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  1. The thing with the Regista is it's a roaming and aggressive role, and tends to neglect his defensive duties. As far as I remember, Tonali's off the ball is not great, so you could just put him as a DLP, so he stays in the hole spraying passes to the players in front. If you must use a Regista, then I'd recommend you use a more "responsible", less glamorous role in the center of the pitch. In terms of ratings, good luck getting great ones for all three, because to ensure a team performance you'll still need a water-carrrier type who will do the simple things and ensure your machine is ticking
  2. Ok some of this may seem insane but, as always it's squad related. First, imho Ozil at the center of the pitch, as your focal point, in this tactic, could work but he's got a lot of ground to cover - or it could be that his teammates have a lot of weight to carry for him. An AP on attack duty should be driving up the pitch with the ball, and his teammates will look for him. I play with Roma, and my CM is Lorenzo Pelligrini. Now he's no Ozil but a bit similar in that he's a classing Advanced Playmaker (runs with ball often, tries killer balls, pass rather than attempting to score).
  3. I used this formation a couple of versions ago, with Hoffenheim, which were, when I took over, in disarray - underachieving squad and the previous manager used 352 so they had a load of wingbacks and no decent wingers, so decided to try it. We ended up playing some great defensive football, which was ugly at times but very effective. As the team evolved the style improved but the foundation stayed the same - attacks mostly down the flanks, and a load of 1:0 wins. I managed to change things with inverted wingbacks later on and things got a bit more stylish, but that's another topic. In FM
  4. Well, judging by the players you have your team is pretty good. You can play a low block, but with the quality you have, it would certainly have to utterly punish and break the will of your opponents, and it starts and ends in your central midfield, even if the rewards are devoured by your wide men. The anchor-rpm tandem, with Harry Kane as the enganche is way too demanding on poor Tonali, both in attack and defense. You may consider a Segundo Volante to dominate this space. The anchorman will not contribute much in terms of build-up, and is much too conservative to be of much help in tr
  5. Actually that series by Cleon is one of my favorites of all time and inspired me to a sometimes hair-pulling obsession with the SV role and the two DMC formation in general. I could very well be wrong, but one of the things which has been reworked in this match engine has been central play. Still, as with previous versions, space is most important, as is the relation of roles and duties to each other. I used this formation quite successfully with a hard working team of runners and grafters, and it was a joy to watch seeing the team simply overpower the opposition with the volante d
  6. “If I have to make a tackle then I have already made a mistake.” - Paolo Maldini. I wouldn't worry about tackles Personally I focus more on the interception stats, although if the football is as I intend it to be, why worry? For example, when I win fairly easily, my defensive minded cm tends to get fairly low ratings. He completes 90% of his passes, makes one or two interceptions, and his kit is clean as he's had no tackle to make .
  7. Fullbacks tucking in more or player positioning being considerably different affects the way a tactic plays out - I'm not sure if it's a matter of loopholes opening up or being plugged. Regardless, I'm curious if the changes in the ME are affecting people's tactics and results or do sound principles trump those changes.
  8. I know I should post this in the bugs forum and really don't want to disrupt the flow of this forum, but I updated to the live Beta patch, and since then, I feel like I'm playing a new game. Yes, the overpowered "lump it to the vardy" bug is gone, which is refreshing, but there are so many other things which seem to require a tactical overhaul. For example, I use a 4312, and fullbacks are a huge part of my tactic. Since the patch, when I don't have the ball, they just tuck in and hide behind my CB's, more likely to clear the ball off the goal line than close down or follow the opposition wi
  9. After playing a few games with this patch, I'm noticing a few things which are really nice. The dribbling and skirmishes for the ball in certain spots look more realistic. The whole long ball counterattack thing seems to be finally fixed, which makes for far more pleasant gameplay and tactical planning. I like the variety of goals being scored, as well as a few other things that have been mentioned here. One troubling thing I find is the positioning of my players seems to have morphed and gone a bit weird. This is particularly the case with fullbacks. I play a 4312 formation, using the
  10. I use virtually the same roles with Parma in the first season, so the squad is not good by any stretch of the imagination, particularly in defense. I started using it because I had a number of decent central midfielders and it's a formation I've always enjoyed. One of the advantages of this tactic is the "space" you get if you lump it under pressure, particularly in this match engine. I'm not saying play hoofball, but don't get caught up on the possession stats. I usually play a shorter passing game and my dlp or mezzala is still able to lump it to the rabid PF for a one of one (and he do
  11. @grazdoztrez It's not really a plug and play tactic and the problems of players far apart of far from the ball are actually not that hard to fix. Anyway, good luck. Hamburg have a pretty decent squad so you should be fine...
  12. The Hoffe are indeed still bossing the Budesliga and we're on our way to securing the third CL trophy in a row. The system is pretty much the same although it's evolved due to having better players. I don't want o hijack the thread too much as it's going into a new direction, and perhaps I should start my own humble little thread, but with teams now starting to treat us as one of the big boys in the league, we've had to attack more, which ironically is starting to happen with reducing mentality and pulling back the wide men in order to make more of a 541 when defending, and morphing into a 3
  13. I keep the TI's and PI's very basic and change them according to the player or team faced. Most of the changes would occur with the central midfield - against a 2 man midfield I'd usually usually use a B2B midfielder, whereas I keep a CM(s) to add a level of stability when facing three man midfields, particularly where the AMC seems more of withdrawn. Same goes for the other TI's. As for PI's, they're also player specific, although the forward has "close down much more" and "shoot less". Note: In my interpretation, TI's are modifiers to the system, rather than absolutes. So, when I us
  14. I use the same set up but with a lot fewer TI's. Unless your players are geniuses, it might really be hard to keep the ball, in spite (because?) of all the shouts. Really high line, work into the box, retain possession, play out of defense and exploit the flanks while also asking them to be more expressive might be overkill. I'd be a bit worried about getting caught in possession. I've won the Bundesliga with a very average Hoffenheim using a similar tactic, and went on a run of 12 games without conceding. The funny thing is, I was allowing a lot of shots, although most were wild lon
  15. Really interesting thread. I've been playing around with 3 cb tactics recently, and managed to make a pretty effective 3142, although it was vulnerable to 433, and I was left with constant headaches regarding what to do with my wide players. I couldn't exactly trust them as "wingers", and defensive wingers just seemed to leave us too vulnerable when missing tackles, and didn't offer enough in attack for my liking. Having accepted a job with Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga, I found they had been playing 352 with wingbacks, which had left them in the relegation zone, short on attacking wingers,
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