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  1. Same happens to me, every season I play at least 4-5 times against Manchester City. Even in European competitions.
  2. I don't want to come up with the "the game is rigged" theory, but I noticed that in situations when you overachieve on the league table the loosing streak strikes straight away. For me it feels, that the league tables are pre-determined based on the current real league tables. I'm having my fourth season with West Ham in premier league, in these four years Arsenal never made it to the top 5(like "real" recent times). And my team is currently in top 3, which seams to be the reason that my players suddenly are acting like a bunch of zombies chasing the ball. My star strikers were top scorers in the league, now even a one-to-one ends with the ball hitting the bar. We can't score more than one goal per game. That's just a really unrealistic overturn of form in such a short period of time. Not to mention that on the dynamics board everything is green and excellent, but on the pitch they play like ****. It feels, like the end of the season is calculated by the engine ahead. Top teams are on the top, and if you don't belong there, then your good form stops and you start loosing . But I know, it's all because of my tactics.
  3. I'm a beginner and I'm playing with West Ham, after building some reputation starting from the second division of the hungarian league and spending couple of seasons in Austria. But to be honest I achieved this by replaying some games( yes I'm a cheater, a shame of the fm community ) and the game still drives me crazy. I think having different difficulty levels would be nice. You can't expect everyone to have the same passion and patience as some of you guys. Now I should have started with a giant team that's true, but what goal do I get by that, to maintain the already existing reputation? That sounds boring.
  4. At the end of the league I'm playing against LASK, which is on the 9th place of the austrian league due to a bad form they have .I'm on the 2nd place. I re-played the game several times, because I was curious what is the outcome if I change tactic or approach. My players every time play like ****, (giving the ball to the opponent and jogging on the pitch), and I always loose the same way, the goals are scored from the same position, the same time by the same players. I know they are determined to win and my players are complacent, but then I assume these factors are calculated before the game, therefore it is scripted. I changed everything and there was no change on the outcome not even slightly. I start to feel the game waste of time. Before any comments, yes I'm a bad player, but some things are just obvious.
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