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  1. Ok, even after reinstaling the game, and before using any custom logos pack, the problem is still here. Guess we got to wait for a fix.
  2. Hi there. As you can see, the club logos are not shown correctly on the teams kits. In the licensed teams, no problem, though. I've tried it with 2 diferent logos packs. The issue persists. Any help, please? Thanks
  3. Yeah... sorry about that. But even so, you can understand the thumbs up symbols, and the manager's performance 20/20.
  4. Roberto Mancini. Zidane was training Lokomotic by then, btw. And Pep was at AC Milan.
  5. As I said, they prefered that I hired german players. Prefered. Not demanded. Also, check the screenshot I atached, just before the sacking. I hate to do it, but I reloaded the save. The first time I do it since FM14. I feel that it was too unrealistic.
  6. Do you think it's fair sacking? I'm leading the league. They finished 9th on the previous season, and they were asking me for a CL spot. I think I was giving them more than what they were asking for. I havent bought enough german players because they weren't good enough for us, or costed a fortune. Also, the "sign german players" is preferable, but not demanded, not top on list of the club culture.
  7. Also, I simulated the season till the end, and this happened. Dafuq...
  8. Long story short: Started save with Hamburg. 1st season - won Bundesliga 2 2nd season - finished 8th (expected to fight for survival) 3rd season - finished 7th (expected mid-table) 4th season - hired by Dortmund. Expected CL qualification, semi-finals on cup (Dortmund had failed to qualify for europe). Club vision: hire bellow 30 yo, pref. bellow 23, pref. german. Must play offensive football. 20 games into the season, I'm leading with the best defense and the 6th best attack, bought mostly young players. I'm having a 19 grade with club, despite they only being
  9. Nah... they “just” offer me 147.000€ per month in salary. In the Portuguese version the small “m” means thousand, and the big “M” means million, since thousand=mil in Portuguese (ex.: 5000 = cinco mil).
  10. A little update. I went up to beat my new team 0-1 at their stadium. Finished 7th, and got qualified for Europa League qualifiers. Dortmund finished 9th. No Europe for me next season, I suppose... Reached the cup final and list 2-0 to Werder Bremen (in my defence, I had my best wingers injured). Looking forward to start my Dortmund story. They decided to demand just a CL spot for my first season there, so I’m more comfortable with my decision.
  11. I don't think so. It's always a big step. Lets say that by asking you guys, it's like I'm asking my assistant manager for advice.
  12. Well, **** it. I'm jumping the boat. Doing what a real life manager would most likely do. I hope I don't regret it...
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