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  1. Hey I think I saw a training block called "match review" on a stream/youtube channel somewhere. However in my save in the danish league, where most matches are placed on sundays, is it not possible to review the match on monday, since it is a new week. Is there a way to solve this problem?
  2. Could I get you to upload a SS of the Brøndby squad?
  3. As a dane there's a few names i'm sad that isn't present in your DB: Michael Laudrup - 167 games for Barca, and was part of the dream team. Peter Schmeichel - 292 games for Man. Utd and won the treble with them. Daniel Agger - 175 games for Liverpool, and was/is a fan favourite at the club Other than that, great work!
  4. How many highlights are you guys watching from the games, to determine where the flaws in the tactic are? And also making small changes during games. Are you watching the full game or is key highlights enough?
  5. Starting out as Manchester United, then after a few seasons, when i get the feel for the game, I'll start a game with Brøndby
  6. Thanks a lot for the answer, i have been trying to put some stats into excel too lately. Very inspirational reading, thanks.
  7. I have a question - maybe a stupid one, but then it should be easy to answer. If im a smaller club or in a smaller league than the Premier League, does the scout reports adjust to that? - Can they still get the enjoys big matches, consistent etc? Even though the players scouted is on a lower level than the ones you have been looking at.
  8. Could you pose a screenshot of your excel sheet, for inspiration? Would be nice to see how you are planning for the future.
  9. This thread is pure brilliance. Really nice write up and will be helping a lot. I have been struggeling in the last few versions of FM, and this has given me some inspiration to give it a try again.
  10. In the team instructions in the tactic screen, if you tick the box at targetman, you can chose "none" in the dropbox below. Then the tactic doesnt use any targetman, the player is just instructed to play like one, as far as I understand. Hope that made sense?
  11. What is the best way to raise the concentration skill for a central defender?
  12. The thing I start to think about, when you lose to a team like Wigan and win against PSG. I would think that Wigan in standing a bit deeper on the field comapred to PSG. Therefore you trying to pass into a space that just isn't there. Plus when you play with ball forward, you risk just giving in away with long passes to a team, who stand solid in the back. And even tighter after they got the lead. I have from time to time had some succes with "retaining possesion" + 1 or 2 more shouts depending on how the other team line up, what I see on the field. But the idea is to keep the ball, and then lure the other team a bit more forward on the field, and making them drift out of possesion making gaps for your offensive players.
  13. Well I have made a few changes on the tactic and the squad for the new season, so hopefully it wont be as bad. I had to sell a player because he was bitching about getting fined after getting 2 yellow into a red card after 25 minutes >_< I will look through the ppms and see if there is something I can do there.
  14. The one CD that I have set to stopper, that has to be expected, but then nearly all my central midfielders, and my wingbacks. In general I often get asked about my squads lack of dicipline, so it is pretty much in general that I get quite a few cards.
  15. Not really. This all have 10+ in technique, however some of them have a bit low decision rate, but does that matter, when im not hard tackling?