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  1. I know the feeling, bro. I must be a really, really bad FM player. I've playing FM since the original CM. In the past few years, I've been playing more, reading more about it, watching more videos. I spend a lot of time preparing the team, the staff, etc. And on the field, I'm failling miserably! I don't get it! I've just quited a Fiorentina save where I was 16th after 12 games, going on a 6 game winless streak. My players keep hitting the bar, failling clear cut chances, etc.. Then, the morale starts going down and everything goes to ****. The same thing happened on my previous Boavista save. Whenever I see all those "the game is easy" posts, I get really annoyed. Either there people are reloading, going for the same "buy Halaand and Tonalli" saves, or I'm really bad. So, so frustrating...
  2. Hi fellow trainers. So, it’s all in the title. How can I counter a tiki taka? I struggle against teams that do it, specially weaker teams. I’m Fiorentina. I just lost the cup game against Citadella on penalties, but they had huge periods where their players would just exchange the ball, and my players seemed like headless chickens, running around for the ball. i tried high pressure, high line, low line, low pressure, low loe with high line... I don’t get it. This has been happening a lot on this past 2 years. I struggle against weak teams, and I hardly see the ball. I seem to be getting words at this game, the more I play it, the more videos I see and the more articles I read. Is it just me?...
  3. Hi there. Any chance to change this club colors in the near future? Just look at this ss. It's almost unreadable! Thanks.
  4. I have the same issue. Can't start the editor. A little help, pls?
  5. Also, Boavista kit should be black and white. On the game, it seems more like black and light grey.
  6. Considering Boavista FC: I support the club, but I believe that the board's expectations are wrong in the game. I think that there is no vision of signing high rep players, and I also believe that there is no club vision to play entertaining football. Our football is considered agressive, defensive, of counter-atack, but definitly not entertaining atm. Also, top half finish is just a tid bit too high (mid-table seems more apropriate to me, considering the budget in comparisson to other teams),
  7. @Rashidi, I would like to ask you something. I check your YouTube channel on a regular basis, but I haven’t seen all your videos, so I may be missing something. Have you ever created a counter-attack, direct, non-possession based tactic? Do you, like me, feel that defensive, counter-attacking football is a bit underpowered in this game, as it favours more the “tiki-taka”-like tactics? I have that feeling, as most of my successful spells so far were with possession based, short pass, work into box tactics. Thanks.
  8. That is precisely what I feel, mate. Besides, all this past years, the tactics I have build from scratch (mostly adapted to the player I had starting on the team) worked well. Never used someone else’s tactics. But this year...
  9. But I want that behaviour from the wide players, not the GK. As I wanted more control of the game, I instructed him to pass short, but he was in love with Rondon apparently. Now that you mentioned it, I introduced Rondon at half-time. Before that, my striker was a pressing forward.
  10. Wasn't using on the 1st half, but changed to play out of defence and short distribution on the 2nd half. And he just kept kicking it long.
  11. Tomorrow maybe. I'm at work right now. :P But still, I changed the GK distribution instructions throughout the match, and he just kept kicking the ball to my striker.
  12. I know had a short fuse with my Boavista save, but I was feeling broken from the overall experience. It's not the results against the big guys that anoyed me, but it was the fact that on 3 oficial matches, I lost on penaltis, couldnt beat a side who played over 30 min. with 10 men, and was losing and had a player sent off so soon. Also add to that the time I invested on the previous save, where I feel that I was unfortunate to be sacked 2x on Valência and Bayer. It was too much for me to bare on those couple of days, hence the rage quit. Now I started a Newcastle save. Played just 2 matches so far and I watched full matches on 2D view. I usually go for 2D, but I rarely watch full match. I feel like I was able to compreend the game better. BUT, I do feel that many times, players just ignore most of the instructions. I wanted the GK to do short distribution, but he just kept on going for long balls to my striker (TM). Undisciplined little brat... On those matches I won 2-0 (Southampton) and lost 2-0 (Chelsea). The goals Chelsea scored against me were both because of mistakes from my RB. It is revolting... Next match, Manchester United at home...
  13. This. I agree 100%. In all my seasons with FM19, against weak and very weak teams I 've had issues to break them down. Even trying to draw them way rarely, if ever, worked.
  14. I think that PPM should be shown on the atributes page, as they are important to evaluate the player.
  15. Mourinho (his first stint at Chelsea, and Inter Milan) and Simeone. I like a team with a really strong defence, that can counter-attack fast and eficiently. Too bad that on FM, I just get good results when I play a possession based, short-pass football. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like the game is unbalaced. For man-management and personality, Klopp.
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