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  1. How can I do the exact smae thing with the user data location if i play the game through the epic platform? Thanks!
  2. Follow up post: It seems that changing the duty of the AP to Attack and adding the "Hold Position" Player Instruction works for my player and tatic! Best player in 4 league matches now my AM (Advanvced Playmaker).
  3. Hello, As I am still on FM19 thought I would ask in this thread if this is OK. I recently started a new save in Vanerama North and i decided to create this 4-3-2-1: First friendly and I lost probably to a local pub 2-0. So I tried to analyze (not so good at it, that's why I say tried). I only looked at the AM. Both players used there, 60 and 30 minutes respectively, moved very close to CM's and AM's to offer a passing option and stayed far away from the ST and the opposition area. Pressing Forward and Winger are on Attack duty, Inside Forward and Advanced Playmaker on Support duty. No player instructions given, no player traits exist. The players used are these: Although it was an FM result (2 shots on target, 2 goals and I had 6 ot, no goals) as we dominated them I didn't like how the role played. So, is this how the AP moves although the description says he moves in the holes between defence and midfield? A "hold position" player instruction will solve my "problem" or should I try a more static role which is hardcoded to "hold position" like an Enganche? Thanks!
  4. We are still playing FM19 (latest update) and we all use a logos pack for Sweden (where our save is based).
  5. I am hosting an online game with two friends of mine. We've reached the point of the season where the other two are playing against each other. When they make any change during the match (shout, sub, tactical change, you name it) the game stops! Time is paused and they have to quit for the game to finish. Or I have to remove them from the save (as a host). This problem doesn't occur when I (as a host) play against them or when we play in a hotseat game. Any previous knowledge on the isssue? Thanks!
  6. Found it thanks, but it didn't solve my problem with the stadium picture!
  7. Is my previous post helpful?
  8. Hey, can I add a single picture of a stadium in the skin where the generic picture you have included is shown? Thanks!
  9. Hello! Thanks for your work with skin. I wonder if you can help me with this. I downloaded a cities package from fmscout for your skin and as I decided to manage in Malaysia I thought it was normal that their package didn't include the unknown city of Bangi (KL). So I googled it, found a picture, edit it and put it on the folder where the other city pictures of Malaysia are. But it is not shown. All I can see is a question mark. Any ideas why? Thanks in advance! Vangelis Edit: Changed the config.xml in the cities file and now it works but when I change the config.xml in the stadiums file it doesn't. So partly solved
  10. I understand all these! I use common sense as well. In the example of my player above I used Cleon's guide for attributes needed, I asked my attacking coach to train him but still coach said he won't manage! Now after a month in game time he still is "just recently begun working developing a new trait" which is probably bad.... It is a whole month! I am pretty sure he will fail! I will inform you all and then we can discuss why he failed!
  11. What determines Also, if learning a trait is so much maybe this good man Cleon could make an identical topic with the attributes coaches should have to train certain traits. Just saying...
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