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  1. I never had problems in fm17 of what keepers do with the ball. As far as I am concerned that was already miles better than it was in fm14. No stupid passing straight to opponent so far for me even on lower leagues where I play. However I have a problem of the mistakes they make at shot stopping. That really needs fixing. They are just ridiculous at times. Another strange thing is, that their ratings dont seem to go down because of them. As far as different roles go. I would raise a question that how come in some positions like AM (support), you can pretty much tailor your player to do what ever you want, but in some positions you are very limited by the default settings? It dont make any sense, unless they are afraid people would find loop holes on AI.
  2. Title say it. A simple team instruction to order your central defenders to stay behind in set pieces. Just lost 2 important points in last seconds, because I am too lazy to do such micro managing.
  3. It could be that BWM just doesnt work in your tactic. Usually if you get lots of cards its a signal that something is not working. It may not be anything major that affects your team overall perfomance much, but is visible this way. Maybe you had a problem in central midfield before, but you did not notice it, because rest of the team was carrying you. How is your ball posssession? You rarely get cards if you have the ball. Maybe your central midfielders have disadvatage in middle of the pitch. Just some thoughts here. I have 2 BWM in my tactic. I play 4-3-1-2, that is very strong in the middle. They get some yellows like they should, they are the most aggressive players on the pitch after all, but I have not had a red in a long time.
  4. I very much agree with this. The real music may not be possible, but there could be something similar sounding. (Off topic it would be cool if you could hear fans signing like this in game) At very least a short cut scene something like 20 seconds. And not only players, you should see yourself lifting the cup.
  5. Six games is still too few to make assumptions. Was it just your team, or overall in matches? Maybe some statistical genius could bring up facts that how many time per game that happens in real life? My last game was fm14, and there woodwork hitting happened way too often. Especially in crosses. In fm17 its a lot better, but there might be a case that it still happens too often. A little bit off topic, but I think some people have misconception about some stuff happening in the game way too often. Lets take crosses for example. If you just watch games on key highlight, it might seem like every cross ends to goal. But you miss dozens of every minute crosses that wont be a highlight, because obviously nothing happens.
  6. I may have come out a bit winy at first and my english wasnt good there. Good to see you got my point. Like I said I should have been more carefull and find the information before heading in the game. I have played these games since fm08 and I have fairly good knowledge of these games and football in general. So there isnt an excuse. But if I come up with these problems, surely some newbies or people who dont know that much about football will face some issues like this too. It isnt the first time like I said. In fm12 I believe, I had similar issue in europa league playoffs. I did not know the away goal rule applies after ET too (believe it or not, I have been watching european cups since the Ajax days mid 90:s). So I went to overtime against Man City playing fc Twente. Overtime finnished like 2-2. I was waiting for penalties, just to see City won it by away goals. Ive also had issue with home grown player status in Swedish leagues and stuff. Im back now to the save. My team is Fana in norwegian division 1. Im not sure yet will I find another club or stay for a bit longer. I was planning to do this journeyman experience in scandinavian leagues, but I got the team going so well, I got hooked on it. On the other hand I want to have professional team too. edit: And to the question how can you play this game drunk? Well you cant play pre-season, but if you are midway season and have a good system going, there is only minor adjustments to be done, plus some scouting. Thats it. No problem. This is pretty much only game I play, if im drinking.
  7. Maybe you are right. But I did try to find the playoff rules, but could not find it. I just didnt search long enough However as I said, It would be a good idea to have some sort of reminder of the rules before the playoffs. Sidenote: It is also annoying to not know when the playoffs start. My first promotion was through playoffs aswell, and then the first game was scheduled 3 days after the last match. This time I played my B squad in the last game just in case, but the playoffs started a week later, so it was pointless. I could have played A squad to try to gain morale.
  8. Yes I lost it in ET, and I know some competitions have those rules. I just was so sure the away goal rule was the same than in champions league. Im not sure where to find those rules. Maybe it was in pre-match screen, maybe not. Maybe I didnt search long enough, cause I was a bit drunk. I think good idea would be to have some kind of assistant manager reminder of the rules or something. This isnt the first time this has happened in fm:s to me.
  9. You didnt get my point. Of course I knew how many would get promoted, in the playoffs etc. The point was that I was in promotion playoffs and I couldnt find the rules of the playoffs. First leg ended 2-2. So I got 2 away goals. Even journalists asked me about it pre last game, that are you happy about the away goals etc. Second leg I got the equaliser in 70th minute. It was 1-1. I thought I was leading by away goals. I went in to defence, and put defensive substitutes in. We kept the lead to 90 mins and I was celebrating. Just to see that extra time was starting. And then we lost it. Well to be honest I guess it can be a good thing. It would have been back to back promotion and we would have jumped straight to Norwegian premier league. I am not sure we would have been ready for it.
  10. The first thing that should happen when you head in promotion playoffs is that you could see the rules. This killed my game. I cant go back anymore.
  11. I got so pissed a minute ago. I couldnt find rules of playoffs anywhere. Journalists said I was good for away goals. I was celabrating. But then overtime came. And then I lost... Rules need to be more acceptable.
  12. Ah! I started unemployed and was hired by Fana football. I couldnt believe my eyes when rules page stated 7 teams get relegated. Made it through, and almost got promoted. This season I expected to be figthing for promotion again, but it seems im stuck on mid table. Thankfully my board expectations are low. I will probably stay in the team for few more seasons and find a new club if I dont see real progress.
  13. My first save in van north started like that, but suddenly our form dropped dramatically, and i ended up getting sacked after about 30 games played. Now im doing a little bit better in Norwegian second division, but failed to get promoted so far. I think its harder than previously mainly because scouting is harder. Well i skipped the last two versions of the game.
  14. I think ill go with that tip, Ill sign my top 5-6 at any prize, get rid of lot of players asking for too much, max loans, and then some youth for rotations. Have couple of decent tbh. BTW now seriously challenging for playoff spots.
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