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  1. That's precisely what I expect will happen if the FA decides to go forward with the rule changes that they announced and we have reflected in the game.
  2. Bunlari duzelttim. Bir sonraki kapsamli veritabani guncellemesinde duzelmis olur.
  3. I believe there have been changes to the squad rules since the beta. So actually might run into issues. As a general rule, it's always best to wait for the full release before starting a long term game.
  4. @Dan Ormsby I'm not able to replicate this. I actually don't even have the Next Season tick box. It looks like the league rules page has the rules correct, but the issue arises when looking at the squad registration screen with that next season button ticked. I ran a holiday game until the 2024/25 season in question and the rules are as they should be.
  5. For FM20 there isn't anything I can do. I don't believe any further data updates are being published for that game. You can use the editor to change this, however.
  6. This is something you need to tell the Chinese researchers. I'm not responsible for China.
  7. I believe this would be because of Nigde Anadolu being set to use same kit as parent club (Altinordy) in the affiliations table. This has been changed in the database for FM 2021 but you appear to be showing screenshots of FM 2020 where this would still be an issue.
  8. It's fine if Mensah can gain Portuguese citizenship. Portugal doesn't require players to have a national team cap before playing as a Portuguese national (or EU player) in Portugal. Looks like Lato actually can be eligible to play for Turkey because he was U21 when he was last capped by Spain and he could change his nationality with FIFA (as per FIFA 2020 statute Section 9 (b)). Zirkzee has 2 senior caps and he did not hold Turkish citizenship when he was capped. So he would never be able to change his nationality to Turkey (as per FIFA 2020 Statute Section 9 (c) (ii)), hence this
  9. Ilginc. Malatyaspor'un bu sezon kadrosunun buyuk bolumu yurt disindan transfer ile geldi. Genelde prensip olarak yurt disindan gemis futbolcularda izlemeden pek degisiklik yapmamayi tercih ediyoruz. Artik devre arasinda tekrar degerlendirme yapacagiz tabii.
  10. Mensah has played for Ghana, he's not eligible to represent Turkey. Hlozek has played U21 for Czech Republic. He's not eligible to represent Turkey. Lato has played U21 for Spain. He's not eligible to represent Turkey. You will need to find a player who has never played for another nation at any level as well as being good enough for the Turkish national team if you want him to take on Turkish citizenship.
  11. Gaining Turkish nationality and being able to play as a domestic player are different concepts. A player must have been in Turkey for 5 years to apply for citizenship. From the date of his application he either has to wait a further 5 years to be eligible to play as a domestic player or he has to play one match for the Turkish national team in which case he becomes a domestic player in the next transfer window. For the purposes of the game, only foreign players of a certain level of ability who will be called up to the Turkish national team gain citizenship since the extra 5 year
  12. Sezon ortası transfer döneminin ardından bir yama çıkması ihtimaline göre biz güncellemelerimizi yapıyoruz. Daha öncesinde kapsamlı bir güncelleme çıkacağını sanmıyorum.
  13. Transfer butceleri tamamen kuluplerin yaz transfer doneminde satis-alis farklari. Sifir olan kulupler, alislari satislarindan daha yuksek olan ve satis-alis farki sifir olan kulupler.
  14. Veritabani acisindan mali bir yanlislik yok. Oyunun bir borc turunu yanlis uygulamasi var. Bununla ilgili hata raporu verildi ancak henuz tam duzelmemis. 1/1/2028 tarihinde 4 buyuklerin hepsine boclarinin bir kismi kadar nakit girisi oluyor. Kisacasi Futbol A.S.'lerin sahibi olan dernekler, Futbol A.S.'lere olan borclarini oduyor. Bu borcun odenmesini ben sahsen beklemiyorum ve beklemedigim icin bunu hata olarak goruyorum ama tabii bir mucize olabilir ve dernekler futbol sirketlerine olan borclarini bir turlu (mesela gayrimenkul satarak, taraftarlardan toplayarak) odeyebilir.
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