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  1. Thanks. Forgot to add that I’d like the creative lad to rush into the box after passing the ball to fulfill his striker duties.
  2. There are two strikers in the formation. Here’s what I need them to do: * one breaking away with pace to counter * one to creatively help with the build-up, roam from position would be nice * I’d also like the creative guy to rush into the box forward after passing the ball to become the second threat * without posession, one to drop and help defend Thanks!
  3. You’re probably right. 1. If I drop the wide players a tad lower, what role would you suggest for the DMCR? 2. What about the DL/LOE/Pressing/Tackling settings?
  4. This is my own - and fairly succesful - take on 3-5-2. As usual, I’m unable to find the correct DL/LOE/Marking/Pressing/Tackling settings for the team at my disposal. For some reason I just don’t get it and my defensive actions become totally chaotic. The main defensive concept is the Half-Back dropping down between the back three, pushing the stoppers wide to engage incoming wingers. This allows me to avoid using Wing Backs and push the wide players up to the ML/MR stratas to involve them in the build-up more. Although Half-Backs are supposed to be paired with two CB’s exclusively, this setup worked perfectly in FM20. In FM21, it does and it doesn’t. Sometimes the Half-Back will drop, sometimes he just won’t, standing in front of the back line like an idiot - but I swear sometimes he does it perfecly. The ML is more defensive-minded than MR, mostly due to the fact that the MR has the Half-Back direcly behind him, so he can take bit more risk with the ball. I’m still strugglin with the MR’s role: WM Attack, WM Support + get firther forward, Winger Support. Not sure. Both ML and MR are told to press less urgently, as they are the only wide players and I need them at the back to defend the flanks. The most isolated player is surprisingly the DCR. When the pressured Half-Back passes the ball to the DCR, the MR is too far up the pitch for an easy pass, the back route to the Half-Back is closed and most of the time the ball is hoofed clear. BTW, this is Ethiopia national team. 12-13 per a key stat is as good as it gets.
  5. @Neil BrockWomen’s football fan here. Do you need database researchers or other forms of support?
  6. The only way I can see opposition roles is the next opposition report. However, while managing a national team, the report often says that too little data exists on the team. And that’s it, I’m playing blind. Is there any way to see enemy roles during the match?
  7. Yes, I know: 3ATB + HB feels awkward. And yes, I agree it’s counterintuitive. Still… it works. The stoppers on the side take care of enemy wingers until their own wide players arrive to help defending. What I like in this setup is that is practically shuts the own third with just 4 players - at least until the second wave of the enemy team arrives, that is. Still, I’m trying to figure out how to go forward from this. I thought about adding a Segundo Volante to aggresively bring the ball out of the back. This leaves me with 3-2 and 5 more players to go. I have two basic ideas: 1. The conservative one: two wide players on ML/MR spots, low enough to help defend quickly, high enough to get involved with the build up, not necessarily as Wing Backs, raining pointless crosses and losing stamina constantly bombing up and down. - - X - X - - - - - - - - - - X - - X - - X - - X - X - - - X - X - X - - - - X - - - - - X - - - - - - - - X - - X - - X - - X - - X - X - - - X - X - X - - - - X - - - - - X - X - - - - - X - - - X - - - - - X - - X - X - - - X - X - X - - - - X - - - I agree with @MBJ96 ovet the striker roles: it’s either PFA/AF or PFA/TQ for me. - X - X - X - - - - - - - - X - - - - - X - - X - X - - - X - X - X - - - - X - - - In this case though I’d need two of the front three to go back when not in posession - ans I’d like to avoid using two PFs. I’m thinking: PFa/DLFs/AF. 2. The risky one: push the wide players even higher up, leave them on support and make sure they have the Work Rate to return to the own third while defending. - - X - X - - X - - - - - X - - - X - - - - - X - X - - - X - X - X - - - - X - - - - - - X - - - X - - - - - X - - X - X- - - - - X - X - - - X - X - X - - - - X - - -
  8. Two of my ideas, one including a Secundo Volante and the other - two PF’s.
  9. So, while managing Rabat in the Moroccan league, I managed to figure out a very solid defensive shape for a three at the back. Stoppers on the sides engage enemy wingers if they manage to run past mu hard-working Wide Midfielders. At the same time, the Half-Back drops in the CB strata, making up for the stopper. Very hard to break down! The problem is I never quite found the other missing piece: the offensive. I’d get tons of draws against impossible odds and barely conceded, but at the same time I found it very hard to score. Sure, the setup depends on the players at your disposal, but surely there are some ground rules I seem to be messing up. That being said: help me with the missing pieces, please. You got 4 players left. Any role, any position.
  10. Can anyone recommend a working world league megapack? I tried few, but either the RAR file is broken or the pack itself is not updated for 21.4.0. Thanks!
  11. 1. Determination is the key mental and development attribute regardless of position. True or false? 2. It makes no sense to play direct passing along with higher defensive line, as there's no space up front to exploit with these direct passes. True or false? 3. A manager should avoid players with such mental traits as: inconsistency, injury proneness and fear of big games in a long term. True or false? 4. If a stopper plays next to a covering defender, the core line is inevitably broken. It's safer to use defend/defend, defend/stopper or defend/cover combinations. True or false? 5. When playing a narrow (wingerless) formation, the attacking width is narrow by default. With the "attacking width narrower" instruction selected, it actually gets even more narrower, going straight to the "level 2" instead of "level 1", as indicated by the GUI. True or false? 6. A covering defender or a sweeper keeper. True or false? 7. A low league team with low passing stats (6, 7, 8) is too awful to deploy any other passing style than short. True or false? 8. My 3-4-1-2 is stronger in the middle against the enemy's 4-4-2 (5 vs 4). I pick narrower attacking width to hit them where it hurts the most. True or false? 9. Or actually - I don't, as my attacking width is narrow by default. I just leave it on default to hit them there anyway. True or false? 10. "Use tighter marking" is an offensive instruction, not defensive. True or false? 11. It makes no sense to play a DM with three CB's. True or false? 12. It makes no sense to play a libero with a DLP. True or false? 13. Positional ability's effect on performance is marginal. If the attributes match, you can play any player wherever on the pitch. True or false?
  12. I'm managing a national team. My scouts provide me with an opposition report, however enemy player stats are blank. I can't effectively deploy any OI's. Also, I can't send scouts to spy them - the only option is to scout club teams. What do I do?
  13. Well, my main issues with dropping the WMs a step down to the WB slots are that: * they will be positioned too wide from my 2 CMS * I might be forced to push the d-line up to involve them in the build-up effectively, which is not what you might expect from a more conservative tactics
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