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  1. Smallen

    Cycling thread 2018

    Try not to get caught up in spec. and what groupset you get for the money. The frame itself is so much more important.
  2. Smallen

    RIP Geoffrey

    As far as I'm aware, the product in question has to have been available at the full price (ie the 'was' price) for longer than the outlined duration of the sale price (ie the 'now' price). It's not regulated very well, however.
  3. Smallen

    RIP Geoffrey

    It's a shame to see this, but it seems inevitable in a society where discount culture has taken over and people actually complain at the idea of paying full price for something. Businesses that compete in the same markets as horrible corporations like Amazon, who are happy to work on a profit margin that is unhealthy and unsustainable for everyone but themseleves, cannot hope to exist. They will have to find niches and specialisms that enable them to compete in different markets to online discounters.
  4. Liverpool get £112m to start with. I still owe Spurs £88m in installments as well as bonuses if I win the CL.
  5. There are some installments & performance bonuses involved... I might have to sell Mané to Real Madrid to balance the books a bit.
  6. Started a new game as Liverpool. Ended up signing Dele Alli and Harry Kane in my first two weeks as manager.
  7. Smallen

    Flake News Thread

    We're not opening the shop today in Tadcaster. Went to York on the train yesterday on my day off and at 1PM I was the first customer Reiss had had all day. Crazy.
  8. Smallen

    Francis Cole aka McMaster#28

    Awful news. Seemed like such a lovely bloke.
  9. Smallen

    Is this reasonable?

    It's fair enough saying that £400 per month is reasonable (which it would be without applying context), but the OP and his partner have moved there with the agreement being that they'd be able to save the money for a house deposit. To move the goalposts and double the agreed amount seems unreasonable to me.
  10. Download and install update. First highlight - cross into the side netting...
  11. Is it a known issue whereby practically every match highlight shown is your wing back crossing it into the side netting/the keeper's near post?
  12. Smallen

    The Best Beer

    Beavertown are London based and do some lush beers.
  13. I imagine he will have a very low fan/board confience set. You'll be able to change that in the pre-game editor.
  14. It does seem like he wants it to be all about him at times. I'm sure it's unintentional but it comes across that way a lot of the time. I'd probably just not bother and leave it all up to the FM account, which is someone's actual job.