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  1. I’ll give that a try, it would probably suit my squad which isn’t too good as it’s in the slovak league. I just think it’s fascinating combining long balls and pressing
  2. Hello everyone, as a huge fan of 442 formations and the general Leipzig philosophy, I have been running a high pressing 442 with fair success so far this year on fm20, but the last few weeks I have become super obsessed with how Hassenhutl used to set them up vs Nagelsmann and Rangnick. I found these two videos which I think are very informative but does anyone have any advice where they would start translating any of this over to FM20? I have attempted this in previous versions of the game from tactics I’ve found online which ran something along these lines:
  3. Awesome thread, need the patience with my squad to try and get this to work because I love the Leipzig playing philosophy. How would you set it up to be more like how they played under Hassenhutl? Their directness was truly wonderful to watch, and now he’s doing it at Southampton again.
  4. Here it is, it’s pretty aggressive and i try to tweak mid game if things aren’t working, but basically I just tried to recreate how Leipzig play with fast attacking and pressing, combining a few old replica tactics I read through the last couple of years to make my own. I’m in my second season at sporting in 2021 or 2022 so my squad isn’t fully up to where I want it yet but Selke was a steal and so far he’s come up with 17 goals in December
  5. My two most fun and successful tactics use a WP in a 442, in my current one I use a WP on support on the left and a Winger on attack on the right. Looks like this to try and replicate a direct Leipzig style PFa AFa WPs BWMd BBM Wa FBa CDd BPDd FBs SKs wp sends a lot of balls into space for winger who then crosses to two rushing forwards
  6. Watching atletico vs Liverpool today reminded me exactly what I love about football, stout defense and pure dark arts leading to a 1-0 win. that atletico is exactly what I want in a team I manage in fm, what kinds of player attributes or PPMs would be best to achieve a cholismo type player. also I would assume outside of already a fairly Aggressive defensive tactic which I have going well for me so far, what team instructions would encourage this kind of behaviors, get stuck in And waste time? how would adding this to club culture and DNA work? I’ve gotten it to be that under my profile
  7. This may be the wrong forum for this question, but need some advice here: took over my hometown team which started off in second division on Slovak league, got them promoted my first season and we just finished first ever first division season in third place miraculously 3 points behind winner (really regret my loss against them with 3 games to go) The issue I have is I don’t know how to prioritize improvements, as I’m planning to take a long time with this save, the end goal is to win the champions league with them. My board decided we want to play attacking high pressing foo
  8. Needed to read this, I am nearing the end of my second season at Monaco and yet again PSG ran away with the league already and Safely in second place but not producing the style of play I want. Was about to throw it all down the drain and try new tactic after tactic but maybe I’ll let it play out again
  9. True but it’s always fun having local lads
  10. You know I’ve actually always wondered this, and am shocked it’s already not a bigger feature. Managers like marcelino, conte, simeone all have really intense fitness regimens and standards to whip players into peak shape, and I would want nothing more than somehow become recognized for coming to a club and turning them into an absolute beast of a team fitness wise. I do a lot of physical training anyways to try to improve stamina but probably not the same
  11. To be fair, I am using an attacking 442, but regrouping and lower line of engagement and I feel like I am finally creating beautiful counter attacking football. Especially now that crossing seems fixed in FM20
  12. This is kind of why I want to do it, I know it’s not a hotbed of talent but just seems like a fun challenge to try and get success from doing it that way. Why knows maybe under my tutelage they will become a region to be reckoned with
  13. For this years beta I’ve thrown myself on a journey to turn Celtic into the next Ajax try to make them the next pipeline of young homegrown talent. I’ve read the articles on setting up ways to improve your youth training and intake to get best regens, but is there a way to specify to scouts and get reports to try to find and develop exclusively Scottish and Irish players? My goal is to mainly just develop a team of players from the Isles instead of scouting the world for Brazilian wonderkids. im thinking of just doing my short term scout reports to be based on the region, any other
  14. Throw an aggressive press conference, resign, join rival and take it out on old team.
  15. To be fair, I am training palacios in this role in LM position and he’s been cutting inside a lot for me and floating centrally, so maybe it’s related to the player?
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