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  1. This has been, by far the best tactic, doesn't matter what team, from Sunderland, Hamilton, Wycombe, Thame utd, Risborough rangers, Torquay. Lose about 3-5 games a season, record goalscorers and team goals, record points. just like to say wow thank you knap.
  2. Awsome tatic, working well with my Oxford City Save..Thats the strikerless tatic.
  3. As alot of others have said a great guide, that i have used on a 4-4-2 formation on my Fm15 save...getting good results with a Wycombe..will post some stats up at a later time, it's really opened my eyes and made me think about what i want my teams to do...cheers for your efforts.
  4. This ^ also trying to gain corners from good crossing positions. Diving around the area, poor/weak tackling not following instructions, but apart from these issues...great.
  5. Again excellant formation, used your fm13 one to great effect. Now doing well on my save with this one, although the update isn't effective as your 1st attempt. doesn't seem to be as fliud with the passing or attacking. Still great effort Mr Rosler and thanks, will be following for sure.
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