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  1. Got nothing to do with how much it costs and everything to do with Tories being ideologically opposed to public services.
  2. Should add that I'm not for one second saying that we're not all allowed to feel sorry for ourselves. It's a **** situation for us all - working or not - and I've definitely done plenty of it. I just think deflecting our feelings towards those who've done nothing to earn it (and are likely having a **** time of it themselves) is not a healthy attitude.
  3. I get all that. My job has also been more stressful because demand for our services (bicycles) has risen about 300%, so I've been 3x busier than I usually would for 11 months. It has been relentless and, as you say, it has taken its toll at times. It's preachy as **** (sorry), but I don't believe it's right for us to be envious of others who are somehow expected to manage to pay for their bills, mortgage, cars etc. and feed their families on a 20% pay cut (even more for self-employed people). Millions have built up unmanageable debt over the past year through absolutely no fault of their
  4. Admittedly, I rushed the post as I'm having a busy day at work and can see how it could've been misconstrued into how you read it. IP has managed to explain it more cohesively than I could've done anyway. Re 'lol Brits doing things' - Brits (primarily the English) definitely have developed a recent habit of punching down on people that have no effect on their own lives. It's become typical of our culture.
  5. Why? It’s not like my life has got worse because I’ve worked through it and others haven’t. Being bitter towards people who haven’t been working is just nuts and yet another indictment of British people’s desperation to play the victim.
  6. Very typical behaviour for the English tbh. Sneering at those who they think have been having a proper jolly for the last 12 months. We are nothing if not bitter and resentful.
  7. IRL neither of them can run whatsoever. Literally should be 8 acceleration/pace players.
  8. Not even been a year since they had to take down the video where they portrayed him as Superman.
  9. In fact, I think he'll be pretty happy at how things are going for him these days.
  10. I'm not sure he'll care how bad he is at his job when it doesn't seem to matter to most of the general public.
  11. The youth turnout was strong in 2017 when Labour did well. It was poor in 2019 when they did disastrously. I suppose you could read that in a couple of ways, but I'd suggest that Labour really needs to engage those voters to stand a chance. The boomer generation is lost to them forever now - they will never win that back.
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