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  1. https://www.tff.org/Default.aspx?pageId=30&kisiID=2174558
  2. Well. This really depends on what high reputation implies. The signing of Luiz Gustavo is a high reputation player by Turkish standards. Essentially a player who has a high reputation due to his past even if he's not a world beater in terms of ability at the moment. Certainly not possible for Turkish clubs to sign a top 10 player in the world.
  3. It's BBC and other news organs that say it's mutual consent. Fenerbahce simply said Kameni has left the club. No mention of mutual consent. Or mention of the contract being cancelled. https://www.fenerbahce.org/haberler/futbol/2019/8/announcement https://www.fenerbahce.org/haberler/futbol/2019/8/bilgilendirme-1 I interpret this announcement coupled with the contract not being terminated officially as Fenerbahce telling Kameni that he has no future and shouldn't bother to train with the club. Kameni agreeing with this and accepting the leave as long as he's continuing to get paid. If there was a financial settlement between the two parties (even if it means Kameni foregoing the wages due to him), they would have drawn up a new contract which terminated the original contract and informed the FA of the termination of contract by mutual consent. They haven't done this. And without a termination of contract, Kameni is not a player who is free to sign with any club he desires. A club that wants to sign him still has to agree with Fenerbahce first before agreeing terms with Kameni. Given his status at the club, Fenerbahce will likely let him go for nothing but that doesn't mean Kameni is an unattached player.
  4. Hmm.. I'll have to check that. It should be approximately 1.3 million Turkish Lira for a draw and 2.6 million Turkish Lira for a win. I wonder if the exchange rates are accurate in the game.
  5. On the contrary. A continuing contract means continuing payments to the player, doesn't it?
  6. He played several matches since then. Perhaps he had a slight injury which didn't prevent him from playing but aggravated it after the season started.
  7. This would be a game issue, rather than a database issue afaik.
  8. https://www.tff.org/Default.aspx?pageId=30&kisiId=2017559 If they cancelled his contract, they never informed the Turkish FA.
  9. Yup. Working as intended. Any player who debuted for a national team other than Turkey after June 15, 2015, despite having Turkish nationality, is considered a foreign player.
  10. @leventg08 We tend to rely more on the licenses that are registered with the FA, rather than what is reported on the club website which can often be incomplete.
  11. - Noted regarding Sedat Karabük and Servet Çavuşoğlu. Thanks! - Do you have any news items that support your claim about Vainqueur? - Bahadir Ozturk did not spend 3 years on the books of Antalyaspor before his age 22 season. He spent one month (in 2012/13 season) 2 seasons (2013/14 and 2014/15), then was loaned out to during his age 20 and age 21 seasons. So going strictly by the definition of club grown (which is determined automatically based on the player's history in the db), he doesn't qualify. - Mukariu joined Antalyaspor on 21/3/2019, born on January 18, 2000. So he played his age 19 season last year. He must accumulate 3 years (36 months) at the club before the start of his age 22 season (which is the 2021/22 season). Since there are 32 months between his join date and the start of his age 22 season, even if he spends this time with Antalyaspor he won't be eligible to be considered club grown. - Do you happen to have any financial reports for the club? - Regarding stadium designs, see: https://community.sigames.com/topic/495606-turkey-official-league-specific-issues/?do=findComment&comment=12080015 - The region translations to Turkish are incorrect in the game. They are due to be fixed.
  12. Since many of the players in the U19 team will never have a football career beyond U19, we only add players who are signed to a professional contract. Otherwise we would be needlessly adding hundreds of players and deleting them every year.
  13. - A little more detail on what you find faulty? - Kruse salary was explained above. - I'll look into Luiz Gustavo
  14. Nwakaeme has already been reported. Hosseini is correct in the database. It's an option to extend, which you should be able to do in the game if you so desire.
  15. Turkish FA schedules matches as follows: Weekend matches prior to CL/EL If a single club is in the Champions League Club plays the match preceding the CL match on the previous Friday to ensure maximum time for rest. If two clubs are in the Champions League (hasn't happened in a long time) The club which is scheduled to play on Tuesday in the CL will play their league match the previous Friday The club which is scheduled to play on Wednesday in the CL will play their league match on the previous Saturday Clubs in the EL Teams that are scheduled to play away from home in the EL play their league match on the previous Saturday Teams that are scheduled to play at home in the EL play their league match on the previous Sunday Weekend matches following CL/EL Champions League If the team played on Tuesday during midweek, the match is played On Friday if the following week is a national team break and the midweek match was at home On Saturday otherwise If the team played on Wednesday during midweek, the match is played On Saturday if the following week is a national team break and the midweek match was at home On Sunday otherwise Europa League If the team played at home on Thursday, the match is played On Sunday If the team played away from home on Thursday, the match is played On Sunday if the following week is a national team break On Monday otherwise The objective is to give teams participating in Europe the maximum amount of rest time possible. Especially since an away match in Europe can mean anywhere from a 1 to 8 hour flight depending on the departure point and destination. Midweek domestic cup matches are typically not seen as so important since teams tend to rotate heavily for those and travel is not as long. So a team can play a league match on Monday, then a domestic cup match on Thursday, followed by a league match on Sunday. Or a league match on Saturday, a domestic cup match on Tuesday, then a league match on Saturday.
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