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  1. Here's a save from the full release pre-meeting. The save is from the 16th; meeting is on the 22nd. Sam Allen - Newcastle (v02).fm I'm not sure if it's do to with how the data is set in the DB or something else. I would suggest from the lack of ambition shown and from the lack of change in plan that Ashley is actually still setting the objectives despite not being at the club; so it's more than just a cosmetic bug.
  2. Hi @Russell Hammant I logged this in beta here. Couple of save games uploaded on the attached post. It's still present in the full release; was just coming to report it again when I saw this thread:
  3. There is not currently a more appropriate section of the forum than this as far as I can tell. If I wanted to discuss FM tactics with other forum users I'd go to the tactics discussion forum, but that's not what I'm doing.
  4. I logged this towards the end of the beta but it didn't get picked up on which is understandable. It's not a bug, but I feel it's something that's missing from the game currently. As it says in the title. Playing 3 at the back has become more common over the past few years; particularly in England. If you watch certain teams playing a 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 or similar formation with 3 centre backs IRL, the two wide centre backs will often move forward and get involved in attacking play. Usually one will go forward and support the attacking play down their flank whilst the other stays back to
  5. Some positive feedback: Partly down to the amount of people posting about them in here, I signed both Lamptey and Grealish to see how they perform in the ME. They both perform very well with realistic G/A contributions and match ratings. Both consistently delivered around 7.20 avg rating over the course of a season as part of a successful team. Lamptey especially performs realistically- despite his limited technical/mental attributes, his physicality makes him effective at both ends of the pitch.
  6. It seems Newcastle will never truly be rid of Mike Ashley... We were taken over in my save a couple of years ago and Mike Ashley left the club, but he's still appearing for the club vision meetings at the end of the season. It's unclear whether he's having any influence on the objectives or not. This happened in FM2020 too so would be good to get it fixed. It MIGHT be because of a data issue instead, but I'm not sure. Save games before & after meeting. last save overwrite backup.fm Sam Allen - Newcastle2.fm
  7. Eduardo Camavinga - you will have seen more of him than I have, but should his attacking attributes be a little better? Particularly dribbling and flair? From what I have seen he's very good at breaking forward with the ball but this is not reflected at the moment. Maybe dribbling and flair could both go up to 14? Drop positioning and marking slightly to make way. He barely dribbles in the game, but he has completed the most dribbles for Rennes this season IRL.
  8. 100x this. I don't understand how Man Utd continue to be rated as one of England's top clubs - they haven't been for many years. It's worthless going into specifics, but they need to be downgraded across the board as they are way too effective in the game.
  9. Whoever has done the Newcastle research has done a very good job of reflecting how poor we are in real life, so well done . It will actually be a challenge this year. Steve Bruce's ratings are too high, however. He should not have a world class rating for defensive coaching (currently set to 17). We are right at the top of the table for shots conceded this season and we were last season too, with Dubravka making more saves than anyone in the league. There is absolutely nothing to suggest that Steve Bruce is a good defensive coach. In fact, most of our defenders have regressed since h
  10. Federico Fernandez (Newcastle) has blonde hair in the game. He has dark brown hair irl.
  11. who's up for setting up the Algeria team thread?
  12. Someone should probably sticky this so it doesn't drift down the page
  13. Looks really good. I'm downloading now, I reckon a good idea to get more people to download would be to list the teams you've done:thup:
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