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  1. I am a bit baffled by Aoyze Perez's downgrade over the past year. He has consistently been one of our most important players over the past couple of years and is one of Rafa's first names on the team sheet. Tactically he is very important to us and we struggle when he doesn't play. I'm aware CA isn't everything, but there are 17 players in our squad with higher CA than him now. His CA should reflect his importance to the team, which is currently does not. Some players are probably too high which doesn't help of course (Yedlin, Darlow, Dummett, Clark for example) Specifics: Work rate: He is no less hard working than Matt Ritchie (19). I think 18 for both of them would be a fair score. Team work: As mentioned, tactically he's probably the most important player in our system. This is in no small part thanks to his awareness of team mates. 12 seems harsh. Stamina: He is able to work hard for the full 90 minutes. I think a boost to 16/17 is necessary here. Acceleration: Granted he's not super-quick, but he's definitely quicker off the mark than 12 acceleration would imply. 14 seems fair coupled with his 15 in agility. Flair: He's one of our more unpredictable players and plays with flair. 15 seems more fitting. Finishing: It's better than 12 indicates for sure. He's a good instinctive finisher. When he has to think about it he's not so good. Perhaps a lower composure and a higher finishing attribute would reflect this better. Vision: He's creative when given the chance to be. 12 seems very low when you compare it to Ki (14), Schar (14), Ritchie (13), Diamé (14). He's got at least as much vision as those players. Long shots: Rubbish at these. Would probably lower to 7/8. Cheers.
  2. I would welcome Neil Warnock, feminist icon, to our club with open arms. What a lovely and just man.
  3. We're not likely to have a manager as good as Rafa in our lifetimes. Such a shame.
  4. Gouffran definitely was one of our best players for the first 6-12 months of his time here. Then Pardew put too much emphasis on his tracking back and he got worse and worse. Jonás on the other hand was absolutely hopeless for a fair few years before he left.
  5. This is weird. We've actually appointed someone who has proven beyond doubt they're a good manager. That's not happened for quite some time. I can't really believe it. He must be ****ing crackers.
  6. I'm assuming Rafa's been on a cocaine binge since he left Madrid. Why the hell would he want to come here?
  7. Surely we can get someone much better than Townsend for £12m? Levy is a genius.
  8. Tbh Mitrovic should've scored a lot more than he has. He's been getting into the positions, just not finishing it off. It's not deliberate that he hasn't scored many.
  9. Sounds like most of Palace's goals are set pieces. So no; not like Crystal Palace.
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