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  1. No, they do not. PPM's simply influence a player to perform that action with higher frequency. In a sense, you could say pretty much all PPMs are negative because they can influence players to perform one action when another action may be the better choice during the course of a match.
  2. Correct. Away goals do apply to the goals scored in extra time.
  3. It's really a game issue. Those league predictions are based on club reputation rather than the actual quality of the squad.
  4. If a player, with Turkish nationality, chooses a nation other than Turkey after June 1, 2016, he counts as a foreign player in Turkey. So if he did indeed choose Holland in game, then the game is indeed working correctly if he counts as a foreign player.
  5. We always update clubs' financial obligations with the most recent financial reports released by the clubs.
  6. Oyunda hatali olduguna dair bir ekran goruntusu var mi? Kuralin tam olarak zaten yansitilmis olmasi gerekli.
  7. Evet. En guncel surume sahipsin. Veri tabaninda guncelleme henuz yapilmadigi icin 19.1.0 gorunuyor. Eger Subat sonu veya Mart basi veri tabani guncellemesi gelirse bu degisecektir.
  8. Kuthupane'de oyunun ismine sag tikla. Ozellikler'i sec. Yerel dosyalar'i sec. Oyun dosyalarinin butunlugunu dogrula'yi sec.
  9. I should hope that everyone has this issue if it's a game issue or a data issue. It appears the error may be in the game totaling the number of cups/leagues won from the entered achievements.
  10. Berkay Öcan should be fixed for the next db update. As far as I know, Ferdi Kadıoğlu has declared himself for Holland. @Reddiablo can probably give a more concrete answer. For Orkun Kökcü, this is something that @Reddiablo will need to fix in his db.
  11. @Hizbhasal Not sure why the European Championship turned into the Central European Championship.. Fixed it. As for cup totals looking incorrect, the information that I can enter is the actual achievements. So that appears to be an issue with the game, rather than the database. If you're seeing a discrepancy between what you see in the editor and the game, that needs to be reported as a game error rather than a data error please.
  12. Some of their attributes in the database are left blank since they haven't been fully evaluated. So the game assigns different attributes in each new game.
  13. Terim, Haziran 2018 itibariyle 20 ile basliyor. Senin oyununda 70 yasina gelmis, yani yil 2023 veya 2024. Herhalde o tarihte gerek futbolcularla jenerasyon farki nedeniyle, gerek yaslanmis olmasi nedeniyle bu meziyetini artik kaybetmis gorunuyor.
  14. If you want to create him, rate him and send him over, that's fine. But we won't create him until he signs a professional contract.
  15. Olmamasi lazim. Diger baslikta yazdigini mutlaka bir SI calisani gorecek ve ilgilenecektir.
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