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  1. This is missing the important, look up recreation tactics of real managers, and try to do it on your team in fm
  2. This has been a game changer, so far this season Grealish is taking all set pieces and so far 3 assists off corners in 5 games, not great but not bad either. His total numbers might be wild end of season
  3. Thats actually a great answer, I was wondering how team reputation would factor, we are a few games away from winning the premier league in my second season so hopefully this bodes well.
  4. This may be a silly question, but what does it generally take for a player to win ballon d’or, and does the game let AMC perform well enough to be able to win it? I got tired of my usual 442 I have been running for years and don’t know how to set up a solid 4231, but managed to sign Grealish to my Everton team after the first season. My new project is just making him the focus of team and win everything. I can post current tactic once I get back to computer but any advice on simple effective 4231 would be appreciated.
  5. You think either of these would carry over int fm 21? Love how these look and the roles fit my current Everton
  6. I finally got a chance to get back on and screen shot my tactic, this is what i have been running on every FM since I found it a few years back. Works pretty good. Again, just wondering if the tweak of changing the BBM to RPM now that more teams sit back would help break them down when we don't score on counters which is the majority of our goals.
  7. I’m currently using a successful high pressing 442 on my Leipzig save, to really continue the proper Red Bull style of play. After a few seasons of using a midfield four of WPs BWMd BBM and Wa. My tactic is playing great and I’ve won league each season so far so i don’t need anyone telling me to change the whole system. I am wondering since now that teams sit deeper, if I should switch the box to box midfielder to a roaming playmaker to add more creativity to the side to break down teams. Would a shift like this work/ am I understanding player roles correctly for this specific purpose.
  8. I am in my third season with one of my saves, and I had signed Ralf Rangnick to be my DOF again at Leipzig, as a project I wanted to make a new save but when I looked for him, he does not show up anymore as a staff member that can be hired, did something change following an update that removed staff?
  9. I’ll give that a try, it would probably suit my squad which isn’t too good as it’s in the slovak league. I just think it’s fascinating combining long balls and pressing
  10. Hello everyone, as a huge fan of 442 formations and the general Leipzig philosophy, I have been running a high pressing 442 with fair success so far this year on fm20, but the last few weeks I have become super obsessed with how Hassenhutl used to set them up vs Nagelsmann and Rangnick. I found these two videos which I think are very informative but does anyone have any advice where they would start translating any of this over to FM20? I have attempted this in previous versions of the game from tactics I’ve found online which ran something along these lines:
  11. Awesome thread, need the patience with my squad to try and get this to work because I love the Leipzig playing philosophy. How would you set it up to be more like how they played under Hassenhutl? Their directness was truly wonderful to watch, and now he’s doing it at Southampton again.
  12. Here it is, it’s pretty aggressive and i try to tweak mid game if things aren’t working, but basically I just tried to recreate how Leipzig play with fast attacking and pressing, combining a few old replica tactics I read through the last couple of years to make my own. I’m in my second season at sporting in 2021 or 2022 so my squad isn’t fully up to where I want it yet but Selke was a steal and so far he’s come up with 17 goals in December
  13. My two most fun and successful tactics use a WP in a 442, in my current one I use a WP on support on the left and a Winger on attack on the right. Looks like this to try and replicate a direct Leipzig style PFa AFa WPs BWMd BBM Wa FBa CDd BPDd FBs SKs wp sends a lot of balls into space for winger who then crosses to two rushing forwards
  14. Watching atletico vs Liverpool today reminded me exactly what I love about football, stout defense and pure dark arts leading to a 1-0 win. that atletico is exactly what I want in a team I manage in fm, what kinds of player attributes or PPMs would be best to achieve a cholismo type player. also I would assume outside of already a fairly Aggressive defensive tactic which I have going well for me so far, what team instructions would encourage this kind of behaviors, get stuck in And waste time? how would adding this to club culture and DNA work? I’ve gotten it to be that under my profile
  15. This may be the wrong forum for this question, but need some advice here: took over my hometown team which started off in second division on Slovak league, got them promoted my first season and we just finished first ever first division season in third place miraculously 3 points behind winner (really regret my loss against them with 3 games to go) The issue I have is I don’t know how to prioritize improvements, as I’m planning to take a long time with this save, the end goal is to win the champions league with them. My board decided we want to play attacking high pressing foo
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