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  1. https://thesetpieces.com/gaming/football-manager-tactics-set-like-atletico-madrid/ This was one of my favorite replicas of simeone leading up to this years game coming out, I've tried to adapt it to fm19 with very inconsistent luck, but before this year the general set up of this lead me to some of the most fun saves I've done in FM.
  2. Yeah I havent had much luck with any of the presets, I just like the idea of the wing play style. Some of the goals I managed to score using it have been my favorite so far in FM19, but there is zero consistency it seems like with any tactic
  3. Has anyone had any luck tweaking or using the preset wing play instructions? Having a hard time getting any variation or it to get consistent results in the premier league. Is this just down to the opposition being too strong? I usually try a 442 or 4231, even the preset 433 formations.
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