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  1. Presumably 26 characters (including spaces) is the new limit for user names; will it be possible to have them changed by one of the mods?
  2. Actually I quite like the Paradox forum style; as long as it doesn't extend to Karma points (or similar).
  3. Before you push the button on this, have a really close look at what's going on over at Bethesda's forums. Calling that process a disaster would be a compliment.
  4. FMH2015 Android Samsung Galaxy S2 During a match, when a player is moved 'position' (e.g. from midfield to forward line; from LB to CB) when changing formations using the drop-down list in the in-match tactics option, the players' selectable roles are those from their original position. Substituting a player does not update the selectable roles. Restarting a match and re-entering the tactics screen does not update the selectable roles. This can be reset by sliding any player on the 'Formation and Subs.' screen out of position and back again, even when multiple players have the incorrect roles This does not happen when changing formations from the main tactics screen outside of a match. Recreation v1 Start a match (or be in a match) in a 4-2-3-1 formation Enter tactics screen Change the formation to 4-4-2 attacking using the drop-down menu Attempt to change the player role of the player with the 'poacher' i.e. the player on the left of the attacking two: That player will only have selectable player roles for the advanced midfielder' Recreation v2 (more exaggerated example) Start a match (or be in a match) with a 4-4-2 attacking formation Enter tactics screen Change the formation to 3-5-2 attacking using the drop-down menu Attempt to change the roles of (from left to right) CB1 - has only full back roles selectable CB2 - has full back roles selectable LM - has CB roles CM1 - wide mid roles CM2 - wide mid roles RM - CM roles AM - Wide mid roles ST1 - CM roles ST2 (and GK) - correct roles
  5. Whilst the mods are on the rampage, would they mind amending the thread title? I've been mentally adding "There's clothes all over the floor and is that an old dinner plate?" every time I read it.
  6. Puts him on a level as such footballing luminaries as Franco Di Santo.
  7. Burley has never forgiven Chelsea for not playing in the '97 FA Cup final. A lot of Chelsea fans have never forgiven Burley for setting up Beckham in the FA Cup semi at Villa Park v Man U, so the feeling is mutual.
  8. I trust we are all cheering on Brentford tonight? Local team, terraces, within 5 miles of the Bridge and we share the same opinion of that team from Acton...
  9. Very sad news announced before kickoff - Dave Sexton, manager of Chelsea's 1970 FA Cup winning side and the 1971 European Cup Winners Cup winners, has died aged 82. Given a noisy and respectful minute's appreciation by the fans.
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