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  1. If they haven't figured this out from previous experiences with British cuisine there's no helping them...
  2. REFEREE ALWAYS FAVOUR HOME TEAMS!!! Not sure how the referee hurt Croatia, but maybe he should have sent Thuram off for playing like a striker.
  3. HENRY DELAUNY STILL GLEAMING TWO BALLS ON THE PITCH (But seriously, refs are completely allowed to play on with two balls on the pitch if the game's in full flow and the defence isn't distracted)
  4. Might get a ****** headline in the Danish version of the Sun. Who cares?
  5. This. So many tournament winners that absolutely stole a win somewhere. Nobody cares Plus much as I don't think that was a penalty, nobody can watch that Denmark performance and say they deserved to go through.
  6. Sterling's a better presser when he's not knackered! Mostly I figured Grealish would waste time better
  7. If I was doing ballsy defensive subs it'd have been the excellent Sterling off (deserves a rest, doesn't have defensive positioning, won't take a penalty if we screw up). That counter showed why Gareth's manager...
  8. We were the underdog in '86 and '10 (certainly played like it in '10!). Huge mistakes happen all the time. Favourites get ****ed over by them less than sides that don't have it in them to create anything else.
  9. Was wondering if Peter Walton's bias was more towards England or the ref there. Not a penalty but who ****ing cares!
  10. Understand Gareth being nervous about subs tbh. The one he's made seems to have got Sterling better marked
  11. Imagine if this is decided in time added on for half time commercial breaks to start early...
  12. Think Saka was great, but Sterling in the spaces Saka was attacking sounds good too
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