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  1. I need to get this off my chest. I downloaded FM 21 again after a long hiatus. 200 hours in. I had deleted all my saves before uninstalling previously. I have dedicated 11 hours of the past two days to a new save in the French league 1 - Strasbourg. I chose to become unsackable because I just wanted to kick back and enjoy a season without feeling pressure - you know - just play the game in the background. Anyway, long story short, we couldn’t get out of 20th place from about October and got relegated. About 4 wins in the whole season. I wasn’t mad I was just morbidly curious how far it wanted to go. I managed the season to the best of my ability and tried to detach myself from the absolutely heartbreaking results we were getting - those games that make you want to hit your desk. Something was happening behind the scenes but I would rebuild the team and get promoted - the team was actually not bad. But they couldn’t do anything. It was just a matter of morale right? Anyway I put the hours into the preseason. It wasn’t a bad team and it was more than enough for the second league. One or two new additions. The morale increased significantly in the pre season and everyone was happy despite being relegated. First game we lose 2-0. That’s fine. Maybe a bit rusty. It’s just a one off. The second game we are 2-0 up at half time. Feeling good - this was the beginning of the redemption. Then we lose 3-2. I’m not joking, each goal was a 25 yard screamer. Even at this point I couldn’t take it any more. Sometimes it just feels like the game is stacked against you and there is nothing on Gods earth that you can do to stop it. The utterly devastating last minute goals. The utterly cheesy ass deflections and world class 30 yarders. The predictable patterns that you see in a highlight that you just know lead to a silly goal that you have seen so many times before - you stop getting annoyed and wonder what you are getting out of it. It’s nice to watch a rendered game of football but It just stops feeling like a game. Thanks for listening
  2. I'm getting this too now after sacking an ass man and rehiring. Still lots of "unknowns"
  3. Honestly, these weird and inconsistent results just make me feel like the game is trying to "work out" an average, i.e. artificially changing results to suit the averages, but it is done badly and looks weird?
  4. Isn’t it obvious by this point? People like to brag on these forums because there are a lot of good players who post here.
  5. (Purple is the colour I assigned to a natural position) Whenever I click on a player the game never defaults to the players natural position. It's always some random position that they are accomplished at. Why?
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