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  1. I was thinking about this earlier on - he's respected/appreciated rather than loved.
  2. Can't believe we're already doing puns. This is sick. Par for the course on this site.
  3. I booked Friday off as leave to watch the cricket. I might get to see India reach 800.
  4. The bigger issue for me is that in the heat and humidity of India we effectively have only 4 bowlers - Anderson, Broad, Archer and Leach; Stokes might bowl two very short bursts per innings, Root might do one. We're betting the mortgage on swing. If the pitch offers nothing for the quicks or they get at Leach so we can't rely on him to hold an end, we'll be in trouble.
  5. Do the first letters of Harry Cuck's sentences still spell out "Please Come Back Carrie"?
  6. Have you played XCOM: Chimera Squad before? I quite enjoyed my time with it whilst being very aware that it isn't XCOM 3, or even 2.5.
  7. The clownshoe lawyers of the Trump campaign have broken this lad. It's a long thread but effectively it's a descent into madness beyond any Lovecraft.
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