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  1. I do that when playing away from home and it works well
  2. So I was able to get a screenshot of the tactic I have been using, again trying to recreate a Red Bull style 4222, with versatile players and roles to help me promoting youth as needed. My goal is extreme pressing leading to rapid attacks into space, any feedback on improving this to be more consistent would be appreciated. We either blow teams away, or cant score at all.
  3. I am currently trying to turn my team in the Slovak league into a club that plays similar to the Red Bull teams: intense aggressive pressing, direct passes and high tempo. Currently the only team instructions I have is to make the pressing as intense as possible, but realized if I want to focus on counter attacks and passing into space behind when winning the ball back, does it make sense to have both a much higher line of engagement and pass into space? would it make more sense to have either a standard line of engagement, or slightly higher rather than much higher if I am using the pass into space instruction I am hoping to switch to a 442 or 4222 once I recover from injuries in my squad if that helps anything
  4. I actually ran a similar system to great success starting with a Slovak league second division club, we are now dominating the first division, but still getting destroyed as soon as we scrape into champions league groups or Europa league, any approach for these style of games?
  5. Curious if something like this would work in the current game, I always think back to the original post when thinking about trying a 4231
  6. This is missing the important, look up recreation tactics of real managers, and try to do it on your team in fm
  7. This has been a game changer, so far this season Grealish is taking all set pieces and so far 3 assists off corners in 5 games, not great but not bad either. His total numbers might be wild end of season
  8. Thats actually a great answer, I was wondering how team reputation would factor, we are a few games away from winning the premier league in my second season so hopefully this bodes well.
  9. This may be a silly question, but what does it generally take for a player to win ballon d’or, and does the game let AMC perform well enough to be able to win it? I got tired of my usual 442 I have been running for years and don’t know how to set up a solid 4231, but managed to sign Grealish to my Everton team after the first season. My new project is just making him the focus of team and win everything. I can post current tactic once I get back to computer but any advice on simple effective 4231 would be appreciated.
  10. You think either of these would carry over int fm 21? Love how these look and the roles fit my current Everton
  11. I finally got a chance to get back on and screen shot my tactic, this is what i have been running on every FM since I found it a few years back. Works pretty good. Again, just wondering if the tweak of changing the BBM to RPM now that more teams sit back would help break them down when we don't score on counters which is the majority of our goals.
  12. I’m currently using a successful high pressing 442 on my Leipzig save, to really continue the proper Red Bull style of play. After a few seasons of using a midfield four of WPs BWMd BBM and Wa. My tactic is playing great and I’ve won league each season so far so i don’t need anyone telling me to change the whole system. I am wondering since now that teams sit deeper, if I should switch the box to box midfielder to a roaming playmaker to add more creativity to the side to break down teams. Would a shift like this work/ am I understanding player roles correctly for this specific purpose.
  13. I am in my third season with one of my saves, and I had signed Ralf Rangnick to be my DOF again at Leipzig, as a project I wanted to make a new save but when I looked for him, he does not show up anymore as a staff member that can be hired, did something change following an update that removed staff?
  14. I’ll give that a try, it would probably suit my squad which isn’t too good as it’s in the slovak league. I just think it’s fascinating combining long balls and pressing
  15. Hello everyone, as a huge fan of 442 formations and the general Leipzig philosophy, I have been running a high pressing 442 with fair success so far this year on fm20, but the last few weeks I have become super obsessed with how Hassenhutl used to set them up vs Nagelsmann and Rangnick. I found these two videos which I think are very informative but does anyone have any advice where they would start translating any of this over to FM20? I have attempted this in previous versions of the game from tactics I’ve found online which ran something along these lines: AFa PFs APS Ws BWMd RPMs FBs CD BPDd FBs SKs Any advice would be greatly appreciated in trying to at least start developing a tactic that includes these rapid long ball counters with what looks like pressing starting near the midline rather than high up pitch. When looking at Hassenhutl in the game it even shows that his style is route one, which I know isn’t exactly what he does in real life, but he does focus a lot on long balls and second balls rather than short possession tactics.
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