren't going to have as many checks and balances on them as the built in ones either. Worst example of a board handling expenses was when they gave me an 8 million combined wage / transfer budget for the Bundesliga, despite having me put twice as much in the bank with my promotion season Thought their announcement of a new stadium at the end of the season (after I'd added another £50m to their coffers) explained the ridiculously tight budget. Then they paid themselves 25m in dividends...
  17. Pogba a quarterback who turns his left arm to make a pass? I feel like I've accidentally wondered into a different dimension where Pogba plays gridiron and people use random alphanumeric sequences instead of emoticons 546 > (bbx)
  18. Peru at the time the opening and closing stage tournaments but also a summer tournament where you played half the teams in the league (randomly selected) which came with its own trophy (instead of a cup). Think the format's changed again since though. Also just an interesting mix of tactical styles from opponents, sizes of club, relatively low level but not rubbish players, well suited to youth development, and a football word that's pretty isolated from the rest of the world (generally it's Saudi clubs hunting your best players, not European ones). Libertadores/Sudamericana is more of a challenge as a proper underdog too
  19. And tactics. Most AI tactics aren't great, and they're particularly weak when the human manager who's supposed to be the underdog plays fairly attacking football against them instead of sitting back and letting them win.
  20. I think the main thing is when you're offering that many trials, you get enough 5* potentials with likely great personalities for it not to matter about missing out on the player the coaches rate as 3* potential who would actually have been a really good fit. At a top division club you've usually got at least one coach or assman whose judging abilities are as good as most of your scouts anyway, and he can be the one that rates all the triallists When I take on this many trials (usually released players at small clubs and teenagers at large ones, and I rarely ever sign them) I don't call it "hardcore" so much as "obsessive compulsive"
  21. Germany is good for easy progression: unlimited loans, plenty of money, and shortish seasons with straightforward promotion routes whilst being satisfying because you meet big name teams on the way and sign some really good players. Would have really enjoyed the Peruvian league if it wasn't (FM19) so badly bugged. Interesting mix of clubs and tactics, multiple ways to win a trophy, and the level made you big underdogs in most games in the (still very winnable) Libertadores which is much more fun than the moneybags Champions League.
  22. I actually might try this or a similarly daft version simply because my issue with this particular challenge isn't winning divisions with under strength teams, but the amount of time I take doing it, and removing hundreds of players to scout and the temptation to micromanage an academy might help.
  23. Interesting to see the taper kicks in below positional familiarity 14 which is where I've generally noticed it playing around with editors. That said, the differences between defender and striker are pretty extreme in terms of weightings. If you attempt a more typical retraining (AML to ML) the gaps will be much smaller, as the weightings are quite similar. So your CA130 AML might be a CA133 M/AML. Is that worth worrying about? Probably not. Generally if you're retraining a player it's because they'll be good in a similar position, not because their skillset is completely unsuited to any of the positions they currently play. The theoretical loopholes got closed a while back. Unless you've created a very specific challenge for yourself, there's no limit to the CA of a player you can buy, so yes, a M/AMRC/ST might have a CA 15 points higher than a ST with similar attributes, but that's definitely not a reason not to buy him (just might be a reason why the scout is more excited by him than you are when you look at his attributes). He won't sign for me or he costs too much are reasons not to buy, but that applies to some non-versatile CA140 players at least as much as some versatile CA155 players
  24. The breakpoint is competent, and above that I think it's progressive, or somewhat progressive. I think they've also somewhat improved the model so its common to get CA gains around the time you improve the positional ability (IMHO this, or it being attributes less relevant to the new position should nearly always be the case) Either way it's not much use min-maxing (beyond very basic stuff like "don't train a player up to accomplished in a position you'll rarely ever consider using him") because a player is less good when out of position, and that's worth at least as much as being 0.4 worse off in a handful of attributes.
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