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  1. It may be worth double checking what type of Affiliate you are (as there are variants which exclude loaning players, although that wouldn't make much sense in this relationship)? Otherwise set your scout to provide a team report, and they should come back with a list of players interested in a loan move (which they do for affiliates only).
  2. Do you promise (inadvertently or otherwise) to improve your relationship with the media in a job interview? Still daft, but there could be some reasoning...
  3. Can't comment on the players value in real life but, on stream, they also included a 30% of next sale clause (full value, not profit) which is another huge chunk of money.
  4. Fair enough, I'd agree with that and maybe the type of owner(s) need looking at? To use my Ebbfleet example, the board would refuse to allow me to study for a coaching qualification (for financial reasons) while paying up to the FFP wage limit in League 2. Will be interesting to see how Salford are treated in FM 2019.
  5. * 2018 SPOILERS * This article gives a good overview of the different type of FM owners who "bankroll" clubs (which includes Salford). https://www.passion4fm.com/football-manager-2018-sugar-daddy-clubs/ As manager of Ebbsfleet I would get a cash injection whenever my balance was heading towards ~£500k in the red, as my allowed wage budget far exceeded club income. Essentially, some owners underwrite the losses.
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