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  1. You could risk that the younger players determination drop, if you mentor them with players that have lower determination than themselves.
  2. Another question popped up while i'm at work - what else to do that speculate over what to do in football manager when i get home?! If im going up against a really good team ie Bayern Munchen or Man City (that i have drawn in ChL) how would you go defensive with this? The other games I have played i turn all front 3 to defensive and made the AP into a DLP for a more holding role and then hope for counters. Other than that more direct passes and pass into space still, even tough I removed it from the normal tactic.
  3. Glad its working for you, I dont believe that my central defenders and dms are strong enough to handle that many defensive duties, only 3 players. But will save this SS and maybe try it out in the future when I develop the team more or is starting a new save.
  4. Thanks a lot for the responses. I've returned this evening after a good day of work away from the game, think i needed that after a very frustrating sunday I have ended up with this after reading the responses and started out with a few tweaks when i opened up the game: The team are creating a lot more chances. I think I have been quite unlucky conceding a few long shot goals in the last 10 minutes of the game for a draw or defeat. I have been playing with a HB on the dm position, but have changed that now to hopefully counter the fact that the opposition have been getting
  5. I'm about to give up and just download some tactic. I made the changes and still no succes at all. Other than I started great with a draw against Dortmund and a 1-0 victory over Munchen after i reloaded from the season start. After that the results have been horenderus. In the last 5 games have i made 1 goal in open play and 1 goal from a penalty. The only game that the tactic showed potential was a 4-2 victory against Shaktar, where Bailey made 2 goals at the backpost, after crosses from the left where the defense was pulled out of position. I went for the MEZ on support option
  6. Thanks a lot for the respons, i will give that a try. I opted away from looking for overlap on the left, since i felt that would be overdoing it. But would you recomend trying that too?
  7. I just feel like getting more and more frustrated. The only teams I've had succes with until now are the big teams like Manchester City, where it seems like every tactic work. As soon as i go outside the top teams, im really struggeling. I am therefore seeking some advice for my Bayern Leverkusen tactic. This is what i currently looks like. I have tried a few different roles, mentality etc. I just cant seem to create any real chances. My idea was to play out of defense, and let Havertz find the offensive players with his passing and vision, when they are making th
  8. Whoever my scouts finds and I can afford to bring in.
  9. Done with 2nd season in Madrid. Won the league - 101 pts and GD on 116. Won the Cup 3-0 against Atl. Madrid in the finale. But the champions League...... Was up 3-1 away against Bayern, away, in the first leg. Then they score 2 in the last 10 minutes to make it 3-3 in Germany. At home I get Tierney sent off at 24 minutes. Manage to be leading 3-1 after 56 minutes...However they score the winning goal at the 90th minute, to make the game 3-4. So i'm out in the Quater Finale. So another year in spain it is. The team I have is so talented, that i expect to sma
  10. Okay finished my first season in Madrid, with Real Madrid. Finished 1st in the league with 103 points with a GD on 90. Champions League; Lost to Liverpool in semi finale. Lost 5-0 on Anfield, after Isco got a red card after 5 minutes. Won 3-1 at home, but that wasnt enough. Went to the cup finale, where i lost 2-1 to Valencia. Transfers: IN: Tierney, Rulli, Belotti and in January i got Pavard, and 3 talents in; Trincao, Morilla and Joveljic. OUT: Casilla, Navas and in January i sold Nacho to Man Utd. Transfers for the new Season: Sold Bale and Macelo to
  11. Hey I think I saw a training block called "match review" on a stream/youtube channel somewhere. However in my save in the danish league, where most matches are placed on sundays, is it not possible to review the match on monday, since it is a new week. Is there a way to solve this problem?
  12. As a dane there's a few names i'm sad that isn't present in your DB: Michael Laudrup - 167 games for Barca, and was part of the dream team. Peter Schmeichel - 292 games for Man. Utd and won the treble with them. Daniel Agger - 175 games for Liverpool, and was/is a fan favourite at the club Other than that, great work!
  13. How many highlights are you guys watching from the games, to determine where the flaws in the tactic are? And also making small changes during games. Are you watching the full game or is key highlights enough?
  14. Starting out as Manchester United, then after a few seasons, when i get the feel for the game, I'll start a game with Brøndby
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