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  1. Hi Fenec - great work on the database - really looking forward to getting stuck into it. I have PM'd you about getting access - can you please advise? Thanks
  2. Just one thing - the download link is asking for a decryption key - any ideas?
  3. Really awesome work - downloading now - cheers!
  4. This is phenomenal - can't wait for it - you're a legend!
  5. I agree - this is a part of the game that has left me hugely frustrated and I just think the agents are on cloud cuckoo-land, especially given the stature of the club making an offer to their players. A classic example was after 3 years in the game playing as Man Utd and winning everything there is to win 3 years in a row, I make an offer for Jack Rodwell at Everton (who for the past 3 years finished mid table) and it was accepted. I eagerly press the offer contract button, only to be confronted by a message from Rodwell's agent, saying his client has no intention of opening negotiations with me. This is considering that he has no other offers on the table, I have praised Rodwell in the media and he has Man Utd listed as one of his favourite clubs. I mean this is completely unrealistic - I'm offering a player who likes the club a contract, chance of winning silverware and a huge wage rise if he had accepted, but his agent says he doesn't want to join - ridiculous. This is just one example - I ahve numerous others of unrealistic agent demands. However, I am still enjoyin gth egame btu it really needs to be sorted for FM 2012.
  6. Hi I've loaded my xml file with various changes, especially adding new players. However, when I try to load a new game, the game crashes at the point where i'm adding a new manager and this is definitely because of my edited xml file (it works fine when I de-select it) - does anyone know what the problem is?
  7. --------------------------- Application Error --------------------------- A serious error was encountered and the application will close. An error file has been generated in: EMMAAYO-PC/C:/Users/rindeboy/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2010/crash dumps --------------------------- OK --------------------------- HI The game has launched fine for me, but when I try to start a new game, and get to the add new manager screen and try to proceed to the select club to manage screen, it crashes and displays the above message. It has been doing it since yesterday - i've updated my directx and .net, done the verify files on steam and I created an edito xml file at the start, but de-selected it at the start of the new game, just to make sure it wasn't causing the crash - what is the problem? The demo worked fine for me too - Can someone from SI/SEGA please help - its getting very annoying now, as i can't get past the trying to start a new game stage. The crash dump files in my SI folders are in a format which i can't read, so don't know what it actually says (i.e. Windows doesn't recognise the program to read it with) HELP!!!!!
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