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  1. Think Kjaer impaled himself there tbh. Was never going to beat Maguire to the ball
  2. Tbf Mount was all over them at the start. Think he needs to come deeper and get the ball (and win 5050s or do niggly fouls) though
  3. It's ridiculous. Fourth official's only real decision making responsibility and he can't be bothered to do it Always been too little in first halves in football, but no time at all with two VAR approved goals is just silly.
  4. Sterling's been our best player today by a mile, miss or no miss. We've figured out the template to score against this lot now though, they don't track his runs
  5. Gareth team selection paying off there again. Great play from Saka and nothing Kjaer could do.
  6. Well, I thought we might see a second free kick goal till I saw what our options were. JWP! Denmark properly bottled that break though...
  7. Apart from picking up a Hojberg shot that was basically a backpass, I don't think he's done a single thing well all game...
  8. I think it's great and wish Denmark luck in it
  9. Probably spent her entire life being told she looks like that bloke that missed the penalty in Euro 96. This is her redemption arc too.
  10. Love the idea. I once had the idea of a team which only included people with the surname Silva (that's a lot of Brazilians and Portuguese players and quite a few from Spanish speaking countries) and this is equally bonkers!
  11. Three lions 98 is the saddest of all football songs. The original was about memories of winning the World Cup that namechecked some legends. Three Lions was about memories of being knocked out of a tournament, getting excited about beating a half decent team in qualifying, and half the players name checked as being ready missed the squad and never played again
  12. Maybe they're just hoping he uses his experience of conceding nine goals to good effect
  13. You will be shocked to learn that nations with fewer than five major international trophies have also exited at the group stage a lot...
  14. Yeah, if Italy's record at international tournaments is a failure, pretty much everyone else should just give up.
  15. No idea why people are taking Rio being pumped any more seriously than Wrighty being pumped (plus you can pretty much guarantee that modest, unassuming characters like Southgate and Jordan Henderson will be doing the "it doesn't matter who got through, we're good enough to beat both of them" behind closed doors anyway) Hell, Rio's generation had the opposite problem half the time: choked with nerves in situations where they actually were in control of their fate.
  16. tbf they weren't even getting to penalties without him Similarly, Olmo's penalty was utterly ridiculous but he set the goal up and was one of the best players on the pitch
  17. He's realised that even Barcelona can't save him from having to bail out Garcia for the rest of his career
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