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  1. So, I was struggling to find a working setup for my South Korean, highly technical club team and suddenly, in like 8th friendly game, wonders happened. I was trying to utilize a very good trequarqista on the STC position, bit nothing seemed to work. And, as it stunned me, this worked almost perfectly (sorry for no prtscr): T (A) PF (S) SS (A) W (S) WB (S/D) DM (D) DM (S) BPD (C) CB (D) IWB (D) SK (D) PI: DM(S) - get further forward, Ti: whipped crosses, lower line of engagement I’m still unsure about the roles for STCR and AMC (logic tells me he should be an AM(S), but I need regular runs into the box here). What do you make of it?
  2. Would you say that it makes sense to use DC on the “cover” duty in such instances, like a full back going far forward, even without playing a high/higher d-line?
  3. Hate high press too. Low block Mourinho, “the fastest counter attack in the world”... We’re on the same team, mate.
  4. As you seed, you might be outnumbered and want an “extra” striker/wide player with some nice work rate to make life harder for a troublesome DM/CM. I had a similar train of though recently - a flat 442 vs a flat 451 - so I do second this. Also, if there’s an option, it should be executable.
  5. This was helpful and thank you for the effort and going into such detail over this. I’m removing the passing focus instantly and going with a wing back on defend. Thanks! Still, if there’s an WPatt on the left, surrounded with a CMdef to the right and a DCcov behind, wouldn’t that be enough of a cover for the flank? Even with the WB on support?
  6. FM Touch 19 brought me back to FM. I’m what you might consider a vet, reaching back to the glorious CM2/3 days. After the series had rebranded, I fell out. There was nothing I could care less about than press conferences, media, team talks, detailed training and player interaction. I’d rather build a hot dog stand, USM98 style, than spend hours on this. Recent Classic/Touch modes were still too much with the absurd - my opinion - “fluidity/philosophy” setting (it’s just football, for Chrissakes), too much interaction and lack of possibility to train a new position. What, too fun for FM? FM Touch 19 is the best yet, by far. I leave team training and much of the stuff to the staff and focus on games and tactics. I don’t care about the lack of U21 squads, I love the staff streamlining. I even go to the lengths of leaving transfers to the DoF: I might ask for a player or to renew a contract, but the task is totally up to him. Real life, no? There’s still one thing missing, and it’s a big one: editor data. What I loved about FM the most were Claasen’s world league updates and journeyman saves, managing sides in Nepal, Palestine and Sudan. If you can give me this, I’ll love you back. But still, with FMT19 you have finally given me a game I can okay.
  7. Great insight, thanks for that! I might, but I don’t have suitable players. This one, however, is perfect for that - regarding the tier, of course. OK, why: - DLF(a) - IW(s) - Wb(d) - the tight marking?
  8. Low crosses, as both strikers lack height, but are quite pacey. WP, because he’s the most creative player in the team and I want most of the play to go through him. The attack duty. because this way he moves to the AMC strata, where nominally I have no players. Down the flanks, because both MCs are there mostly to hold and tackle, they’re not the best in terms of going forward. I’m sorry, but again you haven’t told me anything specific. You have just repeated that the proposed setup is neither a counter attacking one or a possession based one. OK, I do ackowledge that. My question is: so?
  9. Let’s try something else: why don’t you just tell me how and where is the presented setup lacking tactical identity and what on-pitch problems is it causing?
  10. What I always try to do is to identify 2, maybe 3 best players in the squad and build the tactics around them. This is the second tier of Ukrainian football, so these are not world beaters. The best two by far are the ML (good as a casual winger too, but way better in terms of creativity than the rest of the midfield) and STCL, nominally a right winger, but lacking technique; perfect as a Pressing Striker though. I’ve built the rest of the concept around these two. What is a “clear idea”? Against some opponents I want to counter, some I can and want to dominate. On lower tiers players mostly suck, they are neither a technical nor physical lot; they’re all over the place.
  11. And here goes the current setup: MR has the „get further forward” trait, DL has the „get further forward” instruction on; used to be a FB(a), but there would be no defender with the support duty for transitions then, AF has the „press more” instruction on, both CMs have „dribble less” instructions on.
  12. I came up with a formula of sorts, a train if thought morelike: 1. Mentality: that’s where I start from. I used to be really careful with this, but I learned that there’s no point in going into an away game against a team 8 league spots lower than you with “standard”. “Positive” right from the start. If I score - I go “standard” in the second half. 2. Focus passing: depends on 1) enemy numbers, 2) my players. If they have stacked up the middle, I go flanks. If I have lonely wide guys against a winger and full back, I go middle. If my wide men are creative, and the CMs are there only to defend, I go flanks. Accordingly, if some of my outputs play like ass, or an enemy output does, I react. 3. Attacking width: the wider, the riskier regarding counter attacks. I might go positive/narrow at home against the league leaders or standard/wide away against a similar team. 4. Passing: shorter means possession>chances, direct means the opposite. Another risk/reward tool, however influenced by weather, enemy pressing. Also, it’s easier to play short when narrow, and which ich also true for the opposite. Usually it’s standard with 1-2 players told to go „more direct” 5. Tempo: I struggle with this one a bit, however if enemy stands off, I might go „slower” to drag them out. 6. D-Line: if enemy strikers/wingers are slow, I might go „higher”, if fast - „lower”. 7. Line of engagement: if the enemy doesn’t use players in AM strata, I might go „higher” and create a gap, since only runs are to exploit it. Also, if I’m heavily overnumbered in the final third, it makes no sense to press there - „lower”. If I choose to press the defensers, maybe late in the game - „higher”. Yeah, most of the time it’s standard. 8. Defensive width: if I’m overnumbered in the middle: „narrow”. If otherwise: „wide”. Depends on where the threat is. 9. GK distribute: depends on his throwing/kicking stats, which areas are free of enemy player and if I have good technique/first touch there. 10. Transitions, counter/regroup etc: more risk and reward. Maybe if the strikers/wingers are slow, refrain from countering. 11. Opposition instructions: I follow guidelines on this one, with one exception - I never press more than 2 enemies in the same line to avoid disruption of my formation. If I have 2 CMs against enemy 3/4 MCs/AMCs, I don’t press them. If the numbers are equal, I press one of them. Most of the time it’s a single CM with no support in front and one wide player. I tend to hunt down guys with poor technique/first touch or compisure/concentration stars, those I consider „offensive presses”. Sometimes I encounter an enemy player with vision/passing/long shots stats so good, that he just must be pressed. In those cases, I have only 1 „offensive” press left. Oh, and, playing with two strikers, I always press one CB. Sometimes, when overpowered in the middle, I tell one of the strikers to mark one of the problematic MCs. That’s how I try to go about it...
  13. Thank you very much for the effort, but you didn’t tell me anything new. I know the basics, all you’ve written is clear to me. Remember I’m not new to the series, quite the opposite, but I’ve lost the thread since the game turned into more and more complicated simulator. I know what pressing is, what the d-line and the loe do, how closing down disrupts shape. I’m just unable to put it together and tell what and when to do. I need examples, practical and technical. I know that regarding FM the answer is most of the time “it depends”. Maybe it does, but it doesn’t bring me any closer to grasping the game. I need to understand when and who to press and why, when go wider or narrower and why, stuff like that.
  14. (You can skip the story and go straight to the questions). So, as a seasoned ever-since-CM3 player, few years ago I gave up on FM, considering it way too complicated and not fun anymore. I have no patience for training routines, team talks, media management: I want fun, realistic, yes, but fun. FM wasn’t giving it anymore. I tuned out. ”Try FMC/FMT”, they said. „It’s simpler and more to the point”. I did: it wasn’t. Press conferences again, team talks again, no option to train a new position (too fun, I guess) and still the ridiculous fluidity/philosophy concept, which I NEVER got. I gave up again. This year I gave it a go: it’s WAY better. I’m impressed: the fluidity setting is (finally) gone, I can give most of the secondary task - such us transfers, I just pick a target and let the director do the rest; realistic, no? - and concentrate on next match. Sadly, again I fail to understand the game. It’s kind of funny so many years in, but still I have very little idea what I’m doing. And it seems simple enough: covering all areas of the pitch, enough runs in, some holding, adjusting to the opponent. I recall two very influential FM reads: one by @Rashidi about covering areas and defensive screens (EDIT: I think it was this one: http://www.addictedtofm.com/working-title-tactical-design-i-player-roles/), and other one about winning possession: https://www.passion4fm.com/win-possession-adapting-match-tactic/ These make you think: oh, so THAT’S what it’s about! and jump back to it, but then reality kicks in and you lose the match. Couple questions: 1. DEFENSIVE SHAPE: the width option is clear: expose flanks, middle or standard. I’m lost at pressing and the d-line. The passion4fm read would instruct me to press players in vulnerable, excluded zones, like a lonely wing back, a CM or CB if facing more numbers in my respective line (3 CMs would overpower and press 2 CMs, or at least one, a winger would press a wing back, having own FB behind to cover the line). I probably did it wrong, but sometime it worked. In FMT19 it doesn’t. Which opponent players to press? And does it influence the... ...line of engagement? I have no clue. I noticed that pushing it creates a gap between defence and midfield, and since there’s no DM there it’s huge. Still, the opponent doesn’t use any AMs. So, a problem or not? Where do I start to press? Which block do I choose? There are many texts and videos on HOW to implement stuff, but rarely any on WHY and WHEN do it. When push high, when stay low? When leave the gap, when not to? 2. Covering areas: two CMd’s cover the pocket, but not the enemy pocket. CMd + CMs cover own pocket (if the supporting one has right stats), but again there’s not enough pressure on the enemy pocket. I need to make a forward press more. Right or wrong? A line consists of: ML MC MC AMR, so there’s a gap on under the AMR. Would a BWM in the right MC spot cover it? Speaking of BWM, would it also cover other areas around him, like both pockets? 3. An AF and winger on the same side: they’d both make runs down the same flank, no? 4. The opponent has 4 defenders and 5 midfielders in flat lines. I’m playing 442, which leaves me at 2 vs 3 in the middle and 1 vs 1 on both wings. I set the attacking width to more narrow to reduce their advantage. Right or wrong? 5. Accordingly, since I’ve narrowed the attack formation, players are closer to each other, making shorter passing more natural, right or wrong? 6. However, my idea for the game is not to retain possession, but score goals, being firm favorites. Therefore, I leave the passing option at “standard”, ready to switch it down once I score one or two, maybe during the second half. Right or wrong? 7. It’s the 70th minute, and I still haven’t scored, time is running out. I need to go direct. Should I leave the „more narrow” on, or go “standard” or “more wide”, since the players should be fuhrer apart from each other? See, it’s stuff like that. I know what stuff means, but have no idea how to use it and when. Please don’t tell me to go read @Cleon‘s in-depth analysis of options, I really have no time to go through all this, despite it being an amazing read. I really don’t want to dig that much in, hence why I consider FMT the only option for me these days. Thanks for the replies and patience. EDIT 2 - my current setup 1: False 9 (s) Adv Fwd (a) Winger (s) Cm (s) Cm (d) Winger (s) FB (s) CB (d) CB (d) FB (s) Swp GK (d) and 2, the experimental one: Pressing Fwd (s) Adv Fwd (a) Wide Pmk (a) Cm (s) Cm (d) Wide Mf (s) Fb (s) Cb (d) Cb (d) Fb (a) Swp Gk (d)
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