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  1. Hello and welcome back (although this is not a return as such). First things that pop out (will think of others soon): 1. How I want to play 2. How to create a tactic based on existing players 3. Player Attributes (what is important for every position and role) 4. Recruiting for the tactic I use 5. Spotting the flaws of the tactic
  2. If this is true the moderators will remove it, right? Anyway, I'm asking for role combinations here. Nothing more.... Anyone has an opinion if them roles work together?
  3. Why open a different thread? My question is about roles. Just asking about this combination. No need to open a different thread!
  4. Hey everyone! Been reading this topic for a while now! Will this combination of roles, duties and team insrtuctions work? I want to be defensively solid but aggressive on winning ball back and counter fast.
  5. Hi just found this out now! I get a score of Penetration: 11,5 (green) Solidity: 14 (red) Support: 18 (green) Does this mean that I'm leaky? What is the meaning of the colours? Do I have to try to balance all scores? Thanks!
  6. I don't think you can do it in FM19 though! For sure you can do it in FM21! Time to upgrade?
  7. Nice list thanks. Does micro ATX mobo fits to my ATX tower? All these compartible with Gen 6 processors? Items without a price are not sold anymore or out of stock?
  8. Don't want the same motherboard. Do you have any suggestion for a mobo that can use my current cpu?
  9. Hey guys! I have this set up: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.41 GHz Installed RAM: 16,0 GB (15,9 GB usable) 2400MHz DDR4 GPU: SAPPHIRE AMD RADEON R7 370 VAPOR-X OC 4GB GDDR5 PCI-E Motherboard: Z170A TOMAHAWK (MS-7970) Recently (about 2-3 months) my PC had a meltdown. The technician said I need both a motherboard and a GPU. Fact is that it works fine with the onboard graphics card (Intel HD Graphics 530) but the quality of gaming is poor. Even FM21 says that graphic quality is low. I also play League Of Legends and some more demanding games like NBA2k series. I have a budget of around 300 euros. Any ideas for both motherboard and GPU. Do not want to change CPU as I think it is still fine. Happily waiting to hear your thoughts!
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