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  1. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    I don't believe a separate attribute for growth rate is needed because the rate of a player's growth really depends on the ease or difficulty with which attributes can improve. So for example it's very difficult for a 16 or 17 year old player who is slow to train and get faster. A player who is 1.70m tall will also never have 20 for jumping reach. But he can improve his strength to a point. So stamina and strength are really the only attributes that could improve drastically. He could improve his technical attributes but this is a slow process since poor habits first have to be unlearned and then re-learned. I would guess nobody works on free kicks as much as Ronaldo, even Pirlo. But even as a 50 year old, I would argue that Pirlo will probably still take free kicks better than Ronaldo ever has in his career. Technical attributes aren't supposed to change drastically, they are supposed to take many hours of repetition and building muscle memory. So the starting point of a player matters a lot here. If a player naturally has the required technical skills or he has developed it in his youth, then he has a better start than someone who hasn't got it. So what matters here is the starting point rather than growth rate. Where a player grows is in mental attributes. Some mental attributes are more attitude related, so a player may become very hard working as his career progresses which is more of a change in style of play rather than learning. Others, like anticipation, positioning, movement are learned by training and by playing more matches. In a sense, these represent a player's experience. These are the attributes which are likely to improve drastically if a player has the potential to improve. So in order for a player to improve, he has to have the mental capacity to improve, which makes the PA in the game a measure of how good a student of the game the player is. Going back to your Luca Toni example. He didn't have speed but he was tall and had the physical frame to be very strong. This takes time so he needed time to develop to a level that he was very strong and his strength could make up for his lack of speed and lack of technical ability on the football pitch. He had decent technical skills but nothing great. He improved slightly in this regard but you could never classify him as a player with great technical skill. Where he improved greatly was in his reading of the game. Again, this took time because he needed more experience to be elite enough in his mental attributes to be able to compensate for his decent but not great technical skills and his lack of speed. So in a sense, it's not surprising or due to some imaginary growth factor that Luca Toni developed late. It's because he was the type of player who needed to develop skills that can be developed with time. Michael Owen, on the other hand, broke out as a 17 year old with blazing speed and good technical skills. He peaked by the time he was 20, suffered many injuries and was essentially done with football by age 30. Mainly because he never needed to develop mentally like Luca Toni did, so he never developed that aspect of his game (or maybe he didn't have the capacity to develop mentally or he was poorly coached to rely too much on his speed, that part is unknown). As a result, as he declined physically, the mental attributes he needed to prolong his career weren't there and he was done, making room for the next 16 year old with speed and enthusiasm. The game should and already does to my knowledge takes these into account. Where the game typically fails is when the research process mis-classifies Owen as having potential because he is so effective when they he was young or when the research process mis-classifies Toni as having limited potential because he's not effective as a young player. What researchers should have looked at, in both of these instances when determining PA, is the player's capacity to improve mentally and in terms of stamina/strength. So we don't need an external attribute that magically determines the speed of development of a player. What we need is to rate potential as accurately as possible and let the game determine the speed with which a player improves based on the natural development speed of different types of attributes that need to be developed. If development is looking un-natural, in my opinion, it's because the AI tends to develop a player in his best role rather than developing him to be the best player he can be, which is not necessarily in the role or position that his starting attributes dictate as a 16 year old.
  2. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    I would argue that it's actually a half normal distribution (half of a bell curve). The rating is nothing more than the amount of random numbers you're generating within that half curve. The more numbers you pick, the more likely you are to pick ones from the lower probability ranges. Simply put, it's the law of large numbers.
  3. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    I'm trying to explain that they are not hard limits like you interpret them. If anything, the PA system really isn't too different from what you are suggesting. This is getting a bit technical so perhaps we should continue such a discussion in a researcher area.
  4. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    So what you're essentially proposing is to boil down multiple attributes which affect growth into one? This part I don't agree. As for players being limited because of PA, they actually aren't. You or any other researcher can always give a higher PA than his current ability justifies, as long as the countless others that don't actually have potential are also correctly identified. You give the Luca Toni example. There was nothing stopping the Italian researchers from identifying Luca Toni as being able to break out later in his career because he had the capacity to learn to be an effective striker without needing speed (ie. mental attributes). What doesn't make sense is making it possible for 2948578274 other players to develop like Luca Toni did because his potential was missed when he was being researched in Serie B. If Luca Toni wasn't identified as having potential, what makes you think he would be identified as having high 'natural ability'?
  5. [Turkey] (Official) League Specific Issues

    The Foreign rule in Turkey is a little more complicated than just having citizenship. A player who has debuted for a nation other than Turkey after June 2015 is classified as a foreign player, regardless of Turkish citizenship. Chances are little Hagi got called up to Romania and earned his first cap during the September international break and had to be classified as a foreigner henceforth. For example Deniz Yılmaz, who represented Turkey at youth levels, chose to play for Azerbaijan at the age of 28 and debuted for his new nation and lost his right to be registered as a Turkish player last year. This can probably be better explained in game but the rule is represented correctly.
  6. [Turkey] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Rules are not complicated. The Turkish media may find them complicated due to their own shortcomings and make up junk like the news item you posted.
  7. [Turkey] (Official) Data Issues

    They move into the new stadium after the season starts, since the stadium was not completed as the start of the season.
  8. [Turkey] (Official) League Specific Issues

    1. This is a moving window each season but I'll log a report. 2. Nope. Below you'll notice that he's registered to the FA as a Dutch player. http://www.tff.org/Default.aspx?pageId=526&kisiID=1876892 Unlike Gökhan İnler who is registered as a Turk (despite playing for Switzerland). http://www.tff.org/Default.aspx?pageId=526&kisiID=1063487 You'll also notice Beşiktaş registered Aras as a foreign player in the link below (no green check next to his name). http://www.tff.org/Resources/TFF/Documents/LIGLER/2017-2018/Super-Lig-Liste/BESIKTAS.pdf
  9. The number of season tickets are never fully revealed by clubs. Around 38K was the best information we had when we sent in the database but the club sold additional season tickets for a 3 match package, which brought it up over 40K. Not really a big issue. The sponsorship information is accurate in the game, taken from club's financial statements. What @CiMB0M is referring to is the stadium name sponsorship probably and while that amount has been quoted in the media, it doesn't reflect Galatasaray's declarations to the stock market.
  10. [Turkey] (Official) Data Issues

    Please note that the wages shown in the game are gross, while wages mentioned in the media are net of taxes. Also note that Nasri also has been given a signing bonus. I've noted Kemerspor. Thanks!
  11. Trabzonspor finished the league in the 2017/18 season in second place and qualified to participate in the Champions League qualification stage. However they fail to register players for the second qualifying round of the competition (the stage where they enter the competition) and end up playing the round (and the Europa League qualifying round after the get eliminated) with only U21 players. Save uploaded to FTP with the name: PP_Trabzonspor_Continental_Registration Save date is just before their first European match.
  12. [Turkey] (Official) Data Issues

    This is a known issue. Should be resolved in the final data.
  13. [Turkey] (Official) Data Issues

    It was a mixup with the Osmanlıspor that plays in Super League. It'll be fixed for the final release.
  14. [Turkey] (Official) Data Issues

    This is known and logged.
  15. The kinds of clauses that can be offered to players is above the manager's paygrade (so is negotiating contract terms with players but let's suspend that reality). The reason clubs moved away from appearance bonuses is because it's difficult to budget them and appearance bonuses are seen as one of the reasons why clubs overshoot their budgets and end up making losses. Could this change in the future? Sure. Let's look to tackle that in FM 20xx if clubs start giving out appearance bonuses again.