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  1. @Rashidi which stream was this? Can you link it, please?
  2. Thanks. That’s a lot of knowledge right there. About the Stopper: when would you use one? I keep picking him due to the flat 4-4-2 formation and no player in the DM slot. Is it even relevant?
  3. Basically what I meant was: if I am to make my Wing Backs boom up the flanks and provide width, while my Inverted Wingers attack the pocket and my MC’s stay back: - which of these: wider play / focus play through flanks / overlap / give the WB’s attack duties, would be a good choice in my case; - which striker roles would fit the system? I’ve learned a bit so far. For now, my main takeways are, that: - with IW’s I don’t need the strikers to occupy the middle section, - a PF, AF and Po with Move Into Channels are in my mind right now, - Overlap instruction reduces
  4. Someone above has underlined the need to position the strikers fahrer from the middle, with the IW’s coming cuttingi inside. I totally get that. There is Move Into Channels instruction available for Poacher. Therefore, I should position the Poacher on the IW(at) side, in order to create space for him, no? If I end up with Poacher/Pressing Forward duo, should both Move Into Channels - with both WM’s kept as IW’s? Also, one more: what is the practica difference between: 1. “wider” attacking width and “focus play through flanks” 2. Wing Back on attack and “overlap”? Thx!
  5. Thx. However, the main question was about the striker roles. When the Target Man is unavailable, I’m left with couple decent F9’s, couple AF’s, one spare Poacher, but no DLF’s, TM’s...
  6. Sort of. Wing Backs attack the flanks, Wingers cut inside, the middle always defends.
  7. Ad. 1: that’s the shape. Actually, it’s an exact mirror reversal, so we can say that it is. Ad. 2: Balanced approach, wider offensive positioning, overlap left and right. Ad. 3: It’s just the attributes. I tend to ignore the green indicator totally.
  8. I’m managing Saudi Arabia. I’m a sucker for the old 4-4-2 formations and two striker tactics in general. I tend to not overcomplocate things: the middle defends, the wings attack. This is my backline; SK(d) / WB(s/a) CD(s) CD (d) WB (s) I’m using a stopper, because the DMC slot is empty. IW(s) DLP(s/d) CM(d) IW(a) Two good IW’s are resposible for bringing the ball forward and either taking a shot, playing it to overlapping WB’s or to the forwards. And now the hard bit. There’s apparently only one decent Target Man in Saudi Arabia, so when he’s available, I’m goi
  9. So, I was struggling to find a working setup for my South Korean, highly technical club team and suddenly, in like 8th friendly game, wonders happened. I was trying to utilize a very good trequarqista on the STC position, bit nothing seemed to work. And, as it stunned me, this worked almost perfectly (sorry for no prtscr): T (A) PF (S) SS (A) W (S) WB (S/D) DM (D) DM (S) BPD (C) CB (D) IWB (D) SK (D) PI: DM(S) - get further
  10. Would you say that it makes sense to use DC on the “cover” duty in such instances, like a full back going far forward, even without playing a high/higher d-line?
  11. Hate high press too. Low block Mourinho, “the fastest counter attack in the world”... We’re on the same team, mate.
  12. As you seed, you might be outnumbered and want an “extra” striker/wide player with some nice work rate to make life harder for a troublesome DM/CM. I had a similar train of though recently - a flat 442 vs a flat 451 - so I do second this. Also, if there’s an option, it should be executable.
  13. This was helpful and thank you for the effort and going into such detail over this. I’m removing the passing focus instantly and going with a wing back on defend. Thanks! Still, if there’s an WPatt on the left, surrounded with a CMdef to the right and a DCcov behind, wouldn’t that be enough of a cover for the flank? Even with the WB on support?
  14. FM Touch 19 brought me back to FM. I’m what you might consider a vet, reaching back to the glorious CM2/3 days. After the series had rebranded, I fell out. There was nothing I could care less about than press conferences, media, team talks, detailed training and player interaction. I’d rather build a hot dog stand, USM98 style, than spend hours on this. Recent Classic/Touch modes were still too much with the absurd - my opinion - “fluidity/philosophy” setting (it’s just football, for Chrissakes), too much interaction and lack of possibility to train a new position. What, too fun for FM?
  15. Great insight, thanks for that! I might, but I don’t have suitable players. This one, however, is perfect for that - regarding the tier, of course. OK, why: - DLF(a) - IW(s) - Wb(d) - the tight marking?
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