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  1. This may be the wrong forum for this question, but need some advice here: took over my hometown team which started off in second division on Slovak league, got them promoted my first season and we just finished first ever first division season in third place miraculously 3 points behind winner (really regret my loss against them with 3 games to go) The issue I have is I don’t know how to prioritize improvements, as I’m planning to take a long time with this save, the end goal is to win the champions league with them. My board decided we want to play attacking high pressing football, so I want to base my club on how Red Bull runs, focusing on producing and signing young players only, I have mainly been using a 532 or 442 but want to simplify and just have a simple pressing framework to bring players through. I’ve so far spent any funds we have brought in on youth facilities and recruitment and next is fixing the non existent scouting department. the questions I have are this: -any advise on how to develop a 442 pressing tactic that doesn’t need the most technical players, and basic enough to sell players and replace them as needed without completing changing everything -any tips on how to improve club finances enough to get bring them up to scratch, with facilities or staff. Just not sure what to prioritize I’m sure I’ll get some sarcastic answers to this, but I’m just stuck overthinking what to focus on next. Thanks
  2. Needed to read this, I am nearing the end of my second season at Monaco and yet again PSG ran away with the league already and Safely in second place but not producing the style of play I want. Was about to throw it all down the drain and try new tactic after tactic but maybe I’ll let it play out again
  3. True but it’s always fun having local lads
  4. You know I’ve actually always wondered this, and am shocked it’s already not a bigger feature. Managers like marcelino, conte, simeone all have really intense fitness regimens and standards to whip players into peak shape, and I would want nothing more than somehow become recognized for coming to a club and turning them into an absolute beast of a team fitness wise. I do a lot of physical training anyways to try to improve stamina but probably not the same
  5. To be fair, I am using an attacking 442, but regrouping and lower line of engagement and I feel like I am finally creating beautiful counter attacking football. Especially now that crossing seems fixed in FM20
  6. This is kind of why I want to do it, I know it’s not a hotbed of talent but just seems like a fun challenge to try and get success from doing it that way. Why knows maybe under my tutelage they will become a region to be reckoned with
  7. For this years beta I’ve thrown myself on a journey to turn Celtic into the next Ajax try to make them the next pipeline of young homegrown talent. I’ve read the articles on setting up ways to improve your youth training and intake to get best regens, but is there a way to specify to scouts and get reports to try to find and develop exclusively Scottish and Irish players? My goal is to mainly just develop a team of players from the Isles instead of scouting the world for Brazilian wonderkids. im thinking of just doing my short term scout reports to be based on the region, any other advice?
  8. Throw an aggressive press conference, resign, join rival and take it out on old team.
  9. To be fair, I am training palacios in this role in LM position and he’s been cutting inside a lot for me and floating centrally, so maybe it’s related to the player?
  10. Admittedly I am getting frustrated with this team so maybe I am looking for any reason to want to leave to a new club. It was just a shock to go from lots of draws to suddenly blowing teams away in the league. Unfortunately even more pressing has stopped being effective now in the last stages of the season so hopefully we can scrape by to the third title win.
  11. Just want to say that I think I found proof that if prefers attacking tactics. I can post screenshots of my tactic later BUT first third of the season i was more focused on playing balanced line on balanced or cautious, and more disciplined. Then out of curiousity i tweaked my tactic to bump up the LOE and DL, increased urgency of pressing to the max and play on positive or balanced depending on opposition and I ran rampant for the next 10-12 games. Maybe this is because my Fenerbache squad is a favorite after winning title my last two seasons, but its weird that just simply making it more attacking makes the exact same players and roles work that much better.
  12. Awesome, yeah I knew it would develop his attributes more but just didn’t want to waste time developing something if it doesn’t even work in long run
  13. Hi, does anyone know how long it takes/ if its possible to turn a new regen youth prospect into a CF? I have this young 18 year old 6'5 forward, who has great finishing and technical stats, is on the slower side but has promising mental stats as well, but is completely unnatural at complete forward, and a natural advanced forward. This may be a dumb question but if i train him as a complete forward, will he ever adapt to that role?
  14. Exactly, I start every match on balanced now as well, and soon as I feel things are going well ill go more and more conservative with the mentality but my players still fly forward when a good chance arises. I know its not everyone's favorite way to play but its honestly kind of fun seeing other teams fail against your defense. I am wondering though how much of this comes down to patience, because it would be so easy to lose a match playing a certain style and think you have to throw it all away and start new, I've let in some poor long shot goals while the team is learning it but i wonder if i stick with it, and sign proper players for this with the attributes if it'll pay off and be rewarding, or risk just losing my mind
  15. To To this point, I have been tweaking that 442 tactic and 4 of my roles are attacking roles, with a balanced line and line of engagement and I still put on a solid defensive showing, allowing 20 shots, 0 of them were on target, while I had 7 shots, 5 on target and won 3-0. Its definitely confusing and doesnt always work but there are occasions when everything comes together in random matches and does exactly what I hoped
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