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  1. I'm trying to make a strategy based on the 17/18 season of pep's mancity, but the fullbacks are not well adjusted to where I want them to be. I want to make the third and fourth lines as below in an attack. LFB DM CB CB RFB I want to make it 3-2 like this, The right fullback comes down and forms a three-back, and the left fullback stands next to a defensive midfielder. what role and guidelines should I give you? Like Kyle Walker, I want the right fullback to go up with the ball on the ball.
  2. Why are all the wingers in the Final Third Zone standing at the corner of the box? I set the attack width as wide as possible in the team guidelines and gave the individual guidelines 'Stand wide'. But when our midfielder turns the ball in the final third, the wingers are stuck in the corner of the penalty box, even the fullbacks don't overlap because they're inverted wingback defense. Why don't you stand wide and pull your opponent's fullback to create a space between the fullback and the center back? W, IW, T. They're all not pulling the pullback. Is that a move that can't be impl
  3. I understand Researcher can make mistakes, but in Son's case they kept insisting they were right. If the SI thinks they're wrong, it's not just going to modify their capabilities, it's going to re-investigate and replace their resercher or not. Every time a new piece comes out, there's a complaint about Son. This time it's even worse, going up from 20 to 17/15 and then down to 15/15.
  4. I know you have complaints about the abilities of some players. Our country's case is Son. Some people have complaints about his speed and acceleration. Is it right to take their opinion and raise the son? I don't think so. First of all, SI has their resercher, and unless they have a problem communicating information, I think the modification of the player's ability is disrespectful to them. Why does the resercher exist if you modify it simply because of people's dissatisfaction? Second, if you modify the player's ability, what will you do next? Son is Korea's best star, unlike England, Spa
  5. yes its not that easy to ai but if it can be possible we can make more favor tactic and imitate real life tactics. With now system I can't see a player with a unique personality like Messi. Of course, it can be expressed in part by the preferred movements ex)Tries to play way out of trouble(dont know how can i speak in english so i Literally translate it)of each player. We can't maximize the movement of those players. But wouldn't it be possible with the above system?
  6. It is not request just want to know what guys think about my idea please dont move or delete post
  7. There's the movement of each role. The default setting we can't set. For example, T is not set to participate in defense and HB moves between center backs when building up. So we erase all the roles, so we set the default setting to zero, and we set the user's own motion and we combine it. For example, you can set up a combination of Mez's half-space movement and T's absence from defense. That way, we can make the tactics we want more diverse and more specific. It will also be more realistic. No coach ever orders a center back to 'move like BPD'. It's a combination of commands, so it moves
  8. I hope the winger's position can be set according to the position of the midfielder and defender who owns the ball. Right now, a winger can either open the touchline or narrow it down, right? When the soccer field was divided into three equal parts, left, center, and right. If the ball is in the center, I want all the wingers to be wide open, if the ball is on the right, open the right wing, and narrow the left wing. I'd like to split it into five parts, including halfspace.
  9. I'm looking for abidal's player traits Not in the Korean community. 10/11season if possible
  10. I want the midfielders to penetrate between fullbacks and center backs when the winger catches the ball, but they infiltrate into the penalty box. Has anyone solved this? Let me check your thread. It will take some time because there is too much English.
  11. Thank you for your kind reply. This is the first position I thought of. Dlf(a) W(s) W(s) Mez(a) mez(a) Hb Iwb(d) bpd(d) bpd(d) iwb(s) As you know,Pep's Man City put their fullbacks in the center to prepare for a counterattack when two midfielders joined the attack. So I used iwb. As you said, mez doesn't have the play I want... I need to do some more research. You know, old Pepsi Man City put their fullbacks in the center to prepare for a counterattack
  12. Thanks for your advice. I will use winger and wtm. I will use two MEZ(A) Or CM(A) because HB and two IWB will cover them As you know man city's key point is high possesion so If i spread attack width, it's hard to get a high possesion. Hmm I'm still thinking about it.
  13. Help me, fellas. I want to make Man City tactics. There are two key points. 1. High possesion & high pressure 2. Attack pattern in which the winger spreads wide, pulls the opposing side defender and the midfielder penetrates between them. Question1. What role should I give the winger? I don't think I should use IW or IF to give it to a midfielder who gets the ball from the side and penetrates, but I don't think W is suitable either. Should I use WTM? Question2. Penetrating Midfielder I'm thinking about using the MEZ. Do you have a better role? Question3. Attack Wi
  14. Thx. There are postings related to bugs or data issues in Korean on the Korean general discussion. Should they move here and write in English?
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