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  1. Who does ESR come into the squad for though? Bear in mind we have to cut it back to 23. He's not better than Mount, Foden or Grealish, is he?
  2. Kane moving to Man City is one of the best things that could happen for England tbh. Guardiola will make him a better player if possible and he won't play as many games/get injured as much. As much as I hate the big clubs vacuuming up all the talent I hope they get him because there is such a massive drop off in quality for our striker options after Kane. Couldn't imagine going into a tournament without him.
  3. Jorginho should’ve had a yellow for the challenge and then a second yellow for the simulation that followed.
  4. We’ll win the World Cup. John Stones’ redemption arc does not end here.
  5. Any team without Walker at right back is wrong.
  6. Yeah, he was great in the first half yesterday. It was an exception to the rest of his performances this tournament imo. But yeah, if we're playing two deep midfielders they both need to have more to their game than tackling and interceptions. Phillips does; Rice doesn't.
  7. The unfortunate thing is he's far too limited with the ball to play in midfield at international level. At least if we want to win, anyway.
  8. I agree with this, but playing two 8s (let’s say Foden and Mount ahead of Phillips/Rice for example) =/= open flowing football. Not necessarily, anyway.
  9. Have said it before but I hope one of the elite clubs buy Rice and play him at centre half. It’s the position best suited to his abilities by far. Him playing in midfield for West Ham reeks of a team playing their best player further forward because they need to.
  10. Southgate got it absolutely spot on at the start of the game. Italy couldn’t handle the wing backs. Tripper had the freedom of the right hand side. It’s just such a shame we went into our shells and our 3 at the back became a flat 5.
  11. I’m sat here at work just completely empty. A few customers have rang up and I think it’s the least helpful I’ve ever been . All I can muster is one word answers.
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