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  1. The issue has more to do with the fact that our FA has come up with squad rules that a very small proportion of fans or clubs support. When it comes to FM, there is hope from these same fans that we ignore the FA and put in different rules that are more palatable. As I have written before in this thread, for FM we'll try to reflect whatever the FA has announced to the best of our ability. If we attempt to come up with our own rules, rather than use the FA's rules, there will certainly be people who don't agree with how we have done it and we will hear from them. Luckily, the game c
  2. For everyone who has voiced concerns about how the squad limits work in the game: https://www.tff.org/default.aspx?pageID=687&ftxtID=35278 The FA has announced that the squad rules that were announced on 08/07/2020 (details here https://www.tff.org/default.aspx?pageID=687&ftxtID=33434) will be instituted starting with the 2021/22 season. These are the rules that we have in the game currently. Many of you have voiced complaints about the rules themselves. Now that the FA has announced that the rules that we had in the game will be in effect (with some potential mino
  3. Cumlenin tamamini okumak gerekli. Farkli bir aciklama yok yazdim. Sezon basinda gelecek sezonlarin yabanci kurali ile ilgili resmi aciklama yapilmis, sonrasinda bunun bir yil ertelendigi aciklanmisti. O aciklamalardan sonra bundan vazgecildigine veya farkli sekilde uygulanacagina dair bir aciklama olmadi.
  4. Yukledigin bir ucuncu parti yama yuzunden olsa gerek.
  5. Not sure if you mean 1/20 for both feet or just the weak foot. But a player must have a 20 for one of his feet, but if he has 1/20 set for both feet, I imagine the game would automatically assign a 20 value for one of the feet while the other remains at 1. The player's weak foot is a part of a player's overall quality. With CA defining the player's overall quality, a reduction in a player's weak foot without a corresponding reduction to the CA will mean that the game will upgrade the player's other attributes in order to ensure the player's overall quality as defined by his attributes
  6. Gelecek sezon ile ilgili hala farkli bir aciklama yok. 16 yabanci, kadronun sezonun geri kalani icin 35'e cikartilmasi sonucu.
  7. Can't leave empty spaces in the starting lineup. If it's a rule that requires certain players in the starting 11, then those players need to be in the starting 11.
  8. That's precisely what I expect will happen if the FA decides to go forward with the rule changes that they announced and we have reflected in the game.
  9. Bunlari duzelttim. Bir sonraki kapsamli veritabani guncellemesinde duzelmis olur.
  10. I believe there have been changes to the squad rules since the beta. So actually might run into issues. As a general rule, it's always best to wait for the full release before starting a long term game.
  11. @Dan Ormsby I'm not able to replicate this. I actually don't even have the Next Season tick box. It looks like the league rules page has the rules correct, but the issue arises when looking at the squad registration screen with that next season button ticked. I ran a holiday game until the 2024/25 season in question and the rules are as they should be.
  12. For FM20 there isn't anything I can do. I don't believe any further data updates are being published for that game. You can use the editor to change this, however.
  13. This is something you need to tell the Chinese researchers. I'm not responsible for China.
  14. I believe this would be because of Nigde Anadolu being set to use same kit as parent club (Altinordy) in the affiliations table. This has been changed in the database for FM 2021 but you appear to be showing screenshots of FM 2020 where this would still be an issue.
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